• Published on Feb 27, 2018
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    Tori (Teens React) and Julie (Producer) recently attended the March For Our Lives rally in LA. Watch their vlog here:
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    Content Featured:
    Survivor to Rubio: Will you reject NRA money?
    Shooting survivor confronts NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch
    President Trump Hosts Discussion With Parkland School Shooting
    Survivors, Sam Zeif Speaks Out | TIME
    Florida student to NRA and Trump: 'We call BS'
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    Ethan James
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  • FBE
    FBE  Year ago +4204

    Thanks for watching this important episode. - FBE Team
    Tori (Teens React) and Julie (Producer) recently attended the March for Our Lives rally in LA. Follow their vlog on FBE2:

    • Kurt Winzenburg
      Kurt Winzenburg Year ago

      I love this video

    • Gamer_Shrimp 88
      Gamer_Shrimp 88 Year ago

      FBE Dx omg...

    • Twentytwo02
      Twentytwo02 Year ago react to this as well

    • Seth Discord
      Seth Discord Year ago

      Stone question I have for you do you support him in Psych this or do you just make videos to get ideas or see how other people think by the way here's a link of someone who actually knows what they're talking about and who is educated like me I just don't feel like typing it all right

    • Vane G
      Vane G Year ago

      I want to be part of this short show

  • Z M
    Z M Year ago +34

    Idk if there have only been zero shootings in Australia, but if it's true, the only reason is because they are on a island lmao... You can't take guns away from everyone in a country like the US where it's next to other countries because criminals will still be able to smuggle guns in. If a person(evil freak) wants a gun, they will get one. Only law abiding citizens follow the laws... criminals dont.

  • Brett DiMichele Studios

  • SarahElizabeths trash life

    Something like this school shooting almost happened at my school with two kids made a list of who they wanted to shoot, it was on the news. But it was stopped because people told

    • SarahElizabeths trash life
      SarahElizabeths trash life Year ago +5

      In ny highschool, there was a football game like that night when they wanted to and a lot of people didn’t come to the game and school because they felt unsafe

  • Fake News
    Fake News Year ago +39

    I’ve yet to hear a real reason someone needs an Ar-15

    • Conner McNeal
      Conner McNeal Year ago +15

      I’m a Libertarian. Need I say more?

    • FlagFlyingHigh3
      FlagFlyingHigh3 Year ago +38

      Hogs, small game, competition, self defense and because if you want one you should be able to get one.

  • unicorn power R
    unicorn power R Year ago +115

    what about kids #fightforkidsrights

  • Ella Here
    Ella Here Year ago +22

    All I know is that countries with better gun control and less access to weapons than the US have fewer school shootings. Just saying.

    • iF Smegna
      iF Smegna Year ago +4

      probably because they have fewer schools and better discipline, its the kids who get what they want through power and lack of discipline that become school shooters, its not the guns

    • Fweed
      Fweed Year ago +7

      Norway has more mass shootings per capita.

    • AHDProductions
      AHDProductions Year ago +7

      And also they don't have as many criminals that the government can't defend citizens quickly enough

  • heaven ascended dio
    heaven ascended dio Year ago +4

    Yes i would like a plasma rifle and the sprtl-wood 9000 for lets say 16000 caps

  • Dog President
    Dog President Year ago +19

    Actually ar 15 were never in war

    • iF Smegna
      iF Smegna Year ago +3

      youre thinking of the M16

    • Brett DiMichele Studios
      Brett DiMichele Studios Year ago +8

      The AR15 was *NEVER* used in the Military. The AR15 is a semi automatic sport rifle. The M16 is NOT an AR15 no matter how much the media spoon feeds you that lie and you act like a sheep and believe it without doing an ounce of research.
      Facts be damned though... Muh Feelings!

    • Fweed
      Fweed Year ago +1

      LOL jeevan so confident, so wrong

    • Jerry Gowen
      Jerry Gowen Year ago +4

      Jeevan1597 actually your wrong, the m-14 and m-16 were used, not the A.R.-15

    • Alex Z
      Alex Z Year ago

      Dog President you failed to mention its use in the Port Arthur massacre.

  • Tess E
    Tess E Year ago +15

    Why couldn't we just have metal detectors in the schools?

    • Claire Hunt
      Claire Hunt Year ago +5

      Okay those would help with students in the school but he started on the outside and other people have just shot threw windows and ran into the building or broke in metal detectors wouldn’t help

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni Year ago +2

    march 24th is on a saturday?

  • Joe Storto
    Joe Storto Year ago +11

    How does the United States defend against nuculer missels and war against the homeland, with nuclear power, a good country with weapons against other nations with weapons,

    • Joe Storto
      Joe Storto Year ago +3

      Poor Pogba I love my 2nd amendment an my frredom

    • Poor Pogba
      Poor Pogba Year ago +3

      Joe Storto I guess it just depends on the country

    • Poor Pogba
      Poor Pogba Year ago +2

      Joe Storto but then Australia has strict gun laws and they have a low crime rate

    • Poor Pogba
      Poor Pogba Year ago +5

      Joe Storto Sweden have guns but have one of the lowest crime rates in the world...

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +11

    Molon Labe!

  • Brandon Teitel
    Brandon Teitel Year ago +25

    #emmaforpresident once she turns 35

  • Therealrobokaos
    Therealrobokaos Year ago +21

    "There's research that says fewer guns fewer problems" actually the research says that more legally owned guns does not mean more gun violence.

  • Therealrobokaos
    Therealrobokaos Year ago +19

    They're saying cars aren't as dangerous as guns? Have they not heard of people driving cars into crowds?

    • micamojo
      micamojo Year ago +15

      Yeah, all those licencing and tests you have to obtain a car should be applied to guns too.

  • Therealrobokaos
    Therealrobokaos Year ago +15

    If you haven't owned and bought a gun, then you don't understand why we need them.

  • Therealrobokaos
    Therealrobokaos Year ago +15

    AR-15s aren't weapons of war, they're not currently and never have been used in war.

  • Therealrobokaos
    Therealrobokaos Year ago +19

    The left is mostly arrogant egotistical people who disregard anything that contradicts their view.

  • Therealrobokaos
    Therealrobokaos Year ago +18

    A bump stock doesn't make a weapon fully-automatic.

  • Mr Astronaut
    Mr Astronaut Year ago +12

    I’m pro gun but i think thet the laws should change.

  • Therealrobokaos
    Therealrobokaos Year ago +18

    What did the NRA ever do wrong huh?

  • Vishnu K
    Vishnu K Year ago +4

    Take preventative measures. Limit the guns available to purchase to pistols/ handguns etc. Assault rifles are killing machines unnecessary to the general public. This will adhere logically to the second amendment as well as possibly limit these types of shootings.

    • Fweed
      Fweed Year ago +2

      Epiclord. 2% of murders are committed with rifles. Any murder with a rifle could more easily be done with a pistol. Virginia Tech, Luby's Diner.

    • The Proswaginist
      The Proswaginist Year ago +3

      What exactly is a assault rifle?

  • icry sometimes
    icry sometimes Year ago +9

    Fully automatic weapons are not allowed are they?, i thought you could only get semi automatic weapons in murica and what's a stock got to do with anything?

    • icry sometimes
      icry sometimes Year ago

      Isaiah Mesa what I say?

    • Hi Im Micku
      Hi Im Micku Year ago

      I think we are missing the real point here

    • Isaiah Mesa
      Isaiah Mesa Year ago +1

      You can fire at the same rate as an automatic.

    • Gabriel Rodriguez
      Gabriel Rodriguez Year ago +2

      It does not "turn" a semi into an auto. The Bump stock allows the mechanics of the rifle in order to reduce the timing between bullets fired. It makes a semi FEEL more like an auto but doesn't actually change it.

    • Jenna Koss
      Jenna Koss Year ago +2

      Isaiah Mesa no it does not.

  • Rosie's_Issues
    Rosie's_Issues Year ago +41

    Fascinating to see the contrast between age groups on here

    • FlagFlyingHigh3
      FlagFlyingHigh3 Year ago +3

      Jellyonaplateable ya young and emotional teens verse a realist older gentleman.

  • YGF Teddytheyeti
    YGF Teddytheyeti Year ago +35

    It's not the weapons we hold it's the people who wield them and yes I am a kid and I have my own opinions

    • YGF Teddytheyeti
      YGF Teddytheyeti Year ago +1

      I just want to say thank you for the support on this comment

    • Sharker778
      Sharker778 Year ago +1

      almost deadpool that is definitely true. It is the people, but that doesn't stop the fact that they are killing lots of innocent people.

  • eric lee
    eric lee Year ago +48

    Being a victim doesn't make you a policy expert

    • Dog President
      Dog President Year ago +3

      The truth

    • T D Nelson
      T D Nelson Year ago +19

      eric lee No, but it does result in a remarkable bringing of people together. Whether policy makers are involved or not this surely warrants a response from those policy makers. This has happened, so policy makers are involved in some respect. This debate has continued for a while now, so one can only assume that policy makers take this issue seriously. Policy makers by nature address all sides of an issue - that's their job - so if the involvement of policy makers affects your position in any way, I'd like to think that I've proven that they are actively involved, and that you can give these people the attention, respect and recognition that you feel that warrants them.

  • Yosh Aaaa
    Yosh Aaaa Year ago +8

    I live in Canada 🇨🇦 yay

  • Elycia Alarcon
    Elycia Alarcon Year ago +2

    I agree with the girl at 9:53

  • Wayne Smiles
    Wayne Smiles Year ago +9

    Place a "Gun Free Zone" sigh outside your house. :) what? was that a no?

  • travis haley
    travis haley Year ago +283

    The amount of UNINFORMED is strong in this one. I made it about half way.

  • Matt McRevey
    Matt McRevey Year ago +27

    The gun control issue is so much more nuanced than they're making it out to be. we have more guns than people. The sheer logistics of taking guns away would be insanely expensive, and downright impossible. There have been no improvements in crime rates in cities and states that have brought about stricter gun laws. Including YOUR state/city. LA has one of the highest gun violence rates in the country. Guns are a reality in the USA. And the AR-15 accounts for less than 1.5% of them. look up the statistics. look up how many gun deaths have to do with drug involved crimes... look up how many deaths have to do with suicide... I don't want any innocent person to have to deal with gun violence. That's why I think guns should be allowed everywhere.Gun free zones like schools and arena's are the number one choice for mass shooter's, why? Because they know they won't face resistance. The average police response time in the U.S. is 7 minutes.. Do you want to depend on that?

  • Slim S
    Slim S Year ago +509

    “ Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security deserve neither and lose both.” Ben franklin

  • Gilberto Diaz
    Gilberto Diaz Year ago +29

    #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns #moreguns

    • leslie rangel
      leslie rangel Year ago

      da boss Grow the hell up

    • leslie rangel
      leslie rangel Year ago

      FullAutoAirsoft Oh because having more guns will solve things y’all need to use your damn brains

    • Gilberto Diaz
      Gilberto Diaz Year ago


    • Veronica M.
      Veronica M. Year ago

      James Hetfield oh yes because guns + more guns = less violence

    • Marcel Silva
      Marcel Silva Year ago +1


  • gabby zaccheo
    gabby zaccheo Year ago +18

    love seeing all these people agreeing to what is right, i can’t wait for the walkout i created at schools around the area of san jose, let’s march for our lives x

    • Tyler Wolf
      Tyler Wolf Year ago +8

      gabby zaccheo what you think is right is your opinion not fact

  • Kira Smith-Ahles
    Kira Smith-Ahles Year ago +5

    Only full records I could find. (2012)
    259- number of justifiable homidcides
    29,556- homicides, suicides, and accidental shoots.
    That's roughly 32 gun deaths per 1 justifiable.
    That year saw the Colorado theater shooting and Sandy Hooke.

    • Toby Coombs
      Toby Coombs Year ago +4

      You should not count suicides with homiacides because suicides make up a large part of the numbers and the gun in suicide is more of a method and it can't really change the fact that they will end their own lives

    • Tyler Wolf
      Tyler Wolf Year ago

      Kira Smith-Ahles I think the reason for the low amount of justifiable is because of the lack of guns, or the the amount of homocides is because they couldn't protect themselves

    • Kira Smith-Ahles
      Kira Smith-Ahles Year ago

      Btw this was pulled from a 2015 peice by the LA Times.

    • Kira Smith-Ahles
      Kira Smith-Ahles Year ago

      Elaiden I'm just wondering if you are speaking nationally or....?

    • Kira Smith-Ahles
      Kira Smith-Ahles Year ago

      Flankart thank you

  • Chaim Meir Zaner
    Chaim Meir Zaner Year ago +11

    A big problem with demonstions like this is that there is so much emotion, so that it becomes difficult to express and absorb different opinions.

  • Alexis Powell
    Alexis Powell Year ago +14

    i really wish that some younger teenagers like the 13 and 14 year olds that are on teens react we’re in this episode. i tend to relate to them the most as i am that age and i really would’ve liked to head their opinions. although we are apart of the younger generation we still have voices and we still have opinions

  • Dante's Woman
    Dante's Woman Year ago +83

    *look at comments*
    Wow, it's chaotic out there y'all...

  • 27drdubs
    27drdubs Year ago +34

    The NRA had nothing to do with this nor their tired of people blaming the guns when the real issue is mental health, only 38 states reporting to the nics system....we don't need more laws....we need better enforcement of them.

    • T D Nelson
      T D Nelson Year ago +2

      Rosebud Riker while you may resonate with this person's opinion, that is hardly a courteous way to indicate it. As a neutrally-minded British person (you may think this makes me against guns - this is not necessarily the case - I believe that the USA should do what is right for its people) I appreciate both sides of the debate and (though you must understand I don't mean to come across as righteous or forceful) feel you should respect your opponents and consider their opinions without publicly dismissing their intelligence. Hostility should not feature in one's mindset in regards to this issue, and that should apply to all perspectives.
      Thank you for your time :)

    • Rosebud Riker
      Rosebud Riker Year ago +1

      27drdubs nice to see someone using their brain

  • Alistair Delacour
    Alistair Delacour Year ago +21

    Taking away all the guns isn’t gonna solve the problem (Australia, England, Japan🤔)

    • Alistair Delacour
      Alistair Delacour Year ago

      KS ED name me a perfect country, I’ll wait

    • T D Nelson
      T D Nelson Year ago

      FlagFlyingHigh3 you could fit most of Europe into a space the same size as Australia. It's just old-fashioned world map projections (how they make a sphere look flat) make it look smaller than it is. Australia is by no means an 'island nation'.

    • da boss
      da boss Year ago

      Jacob Morgan hes being sarcastic. Thats the point. Those countries are examples to prove people wrong who actually thinl that.

    • Nolan Johnson
      Nolan Johnson Year ago

      Alistair Delacour they have better mental health then us. Fix mental health then we will be fine and if that doesn’t work THEN we can ban guns.

    • FlagFlyingHigh3
      FlagFlyingHigh3 Year ago

      UK, Australia and Japan. Wait all island nations so they could regulate toenail clippers if they wanted

  • Ommf Police
    Ommf Police Year ago +9

    There are more guns than people in the USA.
    I don’t support guns but it’s ridiculous if they think that they can do something about this.

  • Yama The One
    Yama The One Year ago +4

    Some teacher had a gun, she went to her business in the restroom.Her gun went off when she sat down.Next thing you know ,school lockdown

    • Yama The One
      Yama The One Year ago +1

      Nuno Rodrigues in her case it did.News said so.Don't believe them sometimes though

    • Nuno Rodrigues
      Nuno Rodrigues Year ago

      Guns don't go off like that...

    • IIIPotatoIII
      IIIPotatoIII Year ago +1


  • blazeowg
    blazeowg Year ago +18

    Arming teachers would work though

    • • peachii ·
      • peachii · Year ago


    • Darkrider25
      Darkrider25 Year ago +1

      Teachers can do that anyway kiddo. As for accidental shootings, it is pretty easy to avoid those if the teacher is trained and the students are told to stay down. Having a few trained teachers would literally solve so many problems.

    • Good Rose
      Good Rose Year ago +4

      How about accidental shootings, or a teacher snaps and just pick up his gun and starts blowing up peoples heads

    • blazeowg
      blazeowg Year ago

      Because if there was a school shooter the teachers would have a chance to take him out rather than just waiting to be shot up?

    • Fortnite 1
      Fortnite 1 Year ago +3


  • Alyssa Haigh
    Alyssa Haigh Year ago +10

    they say how they don't support 'crazy' people but guess what, they are everywhere and are amazing at hiding it. the government obviously see's any person with mental health as crazy which has been exemplified in many police officer RECORDED situations. i understand that people get stabbed to death and you can't ban a bloody knife, but guns cause more fatalities a lot easier. i say, you must be 21+, have a clean record and that guns be sold as specific gun shops that are with trained professionals, and a lot more spread out (unlike walmarts which are everywhere and guns at them all)

    • Alyssa Haigh
      Alyssa Haigh Year ago

      i am not at all. i'm saying how the government is doing that. under my circumstances, i would never ever say or do something like they do. read more carefully please

  • TRS_Frost
    TRS_Frost Year ago +37

    Tbh protect our amendment #protectamenments

    • Classified
      Classified Year ago


    • Matthew Gaston
      Matthew Gaston Year ago

      da boss #morelawsblockbullets.....somehow

    • Call me Angel
      Call me Angel Year ago +3

      Protect our amendment

    • Joseph Larson
      Joseph Larson Year ago +6


    • da boss
      da boss Year ago +4


  • cazem11
    cazem11 Year ago +17

    no matter the situation, it is not the fault of the guns but the fault of the ones using said guns. there was a saying i read a while back dont remember where from but it said "if you make a spelling mistake are you going to blame the pencil and in turn ban all pencils so you'll never make that spelling mistake again". no matter what banning guns will not stop school shootings it may lower the risk but it will not stop them and who knows maybe some kid will bring a kitchen knife in to school and stab a few kids to death are we gonna ban all knives then. banning guns simply will not solve the problems that we are facing.

    • da boss
      da boss Year ago

      Austin Abato read my reply to cazem11.

    • Austin Abato
      Austin Abato Year ago

      Ashlee Mcdaniel hey lady I think you read that wrong too I was responding to BOBPICKLE

    • Ashlee Mcdaniel
      Ashlee Mcdaniel Year ago

      Austin Abato how is his point invalid i think you read it wrong because he clearly just made a point that someone has to use the gun before it gets shot.

    • Ashlee Mcdaniel
      Ashlee Mcdaniel Year ago


    • Austin Abato
      Austin Abato Year ago +6

      BOBPICKLE there is no gun that magically takes the lives of others on its your point is invalid mate

  • Okotte-Chan
    Okotte-Chan Year ago +19

    every weapon is an assault weapon

  • Sizzlyy
    Sizzlyy Year ago +23

    More people are saved by guns than taken.

    • Sizzlyy
      Sizzlyy Year ago +2

      Veronica Melendez

    • Sizzlyy
      Sizzlyy Year ago +2

      da boss also most gun related deaths are suicide, the number of gun deaths per year is 36,000. When you take out suicides it's 11,000. Check the CDC website if you don't believe me

    • Sizzlyy
      Sizzlyy Year ago +2

      da boss go to that link and read, I'll be back with more

    • Veronica M.
      Veronica M. Year ago

      Sizzlyy can i please have some stats??? cause i dont think that’s the case

    • Fearless Dreamer
      Fearless Dreamer Year ago

      well i wonder what were people being saved from.

  • Sizzlyy
    Sizzlyy Year ago +298

    Gun laws don't work. Chicago, city with the strictest gun laws, has the highest amount of gun related crimes. You're just taking guns away from the good people and putting it in the hands of the criminals. (Side note:bump stocks don't make guns automatic)

    • Joe Walker
      Joe Walker Year ago +24

      Kelsey Trumbla And there are numerous examples of countries where gun control hasn't worked. Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil and South Africa to name a few.

    • Chairchucker
      Chairchucker Year ago +21

      Just looked this up and:
      a. while this was true a decade ago, apparently most of their strict gun laws are now gone
      b. NY has stricter gun laws and is also, coincidentally, enjoying lower homicide rates
      c. Chicago is next door to Indiana, which has very lax gun laws.

    • Kelsey Trumbla
      Kelsey Trumbla Year ago +5

      Wert right but you can fire more shots per minute which means you have more chances of hitting people.

    • Kelsey Trumbla
      Kelsey Trumbla Year ago +10

      First of all they do, numerous countries beg to differ including my own. Canada.

    • Wert
      Wert Year ago +32

      StrawHatMatt if you would know anything about bump stocks here is one. They make the gun extremely inaccurate so you would not get a hit because of the recoil. There is no reason to ban.

  • Atheosovei games
    Atheosovei games Year ago +2

    F the NRA and there lies

    • AviationAirsoft
      AviationAirsoft Year ago +2

      Learn to spell libtard

    • da boss
      da boss Year ago

      Donovan Gabbard **say this in a really sarcastic voice** yes because more guns TOTALLY mean less gun deaths.

    • Donovan Gabbard
      Donovan Gabbard Year ago +4

      I'm 17 and I completely support our right to own guns and defend ourselves.

    • Casey Paul
      Casey Paul Year ago

      atheo streamer *their

    • Atheosovei games
      Atheosovei games Year ago +1

      Michael Hughes not necessarily lying just not being forwarded with there resening behind there motives so my comment was a little click batey

  • Chailen Ponder
    Chailen Ponder Year ago +10

    I almost lost my best friend in that shooting. She has lost 2 of her friends in that shooting as well.

    • Chailen Ponder
      Chailen Ponder Year ago

      Silver and gold 28k me and my best friend don't live in the same state. She lives in Florida and I live in Illinois

    • Peace but No love
      Peace but No love Year ago

      Billie Jean an where were you at in the shooting because a lot of the survivors were not at the school when it happened

    • S W
      S W Year ago +3

      Billie Jean I am truly, truly sorry for yours and their lost. My thoughts and prayers go to their families.

  • Floofy Floofster
    Floofy Floofster Year ago +6

    Really wtf is wrong with pepper spray

    • That Boi
      That Boi Year ago +1

      2 Pump Meme Dump lol tru

    • AviationAirsoft
      AviationAirsoft Year ago +1

      FLOOFY Floofster not enough range

    • Shlomo Eikenwald
      Shlomo Eikenwald Year ago


    • That Boi
      That Boi Year ago +2

      Aggie Jäger ok let me spray it in your eyes and see how immune you are

    • Aggie Jäger
      Aggie Jäger Year ago +6

      It hurts like hell but it cannot completely stop a shooter. some people are immune to its effects

  • Jada Sifuentes
    Jada Sifuentes Year ago +17

    its both the people and the gun. The people are the gun but those who are allowing guns to be bought so easily are the ones giving them the bullet

    • Dragstrip Actual
      Dragstrip Actual Year ago +2

      Snowflake that isnt how it works go back to wearing your helmet and playing with your crayons

  • Authentic Damon
    Authentic Damon Year ago +12

    You can bump fire without a bump fire stock.

    • Iron Blackwall
      Iron Blackwall Year ago +1

      You can drink without a straw. Lol I don’t where I’m going with that.

    • AviationAirsoft
      AviationAirsoft Year ago

      Sizzlyy *stock. And it does

    • Sizzlyy
      Sizzlyy Year ago +1

      Damon Galipeau she thinks that a bump stick makes the gun become fully automatic

  • Landon Redman
    Landon Redman Year ago +117

    It’s the person not the laws or the guns

    • Shane Liew
      Shane Liew Year ago +5

      Keyboard Cat the whole entire rest of the world doesn't have these kind of problem, except USA, and they still think it's mental problem but not the GUN. I am from MALAYSIA, guess what, we are zero shooting at school as well, since my country exist.

    • Keyboard Cat
      Keyboard Cat Year ago +17

      If it's the "mentally ill" person and not the gun or laws, then why countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil that are equally and more depressed and mentally ill than the U.S don't need to worry about someone slaughtering people in their schools?
      Oh Right, because in the U.S you can find an AR15 in your local Walmart.

    • Clout Kamui
      Clout Kamui Year ago +16

      Landon Redman if only there were laws to prevent the person having access to the gun ://

    • Carlos Licea
      Carlos Licea Year ago +3

      Landon Redman agree

    • mysticre
      mysticre Year ago +3


  • WCDL
    WCDL Year ago +140

    I've been shooting for years and I believe people should educate themselves before they express opinions.

    • Darkrider25
      Darkrider25 Year ago +18

      How is that going to educate them?

    • Kelsey Trumbla
      Kelsey Trumbla Year ago +20

      I think they’ve been educated when they were being literally shot at.

    • WCDL
      WCDL Year ago +22

      True, I do believe in mental health screening and overall better mental health care in the US

    • Floofy Floofster
      Floofy Floofster Year ago +34

      WCDL we’ll unfortunately not everyone who owns a gun is as smart and mentally stable as u either

  • CGwarrior12
    CGwarrior12 Year ago +26

    The people of Switzerland own a lot of guns, there are no mass shootings because of ammunition control laws. Not only should there be mental health tests for people who want to purchase guns, there should also be ammunition control.

  • Neo Blitzktrieg
    Neo Blitzktrieg Year ago +24

    Only one person seems to get it with all of this. You can tell that they are swayed by emotion and not logic.

  • Tess E
    Tess E Year ago +13

    Even if the government made a regulation for all the guns be taken away, do you really think it would just be that easy? there would be bloody Civil War people!

    • Shlomo Eikenwald
      Shlomo Eikenwald Year ago +2

      Infringe upon one amendment you infringe upon all and when our constitution is breached we shall take our government bake.

    • Ethan Haynes
      Ethan Haynes Year ago +1

      Guns legally can’t be banned. However they can be regulated.

    • Gabe Newell
      Gabe Newell Year ago +2

      Tess E very true, confiscation would see many lives lost. I hope it never comes to that l.