THE HERD - Colin Cowherd: Is Dak Prescott now an elite QB in today's NFL

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • THE HERD - Colin Cowherd: Is Dak Prescott now an elite QB in today's NFL
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  • D Garcia
    D Garcia 21 day ago

    This guy is full of bs

  • T Carter
    T Carter 22 days ago

    Ugh Mississippi State Talent was Rank No 1 in the country during Dak's tenture and took Alabama to the wire. Stop Catfishing

  • Chris Ervin
    Chris Ervin 23 days ago

    Hes calling Dak Prescott a Volvo so in doc was the car he will be a Volvo lol fuc he's good enough

  • Chase
    Chase 24 days ago

    He’s a winner!!!

  • Syris Thomas
    Syris Thomas 24 days ago

    We'll lose a game soon enough and everyone will be back hating atleast Dak's getting some respect tho

  • Dre Lewis
    Dre Lewis 24 days ago

    This guy is such a hater... Dak in terms of cars is a Honda v6 Accord get what you need to feel like you've got enough!! Power,some luxury options, and RELIABILITY!! Cowherds a true hater!

  • mksrookies
    mksrookies 24 days ago

    Don't give a shit what dak does till rd2 of the playoffs he is 0-2 in that game.

  • Andre Darin
    Andre Darin 24 days ago

    This is bullshit. You don't rack up the numbers he has by being a good leader. Cowherd displays his narrow-mindedness every time he brings up Dak. How about his mobility and durability. The guy scrambled for 40+ yards and hasn't missed a game in three seasons as a starter.

    Cowherd is going to eat these words and choke on them.

  • The FPV Life
    The FPV Life 25 days ago

    Stop it guys. prisoners of the moment.

  • tizi0728
    tizi0728 25 days ago

    No arm?? WTF are you talking about? Did you see the TD pass to Devin Smith? 50 yards in the air...If you wear a star on your helmet you're automatically hated. Unbelievable...

  • mary bartee
    mary bartee 25 days ago

    Dak isn't the problem, he is the answer

    BIG HORN MGTOW 26 days ago

    Well when the man help the team win a super bowl 🏟 then he’ll be put in the elite club

  • Gooey Louie
    Gooey Louie 26 days ago

    Dak is a winner and a leader his trait is finding a way to win no matter what if you have Dak you have a shot no matter what he’s really grown he’s a better leader than probs Aaron Rodgers or idk I might be going too far

  • Marcus Ray
    Marcus Ray 27 days ago

    I don't get this dude. He always says... Arm? Meh....... Really???? Have you seen his throws? He throws with velocity. He throws with touch. He throws in tight windows. I really don't think you truly understand Dak's arm or his overall talent at all.

  • Agent_WestCoast A
    Agent_WestCoast A 27 days ago

    Dak has moved into the Matt Ryan QB tier. Not good enough to win a championship, but good enough to routinely make the playoffs and sell tickets.

  • Ray CowboysBlue
    Ray CowboysBlue 27 days ago

    Are you telling me you dont know what leardership means or is?? Leadership is your gifts and or your blessing and how you go about It in your life. Leadership is Your Holy Spirit in you n who you Are . Not fuzzy.

  • BB-13
    BB-13 27 days ago

    This idiot had Dak as a “3rd Tier” qb on his list 2 wks ago, give me a fucken break!

  • Jake Pultorak
    Jake Pultorak 27 days ago

    Dak's defining trait is beating you with his arm, and beating you with his legs. He is the most consistent QB. 29-28-28. That's his total TDs during his last 3 seasons. He is a tremendous leader, and the best QB for intangibles. Once again you incorrectly ranted about a player who you don't spend any of your time to understand.

  • Mr. GetToTheMoney
    Mr. GetToTheMoney 27 days ago

    One thing about Dak that analysts don’t give him credit for is that is he a winner! Stats don’t lie, he leads by example and is not about the money! I’m all in on #4! #DAKATTACKISREAL

  • Pennies on a Dollar
    Pennies on a Dollar 27 days ago

    Dak is the real deal been following the kid since his college days & this is coming from a Eagles Die hard

  • Troy Mendes
    Troy Mendes 27 days ago

    Joe Montana had Rice, Taylor, Clark, Craig and Rathman. He always had talent. Jared Goff looked so bad in his first year, I thought he forgot how to play football. Now with Sean McVeigh he's the best QB in the league. Dak was good in college and has been ever since. The only reason he was a 4th rounder was because of his DUI and because he got jumped. The dude is first/second round talent.

  • Troy Mendes
    Troy Mendes 27 days ago

    Size?? Dude is a monster!!! A QB who's 6'2"/235?
    And even with Miss St's talent, he still has them ranked number 1 in the nation and was competing for the Heisman.

  • Van Jaylon
    Van Jaylon 27 days ago

    Dak’s defining trait is a winner lol

  • drew0513
    drew0513 27 days ago

    It's hard for us? It's hard for you. Makes me wonder if Colin knows what a good QB is.

  • NPR7771
    NPR7771 27 days ago

    I'm sorry since when has a 6'2" 240lbs man been "eh" when it comes to size COME ON COLIN THE MAN IS A TANK

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez 27 days ago

    Wasn’t he talking shit how he wouldn’t trust Dak. Smh man keep with your previous statements

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 27 days ago

    Slow start 13-3 rookie year

  • TexasBoy Aaron
    TexasBoy Aaron 27 days ago

    2:17 😂😂😂 so true....

  • droopy841ify
    droopy841ify 27 days ago

    This fucking guy just rambles says the same shit a dozen times

  • Law
    Law 27 days ago

    When Dak had talent 13-3. When O Line injured and minimal weapons in the Receiving core 9-7 10-6 but we’ve had established a great defense the last year so now Dak has multiple weapons with the same defense, along with additional pieces such as Donavan Wilson and Robert Quinn I’m excited

  • James Smith
    James Smith 27 days ago

    Steeler's are picking up Colin Kaepernick....and paying him a 100 million 6 year contract......he'll be great as long as he don't get his knees hurt....and they do not lose his pacifier....cause he'll be whining about that social injustice.....they gave him an Emmy...when it should have been a enema.....he's taking big Ben's place.....

  • Roger
    Roger 27 days ago

    Dude is a winner period!!! That’s his trait

  • Eric Kelske
    Eric Kelske 27 days ago

    Modern day coaching and philosophies helps the Qb..alot..Not the same ole..HANDOFF ELLIOT LEFT RIGHT THROW SHORT SAFE TO GET THE FIRST DOWN...Lol. Those days are over .. Get used to it

  • Eric Kelske
    Eric Kelske 27 days ago

    Enough with the Backhanded compliments...Blowherd...Dak just keeps proving you critics wrong...Lol to sum it up good at everything not great..And has the Clutch Gene..DONT CARE HOW MUCH LEADERSHIP YOU CLOWNS SAY HE IS...He still goes out there and makes Game defining plays..Especially dealing with Pedestrian offensive coaching his first 3- 1/2 seasons lol..You critic clowns just don't get it. S.M.H.

  • Nintengo 1985
    Nintengo 1985 27 days ago

    Duh. YOU ARE ALL LATE. All he does is win.

  • Big Red TLC
    Big Red TLC 27 days ago

    Scott Adams talks about talent stacks. Being good not great at a lot of talents adds up to an exceptional human being. But Dak does have a defining quality...Availability. Never missed a game in the league.

  • 02KAINE
    02KAINE 27 days ago

    Colin needs to focus less on coming up with these lame analogies and focus more on paying attention to what is happening on the football field. Unbelievable! Just admit that you have been wrong!

    JUICE GOD 28 days ago +1

    this dude is a clown of an analyst..

  • Tyler Session
    Tyler Session 28 days ago

    Dak was not an slow starter.. he won 13 games in his rookie year.. however he's been babysitted by Zeke. That it until now

  • Lord Snow 602
    Lord Snow 602 28 days ago +1

    "Carson Wentz is in a tent so much, I think he's in a camping trip." Hahahaha lmao on that one.

  • Raul Morales
    Raul Morales 28 days ago

    He basicly called Dak a Volvo Polestar 1 🤣

  • Louis Johnson
    Louis Johnson 28 days ago

    Dak's trait, a good football player!, he is decisive, mentally smart, available, durable and tough.

  • ededed
    ededed 28 days ago +8

    Colin truly doesn't know sports better than half his audience.... "Slow start," "accuracy hit and miss"....???? wtf, does he even try to know what he's talking about?
    Here would be a better critique of Dak's first 3 seasons. The Good: Excellent game manager, powerful runner, highly accurate on mid-to-short passes, a good winner, and a great leader.
    The Bad: Struggles to read defense, not comfortable in the pocket, doesn't hit down field passes of 20+ yards enough (he'd hit the long ball sometimes, but he didn't connect enough,) too many check down passes.
    Now in year four, he has improved greatly in the areas he used to struggle, at least in the first two games. And since he got Cooper last year, he's throwing for a lot more yards.

    ONETU 28 days ago

    😂 Collin Cowherd.... you’re a flip flop !

  • Dynamic Solution
    Dynamic Solution 28 days ago

    Quarterbacks will define the 2020 draft. Thank God my boys picked up daniel jones last year!

  • L Mc
    L Mc 28 days ago

    Backhanded compliment

  • Xavier Rod
    Xavier Rod 28 days ago

    You doubt Dak n he will prove you wrong. He’s a winner !! Wentz is made of glass

  • Anveena Official
    Anveena Official 28 days ago

    Leadership - "Doing what NEEDS to be done when it HAS to be done." What? Did no one go to school?

  • Paul Bullock
    Paul Bullock 28 days ago

    Carson Wentz on a camping trip XD

  • Lambro Crooks
    Lambro Crooks 28 days ago +1

    Dak started his career hot and then deteriorated after being sacked 20 times against Atlanta in one game. He straight up stunk after that game. But after getting Amari and after some coaching changes he has slowly returned to his greater self. He's ballin big time now!

  • Sizzle Galaxy
    Sizzle Galaxy 28 days ago

    If ANYBODY, from NFL "experts", to arm-chair Monday morning qb's, didn't SEE that Dak Prescott was a very good qb since his first season, you didn't want to see.

  • Shalako Barker
    Shalako Barker 28 days ago

    His defining trait is that he WINS....dumb ass..."you play to win the game!!"

  • Jimmy Greer
    Jimmy Greer 28 days ago

    What's your fucking point Colin? Tom Brady never had a defining trait. Terry Bradshaw & Joe Montana didn't really have a defining trait. While Drew Brees was in San Diego his defining trait was "he's too small to be anything good".
    I would say that Dak's defining trait is....the dude is a winner and comes up clutch when things get rough. And with 82.3% completion after posting a 72% rate over the last 8 games of last year I would say his defining trait is accuracy. Show me a pass against the Redskins that was uncatchable. You can't because they were all catchable passes.

  • SlickChick
    SlickChick 28 days ago

    Seems like anything and everything is "elite, special, and generational talent." Wonder where all this beauty will be at the end of their careers.

  • Fern
    Fern 28 days ago

    Dak Prescott is kinda talented but not really says the little man behind a massive desk. Glad to see you're finally respecting him. Apparently you needed a little time to mature and improve as well.

  • Manuel Tovar
    Manuel Tovar 28 days ago

    Luxury power torque... How about dependability?

  • Jae Jae
    Jae Jae 28 days ago

    WTF is Colin talking about???

  • Elga Shelby
    Elga Shelby 28 days ago

    Joy is FUCKING Beautiful 😍 Great segment tho but Drop dead gorgeous

  • Joe Guajardo
    Joe Guajardo 28 days ago

    Dak is Great

  • Em Hauk
    Em Hauk 28 days ago

    Dak's been elite for a couple years. Welcome out from under that rock you've been sleeping.