Vernee Mix 2 Review | Best $165 Smartphone of 2017?

  • Published on Nov 6, 2017
  • This is my hands on review of the Vernee Mix 2 with it's 18:9 aspect ratio. A 6-inch, almost bezel-ess budget smartphone, that has 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage. Vernee Mix 2-Black:
    Tech I recommend:
    The phone comes in black and blue. The design resembles the Xiaomi mix 2. The phone performance is smooth and the large screen is great to watch Netflix on as some shows like Stranger things take up the entire screen.
    UMIDIGI A1 Pro 4G Phablet
    The phone packs a 4200 mAh battery that last all day depending on your usage. It supports Qualcomm quickcharge 2.0 at 9V/2A. Turn off the phone to get faster charging speed. Can go from 0-100 in 1 hour and 40 minutes.
    This is a great budget smartphone under $200 dollars. This can very be one of the best budget smartphones you can buy in 2017. Below is the Frequency it is compatible with.
    2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
    4G: FDD-LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz
    I do a quick unboxing showing what's inside the box. Then proceed to do a review on its performance, battery life, its features, camera and so on.
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    My gear:
    Panasonic g85:
    Samsung SD Card 4K:
    Comica Microphone:
    Fluid head:
    Canon Flash:

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  • GH Tech Review
    GH Tech Review  Year ago +2

    Giveaway, check it out here :), runs from march 18th to march 28th. Test your luck.

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 2 months ago +2

    Great screen and extremly garbage camera

    • Manzy
      Manzy Month ago

      I completely agree

  • LikaChu UwU
    LikaChu UwU 4 months ago

    I have the phone and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

  • Usiaveh Emmanuel
    Usiaveh Emmanuel 5 months ago

    Please Is the 8.0 Oreo update out for this phone?

  • joblessalex
    joblessalex 9 months ago

    All these phones have a fingerprint thing, but is it actually working? If I register finger 1, finger 2 shouldnt work. On fake scanners it will.

  • fantasy nature CHANNEL
    fantasy nature CHANNEL 9 months ago

    mantul gan

  • Ayyappan N
    Ayyappan N 10 months ago

    Does it has corning gorilla glass? What about scratch resistance, please...

  • hi hi
    hi hi Year ago

    do this phone have infrared ???

  • Ryu Davis
    Ryu Davis Year ago

    Great review, I might actually buy this phone to replace my shitty $40 phone from Coles.
    Thanks GH Tech Review!

  • Jelle Bakker
    Jelle Bakker Year ago +7

    I have the phone and In am really happy with it!

    • Manzy
      Manzy Month ago

      @BaDumTsss Hi, I have the phone, and I wouldn't say I am. It's not the best performing phone and is really dated now, the camera is far from good and has recently begun to fail me, the back has been scratched to hell and so have the sides. But for the price, it has been a great phone. I wouldn't reccomend buying this in 2019 though

    • BaDumTsss
      BaDumTsss 2 months ago +1

      Hey! Are you still happy with it?

  • Manav Ubhi
    Manav Ubhi Year ago

    Does it accept SIM cards from the virgin network?

  • Mark Perro
    Mark Perro Year ago

    Mi mix 3 better

  • Bthemercenary1
    Bthemercenary1 Year ago

    Do this phone work with tmobile 4g lte?

    • GH Tech Review
      GH Tech Review  Year ago

      Sadly it doesn't work with TMobile 4g. You only get 2g

  • Alberto Araujo jr
    Alberto Araujo jr Year ago +3

    straightforward, quick info, and to the point! Thank you

  • Melchor Cayat
    Melchor Cayat Year ago

    Review is like shit! Talk slow. Are you going to shit?!

  • gunjeet bhatt
    gunjeet bhatt Year ago

    i live in india....can i run my airtel 4g prepaid sim in it?

  • Shin Evangelista Lumanog

    42,000 is a lot....

  • Icarus
    Icarus Year ago

    "I only encountered a hiccup when I was surrounded by zombies"

  • PSilence 01
    PSilence 01 Year ago

    How did u get ur home screen set up like that? I love it...

  • UndeniedGamer- GeometryDash

    Thanks for this great review! I might consider buying this phone. I was going to buy the Homtom S9 Plus but the i realised it was a complete brick of a phone so i made sure to check a hands on review for this phone as well. Loads of detail - i might consider subscribing xD

  • crapcopter
    crapcopter Year ago

    Just Ordered One

  • Eminem Vevo
    Eminem Vevo Year ago

    Sahi phone h bhai.... Nice accent

  • WiicKeD - Critical Ops

    vernee is it xiaomi mi 2?

  • Wonder X
    Wonder X Year ago

    Not serious, 4 months no updates

  • Naidenov_Official

    Does it come with headphones? Does it have usb type c or just the regular?

    • GH Tech Review
      GH Tech Review  Year ago

      I haven't used the ulefone power "3s", but it looks like it would be better than the vernee mix 2. I have the ulefone power "3" which is better than the vernee mix 2.

    • Naidenov_Official
      Naidenov_Official Year ago

      GH Tech Review I can't decide which phone to get. Ulefone Power 3s, Gemini Pro or Vernee Mix2. What do you think? Which one should I get? Thanks

    • GH Tech Review
      GH Tech Review  Year ago +1

      Naidenov_Official them questions answered in video

    QUAN GAMING Year ago

    is it otg compatible

  • haleem shah
    haleem shah Year ago

    Very very very bad music in background in ur video,wich I didn’t seen to the complete review of this budget phone.anyway thanks for this.

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming Year ago

    this phone is wired, when i have 20% of batter after 1 hour reaches 1%, with 1% im already reaching 2 hours and the fucker refuses to shut down. all this with intensive using. Seems at 1% the battery can last for hours wich is funny.

  • Freedom Philip Lachica

    is this otg ready? does this support multi-touches up to 10 fingers?

  • hotline bling
    hotline bling Year ago

    @2.45 Isn't the other "speaker grill" actually holds the mic for talking.

  • Ron Wilson
    Ron Wilson Year ago +2

    First time I've seen a phone reviewer actually mention if a phone gets data usage or not. Most give specs and talk about camera/gaming but skip data or wifi signal pick up or service compatibility. I never seen ur reviews before, so this being my first has impressed me and earned u a subscriber! Nice work man.

  • Emil Rylander
    Emil Rylander Year ago

    Get a Vkworld S8, wayyyyy better with the price of 150dollar, using one ATM. Fucking love it! Same specs, but better, battery is 5500Mh back camera 16+5mp dual
    Front 13mp
    4gb ram
    Great MKT processor
    Way better screen
    5" 99inch
    USB C
    Android 7.0

  • Orlando Hope Jr
    Orlando Hope Jr Year ago

    i hardly ever see reviews on phones about the bluetooth quality and how it responds in the car and or Apps. Or the Phones ability to record audio and play it back with clarity????

  • Potato Gun
    Potato Gun Year ago

    Whoever chose that music needs a bat to the back of the head.

  • blak bil
    blak bil Year ago

    O cara tirou a película de proteção frontal 😂😂😂

    • GH Tech Review
      GH Tech Review  Year ago

      Yeah I took it off because I like feeling the display better than the plastic screen protector.

  • Hannan Arshad
    Hannan Arshad Year ago

    Song please or music at 0:1 please help ???

  • Deddy Parabold
    Deddy Parabold Year ago

    why all live wallpapers are not there that can be installed in my Vernee mix 2 henphone, can you help me maybe there is a special setting ... where i should ask this problem???

  • George Dan
    George Dan Year ago

    25 seconds intro wtf is wrong with you

  • Aldo Santamaria
    Aldo Santamaria Year ago

    It’s a good phone for his price

  • G L
    G L Year ago

    Will metro pcs 4g lte work on this?

  • Vaio San
    Vaio San Year ago

    How about the photos and video in low light? For example at night with the low lights of city. Are they clear without pixels noise? And Video in low light how is it? Is it clear?

  • HiTechKing
    HiTechKing Year ago

    Im thinking about getting this. hows the performance so far?

    • GH Tech Review
      GH Tech Review  Year ago

      HiTechKing The performance is good so far, but haven't seen any updates to it. There's also the oukitel mix 2 which I review which goes $199 and the camera is better. So if you want good pictures I would recommend the oukitel mix 2. Oh and comes with 6gb of ram.

  • Johnno9999
    Johnno9999 Year ago

    quote :almost bezel-ess budget smartphone
    look again, i would suggest....

  • oh my god
    oh my god Year ago +1

    very good video review, i found it is big discount at efoxtienda site now

  • John Jones
    John Jones Year ago

    you talk too fast. Couldn't understand most of what you said

    • GH Tech Review
      GH Tech Review  Year ago

      Sorry about that. Been working on slowing down, but videos will become longer.

  • djdellon
    djdellon Year ago

    Thats on my no list thanks lol

  • Youngz78
    Youngz78 Year ago

    Is big then I phone plus?

  • Gorilla Man
    Gorilla Man Year ago

    Is the phone OTG compatible?

  • Thibo Tech Corner

    Does the WiFi On the phone work properly?

    AZRIL MUKHTAR Year ago

    The design much more better than sony.

  • Tye Visions
    Tye Visions Year ago +1

    That dog passing by 😂🐕

  • Living The Dash
    Living The Dash Year ago +2

    For the fact that you actually put a lot of detail into a phone review, I'm subbed. Kudos to you.

  • Alan Daley
    Alan Daley Year ago +6

    Do yourself a big fat favour and ditch the ghastly music at the beginning of the video. You might like it but I guarantee you would appeal to a larger demographic if you didn't have it. Its not to everybodys taste. I a result I didn't watch the full video because it was such a noise, when all i wanted to do was watch a review. Good luck.

  • Prime Importaçao

    muito lindo top

  • SL33PY
    SL33PY Year ago

    Micro USB in 2017!? Damnit

  • Griffin Novetsky
    Griffin Novetsky Year ago +1

    I know I'm late to the comment section of this video but the quality is amazing. Amazing job GH

  • Boby W
    Boby W Year ago

    I got black bars from top and bottom when watching video from the web, phone player or TVclip in full screen. Any advice how to fix that? Thanks

  • Dimitar Chapkanov

    do you know if any updates will be available

    • GH Tech Review
      GH Tech Review  Year ago

      I am not sure, so far no updates have come to it.

  • TheAmazeer
    TheAmazeer Year ago

    it s the same as doogee mix exact same a part captors are not situated at the same place