The Secret to a Clean and Organized Home

  • Published on Jan 12, 2017
  • Are you looking to get your home clean and organized for good? I share the SECRET in this video! I am a recovering SUPER SLOB and this simple secret has helped me declutter and organize my home long term.
    Let's get organized!
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    Learn How to Clean and Organize your Home for 2017!
    Before I begin my "Great Purge of 2017" series, I thought I would share with you first the SECRET to a clean and organized home.
    Follow these 3 steps and you will save so much time and have a clean and organized home with WAY less effort. It isn't magic, but it is amazing. ;)
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  • Owen Dureke
    Owen Dureke 6 days ago

    three steps to heaven. lol

  • Toni Griffin
    Toni Griffin 6 days ago

    Oh my gosh I love your personality so much! You are so fun to watch! This was such a helpful video. Thanks so much! I feel like you didn’t say anything that I haven’t heard but your perspective and way of communication just made it so simple to understand. Can’t wait to start watching more of your videos 😊 I just subscribed!

  • Margo Brown
    Margo Brown 7 days ago

    Was waiting to find out what the three tips but instead it was a 6 min of rambling. Was hoping to get some good ti[s but you lost me at unicorns.

  • Nazrul Sikder
    Nazrul Sikder 8 days ago


  • johnny07652
    johnny07652 12 days ago

    You have such a great passion for helping others about something you yourself have accomplished and that is a wonderful thing. It's just that you have a problem with diarrhea of the mouth where you talk a lot of garbage wherein you lose the listener with all your tangents and rambling nonsense. For example, 2 minutes and 41 seconds before you get to point number one and most of that is just rambling, babbling, useless blather. I only stayed on to watch out of interest in your babbling problem as opposed to the subject matter itself which actually brought me here in the first place. Sorry I'm so blunt but I hope you take this as something to work from because you are hiding your awesomeness under a lot of useless, distracting, disruptive babbling and rambling.

  • Jas
    Jas 15 days ago

    The way u describe us is very funny! Unicorn with rainbow coming from our butt!?! But love it babe! 🤣😘 I'm a tidy n cleaning freak and love to watch cleaning n tidy videos while I'm cleaning! No life I know, but it feels good after the cleaning! 🤣

  • nickey g
    nickey g 17 days ago

    1.5 minutes in and I relate to this too much. I just got my first case of roaches, compliments of my next door neighbors, and it's the kick in the pants I need to finally get my shit together. Hoping this helps.

  • Mina Stamenkovic
    Mina Stamenkovic 19 days ago

    Another thing that helps me immensely to clear my thoughts and relax is music.Excellent way to clean and relax. 🎶

  • Mina Stamenkovic
    Mina Stamenkovic 19 days ago +1

    I love how you take a minimalist approach to everything. It's practical, effective,concrete and simple.Thank you so much for this.I subscribed to your video bc I think this is much more helpful than just randomly watching videos where I admire Monica's perfectionist quirkiness. :)

  • D E
    D E 26 days ago

    I have 2 teenagers living in my home. I cannot keep clutter out of my life with people dropping dirty socks, leaving their books and hoodies everywhere.

  • Ann Maureen Vang
    Ann Maureen Vang 29 days ago

    Where is the end bed drawers from?

  • Nicky Bee
    Nicky Bee Month ago

    So happy to have found your channel! I’m feeling so overwhelmed by our tiny one bedroom apartment. I feel like no matter how much I clean it’s never actually clean! I spend most of the day when I do clean, just picking shit up off the floor or counter tops and not even getting to organize it! Ugh it’s awful :( and depressing me

  • Katie C
    Katie C Month ago

    Clutterbug you are my spirit animal. I love you on so many levels. You get me/I get you.

  • aparna potharam
    aparna potharam Month ago

    very very useful and energetic video

  • jijahzah
    jijahzah Month ago

    Sorry but the introduction was too long I bailed out early...

  • B C
    B C Month ago +1

    Step 1. Wait until your kids are grown and leave the house.

  • Wendy Mann
    Wendy Mann Month ago

    Of course we do always wanna be our best ,I know I do also

  • Wendy Mann
    Wendy Mann Month ago

    Don't forget not to be hard on yourself and you're perfect just the way you are

  • Shirlee Alicia
    Shirlee Alicia Month ago

    Yes, girl!! You know your stuff. These are all things I try to do (no I don't always succeed #human) and my house stays so much tidier and clutter-free. I love your channel and FB group!! You are so real and just an amazing soul!!

  • Karma Keeper
    Karma Keeper Month ago

    Much too long. So I unsubscribed

  • You can't leave this empty

    Subscribed at the unicorn butt part xox

  • Concetto Rametta
    Concetto Rametta Month ago

    Had to start over three times from laughing so hard ❣️

  • Baruch Ben-David
    Baruch Ben-David Month ago

    If I may offer a suggestion, perhaps you could get to the point earlier in the video?
    In this video you spent almost 3 minutes talking about everything except your topic.

  • Lisette Reeves
    Lisette Reeves 2 months ago

    11:00 me everyday lol so my husband sees me doing something productive when he gets home hahaha

  • S.D H
    S.D H 2 months ago

    Slobbery.. bwwahhahha ..... the root!

  • KeepkeepingOn
    KeepkeepingOn 2 months ago

    I love this video bec it is true to life. I have a very big project coming up. I want to rearrange my bedroom but I have to clean out a spare room to move my computer too which will become my new office. I trying out a fang shei thing. I think I spelt that correctly. I 💕 your humor and it makes me feel inspired. Keep up the great work. And it so much fun watching and listening 👂 to you..

  • cruizito
    cruizito 2 months ago +2

    I spent hours and hours every single day for my household and it was still messy!!!! But our flat has only 3 rooms plus kitchen plus bathroom. Thats it!!!???
    It was a desaster and I didnt know why. Do my 2 young kids mess the house up so badly??? Whats going on here?
    Until one day the doctor told us my husband has most likely demencia.
    After he left for hospital everything changed. I dumped so much waste and stuff he collected. No on messed up everything anymore. So I was able to organize everything.
    So much work has been done since then. But still there is so much to do! Took me half a year by now.
    And soon he will come back. I fear the day he is over here again.

  • moon moon
    moon moon 2 months ago

    My way to keep a clean and organised home is to have people come over every weekend or on dinners on weekdays. I even invite critics who r gonna judge my housekeeping skills. This process keeps my house clutter in check throughout the week and has let me connect to friends n family which we so much try avoiding but now it leaves me feeling so gud. My cooking skills hv improved tremendously and somehow now I hv d motivation to care for my garden as well. Though its exhausting sometimes but I find this is the perfect way to connect with everyone, hv a clean & organised home and lots of laughter & peace.

  • bisiilki
    bisiilki 2 months ago

    I swear I'm getting a divorce because we didnt have a dishwasher.

  • Star Seed
    Star Seed 2 months ago


  • Ritercrazy
    Ritercrazy 3 months ago

    I wash a load of laundry 5 days a week day too. It's ok to donate frequently.

  • Laura South
    Laura South 3 months ago

    For some reason the sound isn't coming through, I've turned my volume up and I haven't gone completely deaf yet. ????

  • Jun Glo
    Jun Glo 3 months ago

    There's music in the front, but no sound

  • Ginger Nunya
    Ginger Nunya 3 months ago

    No sound

  • J be
    J be 3 months ago +1

    This video has no sound can't hear her. Other videos work fine so it not on my end.

  • jesus maria mora
    jesus maria mora 3 months ago +1

    hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to declutter bedroom try Stiklind Fast Declutter Fixer (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  • Bhajan Break
    Bhajan Break 3 months ago +1

    Too much talking. Please come to the point quicker.

  • Leonard Darcell
    Leonard Darcell 3 months ago

    excellent, why didnt i know how to do this???

  • Natalia N
    Natalia N 3 months ago

    thanks to you I cleaned two windows today, Im so motivated to clean everything, usually I dont understand the second parts of yours videos, I find here how to get better my english, Finally I start speaking English; this is the Unique way to learn English, also for memorizing a lot of new words with true emotions!

  • Fred Kornis
    Fred Kornis 4 months ago

    Good stuff… Thank you

  • Jane Farrer
    Jane Farrer 4 months ago +5

    Cleaning becomes difficult only when you procrastinate, it's not that difficult when you stay on top of it

  • ysunny04
    ysunny04 4 months ago

    talk too much then showing how to do ( stop talking )

  • Cina31373
    Cina31373 4 months ago

    I may have rainbows lol I love cleaning! I also love your vids! 🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • W11 Granny
    W11 Granny 4 months ago +1

    A place for everything and everything in its place.

  • LaRica Grant
    LaRica Grant 4 months ago +13

    Her dust bunnies "murdered" her cleaning fairies!😂🤣😂🤣 great info.

  • Paula's Life
    Paula's Life 4 months ago +1

    GOOT TIP if I'm really and truly tired or unwell. I rinse all the foods off all the plates in boiling hot water and stack the plates to wash them next day. That way the plates scrub up so clean so quickly.. And tea cups coffee mugs I
    Rinse them out in bio,ing hot water, then let the hot water stand all night in every cup, to stop a dirty brown ring appearing inside the cups. Pots Pans I rinse off the food them scrub them out later on or the next day, that's my routine every night even if I'm going to wash up 2 hrs later. Food must be rinsed off all items. Yes I'm OCD hate
    dirty stuff hanging around..

  • Sandra Myers
    Sandra Myers 4 months ago

    "I was a disaster" girl I feel ya...

  • Dale Check
    Dale Check 4 months ago +1

    It took you 14 and a half minutes to say "Make a cleaning schedule". You are right, but you could have said all of this in two minutes.

  • josif yesyes
    josif yesyes 4 months ago

    I love your energy, just give me some 😘

  • Love
    Love 4 months ago +2

    Yes I had to put together a routine but it’s hard to follow but I have to get back on track thanks sooo much for this video

  • Naiz Erika
    Naiz Erika 5 months ago

    ..ouchhhh! i just waste my time watching this kind of video !!!! TOO MUCH TALKING!arrrrgghhhhhhh...

  • Hortense P
    Hortense P 5 months ago

    OMG I read your books before discovering you on youtube! Please Check out her bookds on Amazon, this girl is 100% awesome! Cheers from France !

    • ClutterBug
      ClutterBug  4 months ago

      Awe, thank you that just made my day!

  • Mystic Angelic Midwife
    Mystic Angelic Midwife 5 months ago

    I love you and yes I hate unicorns, with kids, let kids get dirty and messy, but honest I'm jealous of unicorns, I'm a lazy piggy xx xx respect xxx

  • katelyn m
    katelyn m 5 months ago +4

    🤣🤣 thank you so much from a single mom of 2. This is sooo true 😂

  • technical guys
    technical guys 5 months ago +1

    Fuck you

  • Martin Scott
    Martin Scott 5 months ago

    Skip to 3:00 for cutting to the chase

  • L Hall
    L Hall 5 months ago

    Too much chatter get on with it....lost interest!

  • Amy Zimmerman
    Amy Zimmerman 5 months ago

    What do you use to clean your cabinets? They are so shiny and pretty on camera! 😀

  • Taisce An Nead N'a Meaige

    This is the first video of yours I've ever watched. I'm what my friends and family call a "clutter-monster" (I'm one of those people who amazes everyone in their life by living in what *looks* like piles, but miraculously knows where everything is). And while what I do teeeechnically works for me, I am not just a clutter-monster... I am also a social-monster! I love to entertain, and knowing where everything is isn't enough there! So I'm working on the "looks like piles" aspect of my habits... and I just have to say, you are so cute and bubbly and cheery and you're perfect and I love you. You actually get me PUMPED to start tidying up my house! Haha thanks for being so relatable and genuine.

  • Christina musicals
    Christina musicals 5 months ago +1

    I am so young and my parent want me to love cleaning!😕