• Published on Aug 10, 2015
  • Model: RC Boeing 747-400 from Adi Pitz
    Wingspan: 4,95m
    Length: 5,43m
    Weight: 68 Kg
    Scale: 1/13
    Turbine: 4x IQ Hammer 140
    Pilot: Rainer Kamitz
    Meeting: Airliner Meeting in Oppingen Germany July 2015
    More videos from this event you can see my playlist:
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  • Thunderclix Phistophilis

    The landing is perfect....👍... others land with a lot of jerking

  • lo ball
    lo ball 2 days ago

    not the largest

  • KBurchfiel
    KBurchfiel 2 days ago

    Very smooth landing! Excellent job with the model!

  • uzeir gamazsi
    uzeir gamazsi 3 days ago

    Imagine how many hamsters could visit their families overseas

  • Indrani Tuljaram
    Indrani Tuljaram 4 days ago

    How much is this?

  • C. Haas
    C. Haas 4 days ago

    The sound is absolutely astonishing

  • Steven Zore
    Steven Zore 5 days ago


  • Steven Zore
    Steven Zore 5 days ago

    He should have put a cat or a monkey in it...

  • Steven Zore
    Steven Zore 5 days ago

    THAT'S impressive...

  • EastSide RC
    EastSide RC 7 days ago +1

    Wow that is an amazing build right there! And a superb landing!!

  • Herbie Hysteria
    Herbie Hysteria 8 days ago

    I liked the part where it showed a Boeing 747 model RC plane

  • Tex Red Tech
    Tex Red Tech 9 days ago

    Amazing flight and a great accomplishment. I wonder how much your 747 would weigh if it was scale weight. Just curious.

  • Jax Animation
    Jax Animation 9 days ago +1


  • Miles Dyson
    Miles Dyson 10 days ago

    Thats bad Ass !

  • Smrithi Jayakumar
    Smrithi Jayakumar 11 days ago

    where shall i buy it in india

  • cattleNhay
    cattleNhay 12 days ago

    Make a replica of the twin towers, fly into them.. When they don't fall, call the evil U.S gov and they will collapse them and make an official story on the news that the masses will believe!

  • Hyperion 724
    Hyperion 724 12 days ago

    That. Is. AWESOME

  • Binod Giri
    Binod Giri 13 days ago

    Can you give me this plane😄😭😭😭😭

  • ottopuppy
    ottopuppy 14 days ago

    that is the coolest RC i have ever seen

  • Steven Shaw
    Steven Shaw 15 days ago

    Land it at a real airport

  • Royal Fluids
    Royal Fluids 16 days ago

    Nice landing

  • Rabiu Nadoma
    Rabiu Nadoma 18 days ago

    can i buy it

  • Maria Silvana
    Maria Silvana 18 days ago

    woooooooooow Boeing 0_0

  • Sudarshan Bastola
    Sudarshan Bastola 20 days ago

    Prize please

  • Jefferson Industrial
    Jefferson Industrial 20 days ago

    where did you buy it

  • Gizziiusa
    Gizziiusa 20 days ago +1

    Boo. needs more excitement. have one of those vintage WW2 paratrooper planes fly over a very active driving range, as it dispenses GI joe figures parachuting down.

  • Family Friendly Toy Videos

    THAT is amazing !

  • Martin McHugh
    Martin McHugh 25 days ago

    And it can probably still take a bigger bag than Ryanair allow.

  • Dom Anderson
    Dom Anderson 28 days ago

    Who the fuck are the 5k people who gave this a thumbs down... Such a weird thing to do! Who does that!

  • Jeromy Nall
    Jeromy Nall 29 days ago

    What are they clapping for?

  • Cory
    Cory Month ago

    hahaha, everybody golf claps every time it passes by and when it takes off. hahaha, pshh

  • Azka Bandung
    Azka Bandung Month ago +1

    Harga mesin nya berapa

  • Jagdev Singh
    Jagdev Singh Month ago

    I love this plane 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😍😍🛫🛫✈✈🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛩🛩🛩

  • Fla Yang
    Fla Yang Month ago


  • Fla Yang
    Fla Yang Month ago

    so real

  • Chandan Jha
    Chandan Jha Month ago

    How much it cost?

  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas Month ago

    Predator drones are bigger.

  • John Grabowski
    John Grabowski Month ago +1

    The flight attendants are two inches tall and anatomically correct. ;-)

  • Frank Esposito
    Frank Esposito Month ago

    Great Job!

  • Luke W.
    Luke W. Month ago

    Is it big or small tho

  • Mark Michael
    Mark Michael Month ago

    Ethiopian airlines needs you as a pilot man , textbook flying !

  • metho1234
    metho1234 Month ago

    nice landing, always important ;)

  • Mark Gillies
    Mark Gillies Month ago

    Hkw fast does it go?Graet RC though.

  • Michael M McDonald
    Michael M McDonald Month ago

    That was killer

  • ezum
    ezum Month ago +3

    Plane: Passes by
    People: Golf Clapping

    • Gizziiusa
      Gizziiusa 20 days ago

      Me (from a hidden spot): Fore !! As I attempt a bit of anti-aircraft "realism" with golf ball flak.

  • Metaldetector Experimenter

    just a couple of mice needed as passengers inside the cockpit ... and a cam inside filming them .:-)

  • m. rude
    m. rude Month ago

    How much did that little sweetheart set you back?

  • Motolík TV
    Motolík TV Month ago

    where is airbus a380

  • Rester Pastel
    Rester Pastel Month ago

    I pay u 500 cash 4 tha plane

    • Rester Pastel
      Rester Pastel Month ago

      Says the guy on let-go Craigslist or offer up

  • Skillzworthy :D
    Skillzworthy :D Month ago +1

    Plot twist: some people were enjoying first class in there

  • Invincible Orange
    Invincible Orange Month ago

    It looks real when its in the sky

  • The Impaler
    The Impaler Month ago

    Is it equipped with the new crash inducing crash avoidance system?

  • dianne stephenson
    dianne stephenson Month ago +1

    My daughter watched this and she was trying to imagine sitting on it while it was flying

    JAYDEN HART Month ago +1

    Its amazing

  • Caeporwhatsapp Videos Surtidos

    Dear Santa......

  • Scott Mosher
    Scott Mosher Month ago

    A miniature 9/11 with this would be wild

  • BambiMambi BambiMambi

    such a german hobby

  • DrBrodski
    DrBrodski Month ago +1

    What is the speed of this thing? Stall, max, cruising etc? Looks awesome.

  • Antonio Novais
    Antonio Novais Month ago

    WTC 9/11 ilusion Haaaaaaaaa

  • Igor Brezovic
    Igor Brezovic Month ago

    It's easy to be amazed!

  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill Month ago +1

    747 makes emergency landing in field.

  • Who’s That
    Who’s That Month ago

    I love how it says “virgin” on the side

  • Neil Castro
    Neil Castro Month ago

    Wow that's amazing an actual scale model and the engines are turbines also, the sound of the engines if so realistic

  • SatisfyingPet SuperFan


  • Josh S
    Josh S Month ago

    The best part is these dont crash

    SELF MADE Month ago

    I want this plane!!! Do you know if I can purchase this toy

  • Kai Hendry
    Kai Hendry Month ago

    These humans are awesome

  • H-Milch !
    H-Milch ! Month ago

    Geiles Teil o.o Meinen größten Respekt an den Erbauer.

  • X X
    X X Month ago

    It sounds great !

  • Pendulous Testicularis

    Omg! That low level flyby!!! I was clutching my tinkle in excitement!!!

  • Sean Connors
    Sean Connors Month ago

    Radar operators at nearest airport tower: “Who in the hell is that?! No transponder, no response - crap! Scramble fighters!!!”

  • Patrick McCoppin
    Patrick McCoppin Month ago

    Do a fucking loop or barrel roll , clapping for a complete lap seems stupid

  • Ananda Ananda
    Ananda Ananda Month ago

    Where is it find?

  • toonmag50
    toonmag50 Month ago

    Shane it's Virgin , free advertising for a cunt.

  • ArianOriginal21
    ArianOriginal21 Month ago

    its a fucking toy, cant stand this rc bullshit grow some fucking balls

  • Justin Meyer
    Justin Meyer Month ago

    Kind of ridiculous.
    I want to see it crash.

  • Hisheem King
    Hisheem King Month ago

    That was awesome!...👀I'm a kid again

  • Mike C
    Mike C Month ago

    And here I am still trying to do the leaves from last fall...

  • The Ignorant Philosopher

    This is very impressive, but define RC. There are plenty of actual planes that can be remote controlled.

    • The Ignorant Philosopher
      The Ignorant Philosopher Month ago

      +Valerian Ardelean There is indeed at need to challenge everything, how else would I learn?

    • Valerian Ardelean
      Valerian Ardelean Month ago

      The Ignorant Philosopher No need to challenge everything Mr. Philosopher. And it's radio controlled not remote controlled.

  • Poopy Maker
    Poopy Maker Month ago

    Just wait I’m making a a380 :)

  • Ryzuko
    Ryzuko Month ago +1

    Bruh you could prank people with this shit lmao

  • joey Depalmer
    joey Depalmer Month ago

    what is the scale?

    • A Kyaw
      A Kyaw Month ago

      joey Depalmer idk

  • Wanderlust Forrest Fenn Gold

    That is amazing!

  • Poontang
    Poontang Month ago


  • Gyumri Salute
    Gyumri Salute Month ago

    Just make one 4 times bigger so you can sit in it and really fly.

  • змей тажа
    змей тажа Month ago +2

    офигеть даже шасси прячет) красавы

  • My Videos
    My Videos Month ago

    Just remember to test the anti stall system PRIOR to takeoff

  • razr
    razr Month ago

    No contrail, it never happened.

  • SirtubalotTX
    SirtubalotTX Month ago

    That landing though!

  • macmultiservices
    macmultiservices Month ago

    Nice, wish I could have one.

  • MrVegaslive
    MrVegaslive Month ago

    Well, I guess 5 minute flight time isn't terrible.

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Month ago

    look like the plane they used on 911!

  • Ryan wyrick
    Ryan wyrick Month ago

    Yeah after 9/11 I don't think we need shit like that I don't think we need anything mocking civilian aircraft... so another words someone can fucking build this and fill it full of explosives and literally make their way into somewhere very important because the last thing someone's going to order is a civilian aircraft be shot down over a major populated area I mean it's just not going to fucking happen it is not going to happen it is a big loophole and it's not going to happen and they proved that... Hey I'm just being realistic like I just thought about it for a minute and it's just not a good idea at all

  • Wally G.
    Wally G. Month ago

    Wow. I want one. How much??

  • DriverSteve
    DriverSteve Month ago

    How much cargo can it carry? I don't see anyone asking that!

    ABC XYZ Month ago

    Why does it sound like a fighter jet when it actually is a commercial plane

  • mike jones
    mike jones Month ago +1

    bravo you badass mofo

  • Mr You knoe it's Roland

    Do you reckon you could clear out the inside and lay down in it and fly around ?

  • Rohan Jay
    Rohan Jay Month ago +1

    What an awesome model!

  • Longbombs Tosnake
    Longbombs Tosnake Month ago +1

    Whenever I see this plane I have an irresistible urge to clap...not sure why