Outlast 2 - The Preacher Tortures Josiah And Mary (60FPS)

  • Published on Apr 25, 2017
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  • omachi
    omachi Hour ago

    And Devotion was removed from steam just because some stickers

  • Ellis0013 gameplay
    Ellis0013 gameplay 4 months ago

    i'll use this video to a proyect of saint inquisition so........ thank you fella

  • ali cool Khawaja
    ali cool Khawaja 4 months ago

    Let it go let it go it's elsa

  • Officer Tom
    Officer Tom 5 months ago +1

    I wonder what happens if you leave the confession booth while the whole scene plays out.

    • hisanai96
      hisanai96 5 months ago +1

      You get killed instantly 🙈

  • Shannon Curtis
    Shannon Curtis 6 months ago

    I've gotta admit that's a good hiding spot for something like that to go down in there

  • Kolonel Wolf
    Kolonel Wolf 8 months ago +1

    What happens if you exit during the cutscene? Why does no one have footage of that

    • Daniel
      Daniel 7 months ago +1

      You simply get killed.

  • Deathly Shadows
    Deathly Shadows 10 months ago

    My kind of church

  • Sashasplays gafgaf2005


  • Jordan Hoon
    Jordan Hoon Year ago +3

    It's sad we didn't see him alot, we only see him for two scenes, this scene, then at the end, I wished we seen him more

  • Ja-de 29
    Ja-de 29 Year ago +1


  • potato IQ
    potato IQ Year ago

    STBY= stand by

  • Legendary Warrior4

    Bruh why did u not censor that

  • Leg end
    Leg end Year ago

    0:32 Its better when My name is Jeff

  • Assassin Of Algeria

    FUCK this game

  • The Cheshire
    The Cheshire Year ago

    The fear in his breathing aa this game is terrifying

  • *STARiee**
    *STARiee** Year ago

    wat would happen you press exit 1:46 will you get get caught by knoth or will be glitch ?

  • Wavey Khalz
    Wavey Khalz Year ago

    He is one sad son of a bitch

  • MAY Alanzy
    MAY Alanzy Year ago


  • Back
    Back Year ago


  • The_ Legend_27
    The_ Legend_27 Year ago

    Quanchi that you??

  • Hashmountain
    Hashmountain Year ago

    Whoever designed this scene was a heretic.

  • Aghost S
    Aghost S Year ago

    Games ini ujung ujungNYA mati.ditembaki prajurit penyelamat

    • The Pyggsy
      The Pyggsy 4 months ago

      Sok tau lu anjing

    • The Pyggsy
      The Pyggsy 4 months ago

      Itu mah outlast 1 Dan itu bukan prajurit penyelamat tapi pasukan dari murkoff labolatory

  • German Psychopath

    And they did THIS in a Church???? I'm very angry!!!!!...Couldn't they do it outside?

  • Omega playz 2008
    Omega playz 2008 Year ago +5

    Me: pause the video
    Next get the blanket and get some pillows

  • Dennis Mungai
    Dennis Mungai Year ago +3

    Stefano from Evil Within 2 wants to know your location.

  • SuHa Mael
    SuHa Mael Year ago

    I never understand outlast story 😐

    • Xirtie Senjo
      Xirtie Senjo 6 months ago

      It's not that complicated, really.

  • Captain Niko
    Captain Niko Year ago

    *Walks out of confessional dozens of times, disturbed to a horrible extent, only to be killed by the guy guarding it.*

  • Susumu Chen
    Susumu Chen Year ago

    This game is disgusting

  • Incredible Chino
    Incredible Chino Year ago

    The most fucked up thing? The preacher was right.

  • mrHook
    mrHook Year ago

    I like papa knoth's speech and voice so much

  • British Empire
    British Empire Year ago


  • Haruka-chan
    Haruka-chan Year ago


  • anime xyz
    anime xyz Year ago

    The preacher..... annoying thing!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬..needs a payback.

  • Sylux Music
    Sylux Music Year ago

    Oh no, very tragic

  • Nusiang Salen
    Nusiang Salen Year ago


  • ScrubbaDubDub
    ScrubbaDubDub Year ago +11

    God aint real tho..

  • J yeetboi
    J yeetboi Year ago

    What platform is this on? What console?

  • Proto Dead
    Proto Dead Year ago

    Im curious what will happen if he exited that, I know he would die but how?

  • Ezkiez
    Ezkiez Year ago

    Is this going to be family friendly?

  • Brandon Ortiz
    Brandon Ortiz Year ago

    This game is absolutely fucked up. Should have a serious warning for those with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD etc

  • Jesus is LORD777
    Jesus is LORD777 Year ago

    The real anti christ sucks, thank God I'm not the antichrist

  • Angelo Herrera
    Angelo Herrera Year ago

    Woman escrem

  • Lord Frieza
    Lord Frieza Year ago

    First an asylum, now a country town. What’s next a high school. I actually think the third game should focus on walrider.

  • Jor's Vlog_18
    Jor's Vlog_18 Year ago

    What are they doing can't understand this game are they zombies or somethin?

  • psycho Bane
    psycho Bane Year ago +1

    One of those outlast moments that make you wish the game was a horror fps

  • The Knight-Wolf
    The Knight-Wolf Year ago

    I bought the trinity for outlast but I didn’t play outlast 2 only outlast and the dlc

  • Anitoo
    Anitoo Year ago +1

    Тут есть русские

    • Russiano
      Russiano 11 months ago

      Только что пришла сюда, чтобы посмотреть, как проходила пытка, а то я не в ту будку зашкерилась

  • DisappointingPorn


  • connor
    connor Year ago

    That was extremely unsettling

  • Twoony Horned
    Twoony Horned Year ago

    John Bolton's family.

  • Noah Cleus
    Noah Cleus Year ago

    is very very cool!

  • Cris Garcia
    Cris Garcia Year ago

    They should've made the Mines part of the game longer. It was soooo creepy, yet awesome at the same time

  • Zack Johnson
    Zack Johnson Year ago

    Tbh they could of been abit more brutal

  • ピザ屋で夜間警備やってます。


  • Bright Garinson
    Bright Garinson Year ago +1

    I can't wait for Outlast 3: Crazy accurate muslims... Oh wait.

  • Jason Vang
    Jason Vang Year ago +1


  • youwatch2muchtv
    youwatch2muchtv Year ago +2

    too bad this game sucked. nowhere near as good as part 1

    USSRWF Year ago

    Every Russian priest. TM

  • PHEONIX Gaming
    PHEONIX Gaming Year ago

    What is outlast about. It would be much apreciated if someone could tell me. Game looks interesting.

  • dinonicle97
    dinonicle97 Year ago

    Alex Jones? ^^"