Men Work Out And Diet Based On Their DNA


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  • Angie Elizabeth Jaramillo

    La mitocondria es la que da poder a las células xD

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia Day ago

    Why is every male member of buzzfeed gay

  • ahmed hindi
    ahmed hindi 4 days ago

    Disgusting cunts

  • Kevvboii
    Kevvboii 5 days ago

    thought theyd lose more lol

  • Abraham Beiza
    Abraham Beiza 7 days ago

    Why does the Asian dude flex like a girl?😂😂

  • Cody Sheffield
    Cody Sheffield 7 days ago

    Stopped watching when the guy said "this is my boyfriend"! Not to mention all the stories were non whites, I'm European my DNA is different but buzzfeed is an antiwhite cultural Marxist outlet so what do you expect!! Typical buzzfeed!

    IV BADSPORT VI5 8 days ago

    Ewwww gay people 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Charlotte Potter
    Charlotte Potter 8 days ago

    6:14 Oh he said *sets* not...

  • Pink Shinobi
    Pink Shinobi 9 days ago

    Hellow teman-teman
    Kalau kamu sub aku, aku akan sub balik... Setelah itu koment "udah"

  • Pink Shinobi
    Pink Shinobi 9 days ago

    Hellow teman-teman
    Kalau kamu sub aku, aku akan sub balik... Setelah itu koment "udah"

  • Hans Justus
    Hans Justus 10 days ago

    I love this video :)

  • Queen Массаron
    Queen Массаron 11 days ago

    7:59 I cringed so hard

  • deeeco
    deeeco 12 days ago

    and still fat

  • Kim Juri
    Kim Juri 16 days ago

    I think they copied Michele’s video but I am not hating because both videos are amazing

  • Dominic McQueen
    Dominic McQueen 18 days ago

    I’d love to be able to do an episode like this to find all this out

  • emassey2
    emassey2 19 days ago +1

    The worst built young gay men, ever.

  • CaliberTM
    CaliberTM 19 days ago

    11:18 why they all look so tiny compared to him

  • Destined to see Disney

    Kale with strawberries and lemon is SO good

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen 20 days ago +1

    Bro, the boyfriend thing just ruined this vid

  • Randy Almonte
    Randy Almonte 20 days ago

    If Ryan was told to only drink water he wlda lost soo much more weight

  • Turtle Squad
    Turtle Squad 21 day ago

    So DNA training makes you darker?

  • leila9194
    leila9194 21 day ago

    Stop with the deceiving lighting buzzfeed

  • Frog Companion
    Frog Companion 21 day ago

    Why so many gays in this video wtf

  • Handsome B. Wonderful
    Handsome B. Wonderful 22 days ago

    I feel like they could’ve done MUCH more in 2 months.

  • spider guard
    spider guard 23 days ago

    They all are gay!!!

  • straya bish
    straya bish 24 days ago +1

    Mmmm Dr Dan is DADDY AF 👅

  • eli neuman
    eli neuman 24 days ago

    Why is there always a gay couple in these videos smh

  • James
    James 26 days ago +1

    My daddy’s a G in genetics.

  • Berthania Sekarini
    Berthania Sekarini 26 days ago


  • OverTakenSeerYT
    OverTakenSeerYT 26 days ago

    and im here sippij coke and chicken boi

  • Lucroq
    Lucroq 26 days ago

    2:50 Why would you skip any of that? The audio-visual joke was fine, but the explanation is way more important, especially in a science-related video.

  • Desiree Headley
    Desiree Headley 27 days ago

    I lost 31 pounds but no body fat or inches and I see Juan who only loses 10 pounds and looks so fucking different I don’t understand why 😭

  • Brandi Lee
    Brandi Lee 27 days ago

    Gadiel! Who you be sexin boo 🤪

  • Wong Kian Shen
    Wong Kian Shen 27 days ago

    Boring gimmick. Provided they changed their lifestyle and eating habit, lose 10lbs in 2 months + that physique change is common for "normal" workout routine, but absolutely NOT impressive for cutting edge "DNA" workout. 😑

  • Flex Tape
    Flex Tape 28 days ago

    I know for sure that ryann fucken cheated

  • Kat Brax
    Kat Brax 28 days ago

    This has been a very informative video. Were can we get our fitness genes tested in Columbia,SC?

  • Kat Brax
    Kat Brax 28 days ago

    Giadel: I heard sex!
    Me:Me too LoL

  • Jason C. Rochon
    Jason C. Rochon 29 days ago +1

    07:20 Kale pairs well with apple cider or cranberry vinegar, Mother Focaccia.

  • westhelord
    westhelord Month ago

    why buzzfeed gotta be so feminine

  • Fireboy550 67
    Fireboy550 67 Month ago

    Doctor dan reminded me of dirty dan from spongebob

  • Nils Johansson
    Nils Johansson Month ago


  • DragoHexTV
    DragoHexTV Month ago

    i see gays automatically dislike

  • Sandu Bejenaru
    Sandu Bejenaru Month ago +1

    That bald guy looks like Saitama...

  • Rio Tenbrink
    Rio Tenbrink Month ago

    12:14 who else loves this dude

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R Month ago

    When gadiel said kale is horrible I was so sad cause I love kale

    CLEGEND Month ago

    Tyronn Lue gene

  • Louie the Dog
    Louie the Dog Month ago +1

    I gotta visit this dude so I could see what workouts I could do

  • curlyfry1227
    curlyfry1227 Month ago

    Bruh 9 pounds lost in 2 months... thats kinda wack

  • these nuz
    these nuz Month ago

    When you need someone to tell you "you can do it" in order to start

  • Lena Song
    Lena Song Month ago

    The guy giving them their results sounds like the person talking in Headspace. Is that just me?

  • D Axe
    D Axe Month ago

    marinate that kale in lemon juice & seasonings & salt. Much better....

  • Eli Rosales
    Eli Rosales Month ago

    Why is gadiel daddy tho?

  • Camila Oliver
    Camila Oliver Month ago

    New video idea buzzfeed not lying to us

  • Jazmin Martinez
    Jazmin Martinez Month ago

    Why u sucking in

  • tula V
    tula V Month ago +1

    I wish I was working for buzzfeed, seems fun.

  • Alexis Jameson
    Alexis Jameson Month ago

    Still waiting on the next video six pack addition

  • Lil Leslie
    Lil Leslie Month ago +1

    Fitness Genes is a scam.

  • juan puablo
    juan puablo Month ago +2

    Should have changed tittle to 3 women and 1 man.

  • Brandon Pena
    Brandon Pena Month ago

    Gadiel seems like the ultimate hype man

  • Dylan Kawana
    Dylan Kawana Month ago +1

    Mitochondria is the power house of the cell

  • Ella Traynor
    Ella Traynor Month ago +8

    Lots of sex? I’m like, I DID THAT YESTERDAY!! I’m crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jimins forehead
    jimins forehead Month ago +1

    2:47 mitochondria PRODUCE energy? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  • epnick
    epnick Month ago

    The lighting and posture of the 'after' pictures are completely different. Just keep it real come on

  • Michael Mai
    Michael Mai Month ago

    that cake couldve been given to someone else besides the garbage

  • Albert Blue
    Albert Blue Month ago

    Ryann is so annoying and rude. You can hear the “leave me the f*ck alone, i know better, get the f*ck out of here” tone in his voice.

  • audrey gaitán
    audrey gaitán Month ago

    pudo haberle dado ese pastel a alguien :(


    fucking hate gay people

  • shxnnxnchxmbxrs
    shxnnxnchxmbxrs Month ago

    *i heard sex*

  • NoVa wanch
    NoVa wanch Month ago

    I need I'm fat af

  • Steff_13 G
    Steff_13 G Month ago

    Gadiel lost so much weight !! And that mal de ojo t-shirt tho lol i want it

  • Colin Leppert
    Colin Leppert Month ago

    working out should not have DNA excuses that make you feel like it isnt your fault when you overeat, or workout less hard. As a human physiology college student the only thing he said that could be benificial is caffiene timing which you should do whether or not you metabolize it quickly. edit: knowing if you respond to high volume is also nice, but technically everyone responds well to it.

  • AgainstAllOdds96
    AgainstAllOdds96 Month ago +1

    Gadiel's "cheering" might be from his military experience

  • Marvin Lie
    Marvin Lie Month ago

    thats bs your dna adapts to your lifestyle....

  • Isabel-Mia Medina-Reed

    Gadiel should try kale chips

  • Big Mon
    Big Mon Month ago

    Gadiel looks like rhinos lost brother

  • UCantHandleTheTruth3
    UCantHandleTheTruth3 Month ago +1

    Buzz feed is a propaganda channel. They're more interested in normalizing sodomy and weak male behaviour by constant repeated exposure to these homosexuals. Listen kids. It doesn't matter how many times they repeat it. Crap is still crap and lies are still lies.

  • Ziyaad Bin Mahfouz
    Ziyaad Bin Mahfouz Month ago +2

    Watching this video while eating

  • kashief samuels
    kashief samuels Month ago +2

    Yo peep how the brother was the only one with the gene with natural athletic ability

  • Daisy Williams
    Daisy Williams Month ago +4

    Can we address this Dr. Dan for a sec please? Thanks
    Listenn, he is a complete sugar daddy

  • Tamer Kobba
    Tamer Kobba Month ago

    I don’t know who is gay and who is straight at buzzfeed

  • Lainey
    Lainey Month ago

    *tHe mItOcHoNdRiA iS tHe pOwErhOuSe oF tHe cElL*

  • Torch Taula
    Torch Taula Month ago

    FTO is also known as the Fatass Gene😂😂

  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu Month ago +1

    Now I want a dna test

  • ا ا
    ا ا Month ago

    in 20th centry:i can do whatever i want im white.21th centry :i can do whatever i want im gay

  • sha za
    sha za Month ago

    Look at the Befor and After.
    Before brightness is to 100 percent, After shadows are way powerful and brightness ia 80 percent.
    He is less on training and more photoshop. Weldone

  • kestutis kybartas
    kestutis kybartas Month ago

    HI i have a Q : whats the price off your DNA test and can i do it in UK , and if I'm working night time job (sarting 2:30am finish 12:00 ) if its possible to do your training ? Thanks

  • Goofy Godzilla
    Goofy Godzilla 2 months ago

    9:16 LMAO

  • Joseph Larocca
    Joseph Larocca 2 months ago

    I love how they do these challenges and half the time the people don’t even follow what they’re supposed to do such as simply waking up on time.

  • Jon T.
    Jon T. 2 months ago +1

    This is cool and I don't know how accurate or real it is but I wish that people would just show their true "after" pics. No sucking in of the gut, no different background and special lighting that accentuates your gains or weight loss.

  • Messy Socks
    Messy Socks 2 months ago

    5:57 everyday being keto. Every. Single. Day.

  • mindbodyspirit
    mindbodyspirit 2 months ago

    Based on DNAs but still everyone's doing same trainings?

  • Manu-Camus
    Manu-Camus 2 months ago

    People that can't pass the gay people, in the video, news to you, if you mind so much... You are gay too, I don't mind!

  • Otakuforlife -
    Otakuforlife - 2 months ago

    does anyone think 10 lbs are less for 2 months?

  • Otakuforlife -
    Otakuforlife - 2 months ago

    Last 2 Guys seemed really gay

  • Micah Wright
    Micah Wright 2 months ago

    You need to show more Gadiel.

  • Hicx 16
    Hicx 16 2 months ago

    My DNA consists of trap music and spaghettios

  • Mika On The Fly
    Mika On The Fly 2 months ago

    That's awesome. I've been working out for 2 months by myself damn self and it's so hard to keep motivated at times.

  • OnlyGodKnows.
    OnlyGodKnows. 2 months ago +1

    The big black guy.
    *'I might of put on weight'*
    *Lost 17 lbs*
    -sucks in stomach for photo-

  • Snapiex
    Snapiex 2 months ago +3

    This is my boyfriend....this got me close this video, bye

  • Theo Vasilopoulos
    Theo Vasilopoulos 2 months ago +2

    they always have to have a gay guy lmao