• Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Everything happens for a reason. Watch the new trailer for #Ghostbusters: Afterlife in theaters next summer.
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    From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. The film is written by Jason Reitman & Gil Kenan.
    Directed by: Jason Reitman

    Written by: Gil Kenan & Jason Reitman

    Based on the 1984 film “Ghostbusters”
    An Ivan Reitman film written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

    Produced by: Ivan Reitman

    Executive Producers:
    Dan Aykroyd
    Gil Kenan
    Jason Blumenfeld
    Michael Beugg

    Carrie Coon
    Finn Wolfhard
    Mckenna Grace
    and Paul Rudd
    #OfficialTrailer #Sony #Ghostbusters #GhostbustersAfterlife #CarrieCoon FinnWolfhard #MckennaGrace #PaulRudd #Trailer
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  • Mystery Man of the Internet

    Please don't be garbage

  • solo Arrow
    solo Arrow Minute ago

    Finn wolfheart again

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez Minute ago

    Sound gay to me

  • ZeR0 ACE
    ZeR0 ACE Minute ago


  • Chad Sanborn
    Chad Sanborn Minute ago

    10k feminists are crying in their pay gap handbooks right now

  • Pokezillakratos Slayerbro

    This is gonna be great

  • The Gonzalez Channel
    The Gonzalez Channel 2 minutes ago

    1984 ghostbusters were played by men
    2016 ghostbusters were played by women
    2020 Ghostbusters are now being played by children

  • Lalah Moore
    Lalah Moore 2 minutes ago

    ok sooo if i dont here the song its not a ghostbusters movie

  • Nino Noel Penaranda
    Nino Noel Penaranda 2 minutes ago

    Can't wait to watch it

  • Tony Ley
    Tony Ley 2 minutes ago

    Seeing what looks like Slimer being chased through town by Egon's granddaughter in the gunner seat of Ecto!? *grinning like an idiot

  • Carter Aten
    Carter Aten 2 minutes ago

    A Ghostbusters film with the original cast... that's all I asked for....

    But now instead of all girls we get all teenagers

  • JB Gaming
    JB Gaming 2 minutes ago +1

    When I heard this at 2:13
    I felt a part of me returned to my body after leaving for 3 years from watching the 2016 reboot

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith 2 minutes ago

    I'm not excited about kid Ghostbusters 🙁

  • Aidan Boscovich
    Aidan Boscovich 2 minutes ago

    First girl gohstbusters, now kids?

  • SAM
    SAM 2 minutes ago

    Nada mal

  • JustAnAverageTree G
    JustAnAverageTree G 2 minutes ago

    Its looks fine as a movie, but isn't ghostbusters supposed to be funny? Thats what made the first one so memorable.

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 2 minutes ago

    I’m part of the 11k people that disliked this video

  • DarkScorpionOmega
    DarkScorpionOmega 3 minutes ago

    So I'm hopeful again because Ghostbusters is a franchise that's needed that third movie. This one pulls at the nostalgia strings. I need that balance of just enough scary (non-gross) and laughter to be hooked again. The third one doesn't always have to be the worst one prove them wrong.

  • Will Rugaber
    Will Rugaber 3 minutes ago

    This looks dumb

  • Prosers
    Prosers 3 minutes ago +1

    Y’all wanna check my recent I just want views :(😞😞

  • Torganzer
    Torganzer 3 minutes ago

    i swear finn wolfhard is a magnet for playing a kid in a horror genre

  • Faethe
    Faethe 3 minutes ago

    Meh, Ghostbusters done by children doesn't really do it for me. I'm sure kids will love it though.

  • endang rusmala
    endang rusmala 3 minutes ago

    Hahahaha.. ghost busters, or ghost bumps? But, i like it!!!!?

  • Alyssa Nguyen
    Alyssa Nguyen 4 minutes ago

    Like it or not, the 2016 movie happened. The line about no ghosts being seen in 30 years doesn't mean they're ignoring that movie (note that New Yorkers in that movie are *surprised* about the existence of ghosts and nobody said "Hey, this happened back in the 80s and it's happening again"). It's a different timeline/dimension/universe/whatever.
    Marvel has a bunch of different realities. There are at least 3 different realities with Spider-Man live-action movies. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse has who knows how many realities beyond the ones shown. And that's just Spider-Man alone!
    There was a comic book miniseries where the four original Ghostbusters started in 2004 instead of 1984 (Ghostbusters: Legion). There were crossover comics with Mars Attacks, The X-Files, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So that's four different timelines in addition to the two different movie timelines. This movie is going back to the "prime" timeline the way Star Trek: Discovery did for that franchise after all of the content that was released in the Abrams universe.

  • OmegaPi
    OmegaPi 4 minutes ago

    Looks a hell of a lot better then that trash fire Ghostbusters 2016.

  • Capt'Wes Starwind
    Capt'Wes Starwind 4 minutes ago

    Bonus nerd points if you notice that it the Ghostbusters 1 licence plate and not the one from Ghostbuster 2.

  • Rich Knight
    Rich Knight 4 minutes ago

    Now this is how Ghostbusters should be, respect the past members!

  • Christian Bretado
    Christian Bretado 4 minutes ago

    The beginning reminds me if IT

  • Travis Mitchell
    Travis Mitchell 4 minutes ago

    “Had em’ making a reboot,
    With a buncha women
    And all the while,
    the bomb was already filming”
    I kid. I kid.

  • fortybelowhell
    fortybelowhell 4 minutes ago

    Suck it woke twitter tools.

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name] 4 minutes ago

    So they seriously gonna act like GhostBusters:answer the call never happened

  • Garrett Sampson
    Garrett Sampson 4 minutes ago


  • Christopher Quan
    Christopher Quan 4 minutes ago

    I can’t wait to see future trailers with the members of the original cast members in it... the ones that are last that is.

  • Why Me
    Why Me 4 minutes ago

    I will be skipping this too

  • Carbomb Torres
    Carbomb Torres 4 minutes ago ...smells like ...uuummm ...flop ...

  • Robert G
    Robert G 5 minutes ago

    Number one on trending and it didn't get ratio'd. Maybe people will finally get over themselves about the last ghostbusters.... nahhhhh

  • Louisplayz W
    Louisplayz W 5 minutes ago

    Mike is proud

  • Marcus H
    Marcus H 5 minutes ago +2

    Ok if this trailer is at all indicative of the movie I’ll go. Didn’t watch that Got woke went broke POS in 2016 but THIS might earn my shekels.

  • FromtheEasternLands
    FromtheEasternLands 5 minutes ago

    Didn’t they literally just remake this movie like a year and a half ago?

  • REZ
    REZ 5 minutes ago

    Guess Sony thought no one would watch this generic crap unless if it had the Ghostbusters name thrown on it.

  • Originall Content
    Originall Content 5 minutes ago

    0:03 what are you doing step bro?

  • terry walters
    terry walters 5 minutes ago

    About time a sequel worthy of the GhostBusters

  • the real CDogg 1
    the real CDogg 1 6 minutes ago

    It's better then the last one

  • Michael Cash
    Michael Cash 7 minutes ago

    I'm already afraid this will be a stranger things rip off

  • Akim Joseph
    Akim Joseph 7 minutes ago

    Stranger Things: Teenagers Edition 2020

  • amelia tran
    amelia tran 7 minutes ago

    i dont think this is going to flop ngl

  • Vitekius
    Vitekius 7 minutes ago


    DOLO BROLIC 7 minutes ago

    Thank for ruining another potential classic.......with a cool but bad trailer......😂

  • Metric Tensor
    Metric Tensor 8 minutes ago

    Wow, they made a movie about that rocket league dlc

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry 8 minutes ago

    Stranger Things season 4 gonna be LIT!

  • Dharkcast Channel
    Dharkcast Channel 8 minutes ago

    I'm here for it!

  • Terrence Dave
    Terrence Dave 8 minutes ago

    I love that this retcons the other one and picks up from the original movies.

  • Chris Laudrille
    Chris Laudrille 8 minutes ago

    I hope Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson make more than just a cameo appearance but I will say my nerd pants are freaking out! Can’t wait

  • Jorge Loya
    Jorge Loya 8 minutes ago


  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 8 minutes ago

    Hard pass on this one

    XK4L1BUR XK4L1BUR 9 minutes ago


  • Ac Tenebras
    Ac Tenebras 9 minutes ago

    Finally a newer ghost busters that we can be proud of maybe.

  • Aly Kilduff
    Aly Kilduff 9 minutes ago +1

    Ayyyeee its my boi Paul Rudd 😍

  • Cristian Galvan
    Cristian Galvan 9 minutes ago

    ( 0o0)

  • honda_ryderz
    honda_ryderz 9 minutes ago

    the Ectomobile siren brought back so much nostalgia :)