Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018

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  • The Poopydog
    The Poopydog 5 hours ago

    Funky Kong is my grandma

  • CowOnThe Internet
    CowOnThe Internet 8 hours ago

    whyyyyeeeeeeee:( the guider sucks in balloon world

  • mr skitzo
    mr skitzo 9 hours ago

    P-p-p-p-pAYDAY 2!?!?!

  • Andrew Weiland
    Andrew Weiland 13 hours ago

    Nintendo should bring the virtual console to the switch.

  • Franker 250
    Franker 250 13 hours ago

    #DarkSouls Yesss

  • Montana Trider
    Montana Trider 14 hours ago

    I was gonna buy the switch for mario oddysey but now I saw Kirby allies I'm definite getting the switch

  • Jacky Boy
    Jacky Boy 14 hours ago

    Glad you brought back combining abilities from kirby 64

  • ninjadog
    ninjadog 14 hours ago


  • Young Entrepreneur
    Young Entrepreneur 15 hours ago

    CupHead Pleaaase .

  • boaby umbungo
    boaby umbungo 15 hours ago

    more Money for old rope Nintendo, good games but please do something That isnt ports. The Vita was the indy console, the switch (depending on who you ask is innovative) is the console for ports (the definition of unoriginality). A console is only as good as its games and how diverse, original and memorable they are, the only thing this made me want to buy is a GPD or raspberry Pi for emulating and playing some of these titles.
    If they marketed it as virtual console games I wouldn't be as bothered but they seem to be hammering home that these titles are new and rival - or are on the same level as - an actual line up of original titles (and their full retail price tags I'm guessing or at least way over the odds for a DS game at least), which I've yet to see from the switch.
    lay off the smoke and mirrors Nintendo, right now your the snake oil salesman selling whisky as a toothache cure.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 15 hours ago

      boaby umbungo Stop complaining about ports especially since 2017 had a lot of new titles and announced titles for this year. 2018 just started so be patient and new titles will be announced and released.

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    metal general in kirby star allies

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    dyna blade in kirby star allies

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    computer virus in kirby star allies

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    mr shine and mr bright in kirby star allies

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    mario tennis birdo

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    carachters of mario tennis no comfirmed : yoshi peach daysi shy gui hamer bro toad pauline cappy tiara todette estela koopa boo didi kong dixi kong funki kong bowsi dry bones king boo cranki kong chef bro ice bro fire bro magikoopa monti gomba sumo bro

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    goriath pleace

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    new boss based in dragon

  • Héctor Farelo Jiménez

    kraco and lolo and lala

  • Larisa Taran
    Larisa Taran 17 hours ago

    Pls add battlefront 2 on to nentendio switch

  • JuceBar
    JuceBar 18 hours ago new smash bros?

  • Noah C. Apland
    Noah C. Apland 20 hours ago

    Can’t wait for payday on the switch!

  • Secret Guy
    Secret Guy 21 hour ago

    I‘m the most hyped for Mario Tennis Aces!!!

  • Ultra Gaming Lab INC.
    Ultra Gaming Lab INC. 23 hours ago +2

    Is payday on Nintendo switch Going to be a physical/cartridge?

  • An Le Khac Quang
    An Le Khac Quang 23 hours ago

    welp, it's PAYDAY 2 day

  • Nosferatu Alucard

    Pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee, port Fatal Frame 5 to the Switch, together with Xenogear X

  • Ender Zane Playz Games

    super smash bros

  • Bea cc
    Bea cc Day ago

    Me hubiese gustado que entre estos juegos estuviera Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Jimmy Boy
    Jimmy Boy Day ago

    I want Mario Party!

  • ismail bedi
    ismail bedi Day ago

    suck you for dark souls

  • LxckyG
    LxckyG Day ago


  • skurr ftw
    skurr ftw Day ago +1

    So no cod games ? Guess Im getting an xbox or ps4

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 Day ago +1

      skurr ftw or you can just be patient. Those games eventually got on the Wii U so they will probably also eventually get to the switch.

    DVD_OSO Day ago

    Am i the only one who wants Undyne from Undertale in smash bros?

  • Spyral
    Spyral Day ago

    Dear Nintendo,
    So I was looking on gamestop, amazon,best buy websites for Hyrule Warriors Defintive Edition. It said the release date for it is 12/31/18 or 2019. Is that the physical copy or digital copy? Also to end it of during the direct it said Hyrule warriors switch is coming in spring is that the digital copy? Great Direct ❤👍

  • Luca Cruz
    Luca Cruz Day ago

    Make a new smash game

  • Poop Scoop
    Poop Scoop Day ago

    Yes, Nintendo may be taking all my life savings but they deserve it :)

  • luigi 456
    luigi 456 Day ago

    Will any of these games appear on the wii U?

  • aaaw1
    aaaw1 Day ago


  • Joey Williams
    Joey Williams Day ago

    Where smash bros!?

  • The Gaming Knight

    *_jumps of new donk city hall
    While fanboy screeching_*

  • Zappg
    Zappg Day ago


  • Krazy Productions

    I want nintendo swich menu on mynintendo rewards

  • Krazy Productions

    I want the legends of zelda the minish camp :(

  • Aurora Gold
    Aurora Gold Day ago

    Yep...The best things are Luigi's balloon world and new Mario's cosplays/outfits. ^^

  • Ness
    Ness Day ago +1

    We really need a new Earthbound/Mother game or remake

    • Ness
      Ness Day ago

      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 true

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 Day ago

      Ness Please no, it will just get hate and people saying "its not as good as the original". But if its done right, that will be awesome.

  • Super Blue Toad
    Super Blue Toad Day ago +1

    Nintendo, please create a new Mario Strikers for the Switch! Maybe a Super Mario 3D World port to the Switch? That would be great!

  • Alawey 360
    Alawey 360 Day ago +1

    12:20 nintendo finally noticed funky after mkwii

  • Shageef L
    Shageef L Day ago +1


  • RhysFJ
    RhysFJ Day ago +1

    I’m Excited for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and PayDay 2

    • justiceloa
      justiceloa Day ago

      RhysFJ If you own a wii u I recommend just buying it for 20 dollars, but if you don't then I could see you getting it for the switch.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 Day ago

      justiceloa maybe he didn't own a wii u and is playing it for the first time.

    • RhysFJ
      RhysFJ Day ago

      justiceloa I’ve Never played Tropical Freeze

    • justiceloa
      justiceloa Day ago

      RhysFJ Why Tropical freeze? It's literally the same as the wii u but with just one new damn character.

  • Ike Christensen
    Ike Christensen 2 days ago +2

    TJ "Henry" Yoshi reference at 6:59, anyone?

  • The Great Paper Mario

    13:28 Plot Twist.

  • Draw Fist
    Draw Fist 2 days ago

    Am i the only one wanting wind waker hd on switch

  • DAMIR_921
    DAMIR_921 2 days ago

    i wish nintendo made luigi mansion 3 for switch

  • QivaTheGamer
    QivaTheGamer 2 days ago


  • Bogdan Cristea
    Bogdan Cristea 2 days ago

    Ys 8 monster hunter reap off

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 Day ago +2

      Bogdan Cristea either way just dont call it a rip off. Just enjoy the game you like.

    • Bogdan Cristea
      Bogdan Cristea Day ago

      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 i hate when people are right

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 Day ago

      Bogdan Cristea Also YS 8 was released in 2016, monster hunter world just came out in early 2018. So its not a rip off. Once again if your going to call anything a rip off, monster hunter would be a rip off.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 Day ago

      Bogdan Cristea YS came first do your research. YS 1 was released in 1989, the first monster hunter released in 2004. So technically monster hunter is a rip off of YS. Do your research before accusing things of being a rip off.

    • Bogdan Cristea
      Bogdan Cristea Day ago

      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 there have monster that look like monster in monster hunter

  • Brian Barrett
    Brian Barrett 2 days ago

    What about UPDATE 5.0

  • Danelopro
    Danelopro 2 days ago

    Thank you

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 2 days ago


  • Tyeson Sommer
    Tyeson Sommer 2 days ago

    1 comment

  • dfre$h177
    dfre$h177 2 days ago

    i think i speak for everyone when i say where is the sonic boom port? its the only wii u port that we really wanna see on the switch

  • Mark Kennedy
    Mark Kennedy 2 days ago

    Great Announcement while sticking to its Port-City library of games. Dear Nintendo here are some other games we'd love to get on system. Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Trilogy Deluxe which would be the Wii U version of Wind Waker while while also packaging in updated versions of the DS games Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. Pokemon Ranger Trilogy Remastered which would include enhanced versions of 2006-2010 DS games of Ranger, Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia, and Ranger 3: Guardian Signs. Some new games I'd like to see that have yet to be confirmed are, Mario Party 11 (Late 2018-Early 2019) which would include more characters than ever before and over 100 mini-games so basically replacing The Top 100. Mario Strikers (Mid 2019) featuring even more characters and a single-player story involving either a rising star and their struggle to fame or the fall of an elite player and their struggle back to the top ranks. Super Smash Bros 5 (Mid 2020) with over 100 playable characters including many from the recent franchises such as Arms, Splatoon, and others.

  • TheEnemyPyro
    TheEnemyPyro 2 days ago +11


    • justiceloa
      justiceloa Day ago

      TheEnemyPyro Why would you get the same exact game on the switch but with one new character? Also it's probably gonna be full priced.

  • Eli Arkansas
    Eli Arkansas 2 days ago

    i should of gotten a switch

  • FerYaZuper Gamer :D
    FerYaZuper Gamer :D 2 days ago

    When is a new nintendo direct plisss

  • seth shiro
    seth shiro 2 days ago

    And i'm still dumno which one to buy, PS4 or switch..

    • seth shiro
      seth shiro 2 days ago

      Cuz i'm not rich, darling. While PS4 has more games in its library, Switch's portability is something I've been looking for in game consoles. So i'm still torn on which one to buy.

    • brandon oliphant
      brandon oliphant 2 days ago +1

      why not both.both have really great games so far

  • brandon oliphant
    brandon oliphant 2 days ago

    wow they took elements from kirby 64 the crystal shards, im impressed.

  • Lakshya Mehta
    Lakshya Mehta 2 days ago

    Man I wanted fortnite

  • brandon oliphant
    brandon oliphant 2 days ago

    how lazy do you have to be to sell the same donkey kong game just with a different character,come on nintendo just make a new donkey kong game already.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 2 days ago

      brandon oliphant Well the point is you asked why there is no new Donkey Kong Country, theres your answer. Its a sad one but its the truth. The previous game didn't sell well and received a lot of negativity even though its a great game. So nintendo ported it to a new platform to see if it sells well so they know if a new game would be worth the effort to make a new game. Also i recommend giving Super Metroid a try if you can, That games amazing. Its not because Nintendo is lazy.

    • brandon oliphant
      brandon oliphant 2 days ago

      eh the metroid games are ok but not something i would enjoy playing, i can take or leave the metroid series

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 2 days ago

      brandon oliphant it also got a lot of hate for not being a new Metriod game

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 2 days ago

      brandon oliphant Ohh yeah it looks amazing. But due to the Wii U mot selling well, it was good for Wii U standards but not good overall.

    • brandon oliphant
      brandon oliphant 2 days ago

      what how did it not sell well it was a beautiful and an amazing donkey kong game

  • isaiah langley
    isaiah langley 2 days ago

    please put SMASH BROS IN SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amerdding2021MA
    amerdding2021MA 2 days ago

    HYRULE WARRIORS HYRULE WARRIORS HYRULE WARRIORS, F--- YEAH BABY. Sorry I don't have a Wii U, and I really want this game. It's like a dream come true, 4 Wii U games I want to play are coming to the Switch or already there. Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Hyrule Warriors. Plus Super Mario Maker is on 3ds. All I need is Wind Waker HD, and I will be the happiest boy on Earth. Though my parents probably won't let me play Bayonetta 2.

  • Jared Guzman
    Jared Guzman 2 days ago

    greninja,mawile,gogoat,pangoro,yveltal,druddigon,white kyurem,pawniard,scraggy,metan and zangoose

  • Jared Guzman
    Jared Guzman 2 days ago

    if nintendo adds more pokemons to pokken tournament DX nintendo switch i have some ideas

  • commandrock37
    commandrock37 2 days ago

    f*** yeah dragon quest!

  • MasterChip07
    MasterChip07 2 days ago


    next minute they delete the update “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

  • MasterChip07
    MasterChip07 2 days ago +1

    My game review
    I don’t know what the first one even is
    Pokken tournament: nah lol
    Kirby star allies: DEFINITELY
    hyrule warriors: not me
    Mario tennis aces: I don’t think so
    Ys 8: I could give a try
    Mario odyssey update: OMG THEY INCLUDED LUIGI
    sink heroines: nah
    I forget the name but no
    I’ll skip rabbids
    PAYDAY 2: I’d play
    Fe: yeah...
    Celese: yeah /w graphics like that
    Donkey knot country: I’ll give it a try
    Dark souls remastered: I’ve heard of it but I don’t know what it is

  • Jonah - Gaming and more


  • Jonah - Gaming and more

    But you should have just made Luigi a playable character!!!!!!

  • Pheonix Fire
    Pheonix Fire 2 days ago

    The male mc for 'The world ends with you' looks like someone from kingdom hearts. Lol.p
    Also, Y's VIII is basically monster hunter but you can build a base and find main character freinds.

  • Shiina Kamui
    Shiina Kamui 2 days ago


  • Rainbow Cookie
    Rainbow Cookie 2 days ago


  • Dragon Player
    Dragon Player 2 days ago

    Super Mario Maker for Switch PLS :(

  • Saman genius
    Saman genius 2 days ago +1

    Wooow its Very good

  • Silver Guy
    Silver Guy 2 days ago

    Weher,s yoshi

  • IndyX
    IndyX 2 days ago

    SNK Heroines better have King or bust!

    WESKER 2 days ago +1

    Puros juegos para bebes.

  • TheFlameTrainer Gaming and more

    What about Super Smash Bros?

    CUTIE MONSTAR 3 days ago

    Ahhh *TWEWY* !! ♥♥♥ much excitement!

  • Ducko
    Ducko 3 days ago

    9:52 Welp time to buy a switch...

  • Brooklyn Green
    Brooklyn Green 3 days ago

    L IS real

  • Jaydoff Tickles
    Jaydoff Tickles 3 days ago

    you had me at funky kong

  • Kate Toonlonk03
    Kate Toonlonk03 3 days ago +2


  • fried_eggs
    fried_eggs 3 days ago

    Why are you hurting me? I just want Fire Emblem...

  • Regressable1
    Regressable1 3 days ago

    People are getting mad that they didn't announce the game they wanted... do you guys realize that E3 is gonna be happening soon? They can't announce too much stuff before E3 otherwise they won't be able to announce anything! And that's usually when the biggest titles of the year are announced. Just hang in there!

  • Tango the Catto
    Tango the Catto 3 days ago

    *watches the Metroid Prime 4 trailer* Maybe next year. Maybe next year.

  • Ckurt Joshua F. Enriquez

    Add Minecraft switch edition with clothes just like Survivalcraft 2

  • meiling li
    meiling li 3 days ago

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  • CSGosu
    CSGosu 3 days ago

    ugh stay away from payday 2 people. trust me.
    And my god YS8 looks awesome.

  • Wolfy The Typhlosion

    ‘Luigi’s Balloon World’


  • simon gutierrez
    simon gutierrez 3 days ago

    Pay the "delux" versión...nice Nintendo

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 3 days ago

      simon gutierrez Actually thats the DX version which adds in a few new characters. But besides that its exactly like the original besides that. Pokken Tournament never had DLC so it's justified.

  • Daven0526
    Daven0526 3 days ago

    mario and sonic at the PyeongChang winter games?