van Gerwen vs Price - FINAL - Players Championship Finals Darts 2019 [FULL MATCH]

  • Michael van Gerwen vs Gerwyn Price darts

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  • thebaldog1
    thebaldog1 16 days ago

    Great to watch two winners going at it.

  • Kieran Morby
    Kieran Morby Month ago

    Not many darts players are humble in victory and defeat but MVG is , he always congratulates the opposing player if he loses and he is always humble in victory , obviously his pleased , happy and deserves to celebrate but MVG is an all round legend when in comes to darts love watching his matches and he is still only 30yrs old .... 50 pdc live televised titles at 30yrs , this is 2019 so no doubt his put another 10-15 to his name since this lol Phil Taylor all time world champion but MVG my greatest player ever

  • Diễm Quỳnh
    Diễm Quỳnh 2 months ago

    This is boring compare to darts championship 1990

  • Aлекса K.
    Aлекса K. 3 months ago +2

    Every final i watched, MvG was there

  • KGB
    KGB 3 months ago +1

    34:18 fish

  • Jacob Quincy
    Jacob Quincy 3 months ago

    Just getting into darts from the States, absolutely electric.

  • S Tra
    S Tra 3 months ago +2

    I haven’t watched darts in about a year. Now I come back to it and I see Price being among top players and giving van Gerwen hell in the finals? What the hell??? When did this happen?

    • Thor Christensen
      Thor Christensen Month ago

      Gezzy Price really matured into a better sportsman and a crazy good player over the course of 2019, getting to the final of the European Championship and ended up defending his GSoD title, besting MVG in the semifinal and obliterating Peter Wright in the final.

  • K. Burt
    K. Burt 3 months ago

    Learn how to hit double 5 and you learn how to win tournaments.

  • Wonders of Armwrestling
    Wonders of Armwrestling 3 months ago +1

    What the hell is that announcer? One hundred and thirty forftpofasnfrpsfour! 😂

  • jesse bongo
    jesse bongo 3 months ago

    What gives with the dude shouting the scores ?....a weird way of pronouncing words.

  • Goriaas
    Goriaas 3 months ago +2

    This guys suck. Is this some sort of amateur league? I knew a guy who could hit bullseye about 20% of his shots. Those guys are nowhere near that and he was definitely no pro

    • TT music
      TT music 3 months ago +4

      Goriaas well bullseye is worth 50, triple 20 is worth 60. Dumbass, come with knowledge next time

  • Chris Trickett
    Chris Trickett 3 months ago +1

    I like how Price has learned from his mistakes and become a better player, yet still one who has the obvious passion for the game and in time he will win back a lot of the haters. However, the jury is still out on him, another over-boisterous celebration and it's back to Square One.

  • CloudAttack
    CloudAttack 3 months ago +4

    Darts in great shape in 2019-20. These two lads know how to please the crowd; yet at the end of the day we are all mates, it’s just a game. These two by far my faves, and what a great game and finish...

  • SpikeMobileGames
    SpikeMobileGames 4 months ago +2

    Schönes Video

  • J024
    J024 4 months ago +1

    They get along so well!

  • Joey Clark
    Joey Clark 4 months ago +2

    It's awesome to see Price keep that fire and tenacity whilst becoming a humble player and soon to be a fan favorite. .a lot of ppl still give him the boos because of earlier career antics but he's rounding out very well now

  • steve weber
    steve weber 4 months ago

    Was für ein geiles match. Die beiden da abgeliefert haben
    Ich kann den ice man nicht so gut leiden aber hier ein super match gemacht. MVG super Mann

  • Den Zil
    Den Zil 4 months ago +1

    I was there.Watched the 9 darter.Still getting goosebumps.If there’s one thing that you have to have on your bucket list,it’s going to the darts.Went last year,this year was better and I’m going every year until I die.The Chimp©️

  • AirVin 25
    AirVin 25 4 months ago +1


  • Laserbeak
    Laserbeak 4 months ago +4

    You can’t miss a single darts or you’re lost. That’s amazing darts

    • Chris Trickett
      Chris Trickett 3 months ago

      Aye, I grew up watching the greats such as Bristow and Wilson but even back then there was more room for error. Darts in 2019, at its best, is a masterclass in pretty much every leg.

    • Freddie
      Freddie 4 months ago

      not in the first leg :)

  • Marko
    Marko 4 months ago

    Price legend

  • VENOM0805
    VENOM0805 4 months ago +1

    Sweet revenge for MVG.

    • Chris Trickett
      Chris Trickett 3 months ago

      He had to win this. If Price had won people would be saying there had been a power shift at the top of the game, then MVG would be playing that, as well as the opponent. Double pressure.

  • Herschel Squirts
    Herschel Squirts 4 months ago +6

    Chris Mason always looks like he’s wearing a pajama shirt

    • Rob Robberson
      Rob Robberson 4 months ago +1

      At least he's out of the straightjacket hehe.

  • Mr Bicycle
    Mr Bicycle 4 months ago +8

    Close one, but a hug party in the end😍

  • Bibhushan Rajthala
    Bibhushan Rajthala 4 months ago +4

    2 best players never seen start that shaky.. 1dt leg

  • Bibhushan Rajthala
    Bibhushan Rajthala 4 months ago +5

    The final should be more legs... To be honest prices's face when he misses is so touching

    • Joey Clark
      Joey Clark 3 months ago

      @Chris Trickett I'm Canadian bud ,we like to shoot some darts ,drink some beers have a laugh and watch pros play darts. It's completely hypothetical that gerwin would even be better if he played from a younger age. All I'm saying is from a growth point of view of course he would

    • Chris Trickett
      Chris Trickett 3 months ago

      His accent also makes him seem really friendly too :D

    • Joey Clark
      Joey Clark 4 months ago

      Gary Anderson was right ,talent trumps hard work and practice ,mvg has been playing his whole life ,price only 7 years ...imagine if he played as a child or a teen

    • Bibhushan Rajthala
      Bibhushan Rajthala 4 months ago

      @dan morris oh yeah.. I forgot ebt that.. 😂

    • dan morris
      dan morris 4 months ago

      Bibhushan Rajthala they have both played twice in that day though ok if you have a easy game but price had a game with dobey before this

  • Anthony Salole
    Anthony Salole 4 months ago +17

    Great Match, Great Rivalry, Great Sportsmanship.
    Beats any form of gamesmanship drama !!!!

  • Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson 4 months ago

    Was it Dr flibble

  • Hammer Lou
    Hammer Lou 4 months ago +4

    GREAT MATCH !!!!!!

  • Zed Earl
    Zed Earl 4 months ago +7

    Brilliant upload and great match. For me the best two players in the world at the moment. Well done MvG and the nine darter 👌🏾

    • Chris Trickett
      Chris Trickett 3 months ago

      @Joey Clark He is but there are two Peter Wrights and the better of the two doesn't turn up often enough.

    • Joey Clark
      Joey Clark 4 months ago

      Peter Wright is right there beside them,but your right these 2 are the best.

  • inelectron
    inelectron 4 months ago +2

    never thought id say this, MVG was lucky tonight

    • Freddie
      Freddie 4 months ago

      @VENOM0805 I think he means he was lucky because Price played his worst game of the tournament in the final (except of R2). His "normal" level is much higher at the moment ! but MVG´s level of course also is much higher than 98 avg. but for 20 legs, it´s still a good avg from both

    • inelectron
      inelectron 4 months ago

      @VENOM0805 Considering how well MVG played a little in my eyes.

    • inelectron
      inelectron 4 months ago

      @Abdi Ahmed I don't support price 😂

    • Abdi Ahmed
      Abdi Ahmed 4 months ago

      lucky? typical price fanboy. What about all the missed dubbel from van gerwen? plus van gerwen was like 3-0 up

    • Rob Robberson
      Rob Robberson 4 months ago +1

      @VENOM0805 Indeed, it was close but a well deserved win in the end.

  • Rob Robberson
    Rob Robberson 4 months ago +28

    That's what I like about these guys, they're all posturing and playing the crowd during the match, but laughing and being sportmanslike afterwards.

    • Matthew Hopkins
      Matthew Hopkins 3 months ago

      @Anthony Giordano Try telling the likes of Lewis and Anderson that.

    • Rob Robberson
      Rob Robberson 4 months ago +2

      @Pseudonayme 77 Nice prospect :)

    • Anthony Giordano
      Anthony Giordano 4 months ago +1

      I feel like the top PDC guys become like a pub group.. it’s the same guys you see at every tournament. That’s the way it is from amateur level I don’t see why it would change. Sure there’s the odd guy that gets under your skin but overall they’ve gotta be good buddies the amount they see each other

    • Pseudonayme 77
      Pseudonayme 77 4 months ago +4

      Aye, good to see. I think we'll be seeing a few more great matches between these two 👍