Holland's Barriers to The Sea


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  • Darth Dog
    Darth Dog 2 days ago

    How can this clown have any credibility when he doesn't even know the name of the country? From now on we will call the USA Texas.

  • matthew warren
    matthew warren 3 days ago

    I think it horsesh*t that I have to come to TVclip to find these documentaries. Now that the history channel only does marathons of ancient aliens and forged in fire.

  • Igaluit
    Igaluit 5 days ago

    Now, if they could only turn their ingenuity into thir demographic problems.

  • alan bird
    alan bird 8 days ago

    Climate Change BS.

  • fivepin
    fivepin 9 days ago

    build a country that is pron to flooding, drain swamp land that is already below sea level, build dams to hold back the water from where it use to be, then blame global warming for flooding the below sea level areas.

  • Donald J
    Donald J 9 days ago

    Morons!.. When the sea rises up you're bs barrier won't be anything.. Try blow it out yer arses...

  • Barack Hussеin Obаmа II

    _Netherlands_ ? ) No way! -Netherlands- )) Everybody call it *HOLLAND* .

  • drottercat
    drottercat 11 days ago

    Cant these people make documentaries in normal tone of voice? More info, less hype? This guy sounds like the narrator in The Untouchables. It would not hurt either to pronounce Dutch names correctly.

  • stephen koludrovic
    stephen koludrovic 13 days ago

    The Dutch had better behave and not send any of their men in any proposed Nato invasion of Russia, lest the Russians nuke one of their dykes and the returning troops wont have a country to return to.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 14 days ago


  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 14 days ago


  • Axis Glass
    Axis Glass 16 days ago

    Pull the ol' climate change lever again and again, expecting it to be a slot machine and pay out is never going to work. Use your brain and figure out the REAL reason.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago


  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Łorld is dumd.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago


  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago


  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Umrę kiedyś v;(

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Dick się czyta dajk?

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago


  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Śis elektrik on it.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Bzzzzt jak elektrodą spawajom. Fajnie brzmi

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    8 okularki na wybuch dla dziecka.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Tanio nie spszeda

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    They invented commercials between tv show. Brb around 5min. Have to 🐉.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Lower doors hip hop heej xd.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Na władku i marysii lecę.

  • Dominik Brzezniak
    Dominik Brzezniak 16 days ago

    Klimat się zmienia. Wcześniej :( ale ma być :)

  • Tyler j
    Tyler j 17 days ago

    3minutes in I dont care. let it flood. The animal speieces and fish will thank us for NOT FUCKING WITH NATURE

  • Tyler j
    Tyler j 17 days ago

    THE NETHERLANDS thats where we're starting asshole.Start with map so we now wtf your talking about.

  • Grün I.
    Grün I. 18 days ago

    Real amarican documentaries

  • Mister Berzins
    Mister Berzins 18 days ago

    1969 Camille. Long before Global warming.

  • Dominik Brzeźniak
    Dominik Brzeźniak 20 days ago

    Jak w szkole ;p puszczę film klasa oglądać a ja mam dziennik do sprawdzenia

  • Dominik Brzeźniak
    Dominik Brzeźniak 20 days ago

    To jest ta wasza wielka woda? Przyszła wielka woda lala

    AMERICAN GIRL 20 days ago


  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang 21 day ago

    Why can't they build alot of small structure so the sea doesn't become a big chunk?


    Same Project Every HISTORY 1 Master Mind Everyone just to followed. But only Intentions for good used with values ....Taking Advantage to any Living things is Crucial you wont make it back...


    Hydro ELECTRIC...Water Current High Low Tide...In Out Every City Big Crowded....

  • Piet van 't Zelfde
    Piet van 't Zelfde 22 days ago

    How proud one can be of his country

  • RTD
    RTD 27 days ago

    Don't you realize that hype means viewers? Welcome to the cancerous trend in documentaries. You can thank the viewing publics insatiable appetite for disasters for that!!!!

  • jammydodgerman
    jammydodgerman Month ago

    Dear Americans, you are good at many things... but making documentaries is not one of them.

  • aubi faedra
    aubi faedra Month ago

    Why cant Holland be put on stilts?

  • Dirk Jan Wubbolts
    Dirk Jan Wubbolts Month ago

    Yeah, and who paid for all these barriers? We, the Groningers, with our natural gas. Now we have a fucking VVD-government and a frigging population of Zeeland, who refuse to pay for the damage that is done to our villages and houses. Next time, please drown. Or otherwise, give us the freedom to live on houseboats or in campers, so we can protect ourselves from greedy governments and shortsighted citizenry.

  • Tara Gragg
    Tara Gragg Month ago

    Just been asking to build a wall since 2011

  • Gigine Ahmad
    Gigine Ahmad Month ago

    Indonesia should learn from you, Indonesia every year in big cities always suffer from flood

  • Le Tu
    Le Tu Month ago

    Thanks sir !
    Toi thich cai barie do cua Ngai !
    Neu nhu 1 khoi bang to bang 1 lanh tho roi xuong bien ?
    Thi nuoc se dang len o nhung cua song thong vao moi quoc gia ?
    Va do la phuong an tot nhat de keo dai thoi gian cho dong chay di xuoi xuong ?

  • Aris Selen
    Aris Selen Month ago

    I am Greek and I love Holland

  • M. H.
    M. H. Month ago

    Climate change on a global scale.. wait it's not just particular countries experiencing it?

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan Month ago

    Tidal surges are one thing but fortunately, the Netherlands are sheltered by the British Isles from Tsunamis that might originate from Iceland or the Canary Islands.

  • joe woodchuck
    joe woodchuck Month ago

    Each time I see the Netherlands water projects I think of how screwed they are in the long term. I hope not for their sake, and I give them lots of credit for trying. They seem like really cool people, and smart.

  • Steve Mazz
    Steve Mazz Month ago

    Intense storms found like those only in the tropics? Another global warming theory reference. Even though the worst storm was back in 1953. Blame man as mother nature shows who is in charge.

  • E Knaap
    E Knaap Month ago

    Damn, that's a clever dam...

  • blueridgepics
    blueridgepics Month ago

    "Holland, half of it's land has literally been stolen from the icy waters of the North Sea" ...stolen? Who writes this dramatic blabber?

  • Mark Volker
    Mark Volker Month ago

    In the 1970's the scare tactic being used was "Global cooling"... They tried scaring people into thinking that a "new ice age is approaching". The "super smart people" suggested spreading coal on the poles of the planet would increase heating would "prevent pending doom"!

  • Loud Silence
    Loud Silence Month ago

    So, the narrator says that floods and storms are something to fear due to climate change, and then on the next sentence, he states that dutch engineers have been fighting this battle for 2000 years... pots! If a scientist can prove that a fart in Argentina affects the weather in Holland (screw the butterfly effect, just prove it), I wanna see that evidence, then I'll believe all the nonsense spewed by climate change looney tunes

  • Nig Nog
    Nig Nog Month ago

    This is proof multiculturalism works,,all the Doctors and Engineers from Sub-Saharan Africa with AfricanTechnology helped build this. The old Dutch nor Vikings ever could do this,,,,its proof of benefits high IQ immigrants for this enrichment "Gift" to backwards white nations Thank God,,,er no,,,Thank Joos for leading role importing such talent to take us to the Moon,,,no wait we did that,,,to take us to new levels beyond that..to you people that whine of all the crime, welfare benefits wasted etc..just look at this Technology surely they brought from Wakanda.

  • Grumpy OldMan
    Grumpy OldMan Month ago

    Learn how to pronounce Lake Pontchartrain... It's "PAHN-chə-trayn"... The 'r' is silent.. But he did at least pronounce New Orleans mostly right. Maybe not quite like the locals pronounce it, but at least he didn't pronounce the "Orleans" part with a long 'e' like the Yankees seem to like to do.

  • Haemo Ford
    Haemo Ford 2 months ago

    Spoiler Alert: New Orleans sank during hurricane Katrina.

  • Tara Gragg
    Tara Gragg 2 months ago

    So they didn't spend 7 trillion on unwinnable wars?

  • Blode Kont
    Blode Kont 2 months ago

    Holland ISN'T The Netherlands !!!!!!!

  • scarmenl
    scarmenl 2 months ago

    What bombastic garbage!

  • Pat Stokes
    Pat Stokes 2 months ago

    The "Dutch" weren't even a people 2000 years ago so the open comments means this program is full of Bull. What the Dutch did achieve is mind blowing in a very short period of time. So, so smart. The Dutch are the ones the wrote the book on water management. NO ONE ELSE.

  • Joe Dart
    Joe Dart 2 months ago

    Dutch-land Dutch-land unter alles.

  • Waxman
    Waxman 2 months ago

    This is so ineffectual and short sighted. Climate change, higher storm surges, reclaimed land sinking? Yes, but the root cause is simply unwise people living below sea level. The only lasting solution is to move cities line New Orleans to higher ground and let nature reclaim the swamp. Over time, you can not keep what is taken from nature. It's a fools game.

  • Tara Gragg
    Tara Gragg 2 months ago

    Democratic Socialism.

  • Raffaela Bartsch
    Raffaela Bartsch 2 months ago

    climate change is real man made global warming is a hoax

  • Fly OBL
    Fly OBL 2 months ago

    what a bad documentary even the map of holland does not look good

  • Spino2Earth
    Spino2Earth 2 months ago +1

    Which Holland? North or South?

    ALI MOHAMMED AMINU 2 months ago

    Great Engineering experience

  • Akin JustAkin
    Akin JustAkin 2 months ago

    If the Netherlands went to learn from the what was done in Louisiana, this must have been before Katrina. I hope they readjusted their plans.

  • Mian Riyan
    Mian Riyan 2 months ago

    Happy holo caust

  • Fritz Stehr
    Fritz Stehr 2 months ago

    If this blurry crappy amateur doc is 720p, then I'm God.

  • Ken Van de Burgt
    Ken Van de Burgt 2 months ago

    You don't have evidence of more frequent more violent storms. You don't have evidence that rainfall is rising. Climate alarmism isn't helpful. The only truth in this video is that land is sinking and sea levels are rising ... at a rate of 1 mm per year.

  • albertTM
    albertTM 2 months ago

    Seriously. after 2000 thousand years fighting the flood eventually they give up? lol

  • Oskar Steingrimsson
    Oskar Steingrimsson 2 months ago

    Don´t worry, the world is NOT warming up, it is COOLING down. The ice is not melting, it is gaining volume. Don´t believe this bullshit about "manmade global warming"

      VDMOOLN 2 months ago

      Oskar Steingrimsson your stupid

      VDMOOLN 2 months ago

      Oskar Steingrimsson what....???

  • Richard Piercy
    Richard Piercy 2 months ago

    Too bloody noisy. I can't watch it.

  • David Boura
    David Boura 2 months ago


  • ktehmok
    ktehmok 2 months ago

    The place has been flooded for 2k years, but now it's unsafe because of "climate change"? REEEEEEE!

  • Teva Bruce
    Teva Bruce 3 months ago

    The Dutch have been fighting and innovating for centuries...they'll never give in.

  • J.D.V 046
    J.D.V 046 3 months ago

    1:08 WHAT IS THAT MAP?????????

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 3 months ago

    Climate change IS a reality, but whether humans can do anything about it is another question. Those waters were that warm and that high back when Erik the Red settled Greenland around 982, long before manufacturing.

  • John Vroonhoven
    John Vroonhoven 3 months ago

    One of the best vids on Dutch waterworks on TVclip.

  • h3lix86
    h3lix86 3 months ago

    Too many blacks in New Orleans, so nobody cares if it sinks to the bottom of the gulf. Most of Louisiana still hasn't been rebuilt since Katrina because the blacks don't care, they just infested other cities instead. Katrina was like a giant toilet flushing the turds.

  • chris sc
    chris sc 3 months ago

    lol i had to stop watching when the climate change bogey man appeared. ffs how many millimeters has the ocean raised in the last hundred years? why ruin documentaries with climate change dogma?

  • JoachimderZweite
    JoachimderZweite 3 months ago

    If the Dutch all have to leave they will be welcome in many countries because they do not behave like muslims, africans, mexicans, Eastern Europeans, Iranians or Arabs. I would love to trade all Americas mexicans and blacks for Dutch people.

  • Charles Miller
    Charles Miller 3 months ago

    Just saw this: Amazing history until it came to graphically portraying a Hurricane. Wrong! Winds are counter-clockwise in northern hemisphere!

  • sumithuru
    sumithuru 3 months ago

    They have to import tons of tons earth and stones from Hill country as never before and dum like never before make human made mounts in the còastal areas. May God bless them.

  • Nethie
    Nethie 3 months ago

    Some dramatic stuff this is.... Yes the sea level is raising and yes we'll get more vicious storms that will test our Delta Works, but it's not like we're getting close to a certain death and destruction with every storm.

  • Janet Townsend-Stojic
    Janet Townsend-Stojic 3 months ago

    It's 'The Netherlands' not 'Holland'

  • hot rod daddy
    hot rod daddy 3 months ago +1

    this was obviously before hurricane katrina..lol..why would the dutch ask the u.s. how to build a dam and channel water?? are americans really that deluded to believe a statement like that? that's like canadians asking americans how to deal with the cold..

  • Greece • 2 thousand years ago

    Yeah, but if they are below sea level why aren't they under the water?

  • Asterix the gaul
    Asterix the gaul 3 months ago

    how do they deal with volume of the rhine(especially when it is swollen in the rainy seasons when the winter surges happen) being behind the barier?

  • Richard Goode
    Richard Goode 3 months ago

    A rise in a SEA level as a increase as a year in a decade as a year to a year a policy as Europe to a reduce of carbon emissions in a amount is a European union to a one and a first as European policy.A transport of the future adding a non oil.

  • Catarina Gugli
    Catarina Gugli 3 months ago


  • Petey B
    Petey B 3 months ago

    Anyone know what happened at 30:26? Hope those guys were alright.

  • Kingdomof Hope
    Kingdomof Hope 3 months ago

    Why would anyone think that building on the coastline was a good idea? That's is just on your knees begging for disaster. Engineers need to take a course on paleoclimatology before they pound in one more nail in those future coffins.

  • Hetzer 2000 gaming
    Hetzer 2000 gaming 4 months ago

    Making windmills larger you do not want to waste pollution.

  • Artie Breland
    Artie Breland 4 months ago

    Great video. Educational and informative.

  • Devin Haisma
    Devin Haisma 4 months ago

    It isn't called the zuiderzeedijk but the Afsluitdijk

  • seide wolsabo
    seide wolsabo 4 months ago

    Looks like with the depth of the water many of land is covered with a flood water,means dutch was all had being a full land surrounded by sea,yet I might add Dutch is happen to be in very wrong place,still I could live there,I can have goats & fish what else a man need.

  • Randy Huggins
    Randy Huggins 4 months ago

    more global warming bullshit