2016 "Mandela Effect" - Microwave "Mind Control" Towers!!!?

  • Published on Feb 18, 2016
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    Is this "effect" being caused by some kind of "mind control technology" - possibly integrated into microwave towers that we see popping up all over the place? Go for a drive and look at all the towers being put up. There is NO WAY all these towers are needed by cell phone companies! Are we being subjected to some kind of technology? I'm beginning to wonder if we're basically lab rats.
    Orphan Red's video made me stop & wonder about the technological infrastructure that's already in place (and quickly growing) - all over the world.
    Is "technology" causing what we call the "Mandela Effect"?
    I used Google Earth Pro - to find pictures of what appears to be quite an extensive network of data centers, dishes, antennas, microwave towers, etc. Some of these installations are labeled "Cold War" & LOOK abandoned - but it appears they could still be fully operational & very much in use (today).
    Is it possible that some of this technology is being used to emit or broadcast certain signals/frequencies? Is this the answer to why so many people seem to remember things differently? WAS life like a box of chocolates - or IS life like a box of chocolates?
    Could technology be employed to alter our reality and/or memories?
    There's no doubt - there are MANY "abandoned" cold war structures that are STILL in place - so, I have to wonder, are they really no longer being used? If they aren't being used, then why haven't they been fully dismantled? Why leave them up? To scare folks? Eat your peas little Johnny - or you might get zapped by one of those gazillion towers that are being erected every fkn day.
    Many of the "closed" installations certainly look as if they're being maintained.
    Are we being inundated w/various signals, waves, and/or frequencies, etc.? If so, are these used to create the Mandela Effect?
    How hard would it be to piggyback "Mandela" signals/waves/frequencies onto regular everyday telecommunications signals (cell phones, digital TV, radio, etc.)???
    Perhaps certain "technology" (in place for decades) - can effect the memory of millions - causing people to believe that things have changed (when they really haven't)?
    In my desire to understand why some experience the Mandela Effect (but others do not) - I'm left to speculate (IN THIS VIDEO) if some unknown "technology" might be responsible.
    If so, then to what end?
    Are we rats in a maze? If that's the case, then you can keep the cheese - I want out.
    OTOH, for all we know, the "Mandela effect" could be caused by something that's completely beyond our ability to comprehend.
    I do find it hard to believe, however, that books, names, movie titles, famous lines in movies (for example) - can change all by themselves. Something HAS to be CAUSING this "effect"...
    It's a bit naive for me to think that millions of people are suddenly no longer able to remember famous lines in movies! It just doesn't make sense - unless SOMETHING is CAUSING our memories, reality, or consciousness - to be altered in some way.
    A short clip of a recent "Orphan Red" video is used - along w/photos that anyone can find on Google Earth Pro.
    What do YOU think?
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