This DISTURBING Viral Video Just Got Even Worse, Jason Momoa, & Crooked Florida Cop Arrested

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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    Internet Body Shames Jason Momoa:
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    Produced by: Amanda Morones, Brian Espinoza
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Sami Sherwyn
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  5 months ago +2183

    Hey! I'll be in the comments for the first 30 minutes. See ya there.
    Timecodes for ya: Bagel Boss Guy (0:06), TIA (5:02), Jason Momoa (7:22), Florida Cop (8:24)

    • koljkimm
      koljkimm Month ago

    • Waxoff Waxon
      Waxoff Waxon 3 months ago

      Philip DeFranco 30 minutes bitch!!!?? I’m honored you granted us 30 minutes of your precious time !!!

    • anjhindul
      anjhindul 4 months ago

      Not to defend this guys, Philip, but this video (like SO MANY) only start in the middle... What STARTED this shit show? He shouldn't have gone nuts like he did... But it appeared MANY people were shitting on him... As in they are actively antagonizing an individual... I certainly don't agree with his statements but I want to see the FULL confrontation. I bet some one made a comment about his height and he had just had enough... I won't judge the situation without seeing EVERYTHING... FAR to many videos where people have been intentionally deceive... That said... Thank you for your RESEARCH... sounds like a very angry man with the other videos...
      On the topic of what goes in comes out... So does that mean Obama just ate shit and Trump farts? Due to all the crap Obama said and all the Gas from Trump? LOL
      And yes, some cops DO get nailed... Fuck the ones that don't! And certainly fuck this one! I hope everyone this #@$#@ fucked over get a great payday. Give them this shits pay, make him pay them every penny he earns for the rest of his life and force him into hard labor for it!

    • Tatakai no Kami
      Tatakai no Kami 4 months ago

      Someone on twitter said that Chris follows Grima Wormtongue incel fake Outrage merchants like The Quartering, EVS, and all the other douchebag pushers of misogyny, homophobia and racism.

    • larkabroad
      larkabroad 4 months ago

      SO happy to see you supporting Cristine!

  • Ana Is
    Ana Is 2 days ago

    "SHUT YOUR MOUTH! YOUR NOT GOD OR MY FATHER!" lmao, gonna start saying that for now on.

  • Erik Blair
    Erik Blair 17 days ago

    I love how he says"he goes full chewowa"

  • Liv Turner
    Liv Turner 20 days ago

    "Coming up short" lol I just got it

  • lucas umana
    lucas umana Month ago

    Since when has Phil been doing his nails?

  • EcnalKcin
    EcnalKcin 2 months ago

    I knew a retired airforce MP that was proud of his 100% conviction rate. He didn't catch all the criminals, and sometimes he let people slide, but when he charged them with a crime, he always had proof they committed it. He was a good cop, and would never have fabricated evidence, no matter how he felt personally. He also believed in giving good people chances, he let a lieutenant slide on a petty driving offense, who was days away from a review board for promotion. Years later, that lieutenant, who was now a full colonel, tracked him down and mailed him an expensive bottle of wine and a thank you note as a Christmas gift.

    Being a douchebag has no long term benefits, being professional and considerate does.

  • Costandin Claudia
    Costandin Claudia 2 months ago

    Love your nails Philip 😁

  • FallingStary
    FallingStary 2 months ago

    Dad bod my ass

  • Dubu Pixel
    Dubu Pixel 2 months ago

    Im normally on top of your videos, but for some reason this is what was on my front page instead of the latest post what the hell ?

  • BlazingHQ
    BlazingHQ 3 months ago

    Artificial growth

  • Shu Lee
    Shu Lee 3 months ago

    i live in bayshore 🥴😩

  • Isabelle Cox
    Isabelle Cox 3 months ago

    this is like every single fucking day with my older brother :)))

  • hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!

    A free MINI bagel. Too funny

  • likira111
    likira111 3 months ago

    Chris: wow the first thing out of your mouth is what's my height?
    Also Chris: GHETTO SKANK

  • Jaimie Smith
    Jaimie Smith 3 months ago

    That man is aweful. I felt bad for him a little bit. In the bagel boss video he seemed like a sad man who had clearly been rejected and is super bitter and hurt from all of it.
    But seeing his TVclip channel has made those sympathetic emotions towards him COMPLETELY FLIP TO IRRITATION AND FRUSTRATION.
    What a loser. He is clearly a very hateful man who holds a lot of anger inside and resentment towards pretty much everyone.
    I just want to go to him and ask “WHO HURT YOU?! Why are you so god damn aggressive?!”
    This poor little man clearly can’t function properly in the real world and unfortunately will probably meet his end in a very sad and or tragic way because of the extent of his suffering and the suffering he causes.

    SMH what a fool

  • Samuel Clemons
    Samuel Clemons 3 months ago

    Does this frigging weirdo have BLUE NAIL POLISH on ??

  • Samuel Clemons
    Samuel Clemons 3 months ago

    How can this ASSHOLE have so many subs ?

  • Ben Boyd
    Ben Boyd 3 months ago

    Mini bagels? I love this Bagel Boss store and I have never been! Also I absolutely adore the color of your nails Philip.

  • Waxoff Waxon
    Waxoff Waxon 3 months ago

    The bastard of the day ruined so many lives.

  • Waxoff Waxon
    Waxoff Waxon 3 months ago

    Another intel snowflake...glad he had no gun.

    • Aye Jaye
      Aye Jaye 3 months ago

      Yeah those intel snowflakes still not getting on the AMD train

  • martialme84
    martialme84 3 months ago

    04:00 Phil, as an american you should be sooooooooo greatful the guy didn´t buy a gun to "release his anger".
    Him shouting at some people in a bagel joint...meh.
    Go buddy, go.

  • martialme84
    martialme84 3 months ago

    03:29 the girl in the black shorts has me cracking up loud! XD

  • Леся Счастливая

    If youre gonna step up in a Bagel Boss, you gotta be organized to take a Bagel Loss.Philip DeFrancos Wise Words of 2019

  • Tim Neral
    Tim Neral 4 months ago

    lmao, midget with a small dick's salty

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Chris is coming up short of deserving... pun intended?

  • spidalack
    spidalack 4 months ago

    On that last crooked cop story. All I have to say is "this is why they should not be able to turn body cams off"

  • McLovin
    McLovin 4 months ago

    "full chihuahua" I fucking lost it

  • Kristin Kitti
    Kristin Kitti 4 months ago

    Love your beautiful face☮️❣️☮️

  • Jaxie MacGregor
    Jaxie MacGregor 4 months ago +8

    I am a female that stands just over 5 ft 11. OH how much i wish I could have been there to just lurk behind him like godzilla

  • Maryam Zafar
    Maryam Zafar 4 months ago

    I'm from Pakistan and it hurts when he said shit about our country . I'm sure that the worker wasn't trying to be mean and he did apologise. But f**k that chris

  • pottermored
    pottermored 4 months ago

    I kinda feel sorry for hi- 5:17 oh...

  • Eddy
    Eddy 4 months ago

    Man, what's with those nails?

  • Above Life
    Above Life 4 months ago

    6 minutes in... nail polish.. i mustve missed something haha

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I want that entire fucking department in Florida investigated. I can NOT imagine he was alone in this conspiracy. And I want every single person he accosted fully compensated. He better be behind bars for the majority of the rest of his life. Also it's just plain terrifying that a police officer could be capable of getting away with what he did for as long as he did. There are some truly fucked up parts of this country...

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I'd square the fuck up against that Bagel Boss Guy in an instant. And I can ensure you all. I would be one hell of a midget duel... any self-deprecating humor aside, I do wonder what this guy has been through to bring him to this point. But, as Phil said, what he did was inexcusable nonetheless. Glad he's getting his just desserts...

  • Abigail Jayne
    Abigail Jayne 4 months ago


  • Abigail Jayne
    Abigail Jayne 4 months ago

    He’s wearing halo tacooooooo

  • Dolly
    Dolly 4 months ago

    Feeling extra short reading these comments when I'm barely over 5'

  • Brittney Stewart
    Brittney Stewart 4 months ago

    Js Simplynailogic ... Gave me a idea for the book im writting its about a planet 25 light years away. Its atmosphere layers are holographic unlike our own being see through. Thats to her and Ben. I was trying to figure out the physical look of this planet when i took a break from writting i binged her youtube channel for 3 hrs an BAM! Now Im a holo Coo Coo

  • Just Another Sara Elizabeth

    Is that... Holo Taco?? 😍😁

  • Shae Micah
    Shae Micah 4 months ago +1

    Phil, I had ting and my bill was a Zillion-billion dollars. It might be because I streamed pornhub and Netflix nonstop but what's a single guy to do. I'm in debt to Ting for the rest of my life.

  • Paul Lavoie
    Paul Lavoie 4 months ago

    Hundreds of police do this every year. I am almost certain that 20 % of cops are dirty. The 20/80 rule works all the time in every situation or at least I like to think so, lol.
    Think about this, if you don't have a criminal conviction and have never been suspected for any illegal activity, you could be a gang member and they wouldn't even know it. If I was a drug dealer or a leader of a gang I would use my money to put people in police school. Then I have insiders to help me when ever I need help and there would be no way for them to find out of our connections.
    It is literally impossible for their not to be a hole shat load of dirty cops and politicians out there who are owned by gangs and mobs and drug cartels and the police would never know.

  • Primus Ultima
    Primus Ultima 4 months ago

    LOL how did I miss the nails until halfway through, I have to say Phil i dont think they are that pretty, natural is a good look too XD

    • Primus Ultima
      Primus Ultima 4 months ago

      XDXDXD I shouldve waited for the sip of drink with purple straw, nvm Phil you pulled it off

  • Alysa Natarte
    Alysa Natarte 4 months ago

    I don't know why he was wearing nail Polish, but it is a mood! You look good 😊

  • Mr Amazing
    Mr Amazing 4 months ago

    I'm just glad he didn't say belittle

  • UniCatNinjess 'Unicornette'

    Chris the type of person to make others think us short people are closer to hell 😂

  • UzzyT
    UzzyT 4 months ago

    I hope Wester gets super bummed in prison.

  • Dani Mother of Dragons
    Dani Mother of Dragons 4 months ago

    Guys an idiot but that dude should not have jumped on him, nor should the women taunt him.
    The dude has issues he needs help.

  • Mukhayriq
    Mukhayriq 4 months ago

    Loving the nails. 💅🏻

  • Exar Kun
    Exar Kun 4 months ago

    Gotta put a stop to all the bagel radicalization shops.

  • Thy Horror
    Thy Horror 4 months ago

    Let all the people falsely accused of drugs out of jail and let them deal with the cop that violated them and ruined their lives. and as you let them out of jail , hand them a .45 1911 .

  • Matthew Murdock
    Matthew Murdock 4 months ago

    I just feel bad for the guy

  • Happy Little Nomad
    Happy Little Nomad 4 months ago

    When is Ting going to offer internet service

  • Happy Little Nomad
    Happy Little Nomad 4 months ago

    I love the nails !! haha

  • neha a
    neha a 4 months ago

    phil screaming “BEYN” was something i really didn’t know i needed but really did need

  • Tiger Black
    Tiger Black 4 months ago

    wait, why was his nails painted?

  • Mark Chang
    Mark Chang 4 months ago

    14:20 planting evidence. never heard that one before...

  • Jules Dolan
    Jules Dolan 4 months ago

    I hope that cop gets shanked in prison...

  • Forrest L
    Forrest L 4 months ago

    i love the nails

  • GioSerpo
    GioSerpo 4 months ago

    LMFAO... I was laying down while watching todays show, and for 7 minutes, it drove me crazy wondering "Phil, why tf are your nails painted?" I got up and walked to my desk to comment asking about it, and while I was turning my light on and getting to my desk, the video was still playing, and turns out, it was for a TIA piece... XD.

    Why did I waste my time caring about why his nails were painted tho?