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  • Krazy 666
    Krazy 666 5 hours ago

    And then a real plane flys by lol

  • Gaydy Donley
    Gaydy Donley 17 hours ago

    How much does it costs? I want one!!!

  • Argentum Sol
    Argentum Sol 19 hours ago

    Went to car , take out mini AA gun ,attach on ground. Enjoy the show

  • Florida Texas
    Florida Texas 23 hours ago

    Who the person made this real plane , he's very genious

  • Micah Wilson
    Micah Wilson Day ago

    Nobody wants to watch 6 minutes of a mini airplane flying in circles

  • Jason Stephens
    Jason Stephens Day ago

    Amazing 😍

  • yengqi
    yengqi Day ago

    The pilot is awesome!

  • Tuomaaszz -
    Tuomaaszz - 2 days ago +1

    Omg i was so confused when it took off i thought it was only some kind of decoration :D

  • Lumberjack0286
    Lumberjack0286 2 days ago

    schwänzelt aber ganz schön arg

  • Gurnoor Singh
    Gurnoor Singh 4 days ago

    I guess it's 5.43 not 5,43

  • Saptak Dutta
    Saptak Dutta 4 days ago

    Watch this

  • wasthuwa
    wasthuwa 4 days ago

    my chanal subscribe

  • wasthuwa
    wasthuwa 4 days ago

    veary nice

  • Triggerman Music
    Triggerman Music 5 days ago

    The scene on 2:30 in 0.75 speed looks fuckin real.

  • Jessi Soper
    Jessi Soper 5 days ago +2

    I would hijack that rc airplane and crash it to those people clapping f*ck!😱😡😈

  • kiyonexus
    kiyonexus 6 days ago

    When you press RTH but ends up going straight towards the crowd. What if you stand right behind it, will you get sucked in?

  • Ducky Arcade
    Ducky Arcade 6 days ago

    show this to your friends and they will think its the real thing

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 7 days ago


  • TheRantingGamer - E X T R A T H I C C


  • Dina Nita
    Dina Nita 8 days ago

    Good Amazing

  • David Strommer
    David Strommer 9 days ago

    There all got the clap!!!

  • keithhamz587
    keithhamz587 10 days ago

    After 5 mins kid's when to the streets and fly this and watch the army taking of this with missile...

  • Boot Lick
    Boot Lick 10 days ago

    So cool!

  • Doug K
    Doug K 11 days ago

    The Germans will most likely be the first modelers to build a full scale replica..

  • Brownlee Marques
    Brownlee Marques 12 days ago


  • Bubba Clinton
    Bubba Clinton 12 days ago

    If a midget straddled the fuselage would it get airborne?

  • muhammad ali
    muhammad ali 13 days ago

    Good landing .

  • Jeff Karshner
    Jeff Karshner 13 days ago

  • Norman Wang
    Norman Wang 14 days ago

    Talk about having 747s to do soft field take off and landing, ha!

  • Johnathan Wilson
    Johnathan Wilson 14 days ago

    You could out a small person on their and for them around

  • Johnathan Wilson
    Johnathan Wilson 14 days ago

    This is beautiful lol

  • Leaking T-N-T plays
    Leaking T-N-T plays 14 days ago

    Cool plane I wish I had one like that

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith 14 days ago


  • sunil s
    sunil s 14 days ago

    Can you try riding on it?

  • Ryan Herrick
    Ryan Herrick 15 days ago

    I wonder if this is the plane they used for that fake video of a 747 doing a barrel role near the ground

  • Ryan Herrick
    Ryan Herrick 15 days ago

    Do military fixed wing drones count because they are bigger than those

  • john law
    john law 15 days ago

    Does it has reverse thrust ?

  • flourescent adolescent


  • Daz Guilbert
    Daz Guilbert 16 days ago

    Clapping a fucking remote control. What next. Clapping a dog pissing on a pole?

  • M
    M 17 days ago

    Isis must be brainstorming to come up with an idea on how to make tiny terrorist blow this planes up...

  • Mr 4K GaMeR
    Mr 4K GaMeR 17 days ago +1

    How much would one of these cost???

  • Dylan Howell
    Dylan Howell 18 days ago

    But can it do a loop the loop?

  • Alvin Stroyny, Ph.D.
    Alvin Stroyny, Ph.D. 18 days ago +1

    Do you want to sell the plane?

    SPIDER CAMEL 18 days ago


  • awefren d
    awefren d 19 days ago

    My brother thinks it’s a real plane I wish I had one of those for Christmas I like it it’s amaizing!😃

  • Howlin Allen
    Howlin Allen 19 days ago

    For some reason I was hoping for someone to strap onto it with a rope/bungee and parachute since it’s moving so fast.

  • Barry Ervin
    Barry Ervin 19 days ago

    Very impressive, but far from the biggest R/C airplane in the world. I've seen some that are considerably larger, like a B-29 with close to a 30 foot wingspan.

  • daniel brockman
    daniel brockman 20 days ago

    Wow!!!!! Just wow all around!!!!!

  • bib fish
    bib fish 20 days ago

    Ihan hieno

    POWER IN YOU 20 days ago +1

    Take off

  • Ray Miles
    Ray Miles 20 days ago


  • Ray Miles
    Ray Miles 20 days ago

    Are No Words , GOOD STUFF HERE ? !!

  • Ronney Zamora
    Ronney Zamora 21 day ago

    I Think This R/C Airplane Is Flying From America To Italy, The Running Time Of It Is 17 Hours.

  • NG8 XENOMORPH xbox one clips

    I'd be scared to fly it with the amount it must have cost

  • Bhayangkara Yuda
    Bhayangkara Yuda 22 days ago

    How much that plane and where i can buy that plane

  • Aimee Lorraine Keh-Lee


  • Henock Silva
    Henock Silva 23 days ago


  • donnykaraoke
    donnykaraoke 24 days ago

    Sweet land of libbbberty, home of the braaave

  • Balvinder Singh
    Balvinder Singh 24 days ago


    C N N News

  • Patrick Graham
    Patrick Graham 24 days ago

    Roman Atwood needs this

  • Steve Austin
    Steve Austin 25 days ago


  • Magic Penis
    Magic Penis 27 days ago


  • Ameenullah khan
    Ameenullah khan 27 days ago

    ميرا نام آمير پاکستان ایک RC AIRPLANE 747-400 VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRLINERچاہتاہوں فون نمبر03439062945 amail

  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry 27 days ago +1


  • yoshi dab
    yoshi dab 28 days ago

    CLAP CLAP ok there clapping fine..... 5 minutes later shut the fuck up!!

  • ashesh ghimire
    ashesh ghimire 28 days ago

    OMG! I can’t believe this!!!

  • Jordan Schaefer
    Jordan Schaefer 29 days ago

    they look cool

  • Graybeal Films
    Graybeal Films 29 days ago

    That’s awesome👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Visionous1Gaming
    Visionous1Gaming 29 days ago

    Damn, I get why they are clapping and all, but is it really necessary they have to *ALWAYS* clap when it passes by?...

  • Joe Smuckatelly
    Joe Smuckatelly 29 days ago

    Golf clap

  • Richard Monaghan
    Richard Monaghan Month ago

    But why virgin???

  • Darren Mark
    Darren Mark Month ago

    I kinda wish those were mini turbofan jets.

  • Efaz Faruk Hossain
    Efaz Faruk Hossain Month ago


  • Marco Mark Productions

    How fast is it in mph?

  • Hilda Mahmur
    Hilda Mahmur Month ago


  • Lou Ming
    Lou Ming Month ago

    Try the small one first

  • fight hard
    fight hard Month ago

    Now the world knows how really 911 happened

  • fun and crash
    fun and crash Month ago

  • Fuck  You
    Fuck You Month ago

    Did you get gate raped by little TSA workers before flying?

  • Jimbo 0117
    Jimbo 0117 Month ago

    Pretty landing, but he floated down half the runway before touching down. That should be go-around time!

  • Shaan A
    Shaan A Month ago

    Still more safer than Pakistan International

  • Egypt Son
    Egypt Son Month ago

    so is it a large model or a small drone?

  • BuRgLaR187
    BuRgLaR187 Month ago

    All we need is some miniature twin tower replicas

  • Rory Lamond
    Rory Lamond Month ago

    Alau akb-

  • Jop Y
    Jop Y Month ago

    Omg i really want it .

  • Is My Name Cam?
    Is My Name Cam? Month ago

    I wanna see that thing crash into a rc hell in mid air

  • golden
    golden Month ago

    1:26 that looks so real

  • TheReal MachuPichu
    TheReal MachuPichu Month ago

    The plane isn't the only virgin in this video

  • Rinzler Quick
    Rinzler Quick Month ago +1

    Does it melt steel bars?

  • kuldeep singh
    kuldeep singh Month ago


  • kuldeep singh
    kuldeep singh Month ago


  • PerfectParadox
    PerfectParadox Month ago

    Now put an illegal immigrant inside of it and cross the border!!!

  • smith tag
    smith tag Month ago

    The landing was really good

  • Syed Rehan Hashmi
    Syed Rehan Hashmi Month ago +3

    If i t was India children would sit on it

  • Melancholia09
    Melancholia09 Month ago

    So, that means they bring you a Virgin when you're over the Atlantic?

  • Dennis Wage
    Dennis Wage Month ago

    I’m curios as to top speed and then convert that to how fast it would be going in scale?

  • Irshad Ansari
    Irshad Ansari Month ago

    What if someone sit on it

  • Zt Weve
    Zt Weve Month ago

    So it just flies around in a circle?

  • Thomas Allyson
    Thomas Allyson Month ago

    WoW very beautiful RC

  • Fahd Farouq
    Fahd Farouq Month ago

    Hello everyone I want to subscribe in my channel please guys