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♡13 year old's Makeup Routine 2017♡

  • Published on Jan 22, 2017
  • This is my makeup routine 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed !
    I already know I'm most likely getting hate but I don't care :)
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    Love youuu !!
    And i'm sorry the Camera got blurry at the end :(
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  • L L
    L L 2 months ago

    yo i thought i was good until i watched this video 😱🥰😂

  • Simmer Lilly
    Simmer Lilly 2 months ago +1

    I love how you did that disclaimer because bitches come in the comments for 11 to 13 year olds wearing makeup.

  • Roko The Gachatuber
    Roko The Gachatuber 3 months ago

    after Christmas when I start doing chores for an allowance i'm getting myself some makeup and skin care stuff~

  • my life as a homschooler

    BTW you are really good at makeup 😝😜

  • Lariana Hernandez
    Lariana Hernandez 3 months ago

    Lo thissss!!! I’m 11 turning 12 and I wear makeup! I don’t have that much but I’m getting ALOT for Christmas! But even if I wear bb cream or concealer or something, everyone has something to say 🙄 I’m sick and tired of people telling me I’m to young. I’m just expressing myself and I just think makeup is fun! My mom says that people like to gossip and compare other peoples kids but I tell her that they can worry about there kids and I can express my self in anyway I want and my mom started buying me makeup! And I love it!! You never to young to express yourself in anyway you want!

  • Katelyn Dolan
    Katelyn Dolan 3 months ago

    Omg love your Dolan twins poster😂❤️my babies

  • Gretchen Kluby
    Gretchen Kluby 4 months ago +1

    I’m 13 and wear as much makeup as you sometimes (just minus the winged eyeliner ). And honestly you are so mich prettier without makeup. Obviously you do what you want. I know makeup can really boost your confidence, but you are freaking stunning and when you out on your makeup, your hiding your true beauty behind fake beauty. I’m not telling you to not wear makeup obviously because I can’t control you. And that would be hypocritical because I wear makeup, but maybe a more natural look would suit you better. You have great makeup skills and I’m honestly jealous that you can perfect that wing, but you are prettier without it in my opinion.
    Ps I know this video is from a year ago but I just wanted to say something

  • Allison McGovern
    Allison McGovern 4 months ago

    I don't wear makeup, but I appreciate it. I also think you wear a good amount of makeup. Some 12-13 year olds in my school wear an obnoxious amount of makeup.

  • 11th makeup
    11th makeup 5 months ago +1

    I am 11 and wear more makeup than you so haters, bite me. SLAY GIRL!! "if you don't like me wearing makeup then I don't have time for you"

  • mckenzie dobson
    mckenzie dobson 5 months ago

    My biggest idk.. pet peeve is when boys tell me whats wrong with my makeup, I mean, dude its harder than you think lol

  • gnreactions gnreactions

    The beginning was so talk girl😂

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  6 months ago

      gnreactions gnreactions you look 30 and hating on a 13 (i am now almost 15) year olds video like that is so immature

  • Angiecakes Gaming
    Angiecakes Gaming 6 months ago

    I love makeup but I don't use foundation I have pimples but idgaf about what people think I do it for fun I want to use concealer but not to cover pimples just to conceal my under eyes and I love love love eye-shadow and I also want to get into eyeliner im starting to get into brows very slowly and I love love love highlight also like I love to glow 😂😂 I'm 13 rn I started makeup when I was 12 I did neutral toned eye-shadow and mascara legit all I wore and BTW I have the exact same brush as you

  • skylar jade
    skylar jade 6 months ago

    Im 13 and in 7th grade.... no i didnt fail i have an early anyway i wear

    Lightshade lipstick
    A cover
    Every now and the brown mascara under my eyes

    And thats it... im over here like to ppl who ask me why do u wear so mu ch makeup....

    My answer irs.... Im on a dufferent level of pretty than u😂

  • Imogen Baggaley
    Imogen Baggaley 6 months ago +3

    OMG , u don’t even wear that much makeup tbh . did u skip brows ! The foundation did nothing... ur skin looked fine before n couldn’t hear u that well

  • delicate rose
    delicate rose 7 months ago +1

    Girl makeup lookin the bomb

  • aschly & Natalie Rodríguez

    You are awsome

  • Raisha
    Raisha 8 months ago +1

    Your so beautiful! I just use concealer & highlighter sometimes I counter but I did only 3 times🤷🏻‍♀️❤️❤️❤️

  • Makayla Flowers
    Makayla Flowers 8 months ago

    This shit is so cringe

  • Makayla Flowers
    Makayla Flowers 8 months ago

    U look a mess u think u look all cute because u we’re makeup ur makeup looks a mess

    • Roko The Gachatuber
      Roko The Gachatuber 3 months ago

      Lmaoo you can barely type, so you can shut the hell up

    • anna harrison
      anna harrison 6 months ago +1

      Omg dude stop if ur not happy leave she likes it and that's all that matters !! And r u blind or something

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  8 months ago

      Makayla Flowers alright think what you want 💀💀

    • Makayla Flowers
      Makayla Flowers 8 months ago

      Sara Badaracco no bitch u look white Trash that smoke hella cigarettes you skinny asf and u are not good at makeup u SUCK your hair looks dirty asf

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  8 months ago

      Makayla Flowers you know what you’re right

      jk bitch i’m fucking cute

  • sips
    sips 8 months ago +2

    I’m happy that I’m not the only one! It’s okay to wear a little make up during the tweens/teens age. I just recently turned 13 and I just wear like foundation and some concealer etc. now kids who wear 10 pounds of makeup and are like 10 is ridiculous.. but nice video really liked your routine ❤️😆

    • 11th makeup
      11th makeup 5 months ago

      I am 11 and I wear cut creases to school....

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  8 months ago

      CrayChaCha thank you so much !

  • Auburritos Yum!
    Auburritos Yum! 9 months ago

    You have such nice skin. I'm thirteen and am jealous. U don't even need it! But u look good, so keep doing what U want

  • Makayla Flowers
    Makayla Flowers 9 months ago

    This makeup look was trash

  • gianna catherine
    gianna catherine 9 months ago +1

    Good video!!

  • Elizabeth Conley
    Elizabeth Conley 10 months ago +1

    Guys lets just take a second! 😍 your makeup is better then Danielle cohns! Your gorgeous and do what you want don't listen to these haters bc you got us

  • bary judd
    bary judd 10 months ago

    all i jere is "ok so"

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  10 months ago

      bary judd learn how to spell sis and use the proper “here” (hear) THEN come hate on me (:

  • Rachel Fallon
    Rachel Fallon 10 months ago

    I no u said about people at the start but ur not even that gud no offence like ur really cocky

  • Natalya Ruiz
    Natalya Ruiz 10 months ago +1

    Sorry but it's like your not really talking right because your always saying 👎
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm........... to be honest

  • Ruby
    Ruby 11 months ago +1

    hahaha your personality is so cute 💞

  • Stellas World
    Stellas World 11 months ago

    I find it's a lot too much makeup for a girl whos 13 years old

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  9 months ago

      i said leave at the beginning of the video of you had a problem :)

  • Allie Fritz
    Allie Fritz 11 months ago

    hey, Love ur makeup look!!!!... but girl ur eye liner is rough

  • g0bbl3m0nst3r
    g0bbl3m0nst3r Year ago +33

    I’m 11 and i wear makeup! I am sooooo sick of people telling me i’m too young. I don’t understand their problem. It’s basically just face painting. But if it’s not a massive butterfly across your face, people have a problem with it. Like, i’m not doing it to please you, so if you don’t like it, it’s not my problem lol. Last time i checked there isn’t an age marker for when you can wear makeup. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you you’re too young to wear makeup. at least your highlight is poppin’ and there’s ain’t.

    • Mir Mir
      Mir Mir 10 days ago

      g0bbl3m0nst3r yea I was 12 when I started wearing makeup and people would always tell me that crap now I’m 14 people don’t care like what 2 years and now no one cares??

    • Alice Cervantes
      Alice Cervantes Month ago

      Im gonna be 14 in a few months and I can't even put highlight on right

    • Jasmine Stone
      Jasmine Stone 2 months ago

      I didn’t wear makeup when I was 11 but I see no problem with it as long as it not to crazy if u know what I mean I just don’t like it when 7 year old wear makeup xx I’m 13 and still really can’t to makeup xx

    • 11th makeup
      11th makeup 5 months ago +1

      same! I went to school with a glitter cut crease and people act like it's the end of the world

    • Zioxide *
      Zioxide * 6 months ago +1

      g0bbl3m0nst3r you speak straight facts turning 13 on the 24th Sept and I don’t wear makeup 😂 I can’t even apply highlighter right 🙄👀🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Sara Badaracco
    Sara Badaracco  Year ago

    hey everyone !! updated 2018 makeup routine is now up so yuh go check it out !! :))

  • Mittens Kelly
    Mittens Kelly Year ago

    You are so ride and in prepard

  • Kimberly Guzman
    Kimberly Guzman Year ago +2


  • nora. F
    nora. F Year ago +1

    Omgg is that the dolan twins in the back ❤

  • nora. F
    nora. F Year ago +1

    1:39 i have tbr same one

  • Grace Cook
    Grace Cook Year ago +1


  • Caylie Robbins
    Caylie Robbins Year ago +1

    I love ur makeup and I get I sorta wear a lot 2 but I don’t wear eyeliner but ya

  • Emma Pearse
    Emma Pearse Year ago +1


  • Amzo Girl
    Amzo Girl Year ago +1

    I loved every single bit of ur makeup

  • Tiffany l
    Tiffany l Year ago

    Some girls are naturally more mature for their age and some... aren't.

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      Tiffany l if you’re talking about me i’m very mature .

  • Hajira Dawood
    Hajira Dawood Year ago +2

    omd I wish my mum let me have as much makeup as you.she only lets me have mascara :(I'm 14)


    Sounds like she's mumbling most of the time

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      TAYLOR JENKINS yeah that’s me ranting to myself lmao

  • candycops
    candycops Year ago +2

    too much for everyday ;-;

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      candycops not really lmao i need to do an updated one bec i don’t do this no more

  • carriee.lynn
    carriee.lynn Year ago +16

    your speech about 13 year olds wearing makeup is straight Factsss

    • Alice Cervantes
      Alice Cervantes Month ago +1

      Umm she barely even said anything.... Extra who

  • Emily Avery
    Emily Avery Year ago +3


  • Lena Dobosz
    Lena Dobosz Year ago +1

    Omg you are cute😘

  • Sara Badaracco
    Sara Badaracco  Year ago

    positivity only on my channel please :). ty

  • Madi Z
    Madi Z Year ago +1

    U remind me of daniell brigoli

  • Amylove xoxo
    Amylove xoxo Year ago +7

    Hunny I am 13 and wear a lot of makeup too and can we all just take a moment for the way u just were like if u have a problem with me wearing makeup bish i dont have time for u like u are a legend x

  • Buzz Cloud
    Buzz Cloud Year ago +9

    You didn’t really need the foundation tbh

    • Angiecakes Gaming
      Angiecakes Gaming 6 months ago

      +Sanai B even she commented on her comment 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

    • Sanai B
      Sanai B 8 months ago

      she doesnt care so why waste ur time on commenting

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      Buzz Cloud ❤️

  • Marissa Morella
    Marissa Morella Year ago +3

    stop @ 5:07😂🤙🏼

  • caroline_lovegymanstics

    I'm thirteen and I were makeup almost everyday. I do it cause it's fun. btw, your gorgeous!!

    • Maribel Muniz
      Maribel Muniz 7 months ago

      Auburritos Yum! It could’ve been autocorrect or a small mistake. This is youtube not a school essay. :)

    • Auburritos Yum!
      Auburritos Yum! 9 months ago

      caroline_lovegymanstics Go to school, or take grammar or something. You should have learned the difference between where, wear, and were. 😂😳🙄🙄

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      caroline_lovegymanstics ty bby :)

  • Autumn Hardy
    Autumn Hardy Year ago +4

    Your beautiful with and without makeup ❤❤ I'm 13 and I wear more makeup than you do and I love how you were like if you gotta problem with me wearing makeup, you can leave I don't have time for you😂 slayy the hate girl

  • Elise Rankin
    Elise Rankin Year ago +2

    I wear makeup and I'm only 11 so your fine and if someone says something about u that should judge me first so your fine girl who cares about wut other people think about us like girl bye that's wut I say to it

  • heyyy lolll
    heyyy lolll Year ago +1

    Lol she thinks she’s good at makeup 😂😂

    • heyyy lolll
      heyyy lolll 11 months ago

      ohschnapp LOL

    • C M
      C M Year ago +1

      maybe bc she is good at makeup?? idk tho just a thought 🤧🤧🤧🙄

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago +1

      positivity only on my channel please :) thank you . and i’d like you to know i’m bomb at makeup .. if grown as a makeup artist .. this is from a year ago .

    • heyyy lolll
      heyyy lolll Year ago

      Sara Badaracco ha she thought I was trying to make her upset.. well I was not bc I was stating my opinion even if no one asked for it 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago +2

      ha you think you’re good at making people upset . i can do makeup however i want , plus this was a while ago and i’m hella good at makeup . bet you can’t even do makeup .. if you don’t like what i put on my channel , simply don’t watch it . :)

  • michelle.c
    michelle.c Year ago +3

    Oof! The sass! I love her already!

  • Lil Lily Lay
    Lil Lily Lay Year ago +1

    I like your eyeliner it’s perfect

  • Spud Art
    Spud Art Year ago +1

    Ur kinda cringe. Starbucks and the random singing is just no necessary

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      only positivity on my channel please . 🙄

    • Spud Art
      Spud Art Year ago

      Sara Badaracco you say as you start a sentence with and and say ya. I'm just saying u also were talking under your breath

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      Spud Art idk how starbucks is cringe ?? and also i don’t even sing at all . get ya grammar right hun

  • Summer Dvorak
    Summer Dvorak Year ago +3

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that wears a lot of makeup

    • Izzy Napier
      Izzy Napier 11 months ago

      Summer Dvorak SAAAAAAMMMMEEE

  • Hillary Leonard
    Hillary Leonard Year ago +2

    😂I love her...”I don’t have time for you”😂😂

  • Courtney-mai Cleavef

    You wear this to school?

  • shelby hopes
    shelby hopes Year ago +1

    Your so beautiful oml I live your hair I wish I had wavy hair like urs

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      shelby hopes trust me it’s not natural ahhaha BUT TYYY :)

  • Aalahnta Anthony
    Aalahnta Anthony Year ago +2

    Ok sara wit yo bad self getting TVclip famous

  • Stacey :D
    Stacey :D Year ago +3

    13:38 what did she say ?? 😂😂

  • Dominating Diys
    Dominating Diys Year ago +18

    If I had that skin I would be soooo happy I would skip face makeup altogether

  • Lori Jones
    Lori Jones Year ago +1


  • Yafavve. Gurl Kim
    Yafavve. Gurl Kim Year ago +1

    Wow ur arms are rly skinny

    • Rebekah Willes
      Rebekah Willes 9 months ago +1

      Sara Badaracco i dont think it was hate at all, at least she watched it. Saying you arw skinny isnt a body shaming thing.

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      Yafavv. Gurl Kim stop body shaming people on the internet , it’s not a joke nor funny to say . only kindness on my channel please . thank you

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      Yafavv. Gurl Kim wow i don’t care

  • Be You
    Be You Year ago

    Can you please speak more louder

  • Be You
    Be You Year ago

    Can you please speak more louder

  • Be You
    Be You Year ago

    Can you please speak more louder

  • maya salcedo
    maya salcedo Year ago +22

    I couldn't help but notice the Dolan Twins poster in the background!! Omg yas my babiess💜💜

  • jameshb11
    jameshb11 Year ago +1

    i am 13 and i love it

  • Caitlinx Walkerx
    Caitlinx Walkerx Year ago +37

    Ur eyeliner is way to long for the shape of ur eyes 😅

    • yogurl ashanti
      yogurl ashanti 9 months ago

      Caitlinx Walkerx koojust

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago +1

      i do agree tho . it was a little long back then , i don’t do it like that anymore

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago

      idc i used to like it that way

    • Ashlynn Smith
      Ashlynn Smith Year ago

      Caitlinx Walkerx jk it makes her eyes look tiny

  • Ivy Maxy
    Ivy Maxy Year ago +15

    Luv your makeup but you are either tired or fed up with life😂

    • Alice Cervantes
      Alice Cervantes Month ago

      Omg YESS she was like soooo blaaaaah blaahhhh-blaahhh

    • ♡Summer♡
      ♡Summer♡ 8 months ago

      Sara Badaracco- same here girl and u legit have the BEST attitude towards people hating your vids and I see no reason why anyone should or would hate them!

    • Baby Mia
      Baby Mia Year ago

      Sara Badaracco LmAo same😂😂

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago +1

      Purplelight 7333 both 😭😂

  • Perla Ruiz
    Perla Ruiz Year ago +1

    My left eyebrow is thicker than the other too it gets annoying

  • Ava Lee
    Ava Lee Year ago +1

    Do you also edit your videos on your phone?? If yes what do you use..

  • Crazy Crew
    Crazy Crew Year ago

    Can u subscribe to my channel click my picture to subscribe or can u shout me and my channel out

  • Autumn
    Autumn Year ago +5

    I totally thought you were wearing makeup in the intro you're so pretty

  • Daniela Bustos
    Daniela Bustos Year ago +7

    Yess Im tired of people telling me I'm to young

  • Maris Taylor
    Maris Taylor Year ago +1

    i love your makeup!!! i am 13 and i where about as much makeup you do. i got the same bb cream in my ipsy bag!!! thx so much for all the tips and tricks!!!

  • Daii. Gurly
    Daii. Gurly Year ago +1

    What is she drinking?

  • Kaysie Melacie
    Kaysie Melacie Year ago +2

    She's pretty omf
    Gooowan gurl

  • Xoxo Rebecca
    Xoxo Rebecca Year ago +3

    Slay girl 💕

  • Alice Madola
    Alice Madola Year ago +14


  • JADE_wuz_here 21
    JADE_wuz_here 21 Year ago +1

    u got a smart mouth for a 13 year old

  • Deshawna Marie
    Deshawna Marie Year ago +2

    could u tell ppl to watch my utube plz I just started and I love ur makeup, u are so pretty😁

  • Ilze Alvarez
    Ilze Alvarez Year ago +11

    i also really liked ur makeup!👌SLAAAY!

  • Ilze Alvarez
    Ilze Alvarez Year ago +50

    not trying to sound mean but i couldn't really hear u maybe u might want to try speaking more clear or getting a microphone.

    • Rebekah Willes
      Rebekah Willes 9 months ago +1

      maybe you should just turn up the volume😐😕

    • Jordyn Cooke
      Jordyn Cooke Year ago +1

      Ilze Alvarez turn up ur volume

    • Ilze Alvarez
      Ilze Alvarez Year ago +1

      Sara Badaracco Yeah np by the way loved the video❤

    • Sara Badaracco
      Sara Badaracco  Year ago +4

      Ilze Alvarez thank you for the tip !

    POPS WILLIAMS Year ago +4

    I have subbed cxx

  • CottonCandy Mustache
    CottonCandy Mustache 2 years ago +6

    I love this! Next time we see each other we need to make a youtube video together with my new camera and tripod! All we need is lights haha

  • Tiana Lewis
    Tiana Lewis 2 years ago +74

    You don't even where that much makeup compared to other 13 year olds😂

    • Mir Mir
      Mir Mir 8 days ago

      Tiana Lewis boo I’m 14 an I wear less than that like I think her makeup looks awesome but your facts are messed up😂

    • Bureman Family
      Bureman Family 6 months ago

      I don't wear any

    • Makeup Ally
      Makeup Ally Year ago +2

      I know right

  • I don't use this anymore
    I don't use this anymore 2 years ago +3

    I love your channel and I just started my channel too! Do you want to be TVclip friends?

  • Callie Vick
    Callie Vick 2 years ago +2

    Your so cute omg🌸🌸🌸

  • Helen Mullane
    Helen Mullane 2 years ago +4

    Get it Sara