ASMR Triggers To Help You Sleep FAST! 10 Sleep Life Hacks!

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    If you see this comment:
    Zzzz I'm asleep zzZ
    My favorite ASMR TVclipr :) she's so sweet and amazing!
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  • Natalies Outlet
    Natalies Outlet  Year ago +12672

    Just 27 minutes of me being creepy.i hope you enjoyed my first asmr

  • Yazrah Rooplal
    Yazrah Rooplal 10 hours ago

    I'm here at 4am cause ya know

  • Anamaria Giraldo

    Omg I just watched this I know I’m rlly late but I’ve never gotten tingly from asmr before and I’ve watched But I got tingly from this ily Natalie!!! Ur a queen

  • Willow England
    Willow England Day ago

    ASMR Queen natalie i am a big fan of your vidos

  • A.s .m.r
    A.s .m.r Day ago

    Thks a lot a it worked :)) plz make more🌈😍

  • Karla Rosado
    Karla Rosado 2 days ago

    Asmr queen

  • Shmini's Playhouse
    Shmini's Playhouse 2 days ago

    It works

  • NaNa Mahe
    NaNa Mahe 2 days ago +1

    I was already starting to get tired in the intro lol, this clearly states that you're an expert for SURE

  • Bella Watson-Smith
    Bella Watson-Smith 2 days ago

    you did so good this definetly helped i use it to make my brother fall asleep

  • Bris ASMR
    Bris ASMR 3 days ago +1

    ASMR Queen 👑

  • Bfhvj Bfhfjgi
    Bfhvj Bfhfjgi 3 days ago

    You ROCK! And keep rocking, who agrees, comment and like down below

  • Amanda Hamilton
    Amanda Hamilton 3 days ago

    I am trying this for 3 week so far day a go

  • Master30
    Master30 3 days ago

    I sadly don’t get tingles!!! I wanna cry!!! And yes I fell asleep right away!!! I fell asleep at the cactus! 😂

  • Master30
    Master30 3 days ago

    Okay so I’ve seen a lot of “I was asleep then this video came on” or “I was sound asleep then an ad came on”. So, I am giving you a reminder right now before you go to bed, turn OFF auto-play, listen to that song stuck in your head to get it out and come back, then turn your volume at just the right setting so that it is loud enough to put you to sleep but not loud enough to wake you up at the end. Tell me if any of these helped you!!

  • Sienna Robinson
    Sienna Robinson 3 days ago +1

    I feel it I love asmr

  • Is_yo_girl_lily Fernandez

    What pen do you use ???

  • anixxie
    anixxie 4 days ago

    usually i dont get tingles but this is so good it helped me fall asleep SUPER fast than i usually do. this is my go to vid if i wanna sleep fast hehe!

  • Master30
    Master30 4 days ago +2

    I can’t thank you enough! Last year I watched you for life hacks to help me be more productive and go to sleep faster and wake up and take care of myself, one video brought me here and this video changed my life! That was the first time in many years I’ve gotten sleep. Thanks to you I get more sleep and have a much healthier life! I wake up at 8am and go to sleep at 9pm and I get enough sleep to be ready for a new day. With being stuck at home for a while I found that doing all of these things you taught me makes me less lazy than how I was before being stuck in quarantine. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for you!! You saved my life and I thank you for that! My mom is really happy to see me more active and she is really proud that I am taking better care of myself. I drink tea in the morning I wash my face as well and I always was my hands when I wake up because even though I was sleeping it’s always good to wash your hands before and after you go to sleep! I think that you really are a superhero and I am proud subscriber!! I also went through a lot of anxiety and I was bullied so this also helped me through rough times!!

  • Karen Fernandez
    Karen Fernandez 5 days ago

    What is the pen or marker u used?

  • Sup I'm Gacha Fluffy

    0:00 You did that ASMR Darling Intro! ♡Cool!♡ I luv your vids!

  • cat lover
    cat lover 5 days ago +2

    This is how many times an ad pops up right as you’re falling asleep

  • Mitra Praveen
    Mitra Praveen 5 days ago

    #ASMR QUEEN!!!😍🤗 love your videos NATALIE!!!!😘😇

  • Its Cailey George
    Its Cailey George 5 days ago

    Me : turns volume all the way up to get full experience
    Add that is super loud: DO U NEED NEW CAR INSURANCE
    My ear drums : OH GOD
    Me : goes deaf

  • Missy JRC
    Missy JRC 6 days ago

    As soon as she started I got sleeph

  • Joseph Winters
    Joseph Winters 6 days ago

    Great ASMR. Where can I get a beautiful Cactus like that?

  • NaomiTheWolfPup Girl

    This was soooo satisfying. Almost fell asleep but had to watch this all! Thanks :)

  • Martha Ramos
    Martha Ramos 8 days ago

    Asmr queen

  • O sky girl
    O sky girl 8 days ago

    Me: fall asleep.
    Then video come back on and I fall asleep
    Me half asleep
    James Charles: HeY sIsTeRs!

  • Hanna Chapman
    Hanna Chapman 9 days ago

    This actually worked for me thank you😁😁😁😁😁

  • Avery Coble
    Avery Coble 9 days ago +1

    Asmr QUEEN

  • wolf of the night
    wolf of the night 10 days ago

    I would get literal stress from seeing this many stickers in front of mw

    OBSERVE MUDAU 10 days ago

    Worked for me and still does, 3days in a row

  • LPS Amethyst
    LPS Amethyst 11 days ago

    I know I’m late but I have that face pillow you have 🤪

  • The amazing baby dino aka llama productions

    Zzz I'm asleep Zzz

  • artgirl 7889
    artgirl 7889 12 days ago

    your voice is so soft and soothing

  • Iris Bonamigo
    Iris Bonamigo 12 days ago

    she literally copied ASMR DARLING

  • Diana Niculescu
    Diana Niculescu 13 days ago +1

    ASMAR Queen *

  • brynn ashley
    brynn ashley 13 days ago +1

    I used to have an ASMR channel, but my parents deleted it because they said it was inappropriate...😢

  • Sally Thomas
    Sally Thomas 13 days ago

    I have watched this about 30 times

  • Ember White
    Ember White 14 days ago +1


  • Khadija Bennett
    Khadija Bennett 14 days ago

    ASMR qeeen

  • mozhdeh jafari
    mozhdeh jafari 16 days ago

    It worked

  • Ava Kochylema
    Ava Kochylema 16 days ago

    Do your make up and ASMR

  • Ava Kochylema
    Ava Kochylema 16 days ago

    Use the water to put out a fire like a small fire

  • Shelley Whyte
    Shelley Whyte 16 days ago


  • Vlogging With Aranza
    Vlogging With Aranza 17 days ago

    Well it worked byee ima go to sleep lol well cya

  • Sup I'm Gacha Fluffy
    Sup I'm Gacha Fluffy 17 days ago

    1:34 I thought she was going to eat the fire...

  • StyledByLyndon
    StyledByLyndon 19 days ago

    Aaaaaaassssssmmmmmrrrr queeeeeen love this

  • Natalie Chadwick
    Natalie Chadwick 21 day ago

    omg this made me fall asleep so fast

  • 🦋 H O P E 🦋
    🦋 H O P E 🦋 24 days ago

    Asmr Queen

  • mike house
    mike house 26 days ago

    This stuff works like spreading jam on toast

  • Farah Shahzad
    Farah Shahzad 26 days ago

    Autoplay:hey sisters james charles here

  • Akiela Wynn
    Akiela Wynn 27 days ago

    I feel asleep it really works 👍👍👌

  • Eleanor Jones
    Eleanor Jones 27 days ago +1

    asmr queen

  • • ρ є α c н у в є є •


  • Kimmy Nava
    Kimmy Nava 28 days ago

    Asmr Queen

    EMMA JARA 28 days ago

    vsco girls left the chat

  • Cam
    Cam Month ago

    Zzz I’m asleep Zzz

  • Charlie Kim
    Charlie Kim Month ago

    Ad: SALE ON OPTIMUM TODAY (10:00 pm)

  • Random Person that likes anime

    I can't experience ASMR in any video ☹

  • Ava Slocmbe
    Ava Slocmbe Month ago

    ASMR queen! This worked for me!!!

  • Wavy Gravy
    Wavy Gravy Month ago +1

    Me about to fall asleep:
    *RiDe tHe cHaNgE WiTh oLa*


    It worked completely

  • Myan Tran
    Myan Tran Month ago

    It works every timeee do more pleaseee

  • Pini Morales
    Pini Morales Month ago +2


  • Alwin Palma jr
    Alwin Palma jr Month ago

    Skip to the end then replay it so no ads will play. Thank me later

  • The HappyStitcher
    The HappyStitcher Month ago

    I'm literally watching this at like 2AM rn just trying to sleep

  • 1000 subscribers without videos challenge

    is anyone here 'cus they have a headache

  • Emma Beedie
    Emma Beedie Month ago

    ASMR queen

  • sydney reece
    sydney reece Month ago +2

    Who's here in 2020 I have watched this video to fall asleep since she posted it like if u have too

  • Kylie Nichol
    Kylie Nichol Month ago

    Natalie I just want to say I am so inspired by you , you have gotten me through some hard times and I just want to say thank you .

  • My Gacha rose -glmm

    Asmr queen

  • mohamed issa
    mohamed issa Month ago

    ASMR QUEEN u dropped this malady 👑

  • ddlc&gacha life
    ddlc&gacha life Month ago

    Me sleeping:💤


  • mary thomas
    mary thomas Month ago

    ASMR queen 👑

  • Linda Fellows
    Linda Fellows Month ago

    Asmr below

  • Alexis Adney
    Alexis Adney Month ago


  • Saige’s Page
    Saige’s Page Month ago


  • iii_Amxila_iii
    iii_Amxila_iii Month ago


  • Danai Bazoula
    Danai Bazoula Month ago +1