How to Make Life More Interesting

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  • Jaiden Animations
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    TVclip is being weird and stuff for some people, I'm gonna wait a bit and see if it goes away, otherwise I'm gonna try and reupload or something

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      Dank Memes 5 hours ago

      Jaiden Animations ooofff

    • Maii
      Maii 5 hours ago

      Jaiden Animations the audio quality being poor should be fixed after the video finished processing which is usually 10 minuets after its uploaded

    • brody volgs
      brody volgs 5 hours ago

      Jaiden Animations hi jaden love ur videos

    • Piggy Sue
      Piggy Sue 5 hours ago

      Jaiden Animations there is something new about 2018 jaiden a new video

  • JellyJam
    JellyJam 2 hours ago

    holy moly #1 on trending. treasure this moment

  • dark magician
    dark magician 2 hours ago

    the Japanese kid said : my dinosaur bit me and it hurts! look see blood is coming out. why don't u understand what I am saying. aren't u Japanese?

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    Music Shards 2 hours ago

    This is number one on trending-

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    Gaby CakesAJ 2 hours ago

    :0 You and James were #1 on trending! Woohoo!111111

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    Aquarius Creates 2 hours ago

    1# on trending them apples payed off!

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    Trevor Bristol 2 hours ago

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    ღArt Dinosaurღ 2 hours ago

    Jaidens videos are getting sPicY-

  • Valerie Gould Heithaus

    James and Jaiden both got 1 on trending! AWESOME!!!

  • Nonie Kangas
    Nonie Kangas 2 hours ago

    No wonder Braeburn is so awful.

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    Rebecca N 2 hours ago

    #1 on trending, noice.

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    Bluelightning 989 2 hours ago

    #1 on trending....

    CONGRATZ 4 BEATING JAMEZ XD ( he's on #3 )

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    Lindsay Mire 2 hours ago

    Are you living like Larry?

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    emden Lee 2 hours ago

    #1 BABY

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    Congratulations jaiden for #1 on trending🎉❤️

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    JKPieGuy 2 hours ago

    Congratulations on being #1 on Trending.

  • JASingo
    JASingo 2 hours ago

    Jaiden you talk so fast 🏃🏼‍♀️👄

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  • Quatae Dorsey
    Quatae Dorsey 2 hours ago

    But I love being behind a screen

  • legoninja ten
    legoninja ten 2 hours ago

    It says “my dinosaur bit me and it hurts! Look see blood is coming out why don’t you understand what I am saying. Aren’t you Japanese”

  • Sofia Strawberry
    Sofia Strawberry 2 hours ago

    “How to make your life interesting” watch Jaiden Animations, also pink lady apples are the best

  • MazeRay
    MazeRay 2 hours ago +1

    the Japanese part: My dinosaur bit me and it hurts.. look see? blood is coming out! why do you not understand what I'm saying? are you not Japanese?

  • Rosie Summers
    Rosie Summers 2 hours ago

    Johnny Appleseed is proud of me :D

  • LightBeast61616
    LightBeast61616 2 hours ago +1

    At least he didn't poop in the lake.

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    Moonlight Liyah 2 hours ago

    Ayeee. Jaiden #1 on trending

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    Aniya Lindo 2 hours ago

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  • Let's get Started shall we


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    Eli 2 hours ago

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    Your video is #1 on trending, and James' is 2nd!

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    willie mesta 2 hours ago

    Eats chelan apple while watching

  • Kasia King
    Kasia King 2 hours ago

    You know what's interesting? Being number one on trending.

  • Liam McInerney
    Liam McInerney 2 hours ago

    Is Jaimesden a thing?

  • 『 Jinron』
    『 Jinron』 2 hours ago

    “geez granny smith use protection” lmao

  • Mariila
    Mariila 2 hours ago

    omg i go 2 a montossori school woah.

  • Just Another Animator
    Just Another Animator 2 hours ago

    Lol, the Japanese part is in English with English captions

  • IcedChicken Gaming
    IcedChicken Gaming 2 hours ago +1

    Trending on 1 squaddd

  • HiitsWolfey
    HiitsWolfey 2 hours ago

    I’m learning Japanese with my brother :) also we aren’t teaching ourself, my old tutor knows Japanese so she teaches us :D

  • FiveOClockTea
    FiveOClockTea 2 hours ago

    The poor boy 😅
    When he was like "why don't you understand me, you're japanese after all??" I actually had to laugh (sorry kid)
    I'm just glad it was in one of the languages I can speak more or less 😅

  • Sharday Sharday Smith
    Sharday Sharday Smith 2 hours ago

    Mlp has tons of apple themed ponies 😂

  • character ink
    character ink 2 hours ago

    Congrats on 1# on trending!

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    TweekPLayZ 2 hours ago

    U got top trending good job

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    Alephe 2 hours ago

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    Eliot Watson 2 hours ago

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    HarriSoni 2 hours ago

    Who wears a black and yellow party hat ?

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    Gaming With E and J 2 hours ago

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    Crazybunny Woman 2 hours ago

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    ßamboø påndā 2 hours ago

    This was #1 on trending after theodd1sout's video

  • Superbassio
    Superbassio 2 hours ago

    I learned more about apples today than I thought I was going to.

  • CaptainSpaceBalls
    CaptainSpaceBalls 2 hours ago

    To all the food experiment haters: too bad you’ll never be rad

  • NeunAce Z
    NeunAce Z 2 hours ago

    All the animations are trending

  • GJ1313
    GJ1313 2 hours ago +1

    Oh a funny story ok-M Y L I F E

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    BitsySweet 2 hours ago

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    The dislikes (of rn ) is 420

  • paint patter
    paint patter 2 hours ago

    *early asf*

  • cutegracie
    cutegracie 2 hours ago

    How do I send jaiden fan art?

  • Quatae Dorsey
    Quatae Dorsey 2 hours ago +1

    What if Apples were alive before Humans

  • Digi
    Digi 2 hours ago +5

    How to make life interesting:
    1. Not reading this comment
    2.Not continuing to read this comment

    3.Not pressing *Read More*

  • Rita Araujo
    Rita Araujo 2 hours ago +2

    Whooo TRENDING

  • JPampara
    JPampara 2 hours ago

    A bit too late... WAY to late

  • Triggered Kitty
    Triggered Kitty 2 hours ago

    Red delicious... more like, red DISGUSTING... amirite?

  • Nite Lights
    Nite Lights 2 hours ago +2

    I like my life the way it is now. However...other people's lives I can spice up.

  • Papertear
    Papertear 2 hours ago

    honey crisp or gala are good

  • otterbeans
    otterbeans 2 hours ago

    I've done similar experiments! My favorite apples are Pink Ladies :3

  • Jamera
    Jamera 2 hours ago +1

    An apple a day keeps 1 idiot away if you throw it at them

  • Landon Lahn
    Landon Lahn 2 hours ago +1

    the japanese said My dinosaur bit me and it hurts! Look see blood is coming out. Why don't you understand what i'm saying. are you not japanese

  • August
    August 2 hours ago

    your internship sounds about as useful as mine was -_- i was an intern for an acupuncture place but i ended up just being the janitor basically

  • Brianna Jiang
    Brianna Jiang 2 hours ago

    this is the translation from the person speaking "My dinosaur bit me and it hurts!look see blood is coming out.Why don't you understand what i'm saying. Aren't you Japanese?"

  • Emma Alonso
    Emma Alonso 2 hours ago

    I like you're video's.

  • Whogivesashit Tho
    Whogivesashit Tho 2 hours ago +2

    Congrats on no.1 trending

  • Fiona Animates
    Fiona Animates 2 hours ago +1

    Galas are the best

  • Tim Siao
    Tim Siao 2 hours ago

    Cool! you put more motion animation!

  • Pansear26 AJ Smol Smol
    Pansear26 AJ Smol Smol 2 hours ago +2

    congrats on trending

  • RacoonErin
    RacoonErin 2 hours ago +2

    My dinosaur bit me and it hurts! Look see blood is coming out. Why don't you understand what I am saying. Aren't you Japanese?

  • Richie Lew
    Richie Lew 2 hours ago +1

    where does the squiggle end... try it! follow the squiggle and try find its ending point

  • LilyQana
    LilyQana 2 hours ago

    Congrats on trending Jaiden! :D

  • hanna h
    hanna h 2 hours ago

    I love you jaiden :))) I'm sorry I'm late :(

  • RecruitSwatGuy
    RecruitSwatGuy 2 hours ago +1

    What does the Japanese kid saaaayyyy

  • The giant Blob
    The giant Blob 2 hours ago +1

    Woah nice job jaiden number 1 trending

  • pfmiji owo
    pfmiji owo 2 hours ago

    how u like dem apples

  • AncientMew / Gaming With Mew

    Numeral uno on trending Jaiden!

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    Whoa only 3 hours and already you have 89k likes... WOW!

  • Migle Puneviciute
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    granny smith is also a my little pony

  • Evie Princess
    Evie Princess 2 hours ago

    I’m Australian, and on Australia Day our friends set up this huge tarp slide. They do it every year, and they have this HUGE HILL that they set it down. AND ITS AMAZING!!!

  • Marse Marse
    Marse Marse 2 hours ago +1