I Bought All The AirPods on Wish...

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • Keaton and Josh hop on Wish.com to buy every AirPods pair! We ordered over 15+ pairs, do the unboxing and review on a $4 fake pair and every i10 TWS pair that came. How do $35 AirPods compare to $159 Apple AirPods?
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    $995 Louis Vuitton AirPods..Bad Idea? tvclip.biz/video/tD53k19NHDY/video.html&list=PLPCx-1KKqYKx_J4fV6alU-LKt6IkWpdzs
    $4 Fake AirPods - How Bad Is It? tvclip.biz/video/pdIAoGNMMA8/video.html
    $99 Fake iPhone XR - How Bad Is It? tvclip.biz/video/w0s9OTZKOk0/video.html&
    The $99 AirPod Killer (Air by crazybaby NANO)
    Selling My iPhone XS Max To a Machine at Walmart
    Music: Szept - Lunar (Official Audio) tvclip.biz/video/jVVuoQgNrpQ/video.html
    Comment hairpods if u see this :)
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  • TechSmartt
    TechSmartt  4 months ago +1654

    Special episode tomorrow..turn Notifs On for a bonus vid on Saturday's (secret code: 😂📱)

    • 「 milky 」
      「 milky 」 2 days ago


    • may chan
      may chan 3 days ago


    • Still Cringey
      Still Cringey 10 days ago

      im trishas penis number one fan!...

    • Benji olu
      Benji olu 16 days ago

      can i have one of your EarPods or phones or money plz then you can make it a video

    • ClarenceDaniels
      ClarenceDaniels 17 days ago

      Sorta makes sense that you might want to use them as a pair for one person at time, and establish that they work together then pass to the other dude

  • GIBT 973_
    GIBT 973_ 49 minutes ago +1


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 4 hours ago

    Right is the real airpods

  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes 19 hours ago

    The right is the real AirPod

  • Nandani Pathania
    Nandani Pathania 20 hours ago


  • Mr. Random Guy
    Mr. Random Guy Day ago +2

    There’s only one cuz y’all ordered only one which would be separated idiot🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Lazar Beam
    Lazar Beam Day ago


  • g p
    g p Day ago

    I have i7 tws mini air pods and one earphone speek China

  • danmar007
    danmar007 Day ago

    It's okay. We all have weird quirks.

  • Jose Baeza
    Jose Baeza Day ago

    You should buy all the samsung buds

  • xadorkablex
    xadorkablex Day ago

    Why not save for the real thing? Kinda sad wearing fake AirPods 🤦‍♀️

    • xadorkablex
      xadorkablex Day ago

      😂😂😂 hey peasants can save too. It’s about managing your money

    • Cian19
      Cian19 Day ago +1

      Because we peasant folk don't roll around in money

  • Devyn Bell
    Devyn Bell Day ago

    Whenever I watch wish videos all the ads are wish ads.

  • Devyn Bell
    Devyn Bell Day ago

    I want REAL AirPods

  • PLUG Banjo
    PLUG Banjo Day ago

    The AirPods on the right.

  • Xaiver Hernandez

    Will Smith woohoo

  • דניאל ארנון

    Did somebody tried the I10 AirPods from Wish on an Android? Does it work on an Android??????????????????????

  • Shawn Stark
    Shawn Stark 2 days ago

    Hi, we have designed a pair of excellent Truly Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm APT-X.
    Looking for 10 Testers for TWS earphones (Beta). True feelings of using experience. Free for volunteers. Contact me if you are interested.

  • Tyresse Smith
    Tyresse Smith 2 days ago

    No but fr.. who you ganna call?

  • Jake DesRosiers
    Jake DesRosiers 2 days ago +2

    Who else is thankful they have REAL AirPods?

  • Oscar 2009
    Oscar 2009 2 days ago

    I want AirPods

  • Jose Baeza
    Jose Baeza 2 days ago +1

    I want the i10

  • Journeys Nation
    Journeys Nation 2 days ago

    Can I get some airpods

  • Darius Clementine
    Darius Clementine 3 days ago

    Hair pods!!!!

  • Sam Sams
    Sam Sams 3 days ago

    9:22 uhhhhhhh whoaaaaaaaaaa

  • Klik Date
    Klik Date 3 days ago

    Chinese stuff no good. ear pods. jewelry, cameras, cakes, food and pussy, all no good.

  • Skittl3 Boi
    Skittl3 Boi 3 days ago +1

    No joke I had a Wish add

  • Ramen Doodles
    Ramen Doodles 3 days ago +1

    Hairpods for life man

  • hooey
    hooey 4 days ago


  • joseph hall
    joseph hall 4 days ago

    5:27 finishes buying the airpods ur welcome

  • troy devey
    troy devey 4 days ago

    Sometimes you have to connect and rea connect

  • LiT PaNdA
    LiT PaNdA 4 days ago

    you shouldn't support companies like this... There is a real problem in china with companies from china ripping off US company technology. They can get away with it because there is very little IP protection.

  • laluca leBlanc
    laluca leBlanc 4 days ago

    8:49 right

  • Pheak Gaming
    Pheak Gaming 4 days ago

    How about can you test the iPhone x

  • Sy Rader
    Sy Rader 4 days ago +2

    The tan ones look like hearing aids

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman 4 days ago

    So many fucking wish ads

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman 4 days ago

    1 through 5
    *holds up 6 fingers*

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman 4 days ago

    Airpods are for broke ppl, I can afford the wires for my headphones

    • Mitchell Hunt
      Mitchell Hunt 4 days ago

      Seyam Rahman That’s what poor people say

  • Tijs Kemps
    Tijs Kemps 5 days ago


  • Lukas P
    Lukas P 5 days ago

    It's called airpods with an "i"

  • Jose Alanis
    Jose Alanis 5 days ago


  • Culley Melton
    Culley Melton 5 days ago

    Lefts are fake

  • Random 004
    Random 004 5 days ago

    To be honest I bought 30$ Airpods at Wal-Mart and they work just fine 😕 they're called sound mates

  • Henry Wong
    Henry Wong 5 days ago

    Can I have 1 if you don't want it. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Ekiah Lane
    Ekiah Lane 6 days ago

    Who else got a wish ad ----------->

  • Maddi Williams
    Maddi Williams 6 days ago

    Hairpods gang (only some will know)

  • rock sugar
    rock sugar 6 days ago

    The one on the right because where you open it isn't a circle or oval it's a rectangle so the right one

  • Quanteen Phillips
    Quanteen Phillips 6 days ago

    Can you please send me some tws and i7s airpods and i want gold color and i live in Bessemer City 507 east iowa street and my name is juel

  • Frontal Phineas
    Frontal Phineas 6 days ago

    I got a wish ad

  • Ben
    Ben 6 days ago

    I’m watching this with AirPods
    Xd there was a wish ad at the start

  • Jos3stio 56
    Jos3stio 56 6 days ago

    I just got a wish add

  • zeptracon_
    zeptracon_ 6 days ago

    The real ones r on the right

  • Patricia Boyd
    Patricia Boyd 6 days ago

    After searching a lot of sites I found a real site and I received $1652 they are so amazing and real

  • Amaya Evoulou
    Amaya Evoulou 6 days ago

    I'm getting airpods for my bday!!!!!

  • Eduardo Covaci
    Eduardo Covaci 6 days ago

    Y is it "I" and not "we" 😂

  • Rhianna Mclean
    Rhianna Mclean 7 days ago +1

    At 13:47 quote “ back in the day” 😂😂 I guess I live back in the day

  • PhantoJR JI
    PhantoJR JI 7 days ago

    Bionicals were sick

  • Rhiannon Ev
    Rhiannon Ev 7 days ago +3

    BAHAHAHHA 13:02 actually has me dead 🤣🤣

  • Mobile Community
    Mobile Community 7 days ago +1

    Why TWSi12 dose not pair eachother at the same time. Please solve this!!!
    How you pair eachone buds at same time???

    • Raul Flores
      Raul Flores Day ago

      The left one is the main air bud. So I dont think you can connect them at the same time

  • Devin Barbarain
    Devin Barbarain 7 days ago

    I knew it

  • Bethly Gayaud
    Bethly Gayaud 7 days ago

    Who else is saying " where is the waterproof ones

  • TFue
    TFue 7 days ago

    Me: I wish I had AirPods
    My hands: *Cuts Wires*
    Me: IM RICHH

  • Abs
    Abs 7 days ago

    Some are not airpods They are Galaxy buds by Samsung

  • PrinceKai
    PrinceKai 7 days ago

    Dude love your context

  • Fxfu
    Fxfu 8 days ago


  • QNM S1lv3r
    QNM S1lv3r 8 days ago

    You should check the joyroom T03.they have wireless charging and they came before the airpods 2

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M 8 days ago

    Bekomme 50% Rabatt auf die erste wish Bestellung
    Code: hdtwrkz

  • Pablo Batista
    Pablo Batista 8 days ago

    I think the 3rd or 4th is the real one

  • logan collier
    logan collier 8 days ago

    I got the joke

  • iKhaled Gamer 5500u
    iKhaled Gamer 5500u 8 days ago

    My dad bought the i7 and it sucked after I tried it I got headache for to days

  • Avan McC
    Avan McC 8 days ago

    The one on the right is real

  • Jeremy Hicks
    Jeremy Hicks 8 days ago

    Right side or left I’m smart

  • Christopher Lapensée

    Can I have the I10

  • KOG
    KOG 8 days ago

    We're the link for the 24$ airpods

  • Mohammed Aweis
    Mohammed Aweis 9 days ago

    Kan we shop wish in Kenya they seying we Kant big you in Kenya

  • xd AdZeTristan 07
    xd AdZeTristan 07 9 days ago

    U shoudl try the i60tws i wsnt to order one but found not a good review

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez 9 days ago


  • Fatal Fortnite
    Fatal Fortnite 9 days ago

    I think its the 1st one

  • Ollie
    Ollie 10 days ago

    Put tws i10 AirPod clones in a real apple AirPods charging case and see if you can connects them as AirPods to an iPhone

  • Bullet journaling By Elise

    I ordered them i’m really excited 😍

  • astupidfan
    astupidfan 10 days ago

    I think all thats on wish is from China

  • leo Jr
    leo Jr 10 days ago

    Can I get a real pair of air pods because I can't afford please

  • Nani _Babii
    Nani _Babii 10 days ago

    You can tell what one is the real because the opening is different

  • lack
    lack 10 days ago

    one on the right.

  • Heba Naji
    Heba Naji 11 days ago


  • Bręanna's Universe
    Bręanna's Universe 11 days ago

    On May 7th 2020 Everyone Spam The Words Happy Birthday As A Birthday Surprise Future Me Will Forget.

  • SAADM4922 VLOGS#1
    SAADM4922 VLOGS#1 11 days ago +2

    If u bought all of them then u would have hade APPLE AIRPODS

  • BoxiMusicalTV new
    BoxiMusicalTV new 11 days ago

    Just bought airpods on wish I hope it's good

  • Kopal
    Kopal 11 days ago

    Omg bionicals such a memorable moment in my life

    BAPE SHARK 11 days ago

    the one in the left is real

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 11 days ago

    The two best fake AirPods are the i60tws and the i80tws and they are $49 and $59 and 1 for 1 the best and the sound compared to real AirPods is the exact same witch is why even though I’ve used real AirPods in the Apple store I will never by real AirPods and will only buy i60tws and i80tws and they even pair with the W1 chip just like legitimate AirPods so I highly recommend these.

  • Alex 0474
    Alex 0474 12 days ago

    You don’t need to go swimming with ur airpods for them to fall out...

  • Alex 0474
    Alex 0474 12 days ago

    That’s. *Not.* FAKE. *AIRPODS.*

  • ツMoo
    ツMoo 12 days ago

    I got a wish ad

  • Gamergirlaaa
    Gamergirlaaa 12 days ago

    Haven’t watched your videos in 2 years lol

  • psusana63
    psusana63 12 days ago

    You got clipbated and so did I

  • Mason Olszyk
    Mason Olszyk 12 days ago +1

    Those I7s are actually good to be honest though in my opinion

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 13 days ago

    8:00 minutes

  • Madison Goliath
    Madison Goliath 13 days ago

    I bought black ones like that

  • Tundra Chill
    Tundra Chill 13 days ago

    I got a wish ad

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson 13 days ago

    I have the i10 and love them !!! 💕