How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide)

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • Transmission removal, replacement, and installation. Learn how to remove a transmission so you can replace your clutch or flywheel, or so you can rebuild your transmission and install a new one in your car or truck.
    In this video I show you the 10 simple steps on how to replace a transmission. I am doing this on a rear wheel drive 98 Mustang but the process is very similar on other rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, and even automatic cars and trucks. Each detailed step will allow you to learn how to remove a transmission yourself so you can replace a clutch, flywheel, rear main seal, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, or just swap transmissions.
    Transmission Removal Checklist Download (FREE):
    How to Replace a Clutch and Flywheel:
    Transmission Jack:
    12 Ton Jack Stands:
    Dust Mask:
    Dust Filters:
    Flex-Head Ratchet:
    Torque Wrench:
    Extendable Ratchet:
    Ratcheting Wrench Set:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix  10 months ago +1679

    To answer the most common questions in the comments section:
    1.) Quality videos like this take a lot of time to produce. This and the next took me over 300hrs.
    2.) Follow me on Instagram "ChrisFixit" for daily updates and tips and tricks.
    3.) The exhaust on the car is the performance exhaust, just used on the track.
    4.) The speedometer is fine... it spun all the way around at the last drift event and I havent had a chance to take the gauge cluster out and push it back to the other side of the peg.
    5.) The other red Mustang is from this video:

    • Oscar Cooke
      Oscar Cooke 19 days ago

      Hi I don't know if you read these with so many viewers. I have a 69 Nova with a 500 hp 383. I got sick and can't work on it anymore. It needs a new wiring harness, which I have. I live in Costa Rica. I have my dream car and can't do the work. Maybe some would like to visit the country. I have all the tools and room in my house. They could have a great vacation and help me with my car. Hope to hear form you. Great vidios...

    • Mig Vill
      Mig Vill Month ago

      Hey @ChrisFix my truck has a transfer case do I have to take out the transfer case to take out the transmission?

    • MBISOM89 axw
      MBISOM89 axw Month ago

      @Spencer Brown I wish he engine rip down how to take it out and had to put it back I tell you this guy is amazing person on cars

    • Spencer Brown
      Spencer Brown Month ago

      I respect all the hard work you do Chris. Thank you so much, and keep being so awesome

    • MBISOM89 axw
      MBISOM89 axw Month ago

      you are great at this wish i can do this on my own cars i pay 2300 for 2007 jeep Transmission

  • brodie_ kfx90
    brodie_ kfx90 19 hours ago

    Me: I want to get a new exhaust and install it myself
    My Brain: "Hey Guy's ChrisFix here!"

  • ahmad alahmad
    ahmad alahmad 19 hours ago

    لماذا لاتضع الترجمة العربية ؟؟

  • Ahmed Saeed
    Ahmed Saeed Day ago +2

    19:02 look at copper
    Anyone in 2019 like👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Sam Plautz
    Sam Plautz Day ago

    I'm not good with cars, so why does a manual car need automatic transmission fluid?

  • chase callaway
    chase callaway 2 days ago

    You think oneday you you could a 2008 mercury mountaineer version ?

  • Denise Hundemann
    Denise Hundemann 2 days ago

    Why does he have 2 mustang's

  • Rickie-NYC
    Rickie-NYC 2 days ago

    How long did it take in real time?

    DORKUCHO TANIHU 2 days ago

    Good job ChrisFix you are good at what you are doing and well explained to all viewers. THANKS

  • Romantico Poeta
    Romantico Poeta 2 days ago +1

    he didn't fill up transmission with fluid

  • Showsy
    Showsy 3 days ago

    You really don't need that many "specialized" tools to fix the internals on a transmission. Especially a manual. Manuals are very simple inside. Two bearings on the input and output shaft. A couple syncronizor rings and a few shift forks that move the syncro rings. The hardest part is lining up the input and output shaft correctly with the counter shaft. They're intimidating, but actually quite easy to fix.

  • Magic
    Magic 4 days ago

    hentai 20:33

  • Destaphenes
    Destaphenes 4 days ago

    Knowing me, I'd die just doing step 1 wrong. My car is at an autoshop in surgery right now. I thought for about 2 minutes that "maybe" I could do this myself instead of the scary price I was quoted. But noop. I'm sure some can do this...but I have little faith in

  • Kenny Dee
    Kenny Dee 5 days ago +1

    Your speed odometer is broken

  • Kenny Dee
    Kenny Dee 5 days ago

    Is there no gasket between the engine and the transmission?

  • Alexander Czyrnianski
    Alexander Czyrnianski 5 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice his speedometer wasn’t working on his test drive after installing the new transmission

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  4 days ago

      It was already broken lol

  • Dr.dodledots DDD
    Dr.dodledots DDD 5 days ago +1

    Ya man's got another mustang what ta

    • Dr.dodledots DDD
      Dr.dodledots DDD 5 days ago

      @ ChrisFix I just wanna say that you have inspired me so much and now I am saving my money to get a car

    • Dr.dodledots DDD
      Dr.dodledots DDD 5 days ago

      @ChrisFix Omg It's you

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  5 days ago

      I still got the Driftstang but not the other one anymore

  • Yadhav Singh
    Yadhav Singh 5 days ago +1

    Chisfix mom: Chris what's your special weapon?
    Chrisfix: soapy wooder

  • Walter White
    Walter White 5 days ago +1

    The flow is perfectly laminar at 7:45

  • Carlos Villatoro
    Carlos Villatoro 5 days ago +1

    1.1k shark mechanic didn't like the video

    TOMACHICKEN 6 days ago

    Me after doing 3rd gear 4wd launches.... wait nvm it still works

  • Fork
    Fork 6 days ago +2

    Most cars nowadays require the sub frame to be removed before the gearbox, and need to remove the bottom of the steering joint otherwise you are screwed later on... you're welcome!

  • Lightning Deztroyer
    Lightning Deztroyer 6 days ago +1

    I thought the thumbnail was a Gucci air horn bc of the strap 😂😂

  • Realisticgamer135
    Realisticgamer135 7 days ago +3

    Why is there another mustang did your car get a girlfriend

  • ozz
    ozz 7 days ago

    what did it cost to do it ur self

  • Hecson Sotomayor
    Hecson Sotomayor 7 days ago

    Hey Chrisfix!, you should do a Honda transmission. Cause is a little bit tricky to get out

  • Bardelyx
    Bardelyx 7 days ago

    Chris's hands be like 👉🤚👇👈👉✋👋

  • elie hanoun games
    elie hanoun games 8 days ago

    Wait wait wait why do you have two of the same mustang

  • Xtreme Scratchers
    Xtreme Scratchers 8 days ago

    That transmission jack is terrible with larger transmissions. It sways back and forth and causes the transmission to fall... so be careful, also what's with the towing strap or did you forget about it

  • Cameron Millow
    Cameron Millow 8 days ago

    Hello chris fix can you change my transmission in my 2004 gmc yukon denali 4l65e 4wd

    INFINITY CLOSET 9 days ago

    Hay Chris I have a cs2 lancer the engine lost power I am getting 3000 Rev which it supposed to be 5 to 6 thousand can u help me

  • Nicholas Grimm
    Nicholas Grimm 9 days ago +1

    I dont know what's so funny about him wheeling his transmission around on his cart but to me its hilarious.

  • Lord Knight
    Lord Knight 9 days ago

    Why do engineers hate mechanics

  • wamar wamarmo1000
    wamar wamarmo1000 9 days ago +1

    this is the most satisfying illustration video I ever saw on youtube, everything is perfect and so professional , tools, work and accuracy. this is what called perfection. thank you

  • Hayden
    Hayden 9 days ago

    How much did the rebuilt transmission cost

  • David James
    David James 10 days ago

    I rebuilt my front wheel drive transmission GM 4t65e without removing it from the car. It was too heavy, so i removed the driver front wheel, lowered the engind down by loostening the sub frame bolts and lowering it down on wood blocks, removed the side case, the pulled out the guts. I needed new clutch packs with 185,000 miles. I never saw the inside of a transmission before. I used a shop manual from a closed GM dealership i bought on ebay

  • The Greatest Trollmonger

    I love you bro

  • TonyS
    TonyS 12 days ago

    Like how ChrisFix is wired, he makes things clear, and focuses and how things should work, not what can go wrong. Fact of the matter, if those 10 steps can be done under 10 conditions, go for it. My 10 conditions are as follows:
    1. Need to have a backup car to drive
    2. Car needs to be enclosed in a location that can be worked on during evenings, like a garage
    3. You need to give yourself two weeks to do the job
    4. Allow yourself to complete one step per day
    5. You need to have a backup plan if you fail or quit. Know in advance what mechanic you going to ship the car too and how.
    6. If you send it to a mechanic be prepared to buy a rebuilt or re manufactured tranny because they warranty their work and dropping a transmission for defective part could be an enormous financial loss for the mechanic if it doesn't solve your problem.
    7. Play music to keep you relaxed
    8.Don't MacGyver any step, buy the right tools for each step
    9.Understand the number of other jobs and part replacements (i.e., starter, seals, mounts, drive shaft, muffler, etc.) that should be done while tranny is dropped
    10. Cannot be rushed. Must be treated like building a model airplane

    These ten rules can save you thousands of dollars by doing the work yourself. Worse case scenario you wasted many hours on something you could have paid a pro to do in one day for a premium cost. It's a dilemma.

  • Osho
    Osho 12 days ago

    Is there a video for automatic transmission?

  • Lucyfuroshus
    Lucyfuroshus 12 days ago

    That “Remove the Exhaust” transition was so clean. Like

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez 13 days ago

    How bout a video for removing a fwd transmission?

    • Diy_Automotive
      Diy_Automotive 11 days ago

      Those are a little bit more complicated and normall require a lift to get the car far enough off of the ground.

  • Lira Burayag
    Lira Burayag 14 days ago

    ser do you a video FWD replace a transmission?

  • The Music Man
    The Music Man 16 days ago

    Is the shifter part nessecary for an automatic?

    • Diy_Automotive
      Diy_Automotive 11 days ago

      On an automatic you will have a shifter cable normally bolted to the side of the transmission that you will need to undo. You will also need to remove the cooler lines, and unbolt the torque converter.

  • Barty Fikiel
    Barty Fikiel 17 days ago

    Why does he have two mustang s

  • xXIrishxSmokeXx
    xXIrishxSmokeXx 17 days ago +1

    This is a life savor because my 84 Camaros transmission just blew up today

  • Alexis Alvarado
    Alexis Alvarado 18 days ago

    Rip oil pan

  • ryan miller
    ryan miller 18 days ago


  • Paul Gordon
    Paul Gordon 18 days ago +1

    Hey Chris, I never saw a manual transmission take ATF fluid instead of gear oil. Although I had a 1959 MGA that took 30 Weight motor oil.

    • Diy_Automotive
      Diy_Automotive 11 days ago

      A lot of newer manual trans take auto fluid, the clearances are much tighter and require a thinner fluid

    • tattoosteveneo
      tattoosteveneo 16 days ago

      Paul Gordon I was thinking the same thing.

    SHADEDUNDERDOG 2004 19 days ago

    Why do you have 2 of the same car

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  19 days ago

      Watch my video “how to find exhaust leaks and fix it”

  • Tilen Šuligoj
    Tilen Šuligoj 19 days ago

    Put a drift will on your mustang

  • SolorEclipse
    SolorEclipse 20 days ago

    At 11:42 the plastic tabs on the speed sensor connector disappeared I have yet to remove one of those without them breaking off

  • z4pp
    z4pp 20 days ago

    Bad speed sensor?

  • Jonathan Gallegos
    Jonathan Gallegos 20 days ago

    Wow the x pipe got old from when you installed it

  • Tong Khang
    Tong Khang 20 days ago +1

    Wish I've seen this 5 years ago before I junked my car.great video

  • Jesse Coleman
    Jesse Coleman 21 day ago

    Cool a mustang wolf body!

  • xregster85 x
    xregster85 x 21 day ago

    not all cars are gonna be this easy.

  • Ashad Sajid
    Ashad Sajid 21 day ago +1

    Thanks you very much keep doing these great videos please ❤️

  • Von  Fowler
    Von Fowler 21 day ago

    Should the throw out bearing and the pilot input shaft be lightly lubed?