Crazy loud Exhaust Mod - Scrimp my Ride

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • Make the loudest exhaust possible for £100 was my challenge.
    Last year i did some small builds for a BBC Worldwide show called Motorheads and thought as they were quite fun i'd swipe the tapes for your viewing lol, now I've given them a new start and end so it made sense on its own but the 2 other presenters are good friends (we all come from same town) so welcome to the colin furze channel tom ford and jonny smith.
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  • Rob Cunningham
    Rob Cunningham 20 hours ago

    Hey Colin - just drove through Bentwaters airbase in Suffolk and saw this car parked up. Anything interesting happing with it? 😆

  • demonsparkx
    demonsparkx 3 days ago

    Why has he never did a mashup with PhotonicInductions channel?! :/

  • hole N one
    hole N one 4 days ago

    Make one which a trumpet on the end lol

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 5 days ago +1

    It should be called the Chavver 75.

  • bigbomber 789
    bigbomber 789 7 days ago


  • billville111
    billville111 7 days ago

    Pee-wee Herman / monster garage?

  • TheGofercat77
    TheGofercat77 7 days ago

    He clearly hasn’t heard of Ronnie macs FMF two stroke muffler.

  • Account Abandoned
    Account Abandoned 8 days ago

    *Civic Drivers would like to know your location*

  • C02 Sounds
    C02 Sounds 8 days ago

    You should post more often

  • Rowena Grinsam
    Rowena Grinsam 10 days ago

    The most aerodynamic exhaust pipe ever seen on tv.

  • nick payne
    nick payne 10 days ago

    Sounds better than a gtr? This dude has obviously never heard a twin turbskii anything up on a 2 step. Gonna make sure to hit the not interested button on this 💩

  • Stefan Janevski
    Stefan Janevski 12 days ago

    Get a macedonien Yugo

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel 12 days ago

    Should go hang out in a HOA neighbourhood with that. :D

  • Dreyden Willson
    Dreyden Willson 14 days ago

    Make a party van

  • Redneck Ryland
    Redneck Ryland 15 days ago

    You should do more stuff like this

  • Abby Babby
    Abby Babby 16 days ago

    Did you test the how loud that was?

  • projectdelta50
    projectdelta50 16 days ago

    put a 2 step on it and get some plugs for your ears XD

  • Julio Andres
    Julio Andres 16 days ago

    Lo que es tener dinero 💰💰💰💰💰... En fin, como sea, este canal y su creador es genial! (Yo quisiera tener un land rover... 😕)

  • Pootin Plays
    Pootin Plays 16 days ago

    I love that stupid plastic hand

  • Niek Schrama
    Niek Schrama 17 days ago

    Rice my ride

  • Dan's car channel
    Dan's car channel 17 days ago

    Loud is probably an understatement :)

  • George Zaharia
    George Zaharia 18 days ago

    u should'v turned the big exhaust on top in a blow horn lol XD every time u hit the gas would "WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBBBBBB! B B BBBB! WWWW BBBBBBB BB B " Please make it happen! ^_^

  • Buschmensch klaus
    Buschmensch klaus 18 days ago

    You old

  • Estevo Thomasio
    Estevo Thomasio 20 days ago

    We can do better. 😂👍

  • lolbaas
    lolbaas 20 days ago

    Omg a rover my dad hase one

  • reeky mirror 67
    reeky mirror 67 20 days ago

    I really don’t think this is very legal 🤨

  • Vision Concept
    Vision Concept 21 day ago


  • Ash Weber-Campbell
    Ash Weber-Campbell 22 days ago

    "it sounds better than a GTR" no it doesn't

  • Travis M.
    Travis M. 23 days ago

    I love the soundtrack for Colin's videos. So fucking fed up with Hip Hop, cRap, and pop soundtracks that TVclipr's always use in their videos.

  • MelonDestoyer 101
    MelonDestoyer 101 26 days ago +1


  • Apex legends Sucks dick

    Ricers be like

  • ZombieByte
    ZombieByte 28 days ago

    if you did this in california you'd be arrested and probably branded a war criminal...

  • Deangelo Lopez
    Deangelo Lopez 28 days ago

    Ricer alert🍚

  • Lj O'Rourke
    Lj O'Rourke 29 days ago

    I look away from the screen for two second and look back at 2:23 and the first thought is did Colin perfect cloning

  • Alexander AKA:Captain Rex


  • Николай Петрович


  • Kayden Voorn
    Kayden Voorn Month ago

    Hmm put it on a lambo

  • Young Don The Sauce God

    Put a Whistle in there

  • stephen parker
    stephen parker Month ago

    IDEA for you automatic air powered snooker que with 1-12 power settings, complete with laser dot because snooker is far to exhausting, and ruins ones elbow hinge

  • gennaside frost
    gennaside frost Month ago

    U should have your own show

  • khunsbe trail riding

    just imagine doing that to a gtr ....

  • Le Medic
    Le Medic Month ago

    honda nibbas be like

  • marc gallego
    marc gallego Month ago

    Why the f*ck he looks like Tfue?

  • blake short
    blake short Month ago +1

    Chuck it on a 4 rotor rx7

  • The Dollar Guy
    The Dollar Guy Month ago

    Illegal in California now.

  • Crusty Piles
    Crusty Piles Month ago

    Like 600 ricers just came their pants..

  • NitrousGranola
    NitrousGranola Month ago

    Looks loud, sounds loud and smells loud

  • Im turbo
    Im turbo Month ago

    Whats the drug of choice for the british? Its not weed.

    DJBATMANGOLD Month ago +1

    "Nice big engine in his car." dude, that's a GTR... They have tiny little inline-6 engines.

  • pancake bacon
    pancake bacon Month ago

    I'm going to eat sum rice

  • MXALove
    MXALove Month ago +2

    Anyone else thought it was a Rolls Royce?

  • zane big dadey
    zane big dadey Month ago

    Could of done just open headers

  • zane big dadey
    zane big dadey Month ago

    Mans a ricer

  • chris rock
    chris rock Month ago

    Well done breathing in toxic gasses

  • Idk ?
    Idk ? Month ago

    I like shrimp 🍤

  • Das Wunder
    Das Wunder Month ago

    And now you have to put a V8 in it! :P

  • Xsauce
    Xsauce Month ago

    Give this man Guinness World Record

  • Mckae Tieman
    Mckae Tieman Month ago

    Why all the British college rock? Good video none the less.

  • Karl Knueppel
    Karl Knueppel Month ago

    I’m going to laugh when someone forgets and tries to sit on the hood.

  • Dylan Piel
    Dylan Piel Month ago

    should have gotten a rotary powered car. lmao

  • B Poort
    B Poort 2 months ago

    We've got a rover 75 too!!!! Only one thing: we got the stationwagon. The rover is soooo rare!! I love it!!!

  • Shaggy Muffin
    Shaggy Muffin 2 months ago

    Hay it’s is Johnny and wookie

  • Austin Lawnmower man lund


  • Hair
    Hair 2 months ago

    Rice your ride

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis 2 months ago

    I wonder what would happen with a hyperbolic flare on a Honda Civic Type R at full throttle and RPM

  • Wyatt Watling
    Wyatt Watling 2 months ago

    Just take out the catalytic converter. Got mine stolen, and my 2004 jalloppy is load af

  • William Wheeler
    William Wheeler 2 months ago

    3 am challenge: getting out of my garage COPS CALLED

  • Dennistsou1234 gamer
    Dennistsou1234 gamer 3 months ago

    Ricer alert

  • Владимир Кузнецов Vovacat17

    Ricers gotta riiice

  • iluvdonuts4332
    iluvdonuts4332 3 months ago

    thats some next level ricer

  • Will Lockwood
    Will Lockwood 3 months ago


  • Sunny Thomas
    Sunny Thomas 3 months ago

    Is this guy phineas or ferb?

  • rokas gt
    rokas gt 3 months ago

    Dildo on a table 4:07 . Where did colinfurze go to 🤔

  • Erencan G.
    Erencan G. 3 months ago

    I hear rice

  • Default Skin
    Default Skin 3 months ago

    What if this was on an rs7 or a grt

  • vl zahawma
    vl zahawma 3 months ago

    I enjoy this video

  • vl zahawma
    vl zahawma 3 months ago

    Mud sweat and gears

  • Lewis Williams
    Lewis Williams 3 months ago

    How do you open the front bonnet

  • Victoria Radake
    Victoria Radake 3 months ago

    The neighbors hate me now 🤣as if they didn’t hate him before.

  • danielbtdm
    danielbtdm 4 months ago

    Nothing can beat a GTR

  • Tobias Massemyn
    Tobias Massemyn 4 months ago

    When ricers turned out of his mind

  • Calvin DiBartolo
    Calvin DiBartolo 4 months ago

    that's hilarious, but can you make it on-demand? like quiet when driving around, but similar to those train horn pranks have a little butterfly valve or something to switch to the ridiculous exhaust

  • Fish Boi
    Fish Boi 4 months ago

    Nah, not scrimp my ride. Rice my tide is better

  • hi person
    hi person 4 months ago

    He should have put a triple wide bozo exuast

  • Keliton Vougan
    Keliton Vougan 4 months ago

    Essas músicas são chatas pra caralho, puta que pariu

  • 日神高露
    日神高露 4 months ago

    Should have played music modulated by engine revs

  • Ade Beauregard
    Ade Beauregard 4 months ago

    Eman eman lek

  • PaleMacaroon483
    PaleMacaroon483 4 months ago

    You’ve got to pimp my riiiide!!

  • Simon Amir Sarceda
    Simon Amir Sarceda 4 months ago +1

    Actually its a bit like a ricer thing but i'm glad that its not full rice though the big exhaust works 😃😃

  • Jonathan Wyatt
    Jonathan Wyatt 4 months ago

    He called it a bassoon 🤦‍♂️

  • How-To-Do-It :)
    How-To-Do-It :) 4 months ago

    Yes he did

  • ßaron
    ßaron 4 months ago

    Will it pass an MOT?

  • I Do Stuff
    I Do Stuff 5 months ago

    The thumbnail looked like a wired beamng drive mod

  • Tokes_Music
    Tokes_Music 5 months ago

    im pretty sure if you did that in the u.s. it would be illegal lol

  • Rails of southwestern Iowa

    Modern day tornado siren

  • Jack Complains
    Jack Complains 5 months ago

    In which Colin makes a fucking exhaust subwoofer

  • Otaku Berry
    Otaku Berry 5 months ago

    TRUELY the neighbors must love you.

  • Syndicate Sabot
    Syndicate Sabot 5 months ago

    Mate, thats a prawn....

  • Ebrahim nalla
    Ebrahim nalla 5 months ago

    the guy who said it was better than a GTR is a ricer

  • Shaheen Sultan
    Shaheen Sultan 5 months ago

    You should have attached a turbo