SO...IS IT A PENCIL?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Pens, Pencils, and this Thing

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • It'll be a boring day when I realize I've seen every art supply out there, but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! :D
    Another Scrawlrbox Unboxing! I really enjoy opening these up and finding out what is inside. Sometimes the art supplies is better than others, but at least this box was jammed pack of stuff. hehe
    Also, I apologize for the video. The exposure was off so everything leaves a little blur when it moves. I fixed this for next time. My bad!
    Staedtler Ergosoft 157 Pencil:
    Bic Crystal Fun Ballpoint Pen:
    Pentel Hybrid DX White Gel Pen:
    Koh-i-Noor Jumbo Graphite Stick - 6B:
    Helix Oxford Ballpoint Pen:
    Koh-i-Noor 1860 Graphite Pencil:
    Koh-I-Noor: Paper Stump/Blender
    Leuchtturm Jottbook Medium A5:
    ► Featured Artist:
    ► (For Prices and More Information.)
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  • ThatBoxGuyDraws
    ThatBoxGuyDraws 5 months ago +2918


  • Umniyah Aladhmawee
    Umniyah Aladhmawee 2 hours ago

    I think A

  • cbeqq
    cbeqq 19 hours ago

    3:52 they still make them in Europe

  • Mappple_Syyrruuup
    Mappple_Syyrruuup 2 days ago

    Thanos shoes....

  • Nolan Noble
    Nolan Noble 4 days ago

    my brothor in a nut shell

  • Sandy Bauer
    Sandy Bauer 5 days ago

    How much does the box cost??

  • BaekXxYeol
    BaekXxYeol 6 days ago

    That mouth is kyungsoo's omg heart shaped smile😭💕💕☁️

  • Wolli Dirndl
    Wolli Dirndl 7 days ago

    Die Aussprache von Leuchtturm war voll witzig 😂

  • Jen Jane Aldrez- Cxezete

    She: tries every pen and pencil
    Me: looking at the little treat thing..

  • Beastling 633
    Beastling 633 14 days ago +1

    Yep, just casual British stuff

  • _NerdTastic _
    _NerdTastic _ 15 days ago +1

    This dude is my Bicon

  • Athena Jade
    Athena Jade 16 days ago +1

    he was a skater boy she said see ya later boy

  • Ginger Herron
    Ginger Herron 16 days ago +2

    I use a graphite pencil everyday. 😂

  • Devansh muppalla
    Devansh muppalla 16 days ago


  • Devansh muppalla
    Devansh muppalla 16 days ago


  • asdklmmd lkdmalkd
    asdklmmd lkdmalkd 17 days ago +1

    why don't you do some realistic art for a change?

    Your style is cute but you do it every single time so it gets kinda boring.

  • Ocean Eyes
    Ocean Eyes 17 days ago

    The pens and pencils are the bi thingy

  • Shahizah Mohd
    Shahizah Mohd 17 days ago

    I liked A but no point saying that now

  • Ava Bee
    Ava Bee 17 days ago

    Have they ever mentioned you in a scrawler box if they didn't they should!

  • TheCashyCanine
    TheCashyCanine 18 days ago

    Pink is a manly colour

  • TheCashyCanine
    TheCashyCanine 18 days ago

    I always thought line art was scary

  • Tacocat2211 YT
    Tacocat2211 YT 18 days ago

    I liked A the other one was not nearly as good 😡

  • Mizzy Der Keks
    Mizzy Der Keks 20 days ago

    The way u said "Leuchtturm" was kinda entertaining (as a german lol) 🙈😅


    "Oh no WHERED THAT COME FROM?! " 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Aliandra Yorgason
    Aliandra Yorgason 21 day ago

    "we have some pretty princessy colors here so let's draw...

    a guy with a skate board."

  • Becca Feig
    Becca Feig 21 day ago


  • eggyvern 123
    eggyvern 123 22 days ago

    i got a scrawlr box subscription for my birthday and so far i'm loving them!!!

  • chips n salsa
    chips n salsa 22 days ago

    damn he got contour

  • Dessieebun
    Dessieebun 23 days ago

    What's the eraser at 10:24?

  • Tara Trninić
    Tara Trninić 25 days ago

    Ioool i have that like pencil eraser

  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 27 days ago

    At 4:15 she said 'oh yummy!' To the sketch book😂😂😂

  • Morgan Elaine
    Morgan Elaine 27 days ago

    I like B best
    even though it doesn't matter...

  • Evalynn
    Evalynn 28 days ago

    The solid graphite pencils are always appealing until I go to sharpen them and realize how much graphite I'm throwing away.

  • Suzy 999
    Suzy 999 28 days ago

    3:39 D.O XD

  • Ethnee McKissick 🐢
    Ethnee McKissick 🐢 28 days ago

    I think she said a pencil that looks like an eraser. But in reality it is an eraser that looks like an eraser.

  • rubens fnaf
    rubens fnaf 28 days ago


  • Matina Y
    Matina Y 29 days ago +1


  • X Macey
    X Macey 29 days ago

    Why’s he lowkey hot 😂

  • 유튭
    유튭 Month ago


  • Spicy Lemon
    Spicy Lemon Month ago

    *picks up pencil*
    "GRAPHITE stick"
    Then later says
    "To not get LEAD on your hand"

  • Andrea Lopz
    Andrea Lopz Month ago

    I was today years old when I found out pencils are triangular shape so they don’t roll

  • Karlo Ceriano
    Karlo Ceriano Month ago


  • Martina Salas
    Martina Salas Month ago

    you could use the graphite stick and carve it because I've seen people do it with normal pencils and the stick is thicker!!

  • Sappy abbey101
    Sappy abbey101 Month ago


  • erwin
    erwin Month ago +2

    As a german I love how she spelled Leuchtturm
    sounded cute

  • Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX
    Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX Month ago

    How did u make ur banner?

  • Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX
    Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX Month ago

    I like how u laugh😄

  • Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX
    Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX Month ago


  • Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX
    Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX Month ago


  • Achingly Obsessed
    Achingly Obsessed Month ago

    im so far into the kpop hell hole. i was staring at the featured artists little card and it annoyed me that the mouths looked familiar so i went and looked up the artist and they really did do kpop fanart and im so upset at myself for having had that suspicion confirmed, like im so far in this hole that i can recognize fanart of exo from just their mouths, when i've never seen that artist's work before

  • Nikita Jouchims
    Nikita Jouchims Month ago +1

    *drops pencils*
    The sound triggers me 😬😠

  • Ice Berryxx
    Ice Berryxx Month ago


  • Lucas Stuckey
    Lucas Stuckey Month ago

    I liked A

  • x CosmicChaos x
    x CosmicChaos x Month ago

    “A little man spreading action” that’s what we all came here for, right?!

  • alia alsuwaidi
    alia alsuwaidi Month ago

    That is kyundsoo’s lips 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Really good loli voice Actor

    YOU DIDNT USE THE WHISTLE1!!11!!!1 (I suck at making jokes)

  • A Enciso
    A Enciso Month ago

    *whisper to an eraser* curse you!

  • Sassy & Classy lemons

    we still have those whistle sweeties in the uk😂

  • She Shed DREAMS
    She Shed DREAMS Month ago

    hi hi hi hi hi

  • Althea Recio
    Althea Recio Month ago

    I hope u dont mind if I turn the dude into anime.😀

  • katelyn hawkins
    katelyn hawkins Month ago

    "Its a pencil that looks like an eraser" 😂

  • Hannah C
    Hannah C Month ago +1

    “Ima draw a princess!” _Continues to draw a skater boi_

  • johan logan
    johan logan Month ago

    I do not like it improves the anatomy >:T

  • linh vu
    linh vu Month ago

    Please draw slenderman

  • kittyscars 13
    kittyscars 13 Month ago +2

    A special guest was mentioned in this video! Can anyone guess who?

    Hint: Weelz

  • misty art girl that is very good artist


  • HyperKiwi
    HyperKiwi Month ago

    Her : Paper feels very thin
    Me : Paper is thin....

  • The Eye Artist
    The Eye Artist Month ago

    You mean eraser that looks like a pencil?? 2:50

  • Isabella Russell
    Isabella Russell Month ago +1

    8:04 can you tell I've been practicing, hehehehe 🤭

  • Sami mo
    Sami mo Month ago

    Ok, so, Taylor Brooker Art. I saw the mouth sketch provided in the scrawlrbox and I said "That's Do Kyungsoo's mouth", so I went and checked out her youtube and most of her videos are K-Pop related, but there's especially a lot of EXO. SO if you're into EXO or realistic K-POP art, check her out!!

  • Ella Casey
    Ella Casey Month ago

    Waffles: *it looks very feminine I want to make a princess*
    Also Waffles: *makes a skater boy*

  • Ella Casey
    Ella Casey Month ago

    I would've loved to see you only use the tortillon to draw and put some graphite on the tip that would be Soo cool!!! Like for he to see

  • foxy_foxx the rainbow cake love

    All the dislike is cuz they are jealous

  • XXindigo_ phantomXX

    Lol, I got all the set of "Bic Crystal Fun Ballpoint pens" :p

  • Aysima Kangal
    Aysima Kangal Month ago

    Pls can u draw Lee jong Suk or Kim nam Joon

  • Aysima Kangal
    Aysima Kangal Month ago +3

    Is the eye picture at right down is jimins eyes 🤨🤨

  • Big Sis Little SIs
    Big Sis Little SIs Month ago


  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato Month ago +3

    Moto Moto likes em’ big a chunky :3 wow XD

  • Becca Viljoen
    Becca Viljoen Month ago

    You're so cute ❤️ :) I love your little laughs and your drawing is so great - it looked like such a relaxed pose

  • sumayya sayyeda
    sumayya sayyeda Month ago

    i liked a picture better

  • YM potatoo
    YM potatoo Month ago +1

    the lighting here is *bomb* ain't it?

  • Max Finley
    Max Finley Month ago

    I thought you wear going to do a kinda gay feminine prince vibe. Dreams crushed. Then you pulled something even better. I love your videos so much. You just do some unexpected things.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Acacia
    Acacia Month ago

    *Tries to draw a circle* Hmmm... Good enough
    *Draws a line down slips and draws a dark line* Damn
    *Tries to rub it out and smudges it*
    *Tries to rub out smudge and rips page* Ugh!
    *Tries to rip out page but ends up ripping out four*
    *Tries to unravel pages to reuse*
    *PAGE RIPS* Nuuuuuuuu!
    *Starts again* -And it all repeats- I give up!

  • Lunar Skies
    Lunar Skies Month ago +1

    is it possible to be attracted to a drawing, cause i think i am

  • Papple Pizza
    Papple Pizza Month ago

    I like them big, I like tem chunky

  • Zahra Akhtar
    Zahra Akhtar Month ago

    What company of kneaded eraser does she use

  • Paigethemermaid
    Paigethemermaid Month ago +3

    I feel with those colours and the fact you went with a skater boy type drawing, it would have been cool if there was a skatepark with graffiti in the back. I feel like the colours scream graffiti 😂

  • Paigethemermaid
    Paigethemermaid Month ago

    I think you just drew teenage Justin Bieber 😂

  • Steve B
    Steve B Month ago

    shouldnt slam or drop pencils it breaks lead inside . that graphite stick is awesome id use it for clouds

  • London TF
    London TF Month ago

    “Mm yummy”

  • florencia vargas
    florencia vargas Month ago +4

    one of the eyes that the artist that came in the box used was like a Korean one and the lips were like those of j hope and jimin

  • majooismajor
    majooismajor Month ago

    I love your voice, so pleasant

  • Pink Slimes
    Pink Slimes Month ago

    Кто русский?

  • Cookie Moonshine
    Cookie Moonshine Month ago

    Reminds me of Kevin from a show called Ed Edd n Eddy

  • Mylife And vlogs
    Mylife And vlogs Month ago

    I’m not a hater I jus point out little things like at 14:23 the shoes are different but the ankle like if you see it

  • Mylife And vlogs
    Mylife And vlogs Month ago

    At 13:09 his eye on the right looks weird lmao 😂 like if you see it

  • Hazelime
    Hazelime Month ago

    Line art is my favourite part of art-

  • O Ekberg
    O Ekberg Month ago

    You said a pencil that looks like an eraser

  • Ben Amodio
    Ben Amodio Month ago

    we still have whistle pops at the candy store I work at in NH haha people love them so much