The Man In The High Castle - Season 1 & 2 Review


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  • Jon B Baca
    Jon B Baca 2 days ago

    I'm sorry, but the very first episode completely told me that this was a Sci fi multiverse show. It was totally clear to me from honestly the first trailers, but definitely from the first episode. It wasn't a surprise to me at all, it was always clearly the heart of the story. Especially considering it was based on a Philip K Dick story.

  • amit nagpal
    amit nagpal 2 days ago

    I named my dog Obergruppenführer.

  • Aayush Das
    Aayush Das 8 days ago

    bUt ThEy DiDn'T aCtUaLly HaVe A cHaNcE.

  • darkpepsi
    darkpepsi 9 days ago

    Yo! Season 3 is out! After three freaking years later from Season 2...

  • Levi Pegler
    Levi Pegler 11 days ago

    Season 3!!!

  • HyperNova
    HyperNova 14 days ago

    So booooring

  • DOOM Marine
    DOOM Marine 14 days ago +1

    so it's basically *Wolfenstein II:The new Colossus* the same setting and time period but protagonist is a polish meathead who spend14 years in coma and awaken to fight nazis but this time they control the world

  • angel perez
    angel perez 16 days ago

    I don't know, call it a leap

  • zymosan123
    zymosan123 21 day ago

    It would’ve been impossible for Germany to rule since the ones that planted hitler there were the ones that one (USA)

  • Reyxus
    Reyxus Month ago

    They hold a chance to win the war, but definetly they wouldn't have got America. They would most likely bombed London into submission until Britain would have ceded the colonies and mainland Europe in the peace deal.

  • Jlheights
    Jlheights Month ago


  • Steven S
    Steven S Month ago

    The best part of going full "multiverse" is that characters that died in one universe are alive in another universe (Frank?). Oh, and the original book only was covered in Season 1, Episodes 1-5 or so, the rest of the series is all new and not from the book any longer (the book was never written as Sci-Fi).

  • Cédric Extended Play

    I actually liked that the writers fast-paced the secret of the show and "Still" the characters were inspired what not to do by the end

  • Mike Yablochkov
    Mike Yablochkov Month ago

    Dude from the shop is one of the main charecters in a book, and his storyline is completly butchered. Book and series are different, and both are good in their own way.

  • Paul Perkins
    Paul Perkins Month ago

    You sound like one of those guys who is used to TV series where the pilot episode lays out the whole universe of the show and no later episode really changes the scope or the universe. So anything that does not follow that structure must be a mistake. But I hate that kind of show, which is why I like this one. And why oh why are you watching a science fiction show, then pretending it's not science fiction, then getting all upset when it turns out to really be science fiction after all?

  • Really_Dazed
    Really_Dazed 2 months ago

    It is soo trippy and cool to watch how well they built this world and still keep just enough from you to make you want to keep watching. After every episode I keep getting this "geez, can you imagine?" monologue going on in my head. Great show.

  • OolTube02
    OolTube02 2 months ago

    Nazis had a chance to rule the world in a universe in which Hitler had newsreels of alternative histories and could foresee nukes before everyone else and was given the ability to just pick strategies he knew would win, from actually seeing what would happen if he made different choices.

  • Priest of Baal
    Priest of Baal 2 months ago

    I saw a lot of mistakes in the show .Like a old beaten down broken truck portrayal . It was a four year old truck based on the time line of the show .And yet there it was all rusted out and antique looking .

    • Try Hard
      Try Hard 4 days ago +1

      In the alternate world, America didn't recover from the depression hence making obtaining new stuff for vehicles a little hard, i believe it was written in the book (Haven't read the book). Maybe things were recycled in the neutral zone, i could be wrong.

  • MrRebelliousNerd
    MrRebelliousNerd 2 months ago

    Hitler is surprisingly in the show not a bad guy, at least in the show

    KRATOSLIVES22 ! 2 months ago

    It's a stupid premise by Philip K. Dick. Least favorite of his works.

  • Kurtice YZ
    Kurtice YZ 2 months ago

    its connected to blade runners universe hell yea best show ever cuz of that

  • Edis Süleyman
    Edis Süleyman 2 months ago

    Paradox: What if The serial is work of someone actually crossing over from that universe, thus we become characters in a serial exactly opposite to their world ( Allied victory, but forbidden films from Nazi universe), in which we have their films...

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 3 months ago

    “It’s very scary that the Nazis has a chance to win the war” lmao pathetic brainwashed fuck

  • CesarSalad
    CesarSalad 3 months ago

    The nazis never had a chance never they would have never won Soviet union Britian U.S Lend lense etc nope but ya know who cares

  • sk8rjockid
    sk8rjockid 3 months ago

    Good thing the Nazis lost. America run by fascists. Can you even imagine what that might look like?

    • Try Hard
      Try Hard 4 days ago

      Like Iraq under Saddam Hussein D=

  • Omar Shalaby
    Omar Shalaby 3 months ago

    the nazi's had a good chance of winning the war until a orangutan put on a mustache and pretended to be hitler

  • Justin White
    Justin White 3 months ago

    I was just amazed that the Axis powers managed to establish gun control in America.

  • saibabax
    saibabax 3 months ago

    The Nazis did win. Hitlers tanks were made in Henry Fords factories, Rockefeller oil and aditives fueled Hitlers planes and tanks, Harriman Brothers built Hitlers railroad network (including the tracks in the famous Auswitz photo), Prescott Bush laundered Hitlers money and gold through NY and Swiss banks... The Real Nazis did win, they made a shitload of money, while being safely an ocean away from the fighting. Google it.

  • Kabutoes
    Kabutoes 3 months ago

    I like how in all this obsession with nazis winning the war no one talks about how japan would have won the war

  • Dominic Ryland-Jones
    Dominic Ryland-Jones 4 months ago

    ...finally coming back here to finish watching this review after finally finishing season two. The finale was so much better than the rest of the previous two seasons, here's hoping season three keeps this up.

  • MARK
    MARK 4 months ago

    Obergruppenfuhrer Smith is the most interesting character in the show by far

    • MARK
      MARK 4 months ago

      But Kotomichi and Inspector Kido also very good

  • Laurenţiu Roman
    Laurenţiu Roman 5 months ago

    I am a little ambivalent about the multiverse thing, because i would like at least one episode centered on the idea of the universe where the UK became an empire again. Because the hinted on it.

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 5 months ago

    I believe Jeremy thinks this show is worth watching and worth buying on Blu Ray

  • neilbass505
    neilbass505 5 months ago

    That show sucked. Thank you for confirming the multi verse angle. It should have just stayed away from the dumb sci fi part

  • edalder2000
    edalder2000 5 months ago

    "The Man in The High Castle" is brilliant but I have never been able to watch it.
    My uncle survived Auschwitz while 40 of his family members did not.
    Just hits too close for me.

  • Cristian Negrete
    Cristian Negrete 6 months ago


  • Jonathan Hogan
    Jonathan Hogan 6 months ago

    I've read the man in the high castle book John Smith is not in the book.

  • Christopher Guerra
    Christopher Guerra 7 months ago

    Do a viking review.

  • salamander337
    salamander337 7 months ago

    If the Nazi hadn't stop the full Panzer attack on France then they would had wipe out all the British & French army at Dunkirk and possibly won the war right there and then. If you watch the movie "Darkest Hours" you will realize how close Britain was to surrendering. After this step they would invade Russia with out having to go to war on two front. And after they took care of Russia the Nazi and their Japanese allied would attack America on both side, East & West like how the opening for this series had shown us.

  • Salad Ass
    Salad Ass 7 months ago +1

    doesnt it feel like every time resistance has done something in the show, things always get worse then better , they just get more people killed. i am really starting to question who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Resistance just seems so selfish and doesnt care "hey lets just do this we dont give a fuck about consequences, fuck i care if i cause a nuclear war!" it was the Nazis and the Japanese that stopped the nuclear war at the end, not the resistance.

  • Gabriel Ungacta
    Gabriel Ungacta 7 months ago

    The show is interesting, but the Nazis couldn't have invaded and ruled America, let alone the world.
    Still, great review. :)

  • tommy shelby
    tommy shelby 7 months ago

    Peaky blinders review mate

  • st an
    st an 8 months ago

    Love that man his very funny

  • Gen.Clint10
    Gen.Clint10 8 months ago

    Too bad the National Socialists never once claimed to be Aryans lol. Look up what an Ayran is, it's an Indo-Iranian. Has nothing to do with blonde hair and blue eyes. Also this show is blatant propaganda because in reality the National Socialists would have given non-whites the same rights as Germans, this was displayed when Jesse Owens went to Germany under Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists. He was afforded the same rights as white-Germans. He could drink from the same water fountains, stay in the same hotels etc. They were not racists, they just wanted to better the German people and put them first. That's what everyone on earth does or should do. The Neo-Nazis of today wouldn't be welcomed in National Socialist Germany. They would be denounced by Adolf Hitler as well as myself.

  • Paladin Boyd
    Paladin Boyd 8 months ago

    So a world where the Nazis win the war but not set in Britain? But saying that our what if series wasn’t very good.

  • Fire_2000
    Fire_2000 8 months ago

    The first season was one of the best shows ever, the second ruined everything the first season set up

  • Mohamed Redha
    Mohamed Redha 8 months ago

    Is this show similar to Wolfenstein and what do you give it out of 10?

  • kobathedread
    kobathedread 8 months ago

    I love this show.

  • Yauch
    Yauch 8 months ago

    Jeremy dyes his hair.

  • Grey Eagle
    Grey Eagle 8 months ago

    I preferred season 2 to season 1. Although I agree I think the multiverse stuff is the weakest part of the show.

  • Justin Cook
    Justin Cook 9 months ago

    Dude you should review preacher

  • The Pain Train
    The Pain Train 9 months ago +1

    I absolutely love the show, Mr Tagomi is a fucking boss, but my biggest complaint (no im not a nazi sympathiser) is the resistance.... fuck me they're annoying, and fucking stupid. I would of much preferred to see the individual characters surviving in a world dominated by the Japanese Empire and the Reich and the rising conflict between those two empires than have those areshole resistance pricks like Gary thrown in, i mean he is responsible for most of the bad shit that happens to him but its somehow juliana's fault?

  • BigGame Hunter
    BigGame Hunter 9 months ago

    I love this show.

  • Sabre
    Sabre 9 months ago

    I watched the first part of the review, stopped at the spoiler point, went to watch both seasons, and then came back. It’s so weird listening to him talking about a show I haven’t seen, then coming back and then *understanding* everything

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown 9 months ago

    What I want to know, is this show Wolfenstein?

  • Anne0718
    Anne0718 9 months ago

    Will you review Call Me By Your Name???

  • Daniel Jim A. Opolot
    Daniel Jim A. Opolot 9 months ago

    I think it was great that they decided to give us answers at the start of season 2; you can't set up mysteries without answering them. Waiting until the finale, or even mid-season would have been a bit of a drag. Withholding information unnecessarily, only to string your audience along and artificially maintain an air of mysticism, would have prevented the narrative from progressing, frustrated the audience, and make the inevitable reveal all the less satisfying. Revealing a part of the mystery allows the story to breathe; what I like about how they did it was that it really only leads to more questions, and naturally so.

  • Nothing Special
    Nothing Special 9 months ago

    season two in my honest opinion with the whole multiverse thing was done fine however it took me like two episodes to realize he was in our world not sure if that's because I didn't pay attention but after I noticed I liked it because it kind of made me think

  • Filmy
    Filmy 9 months ago

    Chief Inspector Kido is the man!!

  • James Rosemary
    James Rosemary 9 months ago

    What about Joe and Juliana

  • Level 9 YouTube hero
    Level 9 YouTube hero 9 months ago

    Bioshock spoiler discussion?

  • Inkshooter
    Inkshooter 9 months ago

    The original book was actually far more about the multiverse angle than the political situation.

  • David Trenschel
    David Trenschel 9 months ago

    Love this show, that said, you have to binge watch Fortitude. Amazons other amazing show.

  • Tomislav Rašić
    Tomislav Rašić 9 months ago

    Hahahahha so you are telling me Americans cant even make a series a FICTIONAL TIMELINE without having to explain it with some multiverse crap so that no one can cry about it ? HAHAAHAH oh lord why did they lose the war in the first place this is just much media is being repressed.

  • James
    James 9 months ago

    Send in the Inglorious Bastards

  • Whiteytheripper
    Whiteytheripper 9 months ago

    This show is starting to sound like a prequel to Earth X in Arrow/Flash etc

  • wickedspell85
    wickedspell85 9 months ago

    Please review Peaky Blinders. You're missing out on a great show.

  • Ian Baskett
    Ian Baskett 9 months ago

    Listening to this review, I can't help but also think about CW's Crisis on Earth X

  • stormking989
    stormking989 9 months ago

    I love The Man in The High Castle

  • Petran Moudatsos
    Petran Moudatsos 9 months ago

    someone get this dude to review DARK

    SCARECROW 9 months ago

    Funny but you look like Joe Blake

  • Aimlevel
    Aimlevel 9 months ago

    translated 1:1 obergruppenführer means ober(over) gruppen(groups) führer(leader).

  • Some One
    Some One 9 months ago


  • Some One
    Some One 9 months ago

    It's nothing like the book. Which is a good thing, trust me.

  • Limegreenyummyyummy
    Limegreenyummyyummy 9 months ago

    I forgot about the multiverse concept in Fringe. Great show!

  • Lola Dupree
    Lola Dupree 9 months ago

    Noooo, I'm a NAZI!!! LOL

  • Lola Dupree
    Lola Dupree 9 months ago


  • aharmlesspie
    aharmlesspie 9 months ago

    You set off my Jason Lee detectors with this episode....

  • ooofffhhhccc
    ooofffhhhccc 9 months ago

    Jeremy! If by any chance you get to read this. Please review "black mirror" on Netflix. Or at least the first season. It's only about 4 episode per season I believe. I do have to warn you, some episode feel a little slow and might not peek your interest right away, but there's this twisted thing to each episode that gets kind of addictive. If you do end up giving the show a chance, I could only advise you to take your time watching it, I personally don't recommend binge watching it. But, you know, you're a grown man, you can do whatever you want!

  • CPTxMcKnight
    CPTxMcKnight 9 months ago

    Can we get a Darkest Hour review!?

  • Christian Lyons
    Christian Lyons 9 months ago

    I wish they would focus half the show on the reality of living in this intriguing world where the Axis powers won WW2 and maybe have an overarching plot building to a key event of crossing over to "our world". I did love the whole espionage scene in the Japanese trying to obtain the Atomic bomb last season. It would be interesting to get a front row seat as to how a Nazi Germany would survive without Hitler. Will the young pot smoking hippies of Germany rise up against "all the accomplishments" Germany had obtained during WW2? I really want to see the Human struggle of living in such a world.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 9 months ago

    They didn't actually hold a chance to rule the world

  • Archie Sharpe
    Archie Sharpe 9 months ago

    Shang tsung voice break?

  • Scar626
    Scar626 9 months ago

    They should've added Portland Attorney Elwood A. Towner as the ruler of America

    SCARCROW29 9 months ago

    Jeremy you should do a review of Netflix new show, End of the F***ing world

  • LikeYoung
    LikeYoung 9 months ago

    Jeremy please review Dark!

  • okcomputer0101
    okcomputer0101 9 months ago

    Beautiful fucking show!

  • That Weird Kid
    That Weird Kid 9 months ago

    can u review the greatest showman bc I feel like the movie is getting mixed reviews

  • gdc7226
    gdc7226 9 months ago

    I started watching this show over the winter break and usually I’d love this kind of shit but I’m struggling through it to be honest. Besides the obergruppenfuhrer dude I don’t really enjoy any of the characters and I have serious trouble getting invested in the storylines. Should I just push on and hope for it to get better or nah?

  • Colby Bevell
    Colby Bevell 9 months ago

    Review the greatest showman

  • Highlander0689
    Highlander0689 9 months ago

    Where's the Devilman Crybaby review?

  • Matthew Russell
    Matthew Russell 9 months ago

    It'd be great if you'd review Mr. Robot. So many twists and turns and the camera work isn't like anything else on TV. Plus Rami Malek, is a fantastic actor

  • Riccardo C
    Riccardo C 9 months ago

    brilliant show. It is very well done and produced. One of the most original series I watched lately, makes you think a lot as you rightly underlined in your review.

  • Jimmy Lewis
    Jimmy Lewis 9 months ago

    Review the greatest showman goddammit

  • Bj Lewis
    Bj Lewis 9 months ago


  • Charli3_ Boii
    Charli3_ Boii 9 months ago

    That Jew hunter was a fantastic character in season 1. Intense stuff

  • CNC295
    CNC295 9 months ago

    Hum, let's see here, 20 million civilian deaths with over 2 million US soldiers killed or option two. drop two Atomic bombs on mostly deserted cities, after a month of warning Japan to evacuate those cities? 50,000 dead, opposed to 22 million? I think the bombs, as horrific as they were, were the better of two shitty options. And Japan started the fucking war. And don't forget about the Batton Death March, burning of prisons alive, the beheading of allied officers and men, and the forced labor camps. No sympathy for Japan circa 1940's.

  • Tempy
    Tempy 9 months ago

    I love this show!

  • Project-6
    Project-6 9 months ago

    If there's Nazis, i'm going to watch it now.

  • Shabba Danks
    Shabba Danks 9 months ago

    Spartacus series