Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018


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  • Universal Mario
    Universal Mario 17 days ago

    Wait...did they mess something up with Kirby star allies? Cuz the game is already out...
    Wait this was in January...but on the 3ds there was a mini direct from this month...

  • Magaly Mura
    Magaly Mura Month ago

    Nintendo switch mini

  • Nightwing gamer
    Nightwing gamer Month ago

    how did a mini direct have more games in it than nintendos E3 did?

  • LilMrPizza
    LilMrPizza 2 months ago +2

    Still waiting for Dark Souls on Switch, Nintendo

  • RainKitsu 96
    RainKitsu 96 2 months ago

    Just started playing the DS version of TWEWY, and it seemed okay! Now I'm HYPED for the switch version!

  • Chariot Goblin
    Chariot Goblin 2 months ago

    The direct that killed Switch's 2018.

  • DK Gamer
    DK Gamer 2 months ago

    Worst Direct eveeerrrrr

  • Justro
    Justro 3 months ago

    why does Nintendo hate the Bulbasaur line. if you bring in one alright but bringing in the second one makes me think that Nintendo doesn't like the Bulbasaur line.

  • 寿司天です
    寿司天です 3 months ago


  • * Bayonetta *
    * Bayonetta * 4 months ago +1

    Time to buy The World Ends with You for the FOURTH time!
    -Nintendo DS
    -Now the Switch.

    • * Bayonetta *
      * Bayonetta * 2 months ago

      Brandon Matarrita // Okay? Your point is? I literally bought TWEEY on the DS, IOS AND Android, and now I'm going to have to buy it on the Switch.

    • Brandon Matarrita
      Brandon Matarrita 2 months ago

      Futaba Sakura dosent "Fourth" are 4 times?

  • Heil Potato
    Heil Potato 4 months ago

    wait this direct is 5 months apart from the time nintendo will do its e3 presentation
    oh and one day

  • Ernalhiz Serrano
    Ernalhiz Serrano 4 months ago

    Delfino dlc

  • Ben Starkey
    Ben Starkey 5 months ago

    Balloon world? Hold my beer.

  • Corey Cathers
    Corey Cathers 5 months ago


  • Simone Henriques
    Simone Henriques 5 months ago +1

    I’m from Brazil and Celeste is from Brazil too

  • Mario bros Gaming Channel

    DK on Mario+raddibs

  • John Wei
    John Wei 5 months ago

    Add shadow the hegehog and Amy knuckles and eggman and tails eggman in an mech on super smash bros

  • Ethan Geroge
    Ethan Geroge 5 months ago

    My balloons:
    00K N1F V8V Metro Kingdom
    009 GY2 75C Lake Kingdom

  • Big meeny
    Big meeny 6 months ago +1

    In Nintendo e shop why is minecraft in best sellers?

  • Jay 3747
    Jay 3747 6 months ago +1

    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze?
    More Like: Funky Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

  • James Anglim
    James Anglim 6 months ago

    I was thinking Smash at the end

  • P Spice
    P Spice 6 months ago

    No Pikmin I guess I'll wait 10 years again

  • Brandon Atem
    Brandon Atem 6 months ago +1


  • Trainer Z
    Trainer Z 6 months ago

    Trash console. Just a waste of 350 dollar's. Thanks nintendo

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 6 months ago

    0:41 “It’s coming to Nintendo Switch ten years after its original release!”
    Is that really a selling point?
    “Hey, this is a really old game that you’ve never heard of. Please buy it!”

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 6 months ago

    Smash Direct a week before E3 2018. Calling it now.

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez 6 months ago

    i hope super mario rpg legend of the seven stars has a remake for Nintendo 3DS and release the game on 12/22/2018

  • Super Mario yahir
    Super Mario yahir 6 months ago

    Finally a new Mario tennis game

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez 6 months ago

    Nintendo please remake elite beat agents please!

  • Malachi Shaw
    Malachi Shaw 6 months ago

    Were's mk8!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ph0uad
      Ph0uad 6 months ago +2

      What are you dumb

  • Clay Perez
    Clay Perez 6 months ago

    When dk was announced on mario and rabbids kingdom battle. Daisy would to to say. Daisy: i gonna kill that dk for ever #ihatedk

  • TheGamer 10284
    TheGamer 10284 6 months ago

    Do fortnite

  • Ka Ninja
    Ka Ninja 6 months ago

    Yooo, you and I are set out on a journey with you to prove to everyone that the nintendo switch is definitely the greatest console ever lmao.. Keep up the quality content!

  • boxboy24
    boxboy24 6 months ago

    Dragon Ball fusions for Nintendo switch

  • jason day
    jason day 6 months ago

    Will they make a new Pokemon game????

    • jason day
      jason day 6 months ago

      ExtremeThunder Yesssss Thnksss

  • JaChamp78
    JaChamp78 6 months ago +1

    I wish The World Ends You Final Remix was in 3D

    • Ph0uad
      Ph0uad 6 months ago

      JaChamp78 I see.

    • JaChamp78
      JaChamp78 6 months ago

      +Phouad Don't get me wrong I love the 2D version but after seeing the characters on 3Ds in Kingdom Hearts Dream drop distance, I couldn't help but to imagine how the game would be in 3D.

    • JaChamp78
      JaChamp78 6 months ago

      +Phouad Don't get me wrong I love the 2D version but after seeing the characters on 3Ds in Kingdom Hearts Dream drop distance, I couldn't help but to imagine how the game would be in 3D.

    • Ph0uad
      Ph0uad 6 months ago

      Why? 2D games can be just as deoxyribonucleic.

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez 7 months ago

    when is the next Nintendo direct coming out

  • Fabiortnite Ninbox
    Fabiortnite Ninbox 7 months ago

    Fortnite please

  • CoolGamerTV 35
    CoolGamerTV 35 7 months ago

    Make a game for WALUIGI

  • Argonxx12 1
    Argonxx12 1 7 months ago

    Please lower the cost of tropical freeze,$60 USD is way too much.

  • ElYouKayEe
    ElYouKayEe 7 months ago

    7:00 In this video, I will be explaining exactly what I do to collect Watch for Rolling Rocks in 0.5x A Presses. But first, we need to clear something up. Because every time I post a half A press video, I get the same comments over and over asking what it means, even though I always have a whole paragraph in the description explaining it, which even starts with "If you're wondering what a half A press is, read this before commenting to ask." But maybe what you guys need isn't a paragraph, maybe you guys need an example. So, consider Wing Mario Over The Rainbow, not even the whole star. Just consider getting to that cannon platform, which is a necessary part of getting the star. So, how many A presses does it take to get there? Well, If you say zero, that's wrong. Because then Mario can't go far enough. If you say one, Well it's true that Mario can get there with one but we can do a little better. We can do it in half an A press. To do that, we start the level already holding A and then we use that A press to reach the platform. Now hold on, I know what you're thinking, "an a press is an a press. You can't say its only a half". Well TJ "Henry" Yoshi, hear me out. An A press actually has three parts to it. When A is pressed, when A is held, and when A is released. And together, this forms one complete A press. Now, usually, it's the pressing that's useful. Because that's the only part that makes Mario jump. However, sometimes it's sufficient to just use the holding part, which allows Mario to do little kicks, to swim in water, to fall slowly while twirling, and to fall slowly with the wing cap. And as for the release, well, there's currently no cases where that's useful or important, so don't worry about that part. Now, if we map out the required A presses for Wing Mario Over The Rainbow, it would look like this. We merely need to hold A to reach the canon platform, we need to press A to launch from the first canon, and we need to press A again to launch from the second canon. So, how many A presses is that total? Well, it appears to be three, and if we were doing this star in isolation, then yeah, it would be three. But, in a full game A button challenge run, there are other A presses that occur earlier in the run, such as this A press needed to get into the course. So, if we take that A press into consideration as well, then how many A presses would it take? The naive answer would be four. One to enter the course and the three within the course that we established earlier. However, we can do better. We can actually do it in three by simply holding out the first A press to be used for the half A press. Because the half A press only required A to be held, not actually pressed. So in this fashion, Wing Mario Over The Rainbow only adds on an additional two A presses to the run since the first A press just leeches off of a previous A press. So, to capture this phenomenon, we call it 2.5x A presses. On a single star basis, you'd round that up to three. But in a full game run, you'd round it down to two. So, in conclusion, since that first A press counts in some context but adds no additional A presses in other contexts, we refer to it as a half A press. So, going back to the video, you can see that I start the level with the A button already held, as indicated in the bottom left corner. And so in the full game run, this A press will just leech off of a previous one. And so it won't incur an additional A press. Okay, glad that's explained. Now, what am I doing in the video? Here, I'm using a trick called Scuttlebug Transportation. You see, like most enemies, scuttlebugs have a home, which is just a point in 3d space. 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It's pretty weird if you've never seen it before but I'm pretty sure they did it so that if a scuttlebug jumps into a hole, it wouldn't just walk around down there. Anyway, I'm transporting the scuttlebug to the corner right below the Watch For Rolling Rocks star. Because next, I do a trick called Scuttlebug Raising and here's how it works. On the left I show a bird's eye view of the scene and on the right, I show a view from the side. Now, when Mario leaves the Rolling Rocks room, the scuttlebug deactivates. That's because the room and everything in it are only active when Mario is in the room or standing in a small region right outside the door, indicated here in yellow. So, if Mario isn't in the Rolling Rocks room or in the yellow region, then the room will be completely black and everything in the room will be invisible and won't move. Conveniently, this allows us to raise the scuttlebug by preforming the following steps. First, Mario enters the scuttlebug's radius. 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And I have a second screen to show it from the scuttlebug's perspective. Fortunately, the scuttlebug's radius isn't a sphere but a cylinder that extends up and down infinitely. So really, no matter how high the scuttlebug gets, we can continue to enter its area to activate its lunges and move it upwards. There's no limit to how high we can raise it. Now, it's worth noting that I only activate the scuttlebug while I'm not inside its radius, so the scuttlebug will always lunge towards its home and not towards Mario. This causes the scuttlebug to effectively travel straight up above its home. But alternatively, I could've activated the scuttlebug while inside of its radius, and in that case the scuttlebug would always lunge towards Mario instead of towards its home. So it would actually make its way towards the door and then travel straight up from there. That means it's actually a little faster because we wouldn't have to wait for the scuttlebug to turn back towards its home before each activation. However, it wouldn't work for what we're doing because we need the scuttlebug to be right next to that corner. In fact, the top of that corner has a special property which we call a misalignment. Basically, in the game's code, there's a discrepancy between the way the game handles collision checking with floors versus walls. This results in a one by one unit area where Mario can get under the floor without being pushed away by the walls. And if Mario's less than 79 units under a floor, he'll snap right up onto it. So that'll be important later for getting up there. Anyway, now it's time to build up some speed. And I mean a lot of speed. So to get that speed, we're going to use a trick called Hyper Speed Walking and here's how it works. You probably already know that there are some slopes in the game that are too steep to stand on. Mario just slides off of them. But, did you know that you actually can stand on these slopes if they're submerged in shallow water? In fact, the underwater portion of these slopes has a special property. If you try to running uphill on them, you'll end up running backwards at an increasing speed with no upper bound. But in most circumstances, this would cause us to end up in the water before building up any real speed. We can get a little more speed by running nearly parallel to the slope by ever so slightly uphill. But, eventually, the slope runs out or we move too fast to round a corner. But, there are some ways to have Mario walk while staying in place. For example, if there's a wall perpendicular to the slope, then we can use that. That allows Mario to build up quite a bit of speed before he breaks through. However, if the wall isn't perpendicular to the slope, then we end up sliding down into the water. That's because walls are really just rectangles that push Mario out perpendicularly. So, if Mario moves into a wall at an angle, the game will calculate his intended next position, then the wall will push that position out, and then Mario ends up having a net movement along the wall. So ultimately, he will end up moving into the water. So, is all hope lost? Well no, because Tyler Kehne figured out that we can actually make use of the gate. You see, the bottom of the gate is a ceiling and the game doesn't like putting Mario too close to the area right under a ceiling because it doesn't think he fits. So, if we have Mario move backwards into the ceiling, the game will choose not to move him. So we're free

  • Wooden Wizard
    Wooden Wizard 7 months ago

    I dont really like smash but jesus you guys know how to make a good teaser

  • Pro Gamer Omega
    Pro Gamer Omega 7 months ago +1

    anyone here after smash 5? ANYONE???

  • gamecenter gamestop
    gamecenter gamestop 7 months ago

    1/11/2018 no

  • Scary Chip
    Scary Chip 7 months ago

    i thought this was a friendly Console but there's dark souls

    • mrolivine
      mrolivine 7 months ago +1

      ...and Bayonetta, Doom, Pay Day...

  • a_right_hand
    a_right_hand 7 months ago


  • Lisa Doe
    Lisa Doe 7 months ago

    I want more worlds!!!!!!!!!!!!,!,!!

  • Sr. Pão De Queijo
    Sr. Pão De Queijo 7 months ago


  • Richard Gresham
    Richard Gresham 7 months ago

    Nothing was new it was all old news pretty sad. I was so hoping for some new stuff

  • StickguyPaul Gibert
    StickguyPaul Gibert 7 months ago +1

    I have an erection now.

  • Mr. Ninetales
    Mr. Ninetales 7 months ago +6

    Who’s here after Smash Switch was announced?

  • missy karns
    missy karns 7 months ago

    Waiting for the direct 3-8-18

  • WingGamer 123
    WingGamer 123 7 months ago

    The subject i TWEWY LOL

  • Octoberisu
    Octoberisu 7 months ago

    i thought it was november already because of the title. Im not american

  • TheDUSTzone
    TheDUSTzone 7 months ago


  • Jinwoo Hong
    Jinwoo Hong 7 months ago

    nintendo my favourit game team in the world please make new smash bros as a nintendo fan i want super smash bros for smash its ok if you dont all your games are all the best

    • Jinwoo Hong
      Jinwoo Hong 7 months ago

      RevampedSpider im korean

    • RevampedSpider
      RevampedSpider 7 months ago

      Jinwoo Hong I was gonna be mean and laugh at you for being a kid with bad spelling, but instead I wanted to give some advice.
      Do NOT be a bad Smash fan like I was. Just be patient with new info and make sure to be a nice boy to people.

    • Jinwoo Hong
      Jinwoo Hong 7 months ago

      oh me? im 11

    • RevampedSpider
      RevampedSpider 7 months ago

      Jinwoo Hong How old are you?

  • Jcope 2023
    Jcope 2023 7 months ago +1

    Think you can talk about terraria for the Switch tomorrow?

  • the coons99 the game pro

    I’m still begging for that five nights at Freddy’s remaster even if it was for Wii U..

  • KatanaRikku
    KatanaRikku 7 months ago +1

    I came to watch this again now that the next Direct was announced xd

  • Lazyboy Nintendo.
    Lazyboy Nintendo. 7 months ago

    This New Mario Tennis Game I Think Was Awesome! :')

  • TheMightyArcanine
    TheMightyArcanine 7 months ago

    Fire Emblem Switch?

  • Skyler Brown
    Skyler Brown 7 months ago

    Friend Train? More like Hype Train!

  • Anthon M
    Anthon M 7 months ago

    Please hire the composer Tomoya Tomita for Nintendo games, he's the best composer, he did a good job on Kirby's Epic Yarn , thanks.

  • angrypepeonfire
    angrypepeonfire 7 months ago

    PUBG : nah
    Fortnite : nah
    Kirby Battle Royal : das the stuff

  • Santiago Ponce
    Santiago Ponce 7 months ago

    I think the full Nintendo direct will be in the summer after all the games of this direct are released

  • Santiago Ponce
    Santiago Ponce 7 months ago

    ITS SPRING (I think it’s 3/4/18)

  • Squirrel Mario 247
    Squirrel Mario 247 7 months ago

    And memes were born

  • Yahoota Smith
    Yahoota Smith 7 months ago

    Nintendo please can you add an update for the Legend Of Zelda Breath of the wild. Please add an update that like there is like a mode where you can play Zelda and link in multiplayer (2 player)
    Please answer

  • Midudle
    Midudle 7 months ago

    I waiting for GTA V on switch 👉😀

  • Morshu McPherson
    Morshu McPherson 7 months ago +1

    FE is a blatant ripoff of Fire Emblem! They both have the same names!!!!!!!!!

  • Imgonna HAH!
    Imgonna HAH! 7 months ago

    Hey nintendo,I was asking if the plugs for the charging cable can be turn to three pin plug please?

  • [ZK]RoaringRaph
    [ZK]RoaringRaph 7 months ago

    Still waiting for Nintendo to remaster Mario kart ds for the switch...

  • Meep
    Meep 7 months ago

    I didn't realize that this direct came out almost 2 months ago

  • xXTheDronXx
    xXTheDronXx 7 months ago

    am i the only one who noticed the reward on luigis balloon world was 69? xD

  • renS
    renS 7 months ago

    I love Nintendo.

  • Brice 0730
    Brice 0730 7 months ago

    If you ever make super smash bros for switch add some mother two and three and maybe four characters

  • Lolo F
    Lolo F 7 months ago

    Dark Souls?
    What about a Super Smash Bros!?

  • Benjamín Morales
    Benjamín Morales 7 months ago

    Where is the complete nintendo direct?, :(

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 7 months ago

    What are you making a CASTELVANIA DAWN OF SORROW for the Wii U???

  • Luíz Gustavo Gustavo
    Luíz Gustavo Gustavo 7 months ago

    L is real

  • Da Shadow flames
    Da Shadow flames 7 months ago

    Super Smash bros with new characters

  • Dylan P.
    Dylan P. 7 months ago

    Go to 12:05 to activate Funky Mode.

  • Hunter Graham
    Hunter Graham 8 months ago

    Where's that Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu remake Nintendo? You know , Genealogy of the Holy War? Surely you havn't forgotten about the "Holy Grail of Fire Emblem", the game with the best written and darkest story in the series, remember? It's been 22 years already guys, and you may not know this but here in the west we've been waiting a good 15 years for this game period. I want to see what you guys can do with the Switch's engine on a classic Fire Emblem game, I want to see the land of Jugdral on an even grander scale than you managed on the SNES, and I think we all want to see the "Barhara Massacre" in a glorious HD cutscene. I for one would also love a Thracia 776 DLC game add-on (Like you did in Fates with Revelations), but I'd honestly be happy with just a retelling of my favorite Fire Emblem epic. This needs to happen Nintendo. Before Fates 2.0, before a Binding Blade remake, before you guys screw up again with another "Waifu Emblem" like Fates and Awakening, you guys need to remake this game and show this new audience what a true Fire Emblem game is. Sure it could be argued that Echoes: Shadows of Valentia already did this and they would have a valid point but most of the story and wrighting in Echoes was completely new because Gaiden's story was about as bare-boned as a Bonewalker. Please don't let the Americanization ruin fan favorite parts again like they did leaving Alm's infamous line "Don't worry, Celica. I'll crush these Bastards." out of Echoes though, retell it truthfully with no child hunt, death, or even incest theme removed. Genealogy invented many staple features in the series thus far and did them right in this game (Weapon Triangle, Marriage, Children, Supports, etc.). And there are also a few things you could fix and add to the game to make it the ultimate Jugdral experience (Money sharing, weapon drops, free trading, that BS GreatShield skill needs to be nerfed, etc.). Please take this post into consideration, Nintendo, and if not, you may as well cast Falaflame on the Fire Emblem series all together.

    • Hunter Graham
      Hunter Graham 7 months ago

      All the more reason to have a remake. I never minded the marriage aspect of the newer games, It's just too focused on fan service as opposed to Genealogy where your pairings basically determined weather or not a unit will even be viable in chapters 6- Final where it had a story related purpose. I honestly thought that the stories of Fates: Birthright and Awakening, up to 2/3 in, were alright.It's just that it seems like the players prioritized shipping over the games themselves where it wasn't needed as opposed to Genealogy where it did... a lot. I don't hate any Fire Emblem game, I just don't love them all equally.

  • Arte Martinez
    Arte Martinez 8 months ago

    Make more Kirby games plz and add more copy powers

  • DavidPlayz
    DavidPlayz 8 months ago +1

    Where’s balloon world?

  • tmoose 313
    tmoose 313 8 months ago +1

    still no release date on Luigi’s balloon world :(

    • tmoose 313
      tmoose 313 8 months ago

      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 yea it is and it’s pretty good

  • Seigi Ang
    Seigi Ang 8 months ago +2

    there's no Luigi 's Balloon World

  • RockSoftGamer - RSG
    RockSoftGamer - RSG 8 months ago

    I want mario maker

  • Broadcastfan73 SPCArlingtonTX120

    When is the new *Nintendo Direct*

  • the krabbypants
    the krabbypants 8 months ago

    Where is my Sm5sh at?

  • Gravity Pancake
    Gravity Pancake 8 months ago +2

    So when is the smo update

  • A Drouin
    A Drouin 8 months ago

    Excited about Mario Tennis Aces. Day one buy for me.

  • Brentt Foster
    Brentt Foster 8 months ago

    No matter how many times I see these games. I just can't get excited for these. Games I am excited for are Megaman collections,Helpfully Monster Hunter,Some Metriod 4 footage,Morphies release date,Injustice 2,VC,Switch update with themes and save transfers from Swich to sd cards plz,Gamecube games and whatever surprises Nintendo has:)

  • Cosmic 3l3phant
    Cosmic 3l3phant 8 months ago

    I bet there is a proper direct this Thursday

  • dead channel subscribe to my new one

    March 16th
    My birthday.
    It's my lucky day :D

  • VolcanoBoi Oof
    VolcanoBoi Oof 8 months ago


  • ScepYosh 64
    ScepYosh 64 8 months ago

    If you gave us the date for balloon world we would Wait and we’re confused Cause we don’t know the date.
    Just Saying and I’m not hurting your feelings

  • FluffyWolfLord Gaming
    FluffyWolfLord Gaming 8 months ago

    Wait someone was named TJ and there icon was yoshi hmmm

  • FluffyWolfLord Gaming
    FluffyWolfLord Gaming 8 months ago

    Soooo... When's Luigi's balloon world?