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  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas Harris 42 minutes ago


  • D4RKW0LF90
    D4RKW0LF90 9 hours ago

    Are these flown using real time camera transmission?

  • Arefin Imtiaz
    Arefin Imtiaz Day ago

    2:56 sounds so real

  • Arefin Imtiaz
    Arefin Imtiaz Day ago

    2:33 looks so real

  • Mitch Mitrione
    Mitch Mitrione 2 days ago

    That thing is so dope!!! Wonder how much it costs to make one of those?..

  • ItIsWhatItIs
    ItIsWhatItIs 2 days ago +1

    Ay yo thats sick!

  • 이정민
    이정민 3 days ago


  • TheCentaury
    TheCentaury 3 days ago

    The plane is beautiful but I think that the plane is a bit too light and controls a bit too sensitives... It makes the flight a bit unrealistic compared to its real counterpart.

  • Pungent Sauce
    Pungent Sauce 3 days ago

    Recreate the 9/11 but this time put niggers inside the building. That will be sooooooo cool.

  • Ahror Muminov
    Ahror Muminov 3 days ago

    Imagine German Air Defense sends rockets and the dream of an old boy crashes down

  • The Challenge Master

    I mean RC

  • The Challenge Master

    D.C. Media will u be making any for sale because I love planes favorite thing ever

    Macro VIGILANCE 4 days ago

    I'm not an RC fan - but that is pretty awesome!

  • Samson Zhen
    Samson Zhen 4 days ago

    It’s cool it has everything that a real plane has like the landing gear

  • Samson Zhen
    Samson Zhen 4 days ago

    I wish I have that
    And where can u even buy it

  • Konsta Rautakallio
    Konsta Rautakallio 4 days ago

    I hate the sound of clapping

  • Dharren Playz Gamez
    Dharren Playz Gamez 5 days ago

    Everyone claps everytime it flys by

  • Daniela Esparza
    Daniela Esparza 5 days ago

    Dogs can actually be passengers

  • Triston Herrera
    Triston Herrera 5 days ago

    Crash crash crash

  • ASMR Gamer
    ASMR Gamer 5 days ago

    I wonder if that’s what they use in movies

  • Trucker Gray Fox
    Trucker Gray Fox 5 days ago

    Be careful not to fly that thing above russia those cocksuckers will shoot anything down

  • Lloyd 그린닌자
    Lloyd 그린닌자 6 days ago

    That's very biggest!!!

  • sanket shinde
    sanket shinde 6 days ago

    Did you the crab maneuver during the landing approach ? Very scale!

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay 6 days ago

    I'll take 2 for my birthday

  • RBTheOne
    RBTheOne 6 days ago

    That is soo cool

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  • Andrew Donaghy
    Andrew Donaghy 7 days ago

    Omg do people actually applaud? 😂😂😂😂

  • life Hobbies
    life Hobbies 7 days ago


  • SerideDemirel
    SerideDemirel 8 days ago

    God çab

  • I traveled through time just to post this comment

    Now we need an RC WTC.

  • Mike will
    Mike will 8 days ago

    i want that shit

  • Chraosulus
    Chraosulus 8 days ago +1

    I can just imagine scaring the crap out of people with this thing lol

  • Clavell Coleman
    Clavell Coleman 9 days ago +1

    Does it have a camera where you can see where you flying

  • Clavell Coleman
    Clavell Coleman 9 days ago +1

    What's the price on that

  • Clavell Coleman
    Clavell Coleman 9 days ago +1

    Complete with sound effects man

  • Clavell Coleman
    Clavell Coleman 9 days ago +1

    Hey that is so cool but I bet you can scare the s*** out of somebody with it

  • Monika Ciegowski
    Monika Ciegowski 10 days ago +1

    very impressing!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 10 days ago

    Dis would be the ultimate prank if you lit one of its engines on fire and got it to fly a fair distance from the empire state building making it look real... Yah I'll be leaving now.

  • Sterling Burton
    Sterling Burton 11 days ago +2

    If he puts a cam on that thing he'll have the perfect drone!!!👍👍👍

    XIVSTREETGANG 11 days ago

    9-11 was done by R/C planes

  • Alberto Rodríguez
    Alberto Rodríguez 11 days ago +1

    How do the engines work ? What kind of engine are they ?

  • Mario Galanos
    Mario Galanos 11 days ago

    Now that is an RC plane....👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Muslim bomber 3000
    Muslim bomber 3000 11 days ago

    The actual boing 747-8 has autopilot so that would be incorrect

  • Nathan Countryman
    Nathan Countryman 12 days ago

    Okay now throw a seat on the sob fly your self around

  • Hiren Bagga
    Hiren Bagga 12 days ago

    Well drones can be bigger sooo

  • 2KGrafix
    2KGrafix 12 days ago

    I want one.

  • Yuri Plisetsky ツ
    Yuri Plisetsky ツ 12 days ago

    Dear Santa...

  • Ada Ada
    Ada Ada 12 days ago


  • Igorcyb5
    Igorcyb5 12 days ago

    I just want to plough it through a replica of WTC.

  • Fluffy Pup
    Fluffy Pup 12 days ago

    I don’t know why but I find a bunch of people clapping together satisfying

    RC BUDDY 12 days ago


    KINDER BOY 13 days ago

    Make a concorde one

  • Adriana Flowers
    Adriana Flowers 13 days ago

    So cool

  • HipHopCantSaveMe
    HipHopCantSaveMe 14 days ago

    They applaud lol that's so funny.

    They clap each time it makes a round

  • CJ
    CJ 14 days ago +11

    Everytime the plane got closer.

    *clap clap clap clap clap W O O H clap*

  • Urho Drinks Water
    Urho Drinks Water 15 days ago

    Why virgin? Why not some real and historical Airline

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 15 days ago

    Howw much its prices please tell me

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan 15 days ago

    Are those turbines, compressors real??...I mean how the hell this thing is flying so well...

  • Pushpendra Kushwaha
    Pushpendra Kushwaha 15 days ago


  • Stay in the Light
    Stay in the Light 16 days ago

    I so want a full-scale replica.

  • Victoria Andreeva
    Victoria Andreeva 16 days ago

    Wow, it is great, truly✈

  • User Terminated
    User Terminated 16 days ago

    I can sleep on that

  • Francisco Alexandre Moreira

    Ára! Se eu fosse o presidente dos States,faria Adulação ao Principe com avião cheio de búfalos de presente.O Bodensee é lindo.😁😉💣💥

  • luquinhahard drumond
    luquinhahard drumond 17 days ago

    Cadê os br

  • Kamil Kamil
    Kamil Kamil 17 days ago

    How much this boeng?

  • Galactusz007
    Galactusz007 18 days ago +2

    Wow, it even sounds like a big plane.

  • Rajendra Gujar
    Rajendra Gujar 18 days ago

    Landing is incredible

  • dgunn4fun
    dgunn4fun 18 days ago

    Best landing I've ever seen.

  • aionzuke
    aionzuke 18 days ago

    Do they sell this?!!!!??!!!!????

  • Ksaurus 07
    Ksaurus 07 19 days ago


  • Tim S
    Tim S 19 days ago

    that's so awesome!

  • Patrice Miller
    Patrice Miller 20 days ago

    it looks so real

  • Jock the Miniature engine

    Attach a GoPro on it

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila 20 days ago

    Must be expensive. Airplane better take me to Dubai

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes 20 days ago

    I hate how in videos like this it takes like an hour just to get the rc plane or car ready to take off

  • deon yang
    deon yang 20 days ago

    now all you need is a miniature twin tower and you can have endless oil supply.

  • john henry lim
    john henry lim 20 days ago


  • Pranjal Das
    Pranjal Das 20 days ago

    Can I buy this thing

  • Mervic Shaju
    Mervic Shaju 20 days ago

    I wish Ryan Air had the same landing skills as the pilot in this video. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mervic Shaju
    Mervic Shaju 20 days ago

    It would've been cooler with retractable landing gear.
    Imagine that...

  • Houda Keddari
    Houda Keddari 20 days ago


  • Ronin R
    Ronin R 20 days ago

    My cat would love to have a ride on this 🐈🐅🐅🐅

  • Hans Ojek
    Hans Ojek 20 days ago

    Wow nice !!!

  • UbuntoO
    UbuntoO 20 days ago


  • TwistedUp_ Jake
    TwistedUp_ Jake 20 days ago

    In the sky it looks like the real deal

  • Maria Ferguson
    Maria Ferguson 21 day ago

    now crash it into a replica of the twin towers

  • my name is I dont know123

    Did you get a world record

  • Lanz Tracy
    Lanz Tracy 21 day ago

    i put my phone on airplane mode and.....

    i threw it

    and it didnt fly 😭

  • Mohdshaf Rizalanwar
    Mohdshaf Rizalanwar 21 day ago

    Mano akau boli takajoit eden nampak bosa control

  • SWiGGY
    SWiGGY 21 day ago

    i'd put my dog in it
    as long as i knew it was completely safe, of course

  • eh6794
    eh6794 21 day ago

    If I owned that, I'd fly it near a large crowd of people, then let them watch as I crash it into a vacant field. Really fk with them. :)

  • carlos alexander
    carlos alexander 22 days ago

    Nice quisiera comprarme uno

  • Pinny Smith
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  • AJ67901
    AJ67901 22 days ago

    Amazing - beautiful job!!

  • Nicholas ponce de leon
    Nicholas ponce de leon 22 days ago +1

    Claps so cringe

    • Oz
      Oz 7 days ago

      Nicholas ponce de leon Believe me you will be clapping as well.

  • Thomeeno
    Thomeeno 22 days ago +1

    OMG, so much spent money... This model is so big and complex that owner could make regular plane, able to cargo himself instead of this toy. I'm not sure if these people with their abilities are realizing they could reach more than damn game!...loose of the potential...

  • raj reddy
    raj reddy 22 days ago

    please give me one model

    xXBLAZEKINXx 22 days ago

    0:53 '' i will eat you're kid''

  • Adil Freak
    Adil Freak 22 days ago