Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
  • Reverb is giving away $500 in Reverb Bucks for one of my fans to buy their first guitar! Go to this link to sign up for the giveaway:
    There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you're shopping for your first guitar, so I'm gonna give you what I think are the most important things to think about.
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  • Marty Music
    Marty Music  10 months ago +29

    Reverb is giving away $500 in Reverb Bucks!

    • michael pearson
      michael pearson 9 months ago

      Charles Haman what kind of pedal did you get ?

    • Kuuppa FIN
      Kuuppa FIN 9 months ago

      Marty Music Would you make acoustic version of Saxons Crusader? Also Ive had some big issues moving on the fretboard between scales. I have quit guitar many times because of its basic scale. It is kinda hard to understand. Its not straight like in piano for example.

    • James C
      James C 9 months ago

      Used Reverb twice... great

    • Charles Haman
      Charles Haman 9 months ago +1

      I went over to Reverb to sign-up, and ending up buying myself a pedal. Guess if I win the Reverb Bucks, I just might find a guitar to go with it!

    • All the Beer and No Idea
      All the Beer and No Idea 9 months ago

      Please keep up the ultra enthusiastic, professional videos.
      They are appreciated over here in Lancashire UK.

  • Amit more
    Amit more 11 days ago

    Which is this guitar????

  • Ken Pervertson
    Ken Pervertson 28 days ago


  • Not meme
    Not meme Month ago

    What’s your guitar called???

  • Autumn Harding
    Autumn Harding 2 months ago

    I got a 300 dollar guitar for 40 dollars.

  • Everyone in the Comments

    Don’t buy a gig bag unless you take it to lessons/school/etc, it will just give you an excuse not to play, display it on a stand where ever you call home and inspire yourself!!!

  • Nathan Leidsman
    Nathan Leidsman 2 months ago

    What is the name of the guitar you have in this video ?

  • Black metal fan
    Black metal fan 2 months ago

    I always wanted to play guitar but the beginning seems so hard

  • Nathan G
    Nathan G 2 months ago

    Name of intro song??

  • Rory Guitar
    Rory Guitar 2 months ago

    It's funny but since when did we really need this sort of thing? We got by without videos....weird world

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 2 months ago

    What model guitar does marty have in this video?

    • Rory Guitar
      Rory Guitar 2 months ago

      A top of the range Taylor, while he tells us to get a cheap one lol

  • Samuel Carter
    Samuel Carter 3 months ago

    Hey what guitar are you using in the video? Does anyone know?

  • Shrestha Sudip
    Shrestha Sudip 3 months ago


  • Dominic oliver
    Dominic oliver 3 months ago

    Hi Marty, I recently started playing the guitar and I'm looking to buy a good acoustic guitar... I have narrowed it down to the brand, Epiphone or Takamine. I just wanted your opinion on which brand is better. If there is an other brand you would recommend please let me know, thanks!!

  • Dennis
    Dennis 3 months ago

    song from the intro?

  • Kendra Brown
    Kendra Brown 3 months ago

    Question: should I buy my guitar online?

  • Diana Z
    Diana Z 4 months ago

    Marty, how about the distance between the strings?

  • Caleb Films
    Caleb Films 4 months ago

    Yamaha fg800 😎

  • Kameron Jergenson
    Kameron Jergenson 5 months ago

    I would agree on 200$ minimum

  • Usern Last
    Usern Last 5 months ago

    I would like to know this: in this guitar niche, is there that same type of mentality found in basketball circles where people think that 300 dollar Jordans equals talent or is there this same type of mind-set found in art interests where people think that 100 dollar pencil sets will ease the process of learning?
    Consumerism is not new to any of us. And you better believe that companies make every effort that they can to exploit this senseless stupidity. And it is stupid. It's a 3000 dollar guitar for fucks sake! That is more than many cars on the road. And it is not rare for monopolies like those in the diamond industry to form even though they are outlawed.
    I appreciate the detail placed in this video and the information that went into describing the materials and parts of the guitar. However, this notion of guitars being "special jewels" is part of of the reason why I almost don't want to play a guitar. I am quite sure that most people are already used to the pretense and "twattery" that is very often associated with people who place their self worth upon guitars while being offended when people don't treat it like a holy water or a tampon once used by the Virgin Mary

  • Chris
    Chris 5 months ago

    As always, great video Marty 👍🏼

  • J L
    J L 5 months ago

    Marty, that is a beautiful Taylor guitar! One day, one day :)

  • ParisLondonRoma
    ParisLondonRoma 6 months ago

    Beginning on a dreadnought is brutal. Its no wonder a lot of people quit trying to learn.

  • Diet Frame
    Diet Frame 6 months ago

    Happy New Year to you and your family Marty! Thank you for this video
    I picked a Yamaha F310 and find it huge to play on.. guess ill try getting a 3/4 sized one.

  • Ram Kadam
    Ram Kadam 6 months ago

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson 7 months ago

    Cool advice! 👍🏾

  • Adam Eagle
    Adam Eagle 7 months ago

    Hey Marty I love the videos. Your lessons or teaching me a lot and I moving forward very quickly by watching your videos. I would like to learn white trash beautiful by Everlast if you would make a video. I like the way you really break things down and explain as you teach. Thank you

  • Ҡąѵҽղҽɾɾą
    Ҡąѵҽղҽɾɾą 7 months ago

    I got a guitar for $140-$180

  • Hamza_Gharssalli
    Hamza_Gharssalli 8 months ago

    Hey Mr marty schwatz I have classical guitar and I want to buy new acoustic guitar so I saerch for couple used guitar and I found 2 guitar one if them is norway b18 natural color and the second is fender dg_4/ts sunburst color so which one should I get please I'm confused I mean both of them are great & good price also but I`m looking 4 good sound in this categories I mean I know it's for standard playing not professional .so please help me choose one them if you don't mind & thanks

  • BlazerLazer Gaming
    BlazerLazer Gaming 8 months ago

    What song was that in the intro?

  • frank_f
    frank_f 9 months ago

    Thanks Marty! I bought a Yamaha APXT2 after seeing your video (I'm in Canada so Reverb doesn't work well for me). It has a built-in tuner, a hidden pickup and the cutout to get past the 14th fret. Sounds great and I couldn't go wrong at $230 Canadian. Plus, being a parlor (or maybe a 3/4), it's small enough to sit on my over abundant lap without me having to have ape arms.

  • Hani Yukumi
    Hani Yukumi 9 months ago

    What guitar are u using

  • Magdiel Zuniga
    Magdiel Zuniga 9 months ago

  • Charles Joy
    Charles Joy 9 months ago

    Marty you rule ! Love your lessons and advice. I purchased an inexpensive acoustic/electric from a popular store about 8 months ago. It's a Mitchell M0120CESB cutaway that plays great and sounds great with or without an amp ! it was $149 dropped down to $129, but an even better deal of $109 as a scratch an dent sale (very minor chip at the bottom that no one sees ) ! Rock on my friend from a fellow player !

  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker 9 months ago

    What was that intro song, it's driving me crazy as i can't remember!

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy 9 months ago

    I Entered the giveaway and really Hope I win!
    I really want to learn how to play the guitar but I don't have the money for One. I'm from Europe so I Hope that doesn't effect anything with the giveaway. Anyway I love your vids and think it's awesome that you do what you do and that you're doing a giveaway!

  • Ranko Jacimovic
    Ranko Jacimovic 9 months ago

    Ja ima yamaha gitara fg800. Toplo preporucujem svakom pocetniku. Vrat nije sirok a gitara mekana. Vrhunska gitara. Pozz Marty

  • Haleema Al-Khalaf
    Haleema Al-Khalaf 9 months ago

    My new favorite channel 😍🙏🏼

  • Dakota K. Willson Official

    What’s your opinion of Alvarez? They make some of the best acoustics I’ve ever seen, heard or played, and in fact mine is an Alvarez, although it’s been bruised pretty bad, and even the neck was snapped at one point, it STILL sounds better than most guitars I’ve ever heard! It also has a lot more bass sound than most brands I’ve heard, which is great for a lower, heavier vocalist/player like myself.
    What’s your favorite brand/s?

  • Connor Winter
    Connor Winter 9 months ago

    Lmao I found my first guitar on the side of the road and still use it

  • Kody Durham
    Kody Durham 9 months ago

    Hey Marty could you do a video teaching Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

  • Diwash Guragain
    Diwash Guragain 9 months ago

    Hey Marty, Would you post the tutorial for "Pictures of people taking Pictures" by Jack Johnson.

  • A-Rod
    A-Rod 9 months ago

    Hey Marty can you do a tutorial on ride wit me by nelly no one does tutorials like you .

  • Cam's Home Videos
    Cam's Home Videos 9 months ago

    If I win I’m buying a seagull

  • Jimmy Pockets
    Jimmy Pockets 9 months ago

    Get a Tanglewood 👌🏻

  • Swift Banzon
    Swift Banzon 9 months ago

    my guitar is strange beacuse the top strings are metal and the bootom is nylon

  • Ryan Fausnaugh
    Ryan Fausnaugh 9 months ago

    Please do creed one last breath...and I wish I got a cutout.

  • Austin Fortune
    Austin Fortune 9 months ago

    I accidentally typed “autistic” instead of “acoustic” when looking for guitars on google. Now I have a bunch vaccines arriving at my door and it won’t stop.

  • Teddy Overbaugh
    Teddy Overbaugh 9 months ago +1

    As always very informative and professional. Thanks for the years of service you've devoted to helping guitarist

  • Yura Losev
    Yura Losev 9 months ago

    Cedar or spurce, that is the question

  • R. Owens90
    R. Owens90 9 months ago

    it definitely helps to go shopping with someone that knows how to play already. A good friend of mine came with me to buy my first guitar 3 years ago, I was in the $350-500 range. Ended up buying a Norman B20 as my first guitar for $450. Wouldn't have bought that without my friend playing it and showing me the different actions of the guitars and what makes a guitar different to play from another. I still play this guitar daily and love every time I pick it up. Great guitar to learn on. I'm now looking to buy another acoustic in the $800-$1000 range.
    I'd like to thank you Marty for showing me from the beginning how to play. You've been my main source of education on how to play chords and songs these past few years. You're very good at explaining how to play and ways to improve at every aspect of the beginner phase. So thank you so much, cheers mate

  • King Corgi
    King Corgi 9 months ago

    Thanks for the informative video Marty! Was considering on buying a better guitar for myself a beginner :-)

  • Kinga Elsner
    Kinga Elsner 9 months ago

    Could you please make a guitar lesson on Just Breathe by Pearl Jam? Love your videos, I’ve learned a lot from them.

  • Benjamin Bevirt
    Benjamin Bevirt 9 months ago

    Whats the song called that you played at the beginning??!

  • theworldhadteeth
    theworldhadteeth 9 months ago

    I bought a Yamaha APX500 Thinline Cutaway as my first new acoustic some years ago, and loved it. The tone was a bit thin though since it was such a slim guitar with a laminate top. After a while I upgraded to a Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium. It's still under $1000, but such a nicer sounding guitar!

  • Greg J
    Greg J 9 months ago

    Grand Concert, best size for beginners or anyone wanting a smaller guitar

  • Sagar Gurung
    Sagar Gurung 9 months ago

    Hey Marty.
    I am a big fan of yours. Everyday I make sure that I didn't miss to watch your lessons.
    Could you please do a lesson for Mr. Recordman by Ugly kid joe.
    There aren't any lessons but covers only. It's important

  • Rob
    Rob 9 months ago

    Could you do some of Robert Jhonson tutorials? Me and the devil blues , hellhounds on my trail and crossroad blues if you can. I've been watching you for years and love your teaching style.

  • Glen Anthony Davis
    Glen Anthony Davis 9 months ago

    Plssss do the song "It's the end of the world" by REM thanks!

  • Pat HEH
    Pat HEH 9 months ago

    A great beginner guitar is a Seagull. This will last you up to advanced. Not that expensive.

  • Jack Allen
    Jack Allen 9 months ago

    I just last week bought a Yamaha Acoustic, very nice and sounds GREAT for 200$ at a local guitar shop! Dreadnought 20 fret but for me it will serve very nicely!! Thanks for the upload!!

  • jose omar castillo
    jose omar castillo 10 months ago

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Joe cantlay
    Joe cantlay 10 months ago

    Anyone got the chords to the intro?

  • Jon Barstow
    Jon Barstow 10 months ago

    I now watch anything you record, all the way through, the day it comes out. I don't do this with anything else in my media world.

  • Julian Potter Music
    Julian Potter Music 10 months ago

    The neck on my mom's Hohner is coming off the body so I think I'll stick with my SG 😂

  • Ad Lockhorst
    Ad Lockhorst 10 months ago

    thinks the first question should be budget ... but question 2 ought to be *are you left or right handed* (very few lefty guitars even in the good shops 😕).
    (Don't even ask about a lefty acoustic *bass guitar* 😡)

  • Harsha Akash Santra
    Harsha Akash Santra 10 months ago

    You taught a lot of nirvana songs on this guitar, didn't you Marty Sir☺☺☺☺!!

  • Mo yo
    Mo yo 10 months ago

    I dont get the email from reverb when i enter the giveaway. I tried to enter some other giveaways from reverb partners on youtube. but i never got the email from them :((

  • Bill Oakley
    Bill Oakley 10 months ago

    Been asked many times by parents on what to buy as a first guitar. My advice is not to buy a cheap “starter” guitar. First, they are difficult to play. Even at a cheap price, they don’t hold their value. If you buy your kid a really good quality guitar, then they will enjoy playing more (which is the point, right?) and odds increase that they will stick with it. Lastly, if they lose interest and don’t pursue playing, then you can always sell a very good guitar and come closer to getting your investment back. That’s my two cents.

  • Dan Gerry
    Dan Gerry 10 months ago

    teach el scorcho