Yandrick Breaks Down at Dinner with Alane | To Have and To Hold: Charlotte | Oprah Winfrey Network

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Yandrick treats Alane to a nice dinner and introduces new business idea to her so she can work less. As Yandrick expresses his gratitude to Alane, he gets emotional and shares that his goal is for her to never work again. For more on #ToHaveandToHoldCharlotte, visit bit.ly/2T2HVlX
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    Yandrick Breaks Down at Dinner with Alane | To Have and To Hold: Charlotte | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Comments • 39

  • Not At This Time
    Not At This Time 3 days ago

    Wait a minute. Somebody give me the back story. What does HE do for a living? Did he EVER work during the marriage? Did she marry a broke joke? Why is HE crying if she's the ONLY income for the family? Tears don't seem real. Somebody hip me to the tee.

  • TheCutBeautii
    TheCutBeautii 16 days ago +2

    Yandrick comes off as a “get rich quick” type of man. I personally couldn’t do it, my man must bring home the bacon and working on his passion in his spare time. I don’t know why the concept of doing both is lost on men like this but...he is a snack though 😏

  • joshua19942
    joshua19942 16 days ago +1

    He’s so sexy 😍👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

  • Jasmine Horne
    Jasmine Horne 28 days ago +3

    i dont really understand how theyre living such lavish life styles but she cant afford not to work...

  • mink diamond
    mink diamond 29 days ago

    Like Ambitious, this show
    has poor acting. There is no real storyline. A waste of t.v. time

  • Africa1234
    Africa1234 Month ago +13

    What happened to get a J.O.B??? All that talking ain't going to work if you are not willing to put in more than 40+ hours. So he needs to get a job and work on his biz on the side.

    • J. Flaner
      J. Flaner Month ago +3

      Boom! You can work a 9 - 5 and STILL work on your business. In fact, that's what most entrepreneurs do until their business can support them full-time.

  • kendra p
    kendra p Month ago +15

    Are we gonna bring up the fact that Alane is only head strong about Peter and Josh's relationship because she doesnt have control over her home life?

  • Elyse George
    Elyse George Month ago +22

    I’m all for living your dream but you need to also provide. Why can’t he work on this part time? Is this called struggle love? The woman is taking care of the entire family, losing sleep and stressed. (The crocodile tears are not moving. Seems like a manipulative tactic)

    • No 1s off limits period
      No 1s off limits period 2 days ago

      I didn't see not one tear.. he could've at least put drops in his eyes

    • J. Flaner
      J. Flaner Month ago +2

      Boom! He's a child and she's taking care of him. End of story.

  • Trampling of the Weeds

    I like him. Hopefully he'll get lucky with something. Not sure if it's going to be this champagne tho...

  • butyoucancallmesam
    butyoucancallmesam Month ago +19

    Live below your means! Get a full time job and then she can stay home. Trust- we did it making 32k a year and 2 kids.

    • Camille Carter
      Camille Carter Month ago +5

      Yep, DEFINITELY 'Doable'.....My Hubby and I did it too with 2 Children in OK, so Yeah, it CAN Be Done!!🙂👌

    • butyoucancallmesam
      butyoucancallmesam Month ago

      Elyse George I agree. We livedin MS.

    • Elyse George
      Elyse George Month ago +6

      butyoucancallmesam wow, kudos I can’t even imagine that! Not sure that’s possible in certain states.

  • Blaque' LaShun
    Blaque' LaShun Month ago +3

    Luv Me sum Yandrick😘😘😘

    • Camille Carter
      Camille Carter Month ago +3

      I Love Yadrick and Alane.....they seem to have a REAL Relationship and Marriage, out of All of the other Couples......💜

    • J. Flaner
      J. Flaner Month ago +2

      Why? He's not supporting his wife nor children?

  • Evester Edd
    Evester Edd Month ago +18

    Great ambitions, but he’s not focused on anything. All he’s seeing is the money and he’s playing catch-up. What was he doing in his late teens and 20s?

    • Cherie Koko
      Cherie Koko 2 days ago

      @Not At This Time they don't say but they talk about Alane, how she used to work at a big salon and how they dont have that lifestyle any longer.

    • Not At This Time
      Not At This Time 2 days ago +1

      @Cherie Koko What was the "lucrative" job and how did he lose it?

    • Cherie Koko
      Cherie Koko 12 days ago

      He had a lucrative job which he lost.

    • Bee RaNature
      Bee RaNature Month ago +6

      Yeah he reminds me of a shady investor that is always looking for a quick come up yet loses money

  • tkc
    tkc Month ago

    Black people want to get rich quick & when they do can’t manager their money its so sad! Now he’s trying to peddle alcohol in a overcrowded market. BLACK PEOPLE GET AN EDUCATION & CAREER

  • Tania
    Tania Month ago +30

    He really loves her and his family. 🥰.

    • Tania
      Tania 2 days ago

      J. Flaner I believe he’s just going through a rough time, he was the breadwinner at some point. I have the same background as you (parents college educated, my father was a mathematician and physicist and mother was an educator) but am wise enough to know that s*%t happens.

    • Not At This Time
      Not At This Time 2 days ago

      @Tania You said, "he's trying". They have 4 children. At his age, he should already be established in a career field and not "trying" to provide. His social media pages read "Entreprenuer" - "Influencer" - Actor on To Have and To Hold Charlotte. His loud mouth angry wife is always upset and ready to chop other people's head off because her anger is directed to the wrong person.

    • J. Flaner
      J. Flaner 2 days ago +1

      @Tania LOL! That's funny! I thank God that I had a Dad, have a brother and uncles who are true men. My fiancé would never behave like this man. He is a true man, has a wonderful career that he loves and can provide for me as a husband would and should.

    • Tania
      Tania 2 days ago

      J. Flaner he’s trying... not sitting at home playing video games and hanging out on street corners.

  • Book Nerd
    Book Nerd Month ago +37

    It's okay to work a 9 to 5 and work on the business at the same.

    • Tony Vans
      Tony Vans Month ago

      😂 thank you folks work 9to 5, 10 to 6pm 10 to 10 on a full shift day on The weeknd ends

  • Pele Simone
    Pele Simone Month ago +16

    She needs to stay out of other peoples business

  • lexdiamonz01
    lexdiamonz01 Month ago +25

    Who would buy his champagne the market is over saturated get a job man

    • Camille Carter
      Camille Carter Month ago +1

      @Theblackbumblebee 💯💯💯💯💯

    • stylecollective
      stylecollective Month ago +5

      It's not "his" champagne, he would be an importer of champagne of the highest echelon of France's "Échelle des Crus", which says a lot about his business model and target audience. The grand cru market is hardly over-saturated in America; it's an exclusive demographic targeting real champagne connoisseurs. Granted, this venture won't be a turnkey scenario with overnight success., but as a long term venture that can support his family over generations- he can definitely have his hands deeply entrenched in a luxury market where few black Americans currently exist. I support it. He may have to supplement the household income with additional employment until it takes off, but I'm fully behind something like this and wish him and his family the best.

    • Theblackbumblebee
      Theblackbumblebee Month ago +14

      Alcohol is not over saturated with a black owner's. I'm not drinker but if l was I'm buying black