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  • kirby smart
    kirby smart 3 days ago +1


  • countrygirl countrymusiclover

    I only know the girls voices from little big town. I know all four faces and names if I saw pictures. But I don't know which guy is which voice. He is literally the lost fifth member. He sounds *IDENTICAL* to Philip or jimi

  • Jason Andrews
    Jason Andrews 5 days ago

    Let's be honest, Simon Cowell owns this show. He's telling the other judges, yo this dude is gonna bring in ratings. I'm gonna get him to sing a different song an y'all pickin up what I'm putting down? Y'all better say yes.

    Just sayin......

  • Evan Meyer
    Evan Meyer 9 days ago

    Demi Lovato? *heroin has entered the chat*

  • IanInVan
    IanInVan 10 days ago

    Hmm ... good-looking and average trumps average-looking and great. What a surprise.

  • schs1977
    schs1977 14 days ago

    He is a handsome young man. He has a good stage presence and a good voice that will only become better as he ages. Can you image the outrage if Simon or another male judge acted in the same manner these horny old broads acted? What hypocrites!

  • Patti D Best
    Patti D Best 15 days ago +2

    All 3 of these so called experts had to eat it. AAHAAAHH!!!

  • Crax_ Corp
    Crax_ Corp 15 days ago +1

    He look a little bit like a jung David Hasselhoff^^

  • iara Colt
    iara Colt 17 days ago +1

    Simon actually has a good heart

  • Living The Drama
    Living The Drama 21 day ago

    And Who gives a fuck about what Demi the dumb thinks ? Her music is trash and she’s trash too.

  • Baby_Blue_2
    Baby_Blue_2 21 day ago

    he's good but he's not that good. This is a talent show, not a modeling agency.

  • Bevi B
    Bevi B 21 day ago

    my god he's gorgeous

  • Sariah Lace
    Sariah Lace 22 days ago

    Listen to simon girls.kelly is killing me.I 👌💕❤️💕 it when simon said “No No”.

  • Izabella Colonna
    Izabella Colonna Month ago

    Demi is stupid in this video

  • Izabella Colonna
    Izabella Colonna Month ago

    What don't you get? You stupid!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Izabella Colonna
    Izabella Colonna Month ago

    Go screw somewhere else you stupid 😠😡

  • Izabella Colonna
    Izabella Colonna Month ago

    Your a bitch!!!!!!!!!!! 😠😡

  • Izabella Colonna
    Izabella Colonna Month ago

    Screw you demi!!!!!!!! Your stupid!!!!!!!!!! 😡😠 his voice was good your stupid!!!!!!!!!! 😠😡

  • William Green
    William Green Month ago

    He is a star

  • Teodie May
    Teodie May Month ago

  • KnaveenM
    KnaveenM Month ago

    isn't cougar a derogatory word to address a can kelly tolerate and simon can get away with it....strange.

  • Carolina Cisneros
    Carolina Cisneros Month ago

    Paulina and Demi looked kind of upset saying yes which makes me feel so bad because he looked awkward and like uncomfortable thank GOD Kelly and Simon were very supportive and kind ❤️

  • Jay chowdhury
    Jay chowdhury Month ago +1

    Demis just a jealous bitch because shes bisexual. She had a very negative attitude against another female captivator, jorge pena. While pena was definitely a bit obnoxiously cocky, demi overdid her reaction to him.

  • Ash Hanson
    Ash Hanson Month ago +1

    These 3 bitches are all heroin addict they smell like rotten fish 🐠 can’t simon find better judges than these ugly fat heroin addict hoes?seriuosly

  • Ash Hanson
    Ash Hanson Month ago +1

    Those who’re ugly judges bitches don’t wane put this guy throw cause he too good looking !!!thise 3 bitch judges look like my asshole with make up let alone without it in the morning fark off stupid hoes

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    Elvis lives forever! King!

  • Evil R.
    Evil R. Month ago

    What's the name of the first song?. Always liked it and dnt know name of it!!

  • Rebecca Slaven
    Rebecca Slaven 2 months ago


  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 months ago

    I bet demi felt kinda dumb

  • Denise de Leon
    Denise de Leon 2 months ago

    Damn he’s so damn fine

  • Jack Offerman
    Jack Offerman 2 months ago

    He sucks, i gave this a down vote.

  • SE Fordyce
    SE Fordyce 2 months ago

    The women backed down to save face for being wrong the first time. Simon was absolutely right.

  • gavin thomas
    gavin thomas 2 months ago

    Demi is a fat bitch

  • 8Forrest8Gump8
    8Forrest8Gump8 2 months ago

    Good thing we all know Demi was on drugs

  • Shaü-aü Phom
    Shaü-aü Phom 2 months ago

    Simon is so encouraging, ....
    May be the three cats don't like country music....

  • papabearmamabear
    papabearmamabear 2 months ago

    Paulina Rubio is not a English speaking why her vote matters or why she is there as a judge if she didn’t get it at the beginning is because she is Mexican and English is not her first language, Simon is the Best though.

  • Janet Miller
    Janet Miller 2 months ago

    Poor Demi lavato! She is so stupid. Just like the other female judges. Send them home and keep Simon. No talent females!

  • Asuka Weng
    Asuka Weng 2 months ago

    He's like one of the man on the twilight.

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 2 months ago

    Damn that's a sex man,
    Right their.

  • The AgentZero
    The AgentZero 2 months ago

    She don't get it... turned to the spoon to understand.

  • Alpha male
    Alpha male 2 months ago

    Fcuk Demi....🖕 This is what you deserve...for judging to fast ..

  • Marcelo Almeida
    Marcelo Almeida 2 months ago

    Ladies, you are idiots! Unfair to that young fellow!

  • itzPandaTime iTzPandaTime

    Song name???

  • Dhong Mannaidham
    Dhong Mannaidham 3 months ago +1

    what year

  • Brenda Eicher
    Brenda Eicher 3 months ago

    Reminds me of a young George Strait
    He is Awesome!

  • Blane Tecle
    Blane Tecle 3 months ago

    Maybe it’s just me but I feel he didn’t really want to sing a country song like it felt he only chose it cause he knew they wanted or expected a country song out of him but that he was trying to get away from following a country path idk

  • words of wisdom
    words of wisdom 3 months ago

    I love how everyones arguing about the judges haha shows how staged this is purely for entertainment clearly its working

    HRH HRH 3 months ago

    I don't understand how in the hell they put a judge what ever her name was Pauline that hardly speak proper English. She said and I quote: the song you choose. the proper English would be chose past sentence right? !!! The guy is Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat good voice, good looks, super polite. He is a STAR.

  • Jamya K
    Jamya K 3 months ago

    South Carolina

  • NiNa_684 l
    NiNa_684 l 3 months ago

    He had a good voice

    • NiNa_684 l
      NiNa_684 l 3 months ago

      He had a good voice but why did they stop him...
      poor guy...but I liked it

  • Kirst
    Kirst 3 months ago

    Sad. Feel like he got steortyped really. The first was better for his voice

  • John OBrien
    John OBrien 3 months ago

    Sorry Bro, no dice! The judge was right "awkward". You got looks going for you, but, not the voice.

  • Wayne Cockerham
    Wayne Cockerham 3 months ago

    demi was hating hard shit

  • alim labixa
    alim labixa 3 months ago

    simon was right in giving him the second chance becoz he heard the voice of scott calum in this man's voice. same quality.

  • Abraham Balouta
    Abraham Balouta 3 months ago

    1:10 lmfao u c that bitches face

  • Philihp1012
    Philihp1012 4 months ago

    He is gonna be ambushed by the female audience after the show.

  • BigTwill0218
    BigTwill0218 4 months ago

    Oh shit he's from SC!

  • Jacob Redmond
    Jacob Redmond 4 months ago

    I love the way Demi said that he was bad but she uses auto tune in her music and it’s still bad

  • Dan Farrar
    Dan Farrar 4 months ago

    I have two daughters and Kenya models and is a wonderful smart young woman. You seem to have a really good personality. I think you two would make me some beautiful Grandbabies. Come on over son!

  • Jo Young
    Jo Young 4 months ago

    Andrew. ( where is he)

  • Terry Spencer
    Terry Spencer 4 months ago

    So obvious it’s fixed ..... as if he would sing the 1st song ffs really ? Even the mum is laughing she knows what is coming

  • Juan Carlos Perez-Ortiz

    This dude should be a model.

  • Isaiah 26
    Isaiah 26 4 months ago

    Demi is dumb 😂

  • words of wisdom
    words of wisdom 4 months ago

    I feel like this was scripted just for dramatic effect singing shows aren't as real as you think..

  • Brandon Gutierrez
    Brandon Gutierrez 4 months ago +2

    Demi Lovato sucks at singing anyways what does she know. She doesn't have enough experience to be a judge anyways.

  • Monica da Silva
    Monica da Silva 4 months ago +3

    He still sings in the group Restless Road, which was formed in this xfactor USA 5 years ago!!

  • Claude Renaud
    Claude Renaud 4 months ago +3

    Simon was right and these women were way off track with him!

  • Nicholas Music
    Nicholas Music 4 months ago

    Demi shoots heroin. Don’t listen to her.

  • Matrix Man
    Matrix Man 4 months ago

    He was alright.

  • Adam Honesty and decency

    I don't know what this is, but it's NOT country.

  • YouTuber
    YouTuber 4 months ago

    He could be the next superman

  • Michael Hales
    Michael Hales 4 months ago +1

    Perfect example of how staged these shows are. He obviously can sing, and then the judges read their script and make it sound like he can't sing....WTF?! If he wanted to sing country, then he would've for his first song...

  • Amy Jordan
    Amy Jordan 4 months ago

    He’s definitely a country music genre singer.

  • Patience H
    Patience H 5 months ago

    His second song was an amazing choice woah😍😍

  • reza niazloo
    reza niazloo 5 months ago

    Simon best judge ever....who that blonde hoe????

  • EyoInTheHouse
    EyoInTheHouse 5 months ago

    I feel like they all just said yes because simon believed in him

  • Lalnuntluanga Tluangtea

    Best Judge Simon

  • Lucas Kronbeck
    Lucas Kronbeck 5 months ago +7

    The girls r actually dumb af he is really good

  • Official_Cover_Girl
    Official_Cover_Girl 5 months ago +1

    He should've used the second song to be begin with 😘😳

  • Jimmi Alli
    Jimmi Alli 5 months ago

    This guy looks good!

  • Napalm Papa
    Napalm Papa 5 months ago +2

    That kid could be Glen Campbells son...

    • countrygirl countrymusiclover
      countrygirl countrymusiclover Month ago

      Not close to a kid and he's too talented and too gorgeous to be related to that ugly piece of no talent shit glenn cambel

    RED PILL SOCIETY 5 months ago

    He wasn’t good

    • countrygirl countrymusiclover
      countrygirl countrymusiclover Month ago

      DUHHHHH of course not. He was *PHENOMENAL* on that second song. I love little big town and he did phenomenal. I never heard that first performance

  • ReyPingYu
    ReyPingYu 5 months ago +24

    Just as awkward as Demi’s overdose

    • Flick Russell
      Flick Russell 18 days ago

      There’s no need really is there. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Marco Bitog
    Marco Bitog 5 months ago

    4:33 when you look at a girl and she ain't impressed with you..

  • Allan
    Allan 5 months ago +7

    The funny thing is if anyone else caught it. All three girls where thinking ahead and tried to look good/pro criticizing him because they thought Simon thought, if they liked him it will be because he’s handsome.

  • asala safwat
    asala safwat 5 months ago

    simon judges completely based off of looks thats what ive noticed

    • countrygirl countrymusiclover
      countrygirl countrymusiclover Month ago

      Fuck off bitch. He judged on talent for this one. And that sounds like you're calling which he's not close to being

  • RizickB
    RizickB 5 months ago

    superman face in real life

  • Kavon Bolden
    Kavon Bolden 5 months ago

    Them females judges are tripping, anit shit wrong with his voice 💯

  • James Metz
    James Metz 5 months ago

    This guys voice isn't that great, but nothing that a little vocal coaching can't change.

  • Michael Self
    Michael Self 5 months ago

    I agree with the ladies. I'm a gay guy. Yeah, he's cute, but where is the real talent?

  • Deepak Hazarika
    Deepak Hazarika 5 months ago

    Simon ❤️

  • PhillipMargrave
    PhillipMargrave 5 months ago +2

    That was so staged lol. They knew they were going to vote for him before they even started filming.

  • Jenny Kait
    Jenny Kait 5 months ago

    I need to find this man Andrew. Like holy shit.

  • L Lol
    L Lol 5 months ago

    Hunter hayes vibes

  • L Lol
    L Lol 5 months ago

    Hes was alright his looks jist was a bonus

  • Michael Brangham
    Michael Brangham 5 months ago

    Demi the druggie...

  • yusuf imran
    yusuf imran 5 months ago

    He looks like a slightly downgraded version of sean o pry

  • shaina Vladivostok
    shaina Vladivostok 6 months ago +2

    He have a good voice

  • Diesel Duramax
    Diesel Duramax 6 months ago

    He is great and the judge is shit

  • William, The Creator
    William, The Creator 6 months ago +12

    Demi heroini