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  • Sting Ray Bassman Nashville, TN.

    Should of paid your bandmates and including lead singer/ monster guitarist and awesome songwriting and of all your Talent that you even took credit for his amazing guitar work he played on Pushed him off to the side of the stage cause came the Video Era Ted, you fooled the fans all the record people, also don't even give him credit live, instead of acting like you were the lead vocalist and going up to the Mic everytime he sang a word and all royalties that he is do That you stolen his heart and soul and stamped your Name on it......Tommy Shaw even said you were the biggest ass that he has ever played in a band with and was the biggest cheating idiot until that asian girl finally took you to the bank and all your great management took all your money oop's i meant Dereks money

  • Ayush Morya
    Ayush Morya 4 hours ago

    The landing
    Very satisfying 😍😍

  • isaak reda
    isaak reda 10 hours ago

    fantastic how i can get like this ps i'm from algeria

  • J Obamastein
    J Obamastein Day ago

    Most impressive flying and beautiful RC aircraft. Shalom

  • scott hinkel
    scott hinkel Day ago

    The biggest RC airplane in the world, since they flew it's predisesors into the twin towers!

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 2 days ago

    It's hard to believe that an airline would let some incompetent fools like this behind the controls of an aircraft.

  • absoftitanium
    absoftitanium 3 days ago

    Somebody dislikes this? Jealous much? Lol.

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    News just in giant man seem pushing jets down runway story at eleven,is too much for 6 o clock news....hah ha

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    300 tickets as a matter of fact,hah hah where we going....oh yeah Bahamas...I forgot....dah.

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Years ago,tickets I got tickets hear,I was standing looking out the back door if Continental air freight while they were unloaded my box truck and one of these baby's goes by at a lumbering 160 mph she lifted her nose and was flying from a far she was so big she look like she was going 80 May be the guy say 160 and their up,to which I said jeeze no wonder NASCAR they go air born when they turn around at 200mph....beautiful bird...nice flying too....sounds like the real thing,perfect...

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Racing sport bike and going 150mph,the next step would be flight I guess,but RC planes are so awsum and a little bit more affordable,and I really don't think the military would loan 20 of their best mechanics for doing the maitenence on my F 16 OR 18 if I could afford one just to play in,but this 747 is absolutely the most beautiful air Bus,that red tail is the shit what a cool paint scheme,its not my type of recommended flyer,but really cool just the same thanks for sharing...

  • Bala Subramanian
    Bala Subramanian 5 days ago

    Why all old people only fly this planes

  • kevin gilbert
    kevin gilbert 6 days ago

    An rc plane modeled after one of the worlds richest pedophiles how sick .repaint the plane FOR SURE

  • Cambo Space Edu
    Cambo Space Edu 6 days ago

    How does it sound like a real airplane? Do they put speaker inside it?

  • yamete kudasai
    yamete kudasai 6 days ago

    He buttered it.

  • Yousef Mahmoud
    Yousef Mahmoud 7 days ago

    Please Can you tell me what the price about this Plan

  • bones007able
    bones007able 8 days ago

    OK ... how much just to buy that kit? thousands?

  • Pro Noob
    Pro Noob 10 days ago

    Crash it on Statue of Liberty.

  • Takahashi Gaming
    Takahashi Gaming 12 days ago

    I like it its looks like real plane

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 14 days ago

    Absolutely amazing. Wonder what's the price for one of those? Plus fuel, maintaining it as well. I salute you, sir.

  • whatsgoingon07
    whatsgoingon07 14 days ago

    They might as well carve out a cockpit and call it a mini jet plane

  • Gorb Locke
    Gorb Locke 15 days ago

    Drug Cartels want to know your location

  • Owam Kuntelepano
    Owam Kuntelepano 15 days ago

    If it can fly give it to me

  • Owam Kuntelepano
    Owam Kuntelepano 15 days ago

    I want it

  • Hat05
    Hat05 15 days ago +1

    *Now we need some Twin Towers then we’re good*

  • Faiz Taufiqurrahman
    Faiz Taufiqurrahman 15 days ago +1


  • The Legend
    The Legend 16 days ago

    Smoothest landing I've ever seen💯💯😍😍

  • Otniel Ocampo
    Otniel Ocampo 17 days ago

    It was a very good Landing. Some Crabbing on aproach. And 6 Degrees of Nose Pitch on touch down. Flawless!!! LOL

  • Johnny Conner
    Johnny Conner 17 days ago

    That thing looks big enough to carry one man inside; although, I wouldn't volunteer! LOL

  • Ivan Lo 9087
    Ivan Lo 9087 18 days ago

    I love takeoff part

  • Adam Burnham
    Adam Burnham 19 days ago

    Disliked because of all the clapping.

  • Shoaib wahab
    Shoaib wahab 20 days ago


  • Aryan Aggarwal
    Aryan Aggarwal 20 days ago +1

    It looks real in the air

  • Ken Powers
    Ken Powers 20 days ago

    So could you strap someone on that thing and fly it?

  • dsruddell
    dsruddell 20 days ago

    nice landing!

  • Ted Phillips
    Ted Phillips 21 day ago

    What it needs is a nose camera with video at the controller so you don't have to fly in a circle. Another alternative would be an onboard GPS unit so it could fly a programmed route. The technology doesn't have to be big - see what this guy did for another problem - yes, it's funny, but it has what is needed.

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 22 days ago

    это круто очень!

  • MrObrien01
    MrObrien01 22 days ago

    How much are these things!!!!! I want one!!!

  • Dorvin
    Dorvin 22 days ago

    That plane is so cool

  • thomas smith
    thomas smith 23 days ago

    I heard there was a terrorist at the event who tried to hijack the plane! When he realised it was a miniture sized plan he put a gun to the head of the guy controlling the plane and told him to fly it into the nearest building.

  • U_stupid_mother_f*ckers

    Let's see it crash. Explode and burn.

  • Hhhh Bbbj
    Hhhh Bbbj 24 days ago

    Lol are you planes only fun flying for 2 seconds like it's in the are okay

  • Biro Karoly
    Biro Karoly 25 days ago

    Ladies and gentleman, this is the Captain speaking. We could have a bit of turbulance.. please fasten your seatbelt and prepare for emergency landing

  • BN T
    BN T 25 days ago

    Airplane price..

  • Vj Surya
    Vj Surya 26 days ago

    Landing very well

  • Aqua Fyre
    Aqua Fyre 26 days ago

    It's almost big enough to be hijacked.

  • Chee Kok
    Chee Kok 26 days ago

    Fantastically amazing!!! Niceeeeee.... 👍👍👍

  • Nox-inese Nexitanese
    Nox-inese Nexitanese 26 days ago

    Because it's a virgin that's why

  • Comp Fox
    Comp Fox 27 days ago

    One of the biggest....

  • milk collins
    milk collins 27 days ago

    9/11 was an inside job

  • Southwest Flyer21
    Southwest Flyer21 27 days ago

    That looks awesome. I’m wondering, how long did it take to build?

  • Spicy Gamer121
    Spicy Gamer121 27 days ago

    That looks awesome!!!!!!!! I like!

  • bri cox
    bri cox 28 days ago

    the clapping sounds like it would be in the wii

  • world of technology
    world of technology 28 days ago

    Amazing landing

  • world of technology
    world of technology 28 days ago

    The sound 😍😍 R.I.P headphone users

  • Shuhrat Rajabov
    Shuhrat Rajabov 29 days ago +1

    Xarashi sanalayot

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 29 days ago

    If he could have incorporated thrust reversers.....

  • TheDefinitionOfABadTime
    TheDefinitionOfABadTime 29 days ago +1

    I want one!

  • FPV5150
    FPV5150 Month ago

    Sooo boring

  • MeatyFlush
    MeatyFlush Month ago

    Get a airbus A380 that’s way better lol 😆

  • Small Fry
    Small Fry Month ago +2


  • The King
    The King Month ago

    Can I buy these?

  • sri hareesh
    sri hareesh Month ago


  • Codafy Hendrix
    Codafy Hendrix Month ago

    Would it be wrong to put my dog in it and fly him as far away as I can

  • Dick Asser
    Dick Asser Month ago

    At what point is it just a small airplane?

  • ReptoidHumidian
    ReptoidHumidian Month ago

    All jokes aside though, that is seriously one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

  • ReptoidHumidian
    ReptoidHumidian Month ago

    I mean, sure, If I were to do it, mine would have to have one of those musical bugle horns like Al Czervik's car in Caddyshack and it'd have to be the exact likeness of Kevin Hart's Soul Plane, with the spinner wheels and hydraulics and whatnot. I mean why not!

  • Sean Hague
    Sean Hague Month ago

    Think the guy controlling this deserves some credit! Anyone ever tries controlling a rc plane lol

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied Month ago

    Not even close. This is just slightly "bigger" than a Luna. The Global Hawk RQ-4 has a 40 METER wingspan, weights 6800 kg. The RQ-4 is remote controlled via the satellite link by pilots on the ground, so no contest here.

  • Gabriel Vargas
    Gabriel Vargas Month ago

    What about a U.A.V?

  • Adan Rodriguez
    Adan Rodriguez Month ago

    Very Nice

    RICHARD WATTS Month ago


  • supercat380
    supercat380 Month ago

    Beautiful R/C model and excellent operators!!!

  • Leo Hargreaves
    Leo Hargreaves Month ago

    how many does it take to crash a model skyscraper?

  • john siira
    john siira Month ago

    simply badass exspensive hobby ...

  • Altamash Ahmad
    Altamash Ahmad Month ago +3

    Amazing sound

  • Angel Bencebi
    Angel Bencebi Month ago

    This is what hit the twin towers

  • Mr Tony 19
    Mr Tony 19 Month ago

    Do a barrell roll

  • Angry Skull
    Angry Skull Month ago

    Oof just thought how gigantic the battery would be, rip electricity

  • Angry Skull
    Angry Skull Month ago

    Probably put a person in there

  • northspack
    northspack Month ago

    One of the largest groups of virgins meet every year to play with there toys it's a sight to see, LMAO

  • Pool 1609
    Pool 1609 Month ago

    Bet full flight

  • J H
    J H Month ago

    I'm sorry, but you're hobby is WAY OUT OF CONTROL. This is crazy stupid. Do something better with your life. I'm all for man being free to do whatever you want to do, but this is crazy...

  • sevenrats
    sevenrats Month ago

    In every hobby there are those that take to a new level.

  • Jay Yang
    Jay Yang Month ago

    Do you buy it like that or do you bild it?

  • Mike Buck
    Mike Buck Month ago

    rip virgin america

  • Alex Sever
    Alex Sever Month ago

    Почему при наборе эшелона,,,механизация не убрана ? ,,,,ребята очень здоровооооооооо

  • Doug Stern
    Doug Stern Month ago

    So is this an actual jet engine powered plane?

  • Rodrigo Vazquez
    Rodrigo Vazquez Month ago

    Where can I buy one??

  • Mookaron
    Mookaron Month ago

    As long as you don't fly it into a building, we good! 💯

  • Memo RV
    Memo RV Month ago

    Still better then Volaris !!!

  • jarod atkinson
    jarod atkinson Month ago

    When it ran off the end of the runway, I was waiting for the tiny emergency vehicles to respond......

  • Michael Smith DJ Smitty

    4.2k dislikes really!! Freaking haters....

    • Anomolus TWOturoials 1488
      Anomolus TWOturoials 1488 5 days ago

      How couldn't this put a smile on your face? That fucking thing is literally a replica of a real plane, with jet engines, someone spent a lot of time on that, that's admirable.

    • Sir John Hammond
      Sir John Hammond 28 days ago

      blueknight why does someone making a comment about making a comment about haters matter to you?

    • blueknight
      blueknight 28 days ago +1

      +Sir John Hammond Why does someone making a comment about haters matter to you?

    • Sir John Hammond
      Sir John Hammond Month ago

      If someone else dislikes something, why does it matter to you?

  • gAY lOrD
    gAY lOrD Month ago

    That tail tells me that is the fortnite battle bus.

  • Peter P
    Peter P Month ago

    Does this RC plane show up on radar? 🤔

  • Sergio Luna
    Sergio Luna Month ago

    The real airplane...congratulation !!!!..

  • Read This
    Read This Month ago

    but there are no twin towers left?

  • Kai Sen
    Kai Sen Month ago

    Rc planes are really getting big.
    I think they will end up making a real size plane

  • Tim Watson
    Tim Watson Month ago