How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide)

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • Transmission removal, replacement, and installation. Learn how to remove a transmission so you can replace your clutch or flywheel, or so you can rebuild your transmission and install a new one in your car or truck.
    In this video I show you the 10 simple steps on how to replace a transmission. I am doing this on a rear wheel drive 98 Mustang but the process is very similar on other rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, and even automatic cars and trucks. Each detailed step will allow you to learn how to remove a transmission yourself so you can replace a clutch, flywheel, rear main seal, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, or just swap transmissions.
    Transmission Removal Checklist Download (FREE):
    How to Replace a Clutch and Flywheel:
    Transmission Jack:
    12 Ton Jack Stands:
    Dust Mask:
    Dust Filters:
    Flex-Head Ratchet:
    Torque Wrench:
    Extendable Ratchet:
    Ratcheting Wrench Set:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix  6 months ago +1475

    To answer the most common questions in the comments section:
    1.) Quality videos like this take a lot of time to produce. This and the next took me over 300hrs.
    2.) Follow me on Instagram "ChrisFixit" for daily updates and tips and tricks.
    3.) The exhaust on the car is the performance exhaust, just used on the track.
    4.) The speedometer is fine... it spun all the way around at the last drift event and I havent had a chance to take the gauge cluster out and push it back to the other side of the peg.
    5.) The other red Mustang is from this video:

    • Gabriel Mumbo jumbo Can you make a pineapple.
      Gabriel Mumbo jumbo Can you make a pineapple. Day ago

      Chrisfix I love your videos I. A lot

    • Manuel Durán
      Manuel Durán 2 days ago

      $$$$$$$for the transmission Jack

    • danijanimi
      danijanimi 6 days ago

      Thank you for all that you!! :)

    • TragestyX
      TragestyX 10 days ago

      Honestly it shouldn't have taken that long though. It means you're being inefficient in some way or you're counting time that you shouldn't be counting.

    • Giovanni Nicosia
      Giovanni Nicosia 12 days ago

      Hung Dang jack up the front first and put two jack stands in front and then lower floor jack and then since the front of the car is lifted jack up the back and slide the jack stand underneath then boom cars off the ground

  • Bennjamin Colten II
    Bennjamin Colten II 4 hours ago

    do you have a video on how to replace an automatic transmission?

  • S productions
    S productions 4 hours ago

    Is it just Me or does he have 2 mustangs the same color ?

  • Mad Markus
    Mad Markus 18 hours ago

    You forgot to mention marking the driveshaft for balance

  • Anubis_X64
    Anubis_X64 20 hours ago

    This dude just swapped a transmission like it was nothing! Shit I feel like buying a car with bad transmission but good body and engine just to feel like I got over on a car sale...for once.

  • Akira Aisha
    Akira Aisha 20 hours ago

    Excellent video!

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad Day ago

    Why wasn't the speedometer working in the video when you test-drove the car?

  • awesome best
    awesome best Day ago

    Can anyone give me one idea?
    I just bought a car 1 week ago ( my first car ) and i have one problem while driving my shifter pops out of 2 gear what problem can that be . My car is ford fusion 2006 1.4 tdci diesel

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    Hello ChrisFix, Please 🤓 🙏 🤓 Please, do a complete ENGINE INSTALLATION from mounting to first start. VOTE LIKE ON COMMENT TVclip, if you want this video. Have a beautiful day everyone.

  • Seaniee_14
    Seaniee_14 2 days ago

    Me hearing the "10 steps to remove" *fast forwards to end also me : holy sht what was the steps?

  • Kallon Lewallen
    Kallon Lewallen 2 days ago

    What do you do if you have a transfer case for 4 wheel drive?

  • Big Lion
    Big Lion 2 days ago +1

    Nice vidio thank you for that

  • big truck
    big truck 2 days ago

    Do a video on how to replace an engine.

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    Briana Craft 2 days ago

    Need a FWD tranny video! super love all of your videos

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    George Benjamin 2 days ago

    who else thought that was a gucci belt LOL

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    Edgar Campos 3 days ago

    You make it look to easy that i just fucked up my truck lol

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    Blitz Court 3 days ago

    Why is this guy the biggest legend on TVclip

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    Richard Edenfield 3 days ago

    Im not sure which is more impressive - Chris' automotive knowledge or his video production skills.

  • rthesav 08
    rthesav 08 4 days ago

    He has two mustangs?!

  • Hayden Melton
    Hayden Melton 4 days ago

    Hey Chris. Love the videos, and I know this is an older video so you may not see the comment, but I was wondering if you could tell me anything about dropping the transmission on an AWD? I’ve got to fix my Quattro Allroad and figured you’re the best guy to watch.

  • Billy Kaelin
    Billy Kaelin 4 days ago

    You make it seem so easy

  • JT Mack
    JT Mack 4 days ago

    Hey Chris,
    I love all your videos and have watched all of them at least twice, I was wondering if you could maybe do an engine swap vid sometime, there’s tons of videos but They seem to be not as trust worthy as you, I want to replace the engine in my car but want to know how to do it right, could you either do that in the future or maybe guide me to a reliable source?

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf 4 days ago

    Great video! Clear and to the point. Very professional.

  • Kevin Quintanilla
    Kevin Quintanilla 4 days ago

    I wish Chris could help me fix my mustang, all the mechanics where I live are sketchy lol

  • Neo J. Ssk
    Neo J. Ssk 4 days ago

    holy-cow that starter needs some serious duty to be remove lol

  • Neo J. Ssk
    Neo J. Ssk 4 days ago

    9:22 The Sandwich bag is the Hero of this whole Operation

  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris 4 days ago

    Tried this, and when i start my car my car explode and my whole neighborhood turned ground zero, i just invented a car bomb

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    the washer 5 days ago

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    TheBlueBrain 5 days ago +1

    can you do a replacement video of an automatic transmission

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    jake 5 days ago

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    Elias Nuño 5 days ago

    Some rear spacers wheels ;)

    EVENMETAL 5 days ago

    Thank you Chris! This will help me out so much. Can't thank you enough. I now have the confidence to do this in my garage.

  • Carlos Fonseca
    Carlos Fonseca 5 days ago

    @ChrisFix how much did the new rebuilt transmission cost, I have a 94 mustang Gt and im planing on buying a rebuilt transmission, was just wondering where is the best place to buy a rebuilt 1,?

  • jp v
    jp v 6 days ago

    @25:08 looks familiar 😁

  • jp v
    jp v 6 days ago

    I want to see a transmission rebuilt. Great video! Thanks!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 6 days ago +1

    3rd gear in my Dodge pickup is worn out. It works, but I'm gonna have to do a rebuild at some point in the next decade.

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    MrThecyrille34 6 days ago

    Could you make this video for a fwd car?

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    Random_games YT 6 days ago +2

    6:18 or u can use wd-40

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    Leon Vedrić 6 days ago

    27:35 check your kilometer hour😂

  • Lich King
    Lich King 6 days ago

    "points to a snap-on trans jack*
    It's very inexpensive

  • Michael J Render
    Michael J Render 7 days ago +2

    Now that was GOOD I learned something from YOU THANK you. Mike

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    Calvin Ho 7 days ago

    I wish I had a brother like you, Chris 😎 Very nice presentation!

  • Joe
    Joe 7 days ago

    would you be able to do a video on removing and installing a engine? maybe a engine rebuild video?

  • Joe
    Joe 7 days ago

    i had to drop transmission on a peterbilt and omg, the only way to reach the top bolts was thru the small cut in the floor where the shifter comes up.. it was a pain!

  • Hamed Anwarzai
    Hamed Anwarzai 7 days ago +2

    The lighting is perfect! You do an amazing job in filming these jobs! I honestly would be able to replace a Mustang’s manual transmission! Love watching these! You need your own studio or garage to give it that background a pro look, because your work and editing is def pro!

  • NoJokerXD
    NoJokerXD 7 days ago

    0:33 Vietnam Flashbacks

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    zul azmi 7 days ago

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    Bryan Barrios 7 days ago

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    Lasse korsholm 8 days ago

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    David Rodriguez 8 days ago +1

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  • Lechanan
    Lechanan 9 days ago

    Hey chrisfix! What would you suggest about removing the drive shaft at the differential if the parking break isnt working?

  • CJ D
    CJ D 9 days ago

    Finally! I have to do my first transmission replacement and could not for the life of me find a good enough resource on how to do it. You've definitely earned my like, subscription, and respect sir! Thank you and Well done!

  • micdiva
    micdiva 9 days ago

    @chrisfix where did you buy the transmission from? What kind is the new one?

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    xerox crajy 9 days ago

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    matrix 195 10 days ago

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    Shannon Denham 10 days ago

    Do an AWD automatic

  • James Little
    James Little 10 days ago

    I use a ATV jack instead of a trans jack found it works way better and on front wheel drives I can run 2x4 a cross it to bring the subframe down just thought it mite help some one. also if doing a front wheel drive make sure u have engine sported properly with a engine sport fixture.

  • Josh DiFeterici
    Josh DiFeterici 10 days ago

    Just replaced the clutch on my 95 corolla this past Saturday, with two of my buddies. Took a total of 13 hours. Biggest regret was not renting a trans jack. Took us 4-5 hours trying to lift the trans up, and line the trans in with the engine. My arms were completely dead after that. Other than that, the job is fairly easy. With labeled bags and a repair manual help.

  • zerou24
    zerou24 11 days ago

    chaning transmissiln fluid would be nice to know before ripping the entire trans out lol

  • Brandon Reed Sr.
    Brandon Reed Sr. 11 days ago +1

    Where did you purchase the transmission from?

  • Armando Soria
    Armando Soria 11 days ago

    Was never into cars at all, honestly. Then i got a 4runner and i took a military asvab; scored really high for mechanical. Then i started to pay attention to cars and gotta say it doesnt look hard at all. Just more of a pain in the ass at points. At the same time, you make it look really easy!

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen 11 days ago

    pfft only half an hour work.

    • Paul Allen
      Paul Allen 11 days ago

      Seriously though, they don't make it easy for mechanics.

  • A7LAS
    A7LAS 11 days ago

    If you have an automatic transmission mounted on your car can you swap it for a manual transmission without dammaging the engine ? Or is there a way you can do it ?

  • Jesus Campos
    Jesus Campos 12 days ago

    Hello ChrusFix i was wondering where did you get your transmission from, my reverse gear is shot and I'd like to know if I can order one and from what site

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    Jesus Hernandez 13 days ago

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    Mark Macak 13 days ago

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    Fsilone 13 days ago

    19:45 reported for pornographic content

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    Rio F10 14 days ago

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  • HirachieOfSociety
    HirachieOfSociety 14 days ago

    Chris, thank you so much for this video. I used this as an example video for my 240sx project car. Obviously certain things were different to the mustang, but it still helped 95% of the installation.

  • CaptianTroll Zor
    CaptianTroll Zor 14 days ago

    Shouldn’t you of marked the drive shaft as to how I came out? Instead of randomly putting it in due to the counter weights on the drive shaft from factory?

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    luke robinson 14 days ago

    mt clutch in my car break it wont move it stuck until i et it fix $13.000

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    Jakub Hobl 15 days ago +1

    Gonna be replacing a clutch on one car, and replacing a trans on another, both FWD. Wish me a nice weekend 😀

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    Matthew Rodriguez 15 days ago

    You are the numero uno "Car guy" on TVclip. Let it sink in.

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    Humid Candy 15 days ago

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    Baljit Atwal 15 days ago

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    Robert Larochelle 16 days ago

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    Ilya Rodionov 16 days ago +1

    The inside view of the Input shaft + transmission connection: WOW, just WOW as to how much care was put into this demo!

    • Ilya Rodionov
      Ilya Rodionov 16 days ago

      ChrisFix , so even the Gods take svrl times to perfect, hehe, totally worth a couple more million views!

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  16 days ago +1

      Thanks! That took me 2 times to get haha. I had to install and uninstall the tranny 4 times but it was totally worth it!

  • Extra time Gaming
    Extra time Gaming 16 days ago +1

    23:37 that what she said👏

  • Jackson Morris
    Jackson Morris 16 days ago

    Please help. Recently got my 2005 Dodge Grand caravan transmission rebuilt with all updates. When going up to 20mph and changes to second and then come to a complete stop, the transmission shift hard when going into first gear (after I come to a complete stop and 1/2 second latter this happens). Also not my left tail light is not working and it was working the day before i sent the van to the transmission shop. I know it was working bc I hauled a trailer with lawnmower on it in the dark. What could be the issues?

  • Anas Moonakkaparambil Abdulazeez

    how to change A 4 wheel drive automatic gear to manual gear.

  • Rico Valdovinos
    Rico Valdovinos 17 days ago

    In what part of the country did you buy the transmission disassembler? The price?

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    آل-باطرون 34 17 days ago

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    Brian Lane 17 days ago +3

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    Zachary Detzauer 17 days ago

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    submissions72 17 days ago

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    Cristian Cardona 17 days ago

    When are we ganna see your new truck!!!!

  • Hyper Evo
    Hyper Evo 17 days ago

    How long did this take you to do??

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  17 days ago

      a month because I was filming. It would take me a day if I didnt have to film.

  • MORMR Production
    MORMR Production 17 days ago

    Look so easy when ChrisFix do it.

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    borgos beats 17 days ago

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    Scrolls down,
    Sees video about dropping a tranny
    Watched for 1 min
    “ it’s not that difficult”
    God bless this guy!

  • John Longoria
    John Longoria 18 days ago +3

    I also have a mustang like this where did you get a rebuilt transmission from? Like how did you get that?

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    Sports N Pokemon 18 days ago +1

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    Employer: do you have any education or experience.
    Me: yeah I watch Chris Fix videos
    Employer: When can you start?

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    Michael Thian 20 days ago

    Also do a video of automatic transmission. I'm learning some here.

    • Alan Walker
      Alan Walker 18 days ago +1

      Only difference is that you have bolts on the flex plate of an automatic transmission where on a manual it runs through the clutch. Torque converter replaces clutch, flex plate holds torque converter in place

  • Michael Thian
    Michael Thian 20 days ago

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