MEET MY SIX SIBLINGS! (7 kids sibling tag)

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Thank you for watching I love yall so much!!! SOOOO These are my crazy siblings lolll. Finally got everyone in one room to film this video! LAST VIDEO OF 2018 so happy new year!! I hope yall enjoyed my fam and I just talking about fun stories and such!
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  • k》TTy_ztk cd
    k》TTy_ztk cd 3 months ago +1

    You didnt even play tag

  • Jordan Chavez
    Jordan Chavez 4 months ago

    I have five older brothers so the lack of fist fighting in this dynamic is shocking to me

  • Mimi
    Mimi 5 months ago

    I have six siblings too😆 (including one baby and a two year old 😅)

  • JesssLyfe
    JesssLyfe 6 months ago +1

    I love this because I can relate I have 6 other siblings as well ❤️

  • Breya Lee
    Breya Lee 7 months ago

    Lmbo i just mey Lauren,she came to my house to sell vivant

  • Hayley
    Hayley 9 months ago

    This is a lot of ADD😂😂😂

  • Kally & Lacy
    Kally & Lacy 9 months ago

    Wow I just watched this after watching your newest vid and it was so funny loved it so much 👍💛 reminds me of my fam but I only have 3 sibs

  • Abigail Knapp
    Abigail Knapp 10 months ago

    I have a twin sister (biological) I have 2 older sisters ( half sisters same dad different moms )

  • Not Offended
    Not Offended 11 months ago

    I have seen big families in the past too but the kids were not around the same guys are lucky to have kids around the same age

  • trashcanzart
    trashcanzart 11 months ago

    I wish I had more siblings

  • KatelynLivingAboard
    KatelynLivingAboard 11 months ago

    Are they step siblings or half?

  • Avery Mather
    Avery Mather 11 months ago

    I think I heard bon que quee in there

  • Avery Mather
    Avery Mather 11 months ago

    I have 6 blood siblings

  • Cintia Godó
    Cintia Godó 11 months ago

    i have 6 siblings too! (4 girls and 2 boys) there are 3 kids from this parent, 3 from the other. and last year my baby girl came to our family too. i love having a big family. sometimes we fight but the end of the day you'll always have someone next to you

  • Shannon Woodward
    Shannon Woodward 11 months ago

    Love this as I have a big family 😊 3 brothers and 3 half brothers as well as 1 sister and one half sister 😁💞

  • Elliott Koch
    Elliott Koch 11 months ago

    I have 6 siblings too,,,, it gets fucking crazy doesnt it??

  • Bre Carlisle
    Bre Carlisle 11 months ago

    y’all got some good genes

  • eva b
    eva b 11 months ago

    My sisters would sell me for half a cup of Sprite...

  • Xuly Aniah
    Xuly Aniah Year ago

    “None of those happened because his record is clean”😂😂😂

  • Abigail Fischer
    Abigail Fischer Year ago

    I have 7 siblings but 5 of them are in elementary school, so im not close with them

  • Abigail Knapp
    Abigail Knapp Year ago

    I have 1 twin sister and 2 half sisters

  • ccw 85
    ccw 85 Year ago

    Oh my gosh! Awww I love your siblings they are so sweet and funny! I mean I love my siblings so much I have 4 so there are 7 in our family!

  • maddiie .marie
    maddiie .marie Year ago

    My last name is bowman

  • kale phen
    kale phen Year ago

    bruh i wish i had more siblings

  • Nash M
    Nash M Year ago

    This was published on my 17th birthday. Wished I had more siblings.....

  • mirka narika
    mirka narika Year ago

    Lol, gave thumbs up cause i also have a samsung

  • nakia dawn
    nakia dawn Year ago

    I'm the youngest of 8. My mom had 3 excluding me and my dad had 4 excluding me.

  • Delihlah
    Delihlah Year ago

    I have a processing delay disorder and it's driving me crazy with all the talking lol 😂 I can't process who's talking, what it means, where it's coming from, who it's targeted at 😂 phew, I'm glad I'm an only child (though I refer to my 3 cousins as my siblings Because we were raised together the first 5 years of my life)

  • cheetahrose97
    cheetahrose97 Year ago

    Try having 12 siblings and being the youngest. I'm glad that they all moved out by the time I was 3 because that could have been hell.

  • S May
    S May Year ago

    Wow someone with almost the same amount of siblings lol (4 half siblings and 4 step siblings)

  • Katelin Woods
    Katelin Woods Year ago +28

    “she always makes me feel good bc she laughs at my jokes” hahahahaha i can relate

  • Alexandrea Morgan

    Omg this is me and my sibling, there is 9 of us

  • Keely Tondreau
    Keely Tondreau Year ago

    Samsung Galaxy s8

  • Elizabeth Castaneda

    I wish my family was the same, my step siblings suck, and if we were an actual family there 9kids in total, my step dad has 4, and my mom has 5. But really our family is just us and my step dad, my step siblings don’t come around.

  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee Year ago

    I’m so late at this, but you guys are all so adorable!!!! Love the vibe you guys have and the love for one another! It’s so sweet!

  • Shahad Al jabri
    Shahad Al jabri Year ago

    i am 17 and I have 8 siblings + one on the way and I am the oldest

  • Louella X
    Louella X Year ago

    And I am apart of a blended family, the second oldest of 7 and it’s my mums four kids and my step dads three kids soo

  • Louella X
    Louella X Year ago

    Why does the guy in the white jumper look sooo familiar to me?

  • stephanie marler
    stephanie marler Year ago

    Girl I feel u in my family there is a total of 10 kids. I have a twin brother and he’s prob the sibling I hate the most😂

  • samiya
    samiya Year ago

    It’s so cute go benji plays with your hair 😭😍😭 siblings goals

  • mili c
    mili c Year ago +3

    The mcgees have the same features on their faces that's how i realise who were blood siblings with who lol. Cute fam tho💓

  • Mikayla McGovern
    Mikayla McGovern Year ago +4

    I have 8 siblings 3 are my actual and 5 are step we have been blended since 5 years ago and 1 in collage 6 are in high-school and 1 in middle school it’s crazy but now since r ages are all one year apartment have all became really close!!! I can’t ever imagine having a small family🤯

  • Edén Delgado
    Edén Delgado Year ago

    I can feel the love all the way over here 💛

  • Veronica Fredericks

    I love your big family I also have a big family I have eight siblings 😁

  • Mashael Alsaif
    Mashael Alsaif Year ago

    Love this video 😍✨you guys are awesome

  • Madison Flynn
    Madison Flynn Year ago

    I have 9 siblings

  • Jade Annable
    Jade Annable Year ago

    Brady bunch

  • xXNoah lopezXx
    xXNoah lopezXx Year ago

    I have 7 siblings as well

  • hadassa morais
    hadassa morais Year ago


  • Abby Caralina
    Abby Caralina Year ago


  • Phyllis Sparkman
    Phyllis Sparkman Year ago

    Man, i have 8 siblings (9 of us in total) and this makes me wish we was all close, i only get to see 4 of my siblings on a daily basis and it kills me

  • karlee loyd
    karlee loyd Year ago

    i hate my sisters how are they all so close

  • Tiarnah Noble
    Tiarnah Noble Year ago

    I wanna make a video like this but it’s hard to get all 8 of my siblings to sit in 1 room for more then 5 minutes.

  • Abby Sphoon
    Abby Sphoon Year ago +3

    " oh me and Hannah used to work at the same company, but then I got married. ( Makes finger gun and points at herself) 😂😂

  • maria negrete
    maria negrete Year ago

    I have 7 siblings but 6 of them are older than me(I’m 17)

  • Maia K
    Maia K Year ago +1

    9:14 the dad 😂😂😂

  • Isabella Nicole
    Isabella Nicole Year ago +25

    I am almost 17 and I have 10 siblings(only 2 older than me)!

  • Kelsey Manson
    Kelsey Manson Year ago

    Such a cute fam bam

  • Alison Blunden
    Alison Blunden Year ago

    10:02 we need Dawllen so they can get marriedddddddd

  • Sophie Jackman
    Sophie Jackman Year ago

    tbis was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen