Artie Lange Is Raw and Uncensored While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 19, 2017
  • Artie Lange is a titan of the standup stage, a notorious alum of The Howard Stern Show, and a star of HBO's "Crashing." But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the comedy legend battles through Zombie Apocalypse and Da' Bomb, cracking jokes about everything from Kanye West to overzealous touchdown dances along the way.
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Comments • 5 785

  • Single Forlife
    Single Forlife 11 hours ago

    Danny McBride

  • David da Silva
    David da Silva 20 hours ago

    Did you have Artie sign a waiver before he ate those wings?? Lol

  • Joseph Towers
    Joseph Towers Day ago

    such a cool show, wish i thought of it

  • W33ND3X W1LC0X
    W33ND3X W1LC0X Day ago

    Fuk’n Artie man!! Hes like the only guy I’ve seen take multiple bites of the same wing!

  • Aswin Bhusal
    Aswin Bhusal 2 days ago

    That's so funny to see that, Sean, out of the like 30 hot ones episodes I've watched, seems to have the most genuine connection with Artie. Sean looks like he's talking to a long time friend.

  • gordon peters
    gordon peters 2 days ago

    what was the meal u missed the most in jail "pussy" haha

  • the biggest foil ball no really the biggest

    Another ep of artie lange!

  • William Labine
    William Labine 3 days ago

    Hey, I'm a home chef and I'd love to give you hotter and hotter dishes. It would take a bit of research, but I think that it would mix up the format and give the people something to try at home aside from purchasing hot sauces.

  • coffeehigh420
    coffeehigh420 3 days ago +1

    wow I got heartburn just watching this

  • JayDee SV
    JayDee SV 3 days ago

    poor artie :(

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 3 days ago

    Wow, he so tossed.

  • Broke Stature
    Broke Stature 3 days ago

    This is a great Artie interview. Ive come back to it a few times now.

  • Calum Sanderson
    Calum Sanderson 3 days ago


  • Brandon Douglas
    Brandon Douglas 4 days ago

    This was one of the best hot ones ever. And I believe the only guest who enjoyed da bomb.

  • Dan 123
    Dan 123 4 days ago +1

    His lips went from lightly pink to bloody red.

  • Wassergekuhlt
    Wassergekuhlt 4 days ago

    My takeaway from the whole Artie/Howard Stern show thing: Howard is a prick.

  • Chris Hollandsworth
    Chris Hollandsworth 5 days ago

    He is way better when he is sober

  • Chris Hollandsworth
    Chris Hollandsworth 5 days ago

    I love artie but he is fucked up on this episode

  • Chris Hollandsworth
    Chris Hollandsworth 5 days ago

    He is high as fuck or he is having withdrawals

  • Flexington Steele
    Flexington Steele 5 days ago

    Artie need's to get off the dog food badly. I'm suprised he hasn't died along time ago. This is where Artie shines though. In the moment comedy just like Norm.

  • Nick Morrison
    Nick Morrison 6 days ago

    Get Brittany Murphy on here

  • Mark805
    Mark805 6 days ago

    I like you more Artie just for saying you hate Kanye

  • Donnie Blanco
    Donnie Blanco 7 days ago

    RIP Artie Lange

  • Dan Mabee
    Dan Mabee 7 days ago

    ˈdeTH ˌnel

  • Dan Mabee
    Dan Mabee 7 days ago


  • Joey Barron
    Joey Barron 7 days ago


  • Joey Barron
    Joey Barron 7 days ago

    Trump is president,Kanye has tons of money and Artie has a soon to be cancelled podcast lol. MAGA

  • Kobe Gomez
    Kobe Gomez 9 days ago

    Bothers me he dont roll up his sleeves

  • RoachDoggJr
    RoachDoggJr 9 days ago +1


  • sebastian paba
    sebastian paba 9 days ago

    the uplifting music juxtaposed with Arties defeated and distorted face is cinematic genius

  • Tyler E
    Tyler E 10 days ago

    "When a retarded, toothless, black midget says you're a get help."

  • Nick M
    Nick M 11 days ago

    Love Artie Lange he's the best

    DGMUSICisGOOD 12 days ago

    8:43 Holy shit lol, great timing

  • DennisBTV
    DennisBTV 12 days ago

    *you gotta get Phil Margera on, or at least Bam Margera. You already had SteveO and Knoxvile, please try and get Bam or Phil or both!!*

  • OMAR
    OMAR 13 days ago

    I miss his rants!

  • Kellie Whittle
    Kellie Whittle 13 days ago

    Jesus that was repulsive to watch.

  • Anthony Banome
    Anthony Banome 14 days ago

    I hope Artie gets everything together. He's hilarious and I wish the best for him

  • Daniel Shemtov
    Daniel Shemtov 16 days ago

    Hot sauce and heroin !

  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano 18 days ago +1

    Artie... time to hit the dentist. I love ya though buddy. I hope you’re doing well.
    Good episode. Such a funny dude

  • Jack C
    Jack C 19 days ago


  • The High Priestess Studio - Psychic Medium

    Ugh what a vulgar man

  • Alfonso s
    Alfonso s 21 day ago

    Opie and Anthony

  • bmillerdrums
    bmillerdrums 21 day ago

    I just noticed how fucked up his nose still is from that incident... Damn that sucks. This was absolutely hysterical though. He truly is one of the quickest minds out there in terms of humor, plus high as hell on the best dope in Hoboken probably.

  • bmillerdrums
    bmillerdrums 21 day ago

    He is soooooo high on scag here. Probably thought it would dull the pain of the heat.

  • bmillerdrums
    bmillerdrums 21 day ago

    That was a hilarious comment in the beginning. Vito A. reference. Italian boxing middleweight champion from the 70's and 80's. Bullshit call though on that draw with Hagler. He got the piss beaten outta of him and still remained champ. Great career though. I'm too old school knowledge for fuckin google.

  • YouTube Lover
    YouTube Lover 24 days ago

    What's the insurance for having a guest on that could die at any second while participating in a show activity?

  • kyebean
    kyebean 25 days ago

    Holy shit, Artie looks like a shaved, overweight sloth that got attacked with a blow torch

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Month ago

    I have never owned anything apple so f-um

  • at sweepopolis
    at sweepopolis Month ago

    Even a mellow Artie is hysterical!

  • Timothy Blackburn
    Timothy Blackburn Month ago

    Too bad Artie cant go back to Stern.

  • Craka Jack
    Craka Jack Month ago

    Fucking high

    LFCAU Month ago

    Aww, poor millionaire, Artie Lange can't relate to the millionaire Yankee players, because they make too much money. Snowflake.

  • Client1983
    Client1983 Month ago

    I like this guy

  • Ragz Rocco
    Ragz Rocco Month ago

    Anyone from the trenton nj area knows its pork roll not taylor ham, fuckin idiot

  • Craig Dirty .Dority

    Artie was good on here. He is a perfect side kick.

  • Brad McEntire
    Brad McEntire Month ago

    best line " when a retarded toothless black midget tells you you need help, you get help"

  • TheIkaika777
    TheIkaika777 Month ago

    His career is over.

  • you fucking momo
    you fucking momo Month ago

    The legendd artieee

  • Mike of Indy
    Mike of Indy Month ago

    I love Artie but damn it's like he's dying to be an 85 year old man

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith Month ago

    shit, he was doped up
    god bless u, big man
    get well

  • Vampwatch1462
    Vampwatch1462 Month ago

    Artie looks like he has lipstick on.

  • Rschr101
    Rschr101 Month ago

    Artie the man

  • Timtim Salabim
    Timtim Salabim Month ago +1

    I think Artie found his new drug ... snort that shit

  • Lynn Mayhem
    Lynn Mayhem Month ago

    This guy has no fuckin teeth or what?

  • Ralph Dellamorte
    Ralph Dellamorte Month ago

    with all the shit artie puts up his nose hot sauce will seem like a day in the park...

  • cgtigrad
    cgtigrad Month ago

    Wtf happened to this man? Craziest transformation i've seen. No being a dick but i didnt even recognize him and i loved his comedy.

  • David EatsEm
    David EatsEm Month ago

    Does Artie Lang have teeth?

  • maxiscoozu ba
    maxiscoozu ba Month ago

    So cool. Sometimes I love artie sometimes I cant stand him. I love him for this 22:28 mins. The interviewer looks like a little Dana white.

  • Ziggy Rotten
    Ziggy Rotten Month ago

    I know the vast majority of Stern fans will disagree with me on this, but in my opinion the best years the Stern show ever had were with Artie.
    Especially when Artie and Gilbert would go off on gold quality comic tangents.
    But to be fair if I'm being completely honest, I was always more of an Artie fan than a Stern fan. It just so happens that they worked great together.
    *Now will somebody make the Norm Macdonald, Artie Lange and Gilbert show* !!!

  • KillerInstinct2006
    KillerInstinct2006 Month ago

    How do we know that the interviewers wings are as spicy as the guests? Maybe the interviewer is cheating?

  • cntrlrb20
    cntrlrb20 Month ago

    Seriously, Sean, you're killing this. Congrats.

  • aye person
    aye person Month ago

    Best hot ones ever

  • Aleatha Vogel
    Aleatha Vogel Month ago

    Sean really does have the best questions for his guests. I am so tired of seeing celebrities on talk shows getting asked the same cookie cutter questions all the time. If you're going to have someone on your show make them work for the $800 they're getting for a 20 minute segment.

  • bleunt
    bleunt Month ago

    Man, I lose a little bit of respect for every comedian who says people with opinions on Twitter is a problem for comedy. Oooh noooo, are people saying bad things about your joke? Poor thing.

  • Lzhe Dmitriy
    Lzhe Dmitriy Month ago

    Artie Lange is an ALT RIGHT faggot.

  • ghostbb bentley
    ghostbb bentley Month ago

    love art

  • Arthur Vera
    Arthur Vera Month ago

    Fuck all y'all talking shit about artie he is a comedy genesis, and was on the most successful Radio Show in the history of radio. He was also the funniest person on the show. He looks a lot better keep it up artie.

  • Barry Obongo
    Barry Obongo Month ago

    Hate artie fat faggot Lange

  • MR. MAC
    MR. MAC Month ago

    artie higher than giraffe pussy

  • alex kores
    alex kores Month ago

    Haha what the meal u missed the most while ur in jail?...... Pussy lmao legend

  • Bryan
    Bryan Month ago

    Yeah...I'll skip this idiot.

  • butterfly_snapple
    butterfly_snapple Month ago

    20:00-20:14 I fucking died holy shit

  • Distract3
    Distract3 Month ago

    Hey Artie remember that time you got a load shot on your chest?

  • Dane Clark
    Dane Clark Month ago

    Went to where can I purchase your hot Sauces? Both of em... curious to try, and brave enough....

  • Might Be a Rapist
    Might Be a Rapist Month ago

    If i could meet and chill with one celeb it would deffinetly be artie lange..i love this fuckin dude.

  • Ray Rogers
    Ray Rogers 2 months ago +2

    I've watched almost all of these episodes and I've come to one conclusion: Da Bomb sauce is rotten, horrible shit straight from the bowels of hell. The mood ALWAYS changes after a bite of a wing with that shit on it.

  • Michael Sans
    Michael Sans 2 months ago

    You the man Artie

  • speier
    speier 2 months ago

    Holy fuck: "A lot of chicks left New York City thinking they blew Newman."

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 2 months ago +3

    1:25 - "When I eat, I look like Vito Antuofermo" I googled, what a face. Ex-boxer and it shows.
    3:30- "In the seventies, the Yankees only had jobs in the summer, they were plumbers, their wives looked like me. They don't wanna go home. I related to them. Now, I don't. She's a bat tooth with a hat crooked, I wanna kill him" Lol!
    Artie's still sharp as a tack, even with all the drugs he did in his life.

    • Johnny Blaze
      Johnny Blaze 2 months ago

      Max G- Lol. That makes a whole lot more sense. I was thinking, even if J Lo had a bat tooth, I'd still hit it.

    • Max G
      Max G 2 months ago

      Johnny Blaze he said CC sabathia (Yankees pitcher) with his hat crooked lol

  • ExitStay
    ExitStay 2 months ago

    Calling Artie a comic is rude to actual comics. We don't laugh with Artie, we laugh at him.
    Best wackpacker of all time. He just never knew he was one. Best joke ever.

  • Davidson Harly
    Davidson Harly 2 months ago

    they should call this show...
    culo ardiente... 💪😈🥃

  • Marco Montana
    Marco Montana 2 months ago

    In think the hot sauce ruined the show, to bad Artie was awesome until the hot sauce....

  • No Gas Productions
    No Gas Productions 2 months ago

    jeez, Artie Lang is a beautiful mess

  • Anti Centrist
    Anti Centrist 2 months ago

    "When a retarded, toothless black midget says you a mess..."

  • miloandot
    miloandot 2 months ago

    I haven't watched the episode, yet. Let me guess what Artie talks about. Drug/alcohol references, gambling/lighting bets, fat jokes, and maybe Norm Macdonald.

  • Adam Zalewski
    Adam Zalewski 2 months ago

    who is that extra in the bills gear? #billsmafia

  • Patrick Shaffer
    Patrick Shaffer 2 months ago +1

    We need Beetlejuice on this show NOW!

  • Matt Keenan
    Matt Keenan 2 months ago

    I’m sure the heron helps

  • macuss87
    macuss87 2 months ago

    Love Artie! great show!

    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 2 months ago

    his most missed meal while in jail answer was classic Artie! GOAT!