Crazy loud Exhaust Mod - Scrimp my Ride

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • Make the loudest exhaust possible for £100 was my challenge.
    Last year i did some small builds for a BBC Worldwide show called Motorheads and thought as they were quite fun i'd swipe the tapes for your viewing lol, now I've given them a new start and end so it made sense on its own but the 2 other presenters are good friends (we all come from same town) so welcome to the colin furze channel tom ford and jonny smith.
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  • James Phucwit
    James Phucwit 9 hours ago


  • jwiley17
    jwiley17 3 days ago +1

    "Its just stock"

  • Charlie Butler
    Charlie Butler 4 days ago +1

    Ricers be like m8 im doing this to my honda

  • Martin Wichmand
    Martin Wichmand 6 days ago +1

    F... Nice one there Colin, I #$blippen*¥ love it!!! 😂

  • Bob Apple
    Bob Apple 11 days ago

    90% genius 10% skill 😜

  • steven mays
    steven mays 11 days ago

    Hey Colin why didn't you just stick to your own s*** you got these satanic bastards controlling your shit for one they use crap that goes against the one and only god Jesus by putting fags on your show they shake hands like a bunch of more like women ymthan women are my kids are not allowed to watch gay people in tv they don't need to know about them sorry

  • NZSmall
    NZSmall 14 days ago

    It's like a petrol powered vuvuzela 😂

  • Alvin Barrios
    Alvin Barrios 14 days ago

    When I think of tuners/ricers

  • hexlgaming
    hexlgaming 14 days ago

    I need to do this..

  • webb.z
    webb.z 15 days ago

    Never thought I’d hear that from a Rover

  • John Ryan Ilagan
    John Ryan Ilagan 15 days ago

    2 boy in that video that's in fifth gear that is jonny smith and tom ford

  • Silver Chevy
    Silver Chevy 17 days ago

    omg you need to drive that thing around through town and see what reactions you get lmao

  • Spicyy
    Spicyy 18 days ago

    Not enough soy sauce for all this rice.

  • number01
    number01 19 days ago

    It was good Rover... It is no longer manufactured.

  • RaiderHawk75
    RaiderHawk75 20 days ago

    Rice my ride

  • Anti Gosip
    Anti Gosip 20 days ago

    Insane.. 😆😆

  • GOrDoN ReMseY
    GOrDoN ReMseY 22 days ago


  • Ethan Holter
    Ethan Holter 23 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was clickbait.... and then I realized Colin Furze uploaded it.

  • Angelo Ralph
    Angelo Ralph 23 days ago

    measure the db

  • Reverend George
    Reverend George 23 days ago

    How did it do with the emissions test when you took it for an MOT Colin? You did take it for an MOT Test didn't you Colin? You do know that even if it has a current MOT you are meant to have it re-tested after modifying a vehicle, don't you Colin? Unless wearing a safety tie makes having things such as an MOT unnecessary, which it should do.

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 23 days ago

    Looks like dr. Seuss

  • StealthMiner1000 devlin

    Still not as loud as a Harley 😒

  • Ραφαήλ Καμπαδάκης

    ricer level 10000000

  • Samsung/Android Is the best

    Ricer approved

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis 27 days ago

    I've always been curious about a horn loaded exhaust

  • asskings
    asskings 27 days ago

    Rice rice rice

  • Guy Milligan
    Guy Milligan 28 days ago

    More. Pretty funny .

  • Jonthan Fowler
    Jonthan Fowler 28 days ago

    This but with a dodge magnum 10 cats, would be deafening

  • S U
    S U 28 days ago

    THANK YOU FOR Colinfurze!!!

  • Peti Péter
    Peti Péter Month ago

    Ricer 😂

  • Turin Wilson
    Turin Wilson Month ago

    4:23 see ya next furze day

  • Screaming z1
    Screaming z1 Month ago

    Fucking hilarious lol

  • 21succdaddy
    21succdaddy Month ago

    Almost as loud as my neighbors 90s honda Civic

  • Jan Christian Frodahl

    Do you ship to norway? xD

  • Fahim Zaman
    Fahim Zaman Month ago

    "The neighbours hate me now!"
    Didn't they already for your _other_ stuff?

  • Der Kistengeist
    Der Kistengeist Month ago

    "The neighbours hate me now."
    ...yeah...only now...

  • Roger The Dodger
    Roger The Dodger Month ago

    It would have been good to put in the description the decibels with a comparison to other things e.g. Spitfire F1 car Tornado etc

  • that person from that thing

    Judging by the sound of the engine, Im gonna assume it is a 4 cylinder

  • MB
    MB Month ago

    LMAO!!! The ole tuba in the tail pipe trick and they fell for it! Hahahaha

  • Steven Baker
    Steven Baker Month ago

    Dum as shit

  • Evan Wittwer
    Evan Wittwer Month ago

    I love it! The Pulse Jet probably still wins in the decibel department though, yes?

  • Mehmet TARIM
    Mehmet TARIM Month ago +1

    Ricers be like

  • HMan
    HMan Month ago

    Should have added a reducer and some keyed holes you can control from a few switches inside... lol Exhaust Bassoon

  • don hartman
    don hartman Month ago

    Now that's a fart can lol

  • Joel
    Joel Month ago

    Should have put a metal plate to use as a reed and thurn that motherfucker into a huge whistle.

  • TH3C001
    TH3C001 Month ago

    Time to put this exhaust on a 5.7 TBI lol.

  • TH3C001
    TH3C001 Month ago

    If Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura character were a real person and was a mad scientist instead of a pet detective.

  • Elijah
    Elijah Month ago

    I just can't imagine this on that Toyota supra that was cracking the mic.

  • Wojtek Kurek
    Wojtek Kurek Month ago

    do that to subaru impreza

  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones Month ago

    Ricers be like

  • Gerrit Vos
    Gerrit Vos Month ago

    How much db was that?

    RANDOM GUY Month ago

    Ricers are taking notes right now

  • Bambang Agung
    Bambang Agung Month ago

    thats dildo car

  • Treety2
    Treety2 Month ago

    Lol he said see you next Thursday... Take the letter for the beginning of each of those words.(cunt

  • Chris Lesemann
    Chris Lesemann Month ago

    Bonite ?? Its a hood

  • K1LL3R
    K1LL3R Month ago

    kind of ricers xDDDD

  • NoLogic
    NoLogic Month ago +2

    *Honda S2000.*

  • S
    S Month ago

    You're like MUMNOCOMPUTER but on cars, amazing

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe Month ago

    Mega :o)

  • Jesus Christiano
    Jesus Christiano Month ago

    PMSL Awesome job.xD

  • Sr.Cobain
    Sr.Cobain Month ago

    os motoqueiros pira, só BR mesmo pra entender. 3:31

  • Arath Guijarro
    Arath Guijarro Month ago

    I want reactions from people

  • angelo serio
    angelo serio Month ago

    bosozuko is better

  • Maxinnn1
    Maxinnn1 Month ago

    Nice rover lol

  • kieran Barnard
    kieran Barnard Month ago

    Rover 75s are not that bad

  • Harbor Dog
    Harbor Dog Month ago +1

    Haters will say it’s riced

  • O M E G A
    O M E G A Month ago

    The stupidest ricer needs this 😂👌🏻

  • Bradley Roissetter
    Bradley Roissetter Month ago

    Nice dildo in the back ground 4:20 :D

  • Fluffle Puffle
    Fluffle Puffle Month ago

    Why is there a dildo on your work bench.

  • Vognut
    Vognut Month ago

    And a ricer is born...

  • Dark Chicken
    Dark Chicken Month ago

    Phineas and Ferb in Real Life

  • ye
    ye Month ago

    It sounds like VTEC :)

  • anonymus
    anonymus Month ago

    Make it spit flames now

  • PJ and the Craxfords

    And I thought the bosozoku guys had crazy exhausts

  • cookytrix
    cookytrix Month ago

    this is hilarious. im lol the whole vid. thanks

  • Southerneagle83
    Southerneagle83 Month ago

    3:29 to skip to the exhaust

  • captain P
    captain P Month ago

    +500 HP

  • _jvsxn_g59_
    _jvsxn_g59_ Month ago

    Colin goes Bosozoku

  • PotatoED
    PotatoED Month ago

    3:51 no, they hate you already dude >.

  • Lyubov Nakonechnaya


  • 90's Runner
    90's Runner Month ago


  • Lars Larsen
    Lars Larsen Month ago

    From the tv-show host's reactions it looked like it might have a future in riot control.

  • X Aviation
    X Aviation Month ago

    Sounds like that Renault Clio that comes down the street at 1AM.

  • Pekka L
    Pekka L Month ago

    They have to install this on F1 cars. And it looks better than halo too.

  • Brad M
    Brad M Month ago

    Very cool ✌

  • crazydubaddict
    crazydubaddict Month ago

    I wanna see someone drive this past me it'll make my day

  • howsithngin
    howsithngin Month ago

    It would double as a pizza oven.

  • FlawlessTTV
    FlawlessTTV Month ago

    Swap a 2j in there and you will be fine. ( if you find a way to get it in

  • FlawlessTTV
    FlawlessTTV Month ago


  • lego technic
    lego technic Month ago

    3:51 That's a ffffing inline 4!!! Please

  • BH4x0r
    BH4x0r Month ago

    put this on a lamborghini

  • CJ757599
    CJ757599 Month ago

    Prawn not a shrimp

  • KryogenGaming
    KryogenGaming Month ago

    What happens if you hook this up to a 528CUI HEMI V8? I'll guess then you're deaf

  • 권세진
    권세진 Month ago

    게시일: 2018. 2. 7. (colinfurze)

  • Jesse Boucher
    Jesse Boucher Month ago

    4:18 what’s in the background on the left 🤔

  • Henry Tischbein
    Henry Tischbein Month ago

    Now try it with a v8

  • Mark Felizardo
    Mark Felizardo Month ago +1

    RIP your eyes

  • Kobalt Myst
    Kobalt Myst Month ago


  • Jake Flade
    Jake Flade Month ago

    You should have done it straight through the bonnet and bypassed most of the manifold altogether