The Perfect White Pizza, According to Frank Pinello | Food Skills

  • Published on Jun 12, 2017
  • Growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, The Pizza Show's Frank Pinello often had to choose between three classic slices: the Sicilian-style square, the regular NYC slice, and the enigmatic white pizza. As an adult, the white pie has captured Pinello's imagination and become a favorite among his customers at Best Pizza in Williamsburg. Topped with ricotta, mozzarella, caramelized onions, and parsley, the dish pushes NYC pizza past the old standard of red sauce and orange grease. Packed with flavor and perennially underrated, Best Pizza's white pie deserves to be on every slice lover's bucket list.
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Comments • 557

  • Aric Goss
    Aric Goss Month ago

    What is “moozerella”

  • Mike Gianfrancesco
    Mike Gianfrancesco 2 months ago

    Perfection !!

  • na-na na-na boo-boo
    na-na na-na boo-boo 2 months ago +4

    but is it really dough?

  • Aditya Bhagwat
    Aditya Bhagwat 2 months ago

    um my man you forgot salt these white people smh

  • Johnny Bones
    Johnny Bones 2 months ago

    Honestly I think white pizza is better a lot of the time

  • Timushyi
    Timushyi 2 months ago

    nazi pizza

  • gp5
    gp5 3 months ago +1

    I’ve been to that place, it’s right in the middle of hipster place and gentrified boulevard. The slice are ok, I had a pepperoni slice and a “vegetable” slice, the pepperoni’s on that shit looked more like bologna slices and almost had the same consistency, the vegetable slice consisted of pickles, radish, string beans and some other bullshit not to be added on pizza’s I can’t remember.
    The place is cramped, like 5 tables and a bit overpriced (what do you expect when it’s gentrified?) I think it’s all hype from these videos, there are far better pizzas out in NYC,
    go look at the reviews on Yelp if you think I’m hating.

  • SlimJim
    SlimJim 3 months ago

    20$ pizza damm I like that dominoes 8 dollar one ;)))

  • Mike T
    Mike T 3 months ago

    Pizza is for everyone, not just white people.

  • Jessus Christ
    Jessus Christ 3 months ago

    i aint eating white pizza without anchovies bruh

  • Janoy Cresva
    Janoy Cresva 3 months ago

    Underrated pie variety

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 3 months ago

    Pizza time in st augustine fl has the best pizza as a whole especially the white pizza

  • ojideagu
    ojideagu 3 months ago

    Pizzas are not Pies

  • Joe Vega
    Joe Vega 4 months ago

    Frank your a freakin pizza master

  • Biobot One
    Biobot One 4 months ago

    There’s no such thing! White pizza is not pizza! I’m white, and I don’t even like white pizza! Oh, but your the best, buddy, saw you with Action, my man.

  • Poutinery
    Poutinery 4 months ago


    P.S This is a joke

  • Larrea MMA
    Larrea MMA 4 months ago

    A white slice with fresh garlic is banging

  • BMW W.
    BMW W. 5 months ago +1

    I think about eating white pizza, 3 times a day at least, no sesame seeds wtf

  • Chris L
    Chris L 5 months ago

    I like a white pie with garlic alfredo sauce. Delicious!

  • AxelGr
    AxelGr 5 months ago

    pizza bianca a white pizza if you will. is like this but with bechamel sauce and bacon. it is incredible

  • zomgseriosuly
    zomgseriosuly 6 months ago


  • GhostlordTV
    GhostlordTV 6 months ago

    Yo the white pie is the fuckin best pizza hands down. Alino Pizzeria in Mooresville NC is the best

  • Nic Parker
    Nic Parker 6 months ago +1

    Nothing beats a NY pizza,, Been all around the world.. Had it all ,,

  • Ken Riccio poems
    Ken Riccio poems 6 months ago

    Frank you are the maestro magician of pizza.. FANTASTIC!!

  • Doc
    Doc 7 months ago

    If it ain’t white it ain’t right.

  • Badass Skeptic
    Badass Skeptic 8 months ago

    i dislike the word "perfect" no one or nothing is perfect but God

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N 8 months ago

    When my kid is old enough to remember and appreciate it, I'm coming across the country to do a pizza tour. Best Pizza will definitely be a stop.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 8 months ago

    Hey by my books, as long as it's white, it's perfect.

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins 9 months ago

    Looks awesome, but it’s not a pie. It’s pizza. Calling it a “pie” annoys me to death.

  • James Quirk
    James Quirk 9 months ago

    lol $3.25 per slice

  • Matthew Soldano
    Matthew Soldano 9 months ago

    white pizza is an abomination

  • Dayvie
    Dayvie 9 months ago

    We call this perfect white pizza "the Supremacist" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Oskar Koponen
    Oskar Koponen 10 months ago

    Where is the potato bro

  • UltrakupraRebirth
    UltrakupraRebirth 10 months ago

    You gotta walk normal,come on

  • Damian Djibilian
    Damian Djibilian 10 months ago

    What's the average price for cheese pizza slice? In Argentina a very good cheese pizza costs around 7 dollars (1 dollar = 28ish pesos here)

  • corey center
    corey center Year ago

    Seasame seeds on the crust..🤔 Definitely going to try that!!

  • KraftBrotHD
    KraftBrotHD Year ago

    Why do people always assume something is good because it's traditional. Fuck traditions.

  • FelineHYPER
    FelineHYPER Year ago

    I feel oppressed just looking at it

  • Jim Andrews
    Jim Andrews Year ago

    Wow the caramelized onions are so perfect. They take the place of the missing sauce in terms of adding sweetness.

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales Year ago

    Best pizza is my favorite NY style slice. As far as neopalitin it's Robertas. I need to try Paulie gees though

  • NightmaresInTheDay

    I personally can not stand white pizza, but this looks promising.

  • tonton9598
    tonton9598 Year ago

    Frank taught me so much cool stuff by just watching the pizza show. You guys should definitely watch it!!!

  • jay tee
    jay tee Year ago

    this pizza is racist

  • matosman1 R6S
    matosman1 R6S Year ago

    1 cheese slice $3.25??!! that’s crazy

  • staringinward
    staringinward Year ago

    @00:17 GARILIC

  • WafflesInTheHouse

    This pizza place is total shit. I actually call this Worst Pizza. Trust me, don't believe the hype.

  • Lord K.
    Lord K. Year ago

    how the fuck do these "italian-"americans pronounce mozzarella?

  • OmarRPG
    OmarRPG Year ago

    It's not pizza if it doesn't have sauce! That is just really good round cheesy bread

  • kajcsapapa
    kajcsapapa Year ago

    I respect this guy but on a side note, his pizzas are f*cking expensive.. is food really that expensive in the US? holy shit. Food here is 1/5th the price

  • Aric Goss
    Aric Goss Year ago

    Dream pizza

  • Im XD
    Im XD Year ago

    This spot is a few blocks from my house. I swear it's the best pizza in NY.

  • TheUnatuber
    TheUnatuber Year ago

    Excuse me, but it should be referred to as *European-American* pizza. I can't believe how insensitive you are!


    The pizza show....

  • Chris H
    Chris H Year ago


  • beanboyo
    beanboyo Year ago

    Jeez those prices...

    TCRMN Year ago

    fucking hate the way he pronounces mozarella

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S Year ago

    Love you Frank

  • EnvyMe99
    EnvyMe99 Year ago

    $3.25 for a slice though?

  • supergangsterish1

    hold tight fraaaaaaaannnnnkkkky

  • noilet
    noilet Year ago

    0:13 - 0:21. Dat unintentional rhythm and rime tho!

  • Richard
    Richard Year ago

    Their white is better than their regular. One of the best whites I’ve had

  • Neno Branco
    Neno Branco Year ago

    White pizza? Triggered.

  • Jackie Arroyo
    Jackie Arroyo Year ago +3

    The favorite pizza of the KKK

    PAULY P Year ago

    billy likes to drink soda

  • Erik S
    Erik S Year ago

    What is a "white pizza"?

  • That1NativeGuy97
    That1NativeGuy97 Year ago

    Casanova Bros in Gilbert Az has the best white pie in the valley hands down!

  • CreatorCaden
    CreatorCaden Year ago

    I gotta make this at work tomorrow 👌👌👌

  • Jake Hoffman
    Jake Hoffman Year ago

    I discovered this place after a concert with a friend. I can vouch for it whole heartedly. Possibly the best slice I've ever had.

    • JDR
      JDR Month ago

      Same! After a badsuns concert.

  • Sheyla Tubert
    Sheyla Tubert Year ago

    Brooklyn for life🙌🏼 yes best pizza ever brother

  • Caffeinated Poison

    Look. I've loved this channel. I supported every single thing you have done. I've always watched you without questioning anything but i can not overlook this disgusting racist video. The fact you decided to keep all the colors out of your pizza shows me your not okay with other races in your pizzeria. I've always suspected people didn't welcome me or other dark skinned people into your pizzeria and this pizza is the first thing to confirm that for me. I'm sorry but i think i need to unsubscribe from you all. I cant overlook racism

    SMiRK THE ALIEN Year ago

    Watching a gourmet pizza show and I get an ad for frozen pizza. -_____- Yeh nah.


    I know Pinello's reputation, but if I'm paying 3.50+ for a plain slice it better require two plates minimum. Thing barely even hangs over the side. AND GET THAT BAY LEAF OFF THERE

  • Mike Pantaleo
    Mike Pantaleo Year ago

    I'm a sucker for white pizza

  • 201 Dev
    201 Dev Year ago

    Roasted garlic on this would be fucking amazing.

  • AyoVro
    AyoVro Year ago

    It isn’t just bread lmao, this sht good asf

  • Szafa z Komiksami

    0:14 is he rapping?

  • Andrew S.
    Andrew S. Year ago

    this is the best slice ive ever had #facts

  • Olav Blixøen-Olsen

    Your shop should be called "Pinello Pizzeria"

  • TheBruceLee78
    TheBruceLee78 Year ago

    Mouzarella cheese

    DEFxRECON Year ago

    That looks great. Every time I've had white pizza it'd be too greasy or too dry.

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight Year ago

    Looks amazing.

  • Lauty Bend
    Lauty Bend Year ago

    White pizza is my favorite pizza

  • Andrei Piatra
    Andrei Piatra Year ago

    01:30 wtf is riGotta cheese?! Yo, Frankie, yo, do u even Italian bro? 😂😂😂

  • Andrei Piatra
    Andrei Piatra Year ago

    01:28 Can someone tell this Frank that there is no such thing as mOOzarella?! Dumb gangsta baker boys wannabe Italians that have nothing to do with Italy, but talking about it all the time 😂😂😂

  • crimfan
    crimfan Year ago

    I get over to the neighborhood in Williamsburg by Best pretty often so I tried it. It was decent, though I just don't like ricotta, so sadly, the white pie is not for me. It was a bit expensive but for hand-crafted with high quality ingredients, about what you'd expect. He's not kidding about the block. It's the one they have Williamsburg's Feast of San Gennaro.
    If you want a good dollar slice go to a Two Brothers (several in Manhattan) where they turn the pizzas over fast so you'll be getting a really fresh slice. $3 gets you two slices and a can of soda.

  • Dan Holomý
    Dan Holomý Year ago

    Frank Pinello really is an extraordinary human.



  • dabzvapelord
    dabzvapelord Year ago

    i went there when i was in new york, it was amazing

  • Udit Gupta
    Udit Gupta Year ago +5

    That is some sick flow, he should rap.

  • PJV1990
    PJV1990 Year ago +1

    Not my cup of tea, I just can't tolerate the taste. However if other's like it that's cool, I'm not gonna be one of those bigoted morons that can't accept other's opinions. But NYC pizza is by far the best (other than a traditional Napoli pizza that is)

  • high horse
    high horse Year ago

    wtf $3 for a plain slice? Gtfo hipster

  • Dont Know
    Dont Know Year ago


  • acrophobe
    acrophobe Year ago

    Take my money, Frank Pinello.
    Just take it!
    *throws money at Frank*

  • alisha sood
    alisha sood Year ago

    i have a crush on this man

  • J Skyler
    J Skyler Year ago +1

    If you are smart, you use 10 minute mail to sign up for hutlovers, get free cheese sticks and use a code for 6 dollar medium pizza.
    Best bang for your buck

  • Bart Geerts
    Bart Geerts Year ago

    moosarella and rigoda... yeah right

  • jamaal chin
    jamaal chin Year ago

    Frank is the best

  • moria golden
    moria golden Year ago

    is it... mouiztarell

  • Andy
    Andy Year ago

    The pepperoni here is a great slice. But joes is half the price and just as fresh.

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez Year ago

    Looks delicious. this is a thing of beauty!