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  • Kathrina Dagaraga
    Kathrina Dagaraga 9 hours ago

    very nice! It looks like a real airplane..👍🏻🙌🏻😃

  • Jaffar Hero
    Jaffar Hero 16 hours ago

    How did do a annoying sound on a plane I think that is real maybe?

  • liul niguse
    liul niguse Day ago

    Don' give to the Isis terrorist otherwise they will send you a pack of bomb just keep that in mind.

  • The Doodleman
    The Doodleman Day ago

    Put a midget inside, see if it still flies!

  • Under Master
    Under Master Day ago

    Imagine if you can ride there and it looks like real in the air. Where did you buy that?

  • Tony Maden
    Tony Maden 2 days ago

    Fantastic, looks so realistic!

  • sam Manicolo
    sam Manicolo 2 days ago

    i like it when they clap

  • sam Manicolo
    sam Manicolo 2 days ago

    i wanna fly on it and sit on it

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 days ago

    Oof, They clapped when it landed

  • Jomievolution8
    Jomievolution8 3 days ago

    BRAVO! Bravo!

  • Murphy James
    Murphy James 4 days ago

    Imagine if these things were outfitted with cameras? They could be stationed at local airports flying circles over areas for reconnaissance purposes. Nah. That wouldn’t happen would it? What fuels it? Max altitude? Speed? Duration? Real turbines? Thrust cap?

    GHOST LEGEND 5 days ago

    wow let



  • dd1781
    dd1781 6 days ago +1

    Ahhh. Germans playing with RC planes. Meanwhile they elect a government which let's in millions more Middle Eastern/North African "migrants". Have fun with that!

  • knights crusade
    knights crusade 7 days ago

    did that planes tail fin say virgin

  • Jake Vidad
    Jake Vidad 7 days ago

    What does it run on??

  • Moon Mullins
    Moon Mullins 8 days ago

    And if you used rudder in those turns it would look amazing. Rudder is the most underused and least understood of all the controls. It makes a "waddly" model into a flying artisan. At least with model radios you can mix in about 5 percent rudder with aileron and it will make it fly much better. When you lose an engine on one side it will make it much more likely to survive to fly again.

  • Sanaa Hakim
    Sanaa Hakim 9 days ago


  • Boggy
    Boggy 10 days ago

    My gosh, do you need ATC clearance to take off?

  • Cris Lerose
    Cris Lerose 10 days ago

    If you listen closely you can hear a baby screaming......

  • Rakshak Wankhade
    Rakshak Wankhade 11 days ago


  • Madhu Kanwar
    Madhu Kanwar 11 days ago


  • 1911HeadBanger
    1911HeadBanger 11 days ago

    I'd like to know the price tag.

  • Jack Pulley
    Jack Pulley 12 days ago

    Crash It into someone

  • Jesus Gastelum 790
    Jesus Gastelum 790 13 days ago

    If you showed me this in the air without telling me what it is I would think it’s just a normal plane

  • Compilation Force
    Compilation Force 14 days ago

    that landing was a little ruff

  • Taha Rajpoot
    Taha Rajpoot 14 days ago

    ya galat haa koi real airplane ara hoo to wo kay kara gaa

  • MegaTechpc
    MegaTechpc 14 days ago

    That thing is magnificent!

  • Lucas Geller
    Lucas Geller 15 days ago


  • felix larsson
    felix larsson 15 days ago

    imagine putting a tiny person inside

  • jyoti kaur
    jyoti kaur 16 days ago +1

    look like a real aeroplane

    RAJ RELOAD 17 days ago

    how much it cost

  • Glenn Sprigg
    Glenn Sprigg 19 days ago

    Fantastic !!!...... I wonder if Richard Branson approves of this... If he did, he would have wanted to see it fly first... After that, WooHoo !, he would have paid them a fortune !! :-)

  • Neelam Patel
    Neelam Patel 19 days ago +1

    It seems a real virgin Atlantic

    GAMING KING 19 days ago

    virgin airlines wow

  • Shemi Shaikh
    Shemi Shaikh 19 days ago


  • Solomon Jebara
    Solomon Jebara 19 days ago

    How much would that cost

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  • Manuel Figueroa
    Manuel Figueroa 19 days ago

    WOW XD

  • S-Net
    S-Net 19 days ago

    Ty pico letadlo vzlitne a oni tam tleskaj jak kdyby to bylo vůbec poprvé kdy něco vzlitno xDDDDDDD letadlo proletí kolem a oni tleskaj jak kdyby to bylo poprvé xDDDddF

  • Kris Jenders
    Kris Jenders 20 days ago

    Beautiful landing.

  • mike WIZZ
    mike WIZZ 20 days ago

    the old biggest crashed.
    anybody know that one where they did a crash test with that boeing 727?
    Yeah. this is biggest NOW.

  • Lee Phan
    Lee Phan 21 day ago


  • Jude Groomes
    Jude Groomes 21 day ago

    HOLY SHIT HES FLYING TOO LOW!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭🤢🤢🤮🤮 oh it’s just a RC plane phew! Very cool! It would be awesome if they had there own little piece of property and had a little paved runway.

  • Arthur Bird
    Arthur Bird 22 days ago


  • That guy from your school 123

    Lol ur status on back wing

  • Josh Den
    Josh Den 22 days ago

    How much its cost

  • Sherry Gheesling
    Sherry Gheesling 23 days ago

    A real airplane?

  • John Peanut
    John Peanut 24 days ago

    Very Nice, How Much Is It?

  • Riaan's RC Videos
    Riaan's RC Videos 25 days ago

    That's an awesome plane 👍

  • simply_phil
    simply_phil 25 days ago

    great Video from an awesome aircraft :)

  • Miner Channel
    Miner Channel 26 days ago

    Near By Lufthansa Plane: *HOLY SH*T*

  • rawdogJenkins
    rawdogJenkins 26 days ago

    I think that was the most realistic landing I have ever seen in an RC Plane. Nice man!

  • John Kerparik
    John Kerparik 26 days ago

    That's pretty cool

  • saintzeno
    saintzeno 27 days ago

    wow.. beautiful airplane and perfect landing!

  • Sarthak Gupta
    Sarthak Gupta 27 days ago

    Loved it

  • Sad Boy
    Sad Boy 28 days ago


  • johnny hald
    johnny hald 28 days ago


  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous 28 days ago

    It would be better to just make it full scale at this point.

  • Juvy Lee
    Juvy Lee 28 days ago


  • theoffroadguy
    theoffroadguy 29 days ago


  • Brucev7
    Brucev7 29 days ago

    "Giant Rc Sabre F-86"

  • Brucev7
    Brucev7 29 days ago

    Best landing I've viewed yet. Cool.

  • Aliyan Mir
    Aliyan Mir Month ago

    It's sound like a real airplane and I like it

  • The Draskiloor Haroopter

    Awesome. Just plain awesome

  • Isvail Souza
    Isvail Souza Month ago


    GETHU MACHI Month ago

    How to make that plane pls give the answer

  • Ankhommon Supreme
    Ankhommon Supreme Month ago

    I wonder if the government used an RC airplane to "crash" into the Twin towers, and just detonated an explosive where the plane hit.

  • Angel Bhandari
    Angel Bhandari Month ago

    1:35 looking so real

  • soulayman chhayra
    soulayman chhayra Month ago

    OMG now i want to see a airbus A380 fly emirates in that size

  • Rohan Reznor
    Rohan Reznor Month ago


  • Elimar Zordan
    Elimar Zordan Month ago

    Quase uma asa do Cessna 172

  • Gordon Giroux
    Gordon Giroux Month ago

    why not do something cool like duct tape a dog to this thing

  • Mircea Lascu
    Mircea Lascu Month ago


  • xMiss Kireinaxx
    xMiss Kireinaxx Month ago

    sounds like a real airplane

  • PaulMasterPro
    PaulMasterPro Month ago

    I looks like it's a real plane in the air

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin Month ago

    You should fly It in to the new WTC

  • øleMonde TM
    øleMonde TM Month ago

    Sound like an real airplane

  • Mustafa Siddqui
    Mustafa Siddqui Month ago


  • Joel Calderon
    Joel Calderon Month ago

    The thumbnail looks like a giant man grabbing ahold of a plane

  • Soham Rajbhoj
    Soham Rajbhoj Month ago

    1:30 to 1:33 Better than a original plane!

  • Flip Side 2 9
    Flip Side 2 9 Month ago

    What if someone ride on top of it ???

  • Michael Vernon
    Michael Vernon Month ago

    I saw it in the air and i thought how will it land, 2 minutes later and landing gear comes out! This is awesome!

  • barakat yunes
    barakat yunes Month ago

    That's choll and crazy

  • technical badshah
    technical badshah Month ago

    very nic bro

  • -Wickie -
    -Wickie - Month ago

    Do you have a chemtrail license for that?

  • Johnny Knoxville
    Johnny Knoxville Month ago

    Click like if you were hoping that thing was gonna bite it.

  • Diego Macias
    Diego Macias Month ago

    We’re can I get one of these

  • yo m8
    yo m8 Month ago


  • Mike Rowe
    Mike Rowe Month ago


  • 6 Gorillion D Chess

    I can't imagine all the hours and late nights putting this together! Good work

  • Eros Guadarrama
    Eros Guadarrama Month ago

    Hey bruh how much?

  • Bgd Vcbvcbgcbvc Jyfhgfjgfhgfhgf

    Its heavier than me

  • BiG JuiCe
    BiG JuiCe Month ago

    That's so cool! Love watching stuff like this! :)

  • [OCB]
    [OCB] Month ago

    If someone told me this was a video of a real 747 playing at 2x speed, I would believe them. Very realistic!

  • Grzegorz Chronowski

    Where się you but it?

  • KrisRaps
    KrisRaps Month ago

    Very very Amazing !!!

  • Shahnawaz Mullick
    Shahnawaz Mullick Month ago