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  • Nazmi Bayan
    Nazmi Bayan 9 hours ago

    And then scott lang and hope van dyne come out of the plane.

  • Beethoven carioca
    Beethoven carioca 15 hours ago

    Cinco ☆☆☆☆☆estrelas
    Brinquedo de luxo

  • Dulumoni Gogoi
    Dulumoni Gogoi Day ago

    How did people do this

  • Bernard W
    Bernard W 2 days ago

    Gotta lock it up at night or homeless ppl sleep in it

  • Narusegawa
    Narusegawa 4 days ago

    detected on ATC

  • hari_kishore
    hari_kishore 5 days ago

    now dc-10

  • BoostedBlast96
    BoostedBlast96 6 days ago

    If you put it in x0.75, it looks like an actual plane

  • ba ab
    ba ab 6 days ago

    Did that flight takeoff on time? Did all of those people close to the plane pass through security? Were any passengers thrown off for being unruly? How many complained that the seats are Really small on this aircraft?

  • I hate you mother-fucker!

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Nova J.
    Nova J. 7 days ago

    that touchdown

  • Lamont Hicks
    Lamont Hicks 10 days ago


  • God
    God 12 days ago

    now all we need is a model twin tower

  • zojio awan
    zojio awan 13 days ago +1


  • Jared V
    Jared V 15 days ago

    Why is it that rc planes look so unstable in the air?

    MAAN AHMED 15 days ago

    Supppppppppppper NYC airplane
    I shocked original copy

  • Nacquita Rawls
    Nacquita Rawls 16 days ago

    The plane you was flying first iscreal

  • King Coder
    King Coder 17 days ago

    Can i have it?

  • jürgen bayer
    jürgen bayer 17 days ago

    Ich versteh sogar, was der Sprecher sagt😮


    Price aeroplane

  • tom gjokaj
    tom gjokaj 18 days ago

    just out of curiosity if you don’t mind what would something like this cost in American dollarsThank you

  • Mobius-1
    Mobius-1 20 days ago

    The world tallest midjit and it just a regular guy

  • andrei gaming yt minecraft

    that is like from United Kingdom airlines

  • andrei gaming yt minecraft

    nice qatar airways

  • Jack Glackin
    Jack Glackin 21 day ago

    Fuck the British flag

  • Dave Fordham
    Dave Fordham 21 day ago

    Fantastic. Such dedication and joy. Must have cost a bit too.

  • _Underturd_
    _Underturd_ 22 days ago

    I want to see that crash so bad for some reason

  • Luca Dell'Aquila
    Luca Dell'Aquila 22 days ago

    How much do one these things cost?

  • elbeno
    elbeno 22 days ago


  • Dr. Frost
    Dr. Frost 22 days ago

    Hoped it would crash.

  • Michael Orekyeh
    Michael Orekyeh 23 days ago

    Lilliput Aeroflot

  • Michael Orekyeh
    Michael Orekyeh 23 days ago

    Munchkin Airways

  • Pr Grant
    Pr Grant 23 days ago

    Luffty danny yo yo

  • Ajax Dan Bro
    Ajax Dan Bro 24 days ago

    throw it in the skip

  • claudiu pintilie
    claudiu pintilie 25 days ago

    0:23 wait why is there Lufthansa there?

  • Ennis Del Mar
    Ennis Del Mar 26 days ago

    how the fuck do you see where you're flying

  • Patrick Patrick
    Patrick Patrick 26 days ago

    Butter landing

  • The Highway Cowboy
    The Highway Cowboy 26 days ago

    Wow!!!! That is awesome

  • Sean The Baptist
    Sean The Baptist 26 days ago

    Imagine that mf falling on your head

  • Sourav Mallick
    Sourav Mallick 26 days ago

    Nice plane bro

  • golam sarwar
    golam sarwar 26 days ago

    did you sell this plane

  • Eli Hughes
    Eli Hughes 27 days ago

    Randomly explodes!!

  • zghvbn1
    zghvbn1 27 days ago

    3:21 that was brilliant !

  • tupac386
    tupac386 27 days ago

    Nice 👍

  • Charley Insley
    Charley Insley 27 days ago

    Why don’t you just get a real plane

  • Hasan Senouci
    Hasan Senouci 28 days ago

    It looks like a real plane. It sounds like a real plane. Just as i thought its a boeing 747 baby edition

  • Joel Oilar
    Joel Oilar 28 days ago

    U could legit put a life size seat in there and fly on it like a real plane

  • Anne
    Anne 29 days ago

    Funny how it sounds like a roaring beast while flying but as he cuts off power to the engines at the end it sounds like my dinky vacuum cleaner when I turn it off.

  • Robert Barker
    Robert Barker 29 days ago

    That plane is so stable in flight and landing it was a pleasure to watch

  • Parihariom Poptani
    Parihariom Poptani 29 days ago

    Where u buy this

  • Letsmakegadgets
    Letsmakegadgets Month ago

    Perfect, ive just found the perfect tool to smuggle crystal meth in and out of the border

  • fred flintstone
    fred flintstone Month ago

    It so neat that the RC planes have that jet engine sound.
    You guys are talented.

  • tihzho
    tihzho Month ago

    Very impressive but not to scale weight wise. What about a large RC plane with weight and power to scale same as the size. Now you're talking instead of styrofoam models on steroids.!

  • Max Walsh
    Max Walsh Month ago


  • Rockrose Theory
    Rockrose Theory Month ago

    this could be a nice weapon

  • paulo diego
    paulo diego Month ago


  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco Month ago

    very cool, I wonder though if they could put some free spinning fans in the front of the pods to make the engines look like a turbofan without effecting performance much. Or even actually drive them with the engines to get genuine bypass thrust!

  • John Asinas
    John Asinas Month ago

    Smooth landing

  • MellowWell
    MellowWell Month ago

    I came here just for the landing

  • Bayleigh Prodhomme
    Bayleigh Prodhomme Month ago


  • Vishnu Ravi
    Vishnu Ravi Month ago

    make it solar with emergency backup..give space for a single person..
    please 😆😆

  • Orange Titan
    Orange Titan Month ago


  • lol Ez
    lol Ez Month ago

    When I think of virgin airlines I think of a virgin

  • HTF cuddles
    HTF cuddles Month ago

    Is rlying like normal

  • moin hashmi
    moin hashmi Month ago

    Ye khan par hai

  • Jakson Heslop
    Jakson Heslop Month ago

    I've seen one in real life there huge

  • Geordano Victor
    Geordano Victor Month ago

    Oh my god!!🙄🙄🙄

  • benoit constructor
    benoit constructor Month ago

    Where can i buy this ?????!!!!

  • Fiilis1
    Fiilis1 Month ago

    *Clap Clap Clap*

  • Ferny
    Ferny Month ago

    Fly it into the city

  • Hussain Shareef
    Hussain Shareef Month ago

    Wow very nice video

  • WHIT3 F4N6
    WHIT3 F4N6 Month ago

    Get a rc attack plane and fly it over New York

  • Str Suresh
    Str Suresh Month ago

    How many passengers r there..🤔🤔

  • Михалыч Fat
    Михалыч Fat Month ago

    Туда может малой ребенок влезть и полетать)))))

  • john woody
    john woody Month ago

    Set the video speed to 1/4 for a more realistic flight.
    Amazing plane for sure.

  • Some Random Ostrich

    Lmao the clapping was so cringe

  • Sakthi SRS
    Sakthi SRS Month ago

    Hello hi I m aslm I very very love the flight super

  • Alberto Vinci
    Alberto Vinci Month ago

    i hate that clapping

  • 윤성현
    윤성현 Month ago


  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy Month ago

    *Taxi to the gate*

  • R S
    R S Month ago

    747 landing on a grass runway

  • Steven Palmieri
    Steven Palmieri Month ago

    Bet you can’t do a barrel roll

    GIVE ME MONEY Month ago

    $17 to crash it on purpose

  • حميد العراقي


  • Xtreme Mtb
    Xtreme Mtb Month ago

    In love

  • reb1138
    reb1138 Month ago +1

    I would be nervous as fuck trying to land that thing

  • mahdogzbite
    mahdogzbite Month ago

    The title is false... The biggest rc plane in the world is flying somewhere in syria dropping bombs.

  • MDS EvilMel0n
    MDS EvilMel0n Month ago

    I would be a passanger on that plane lel

  • iiCanadian Beaver
    iiCanadian Beaver Month ago

    I only came here for the landing, lol.

  • Nephsoul Pharmaceuticals

    I have this plane

  • Otto Kight
    Otto Kight Month ago +1

    disappointing they could've put little people in there with little seats

    MÄŤHĘ; MÁGÌČŠ Month ago +1

    And then it went on to capture colonies

  • Osmone Everony
    Osmone Everony Month ago

    It looks even more like the real thing when you switch the video to 0.25 speed while the plane is in the air.

  • The Little Brother
    The Little Brother Month ago

    That is one big

  • Timmy McGypsy
    Timmy McGypsy Month ago

    the claps were fuckin hilarious

  • DaCrazy Gaming
    DaCrazy Gaming Month ago

    I could fit

  • عبد البصري

    شكرا على الفيديو

  • Loyse Silva
    Loyse Silva Month ago

    Um aviãozinho desse se ele cair no chão explode e mata todo mundo q tava aí kk mais q perigo😓

  • James Hadden
    James Hadden Month ago

    All that is missing is ..
    Extra bag charges
    Kosher meal
    Kid kicking your seatback
    Late departures
    And overbooked flights

  • James Hadden
    James Hadden Month ago