Barry Bonds' beef with Jeff Kent included stolen bus seats, motorcycle mishaps, and a dugout fight

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent were never going to get along. Bonds was self-centered, standoffish, and unwilling to conform to norms (or rules) to achieve his legendary accomplishments. Kent took himself and the traditions of baseball extremely seriously, even if it rubbed people the wrong way.
    When they became teammates as Giants, everyone figured there would be blow-ups, and they were right: They battled in the clubhouse, on the field, on a bus during spring training, and in the dugout in full view of TV cameras. In spite of it all, they had great success together, even reaching a World Series.
    This episode of BEEF HISTORY covers the fraught Bonds-Kent relationship, the success in spite of that, and the differing reputations of these two men who, despite appearances, had some very important things in common.
    Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
    Shot and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
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  • Michael T. Mathews
    Michael T. Mathews 7 hours ago

    Still no Michael Crabtree Aqib Talib beef video...

  • master182000
    master182000 9 hours ago

    Looking at the BBWA Hall of Fame votes from this year, Bonds was in year 7 of 10, 59.1% of the vote, Jeff Kent in year 6 of 10, 18.1% of the vote. Both improved over their previous vote totals. Bonds will probably get in at year 10 at this rate. But this years newest nominees are Bobby Abreu, Josh Beckett, Eric Chavez, Adam Dunn, Rafael Furcal, Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter, Paul Konerko, Cliff Lee, and Alfonso Soriano. Jeter and Soriano I could see getting in first ballot. Maybe this will be Curt Schilling's year too?
    But the odds aren't good for Kent.

  • DJ Tommy C.
    DJ Tommy C. 19 hours ago

    Jeff Kent had a similar spike in stats in SF.

  • Woody The Pecker

    really the black card?

  • Johan Skillen
    Johan Skillen Day ago

    Jeff Kent comes off as an aggro Ned Flanders

  • Stephen Stribrny
    Stephen Stribrny 2 days ago

    Great Video!

  • Marye the quene
    Marye the quene 3 days ago

    Wtf does him being white have to do with it? You just throw it in there. There was no hints of racism even mentioned, just "cuz hez white"

  • Lawrence Ross
    Lawrence Ross 3 days ago

    Do a Manchester United: Andy Cole and Teddy Sheringham Beef

  • Brian Frumps
    Brian Frumps 3 days ago

    Boom roasted

  • Fprkakhouse
    Fprkakhouse 5 days ago

    I really didn't like the race angle in this one, it was absolutely unnecessary and unfounded.

  • crz_free_me
    crz_free_me 6 days ago

    Whats up with pete rose not being in the hall of fame and is "the worst player of all time" all of these steroid users are so goooood

  • Elitez
    Elitez 7 days ago

  • Roleplaying Pain
    Roleplaying Pain 8 days ago

    downvoted because race baiting

  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    Ones a juicer who hates everyone and refuses to talk to the media. The other is acting like he loves everyone and gives time to the media. It must be the skin color

  • Dh Tj
    Dh Tj 8 days ago

    Barry is the goat of mvps but the steroids will never let him get the title...Now goat of baseball is hank aaron. Look at his stats my god....Also why so many dislike

  • awesome person
    awesome person 9 days ago

    the only thing I liked about Bonds was his swing

  • vjm3
    vjm3 9 days ago

    Ah bringing race in to this? Especially when there's only speculation and confirmation bias to support claims? Okay.
    = unsubscribed =
    Please don't _choose_ to be this person that you are, SD Nation.

  • Willster
    Willster 9 days ago +1

    Bonds cheated.
    That’s it that’s the comment.

  • Martin Edwards
    Martin Edwards 9 days ago +2

    Has the guy speaking ever played a sport? Soy Boy.

  • DaaBoys2138
    DaaBoys2138 10 days ago

    Barry Bonds equals by far the greatest player of all time before he touched a steroid.

  • john bailey
    john bailey 10 days ago +1

    Barry STEROID Bonds

  • RichAss Driver
    RichAss Driver 10 days ago +2

    So basically it's the story of two dickheads

  • Bryce Wilson
    Bryce Wilson 11 days ago

    Seth does not have an office

  • David Raymond
    David Raymond 11 days ago

    7:10 put on a belt Barry

  • Shaun Sweeney
    Shaun Sweeney 11 days ago

    Barry is the Greatest offensive player ever play the game!

    • Shaun Sweeney
      Shaun Sweeney 11 days ago

      @Aaron Hernandez did mickey or roger ever have over 600 stolen bases and over 700 hr?

    • Aaron Hernandez
      Aaron Hernandez 11 days ago +1

      NO, Mickey Mantle was. And or Roger Hornsby.

  • ddas adfassaf
    ddas adfassaf 13 days ago

    Sb nation? More like sjw nation

  • lil cocoa butta
    lil cocoa butta 15 days ago

    Big like for wanting our Bois to break it doooown

  • Coxinator Productions
    Coxinator Productions 17 days ago

    I love this content except for the leftist talking points.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 18 days ago

    Kent was obviously a closest homosexual and had a huge crush on Bonds.

  • Buzzer Beater
    Buzzer Beater 20 days ago +1

    @ 3:58 " other words white."😂😂😂

  • Buzzer Beater
    Buzzer Beater 20 days ago +1

    This guy sounds like David Spade.

  • Ole Peterson
    Ole Peterson 20 days ago

    Man do José Canseco and Mark McGwire after José got caught w steroids and snitched on mark

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson 20 days ago

    One guy is white, the other is black, so of course it has to be about race, right?

  • chiefpacman
    chiefpacman 21 day ago

    Liberal revisionist history. Bonds was a baby and a cheater, Kent was a good guy. Everyone in baseball would say mean things about gays.

  • Manuel Villalta
    Manuel Villalta 21 day ago

    MLB gave away Bonds' MVP award to Jeff Kent. 😆
    I'm pretty sure if I batted behind a prime Bonds that my stat line would have been.320avg 35hr 135rbis.

  • Slip Amo
    Slip Amo 21 day ago +1

    of COURSE you had to make it about race lmaoo never change sb nation

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 22 days ago

    love how race is continually brought up when it was simply the reporters reporting favorably to the guy who just gave them a quote for the day. how many times are you gonna bring up kent being white and bonds being black when the narrative was admittedly controlled because kent talked and barry didnt?

  • Mallymal ATL
    Mallymal ATL 22 days ago

    In other words “ white” lmao

  • Shawn Babcock
    Shawn Babcock 22 days ago

    Wow he brought up a valid point of racism in sports

    That means I have to be offended

  • MarkoAnzio
    MarkoAnzio 23 days ago +2

    SB Nation was recently ranked #1 sports outlet for SJW snowflakes

  • Gabor Benkovics
    Gabor Benkovics 23 days ago

    team kent

  • A M
    A M 25 days ago

    Bonds acted privileged. Ooooh no

  • montrealcowboyx
    montrealcowboyx 25 days ago

    Where is my Patrick Roy/Mario Tremblay Beef History? It's so... beefy!

  • Connor Hoagland
    Connor Hoagland 25 days ago

    I mean Kent is a mormon, and mormons tend to be incredibly racist, sexist, and homophobic

  • Timothy Stamm
    Timothy Stamm 26 days ago

    If you want more fights in dugouts you should look at Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin.

  • Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist

    Matt Williams was the blue collar player.

  • Comrade Austin
    Comrade Austin Month ago +1

    Broke: Beef History
    Woke: Beef M y s t e r y

  • Frederick Sweeney
    Frederick Sweeney Month ago

    Best conclusion ever. It really is the only answer.

  • Famous Mortimer
    Famous Mortimer Month ago +1

    The weird part of this is that literally everybody disliked Jeff Kent, including Giant’s fans,...he wasn’t given a free ride because of skin color. Both Bonds and Kent were universally loathed so the whole racism angle is truly bizarre. And using Salon as a legitimate source? In a sports story no less? Truly odd.

  • HarryPottsticker
    HarryPottsticker Month ago

    SJW bullshit

    • Connor Hoagland
      Connor Hoagland 25 days ago

      How does it feel living a completely joyless and hateful existence?

  • shane hunter
    shane hunter Month ago

    What's crazy is when Bonds who was already a hall of fame player started smashing more home runs it was steroids. But when Kent started playing unbelievable once he got to SF it was all just hard work and dedication? Kent was literally a journeyman before and after he was with the Giants. How does everyone breeze past that? You don't think maybe Greg Anderson hooked him up with a little "relieving gel" like he was everyone else?
    P.S. I'm a white guy who was a young kid through all of this and I never understood why people always made Bonds seem like the bad guy

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    Dusty Baker, while a terrible coach, seems to be a good guy. I have mad respect for him (he was the GM for the Cubs (I think))

  • Christopher McCall
    Christopher McCall Month ago

    In other words....white 😂

  • suny123boy1
    suny123boy1 Month ago

    Jeff Kent is still the true MVP of the Giants.

  • david martignetti
    david martignetti Month ago

    You guys can play the race angle but Kent played nice with reporters and Bonds didn't. These beat reporters will kill anyone who won't kiss up. See: Eddie Murray.

  • Enrique Campos
    Enrique Campos Month ago

    What did race had to do with their media relationship?

  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell Month ago

    "Kent was right behind him in stats as well as in the lineup." Yeah...when Bonds hits a homer and you are right after him in the can pretty much bet you are going to see a great pitch to hit. He should have been thanking Bonds instead of throwing shade.

  • Mister Paradise
    Mister Paradise Month ago

    The racism in this video is a sad commentary on where society is today.

  • Adam130694
    Adam130694 Month ago

    It's ok to be white.

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco Month ago

    The "white" comment was cringe bud
    SJW alert

    • Jacabo Blanco
      Jacabo Blanco Month ago

      Let me find a channel with a black man doing what you do, but to less success.
      Then I'll blame it on you being white.

  • Tommy J
    Tommy J Month ago

    Yo bonds is way better than Kent, but Kent is a top teir second basemen and is extremely underrated

  • 712dal
    712dal Month ago


  • Coach B
    Coach B Month ago

    Hell they prolly snuck the drugs on bonds to ruin his accomplishments


    Uses steroids, beats his wife
    Sb nation: bbbbbbbbb but he is white
    Barry bonds didn’t bash his bike he bashed his wife

  • Blake17
    Blake17 Month ago


  • Howard Barnett
    Howard Barnett Month ago

    15:07 Day, made.

  • DJ Ran Love
    DJ Ran Love Month ago

    who cares?!!!!!

  • Otis L. Richardson
    Otis L. Richardson Month ago

    Different people don’t fight people, people with the same personalities fight

  • Vivian Burton
    Vivian Burton Month ago

    Juan ...thanks for being the great leader ..u are and have been a big brother to us all ...fav five the best .. to all the players thanks so much to u all.. for everything..😘😎love always the blue and gold..

  • Steve Rayca
    Steve Rayca Month ago +1

    This story was very poorly done and seems to be created to race bait only. Bonds as the godson of Willie Mays which this story glosses over, was ordained (Bonds) as being the Giants, himself. In the local media concerning Bonds and Kent's careers in San Francisco, there were FOUR major behavioral stories, this video goes over two, the dugout fight and Kent's accident which was a huge deal in the local media. The biggest Bonds media story was his Sanford and Son press conference, which this video doesn't mention and the biggest Kent media story was on the Razor and Mr. T radio show when Kent left for Houston and mocked people in SF for buying expensive real estate, etc. The remainder of his career in Hou and LA, Kent was booed mercilessly by the SF crowd until he retired and returned as a Giant.