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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy  10 months ago +9534

    HEY STOP SCREAMING AT ME CHILLREN. I hear you. I know my content has not been the best it can be. But I'm trying to be the best I can be! Right now, I am devoting some love and energy into a show we are creating for TVclip RED called "Liza on Demand". It's challenging to try something new, and I am trying my best to balance it all, but I see you all can see momma is struggling! I never want to say "big things coming" because I'm little and not a cliche... but I'm in love with what I'm creating for you guys right now with Liza on Demand, and I hope you will love it too. I don't like announcing projects or events or releases because it seems flashy to me, and I'm super dope and humble... But I don't want you all to think I don't care, or think I'm making excuses. Because I do care! And I am making excuses! Lol, but I hope and pray the payoff is all worth it, and you guys love what I love too! Good luck watching the poo poo trash my videos will be for a while... I can't wait to make you, and me, proud again. Sending yall some love so you can send me better comments that don't destroy my precious ego!

  • Holly Welch
    Holly Welch 18 hours ago +1

    I only ever shower 🚿

  • Sophia Angeles
    Sophia Angeles 20 hours ago


  • Chris Gamez
    Chris Gamez Day ago

    Her videos cure my ligma

  • Diamond LPS
    Diamond LPS 2 days ago

    Whos waching this for the 10th time

  • Ms Swogon
    Ms Swogon 2 days ago

    *Everyone loves a good w a t e r s i t*

  • bluehouse2boys
    bluehouse2boys 3 days ago

    In my bathroom the toilet is a crossed from my bathtub

  • Studio Mini
    Studio Mini 3 days ago

    I post videos of mini foods

  • charese dillon
    charese dillon 4 days ago

    Or you short

  • Ксеничка Буторова

    Почему она сидит в серой воде?

  • Connie Goodson
    Connie Goodson 5 days ago

    Why is the water so grey lol

  • Cover girls stories
    Cover girls stories 5 days ago

    Peace sigh

  • Naveah Rae
    Naveah Rae 5 days ago


  • Iliketurtles McCaig
    Iliketurtles McCaig 6 days ago

    Don't be mean keep ur bath clean with bleach

  • Iliketurtles McCaig
    Iliketurtles McCaig 6 days ago

    You are so funny man lol

  • Juan Manuel Leyton Sanchez

    it felt good like 2 seconds -thats what she said- AHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHHA

  • skylar 1347
    skylar 1347 7 days ago

    Do sleepover with liza

  • Chloe Gessner
    Chloe Gessner 7 days ago

    I love Liza so much! Amazing vids and amazing content!

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  • B Schmidlkofer
    B Schmidlkofer 7 days ago

    The water is so grey

  • Katherine Knox
    Katherine Knox 7 days ago

    Ugh i have P... TSD. Lol an amazing quote by Liza

  • Mylanni Mikobi
    Mylanni Mikobi 8 days ago


  • Chocolate Dinosaur
    Chocolate Dinosaur 8 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣she is so dang adorable

  • Luna the Furry
    Luna the Furry 8 days ago

    Yeah you followed me on Instagram I was so freaking happy!

  • Lexi Cobb
    Lexi Cobb 8 days ago

    When she said "it looks like Edward Cullen touched your peepee"I laughed so hard that I spit out my drink

  • Camila Maria Tsun-Rubio

    Lol! "I have no lower part of my body, and im freakn out" Classic!

  • Olivia Gavin
    Olivia Gavin 9 days ago

    Literally binge watching Liza and every ad has been Chipotle 😂

  • Dynamite Dude
    Dynamite Dude 9 days ago

    I hate baths

  • JovyAnns beauty/comedy/channel

    Lisa: haha I just made my own human broth.
    Me: cannibal.
    Just kidding I love your broth... I mean videos......

  • Jim Cain
    Jim Cain 9 days ago

    Do you really dislike baths?!!😳

  • HH Lil cøøkie
    HH Lil cøøkie 9 days ago +2

    Liza can you try ASMR please

  • Jessica Murphy
    Jessica Murphy 9 days ago

    Japanese people SHOOK

  • Lucia Klebba
    Lucia Klebba 10 days ago

    Dude I was actually taking a bath while watching this

  • Carlee Mancil
    Carlee Mancil 10 days ago

    Why Is Liza So Freakin Funny and when I press one of her videos I get food ads all of the time 😂

  • Alicia Herrera
    Alicia Herrera 10 days ago +1


  • Mash VLOGS
    Mash VLOGS 10 days ago

    I’m surprised that her water isn’t brown,lol

  • Rebekah Oquilluk
    Rebekah Oquilluk 10 days ago

    Who was the "character" in this one 😂😂

  • Amiyah Boyle
    Amiyah Boyle 11 days ago

    2:59 me too LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Amiyah Boyle
    Amiyah Boyle 11 days ago


  • Gabby & Audrey
    Gabby & Audrey 11 days ago


  • Millie A
    Millie A 12 days ago

    1:26 😂😂

  • Aaron Gacha
    Aaron Gacha 12 days ago

    You can only say yes and no one time!
    Is liza koshy the best youtuber?
    Are you lying?

  • Ashleigh Edwards
    Ashleigh Edwards 12 days ago

    YOU R
    YOU RO
    YOU RO
    YOU R

  • CANDY GIRL 54525777 99

    she made a poo poo in her bath but helga needs it

  • CANDY GIRL 54525777 99

    I love you

  • Mailee Nguyen
    Mailee Nguyen 12 days ago

    I is a big (skinny) brown girl fan

  • bff SQAUD unicornss
    bff SQAUD unicornss 12 days ago

    Little brown yummy is out :3

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson 13 days ago

    What’s the name of that song during the Snapchat story

  • Layla Banarse
    Layla Banarse 14 days ago

    Who else is watching this on Halloween 2018🎃🤡👻

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi 14 days ago

    *I used to love baths until I realized they're kind of like torture and soaking in your own booty juice*


    I was in the bath while watching this

  • Gabriella Daily
    Gabriella Daily 14 days ago

    When u said Edward Cullen I was like yes twilight for Halloween tomorrow I’m going as Bella from twilight

  • Pretty Ugly
    Pretty Ugly 14 days ago

    Wait..... why do u have a bathtub if u don’t like baths

  • may stobbs
    may stobbs 15 days ago +1

    Where’s the clean conte-
    Oh... in the bath tub

  • Patricia Mayes
    Patricia Mayes 15 days ago

    insted of thr middle finger its peace sign pause at the right time if you dont beleve meh

  • Mocha Free
    Mocha Free 15 days ago

    yo why da bath water so dirty? XD

  • Gacha Magic
    Gacha Magic 16 days ago

    what happened to the water thoooo?

  • Layah Allen
    Layah Allen 16 days ago

    Ak don't say nothing else to me I'm mad at you? What you going to do yes he is what TS now what you going to do what you going to fight me3-8955+-

  • Lacey Satterfield
    Lacey Satterfield 17 days ago

    Omg Liza the water is gray

  • eliza brandis
    eliza brandis 17 days ago

    Hey liza i did not know your frends
    With sofei dosei

  • Mavis Davis
    Mavis Davis 17 days ago

    I wish she would make more videos probably because of Nickoledon you know Double Dare

  • Kat Vanderweele
    Kat Vanderweele 17 days ago

    1:20 peace sign!

  • Maia Ward
    Maia Ward 17 days ago

    Why is your water like that

  • Otaku Cookeh
    Otaku Cookeh 17 days ago

    " hahah, I'm wet "

  • Rosita Safaei
    Rosita Safaei 17 days ago

    OMG your soooooooo PRETTY and your soooooooo funny

  • Kaeya Martin
    Kaeya Martin 17 days ago

    0-4:00 Is the best part.

  • Jayda Bullock
    Jayda Bullock 18 days ago

    Why is the water like white and i watched that snapchat on snapchat

  • Mamie Otasowie
    Mamie Otasowie 18 days ago

    Liza k
    Liza ko
    Liza kos
    Liza kosh
    Liza koshy

  • Aaron Sousa
    Aaron Sousa 18 days ago

    “Yo! Somebody throw me a toaster!!”

  • Laura Brooks
    Laura Brooks 18 days ago


  • Mika Ashley McNeill
    Mika Ashley McNeill 18 days ago +1

    I just got done taking a bath..

  • Adventure Club
    Adventure Club 19 days ago

    That water tho

  • poku bit
    poku bit 19 days ago

    The intro is the best

  • Kayla Susie
    Kayla Susie 21 day ago

    Liza has encouraged me to take a shower

  • & CoStS mAkE mOrE &
    & CoStS mAkE mOrE & 22 days ago

    *i thought whenever i get in my bathtub to take a bath it would be dic- PEPPA PIG RAID! wtf..?*

  • Sophie Holmberg
    Sophie Holmberg 23 days ago

    Me when someone asks if I got my homework done 🤣🤣 1:26

  • Kuluwa Bello
    Kuluwa Bello 23 days ago +3

    At 1:19 to 1:21, you can tell she isn't holding up the "peace sign".

  • Amyzoid 13
    Amyzoid 13 23 days ago

    My little sister loves the bath...

  • aNgEl 122805
    aNgEl 122805 23 days ago

    liza just makes my day!! 😄

  • Jennifer Cook
    Jennifer Cook 23 days ago

    Like 🛁

  • Donovan Johnson
    Donovan Johnson 24 days ago

    Who else watched this in the shower?

  • Isabel Soares
    Isabel Soares 25 days ago

    Liza, you can put on a swimsuit...

  • aria emily
    aria emily 25 days ago

    Wow....that water was really dirty...... Luv u liza!!!!!

  • Violet Panda
    Violet Panda 25 days ago

    I relate to this vid too much

  • Xhoose
    Xhoose 25 days ago

    Clean "content" get it? Xp

  • Sarahhh-
    Sarahhh- 26 days ago

    Hehe I’m wet 😂😂😂

  • Johanka Huml
    Johanka Huml 26 days ago

    Are u sure all of it Wasnt pee

  • Eabha Parkinson
    Eabha Parkinson 26 days ago +1

    Those nostrils are very dark

  • Bobbi Twining
    Bobbi Twining 26 days ago

    This content is so clean....... LITTERALLY

  • Morgan Rogue
    Morgan Rogue 26 days ago

    I take a quick shower, then I take a bath.

  • Ruth 07
    Ruth 07 26 days ago

    Ur the best

  • Fails For life
    Fails For life 27 days ago

    I’m taking a bath while watching this...

  • Grace Haberl
    Grace Haberl 27 days ago

    I hate baths too

  • Laura Haywood
    Laura Haywood 27 days ago

    I love Baths

  • Pleb Headquaters
    Pleb Headquaters 27 days ago


  • Christine_lover _YT
    Christine_lover _YT 27 days ago

    Liza is DA BOMB

  • nana's habbits
    nana's habbits 27 days ago +7

    (2:27)why she look like 757cece

  • Kylah Steele
    Kylah Steele 28 days ago

    Yo SomEoNe ThrOW mE a TOasTeR

  • Flipping Soundz
    Flipping Soundz 28 days ago


  • Violet Sundaram
    Violet Sundaram 28 days ago


  • Kylah Steele
    Kylah Steele 28 days ago

    1:26 lol 😂 I’m liEiNg