Mexico will have to change its playing style in key 2018 World Cup match vs. South Korea | ESPN FC

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • ESPN FC's Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez break down Mexico's matchup with South Korea at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and how much Juan Carlos Osorio's side featuring Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, Carlos Vela, Hirving Lozano and others will have to change their playing style.
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Comments • 171

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 11 months ago

    South Korea played like pigs. Dirty as phukk!!

  • Anthony Chitic
    Anthony Chitic 11 months ago

    Mexico did well holding possession and pressing higher up the field, a bit of issues but they got the job done. Now the real test for Osorio is to see what he does when his team goes 1-0 or 2-0 down vs a Brazil or France. Osorio clearly has got his players to understand how to play different styles and do it successfully, but not every team is gonna make mistakes like Germany and not do anything about them and not every team is as technically weak as South Korea.

  • GangGreen_714
    GangGreen_714 11 months ago

    I feel like these guys don't know shit
    They just getting Drunk asf in Russia 😂

  • Eduardo Gutierrez
    Eduardo Gutierrez 11 months ago

    WTF! I can believe the garbage that keeps spewing out of your mouth...both of you. Just stop. Do "your people" a favor and SHUT UP.

  • Far beyond Driven
    Far beyond Driven 11 months ago

    Where is the hater with Korea 4 - 0 prediction, and his foot in his mouth right about now

  • jl c
    jl c 11 months ago

    Mexico. .📳⚪🔴

  • jl c
    jl c 11 months ago

    South Korea.

  • E2 M5
    E2 M5 11 months ago

    Brazil should be the one trying to avoid Mexico, Brazil has been playing like crap and Mexico has a history of playing amazing against Germany. Remember the olympics final? Remember 2014 WC? And all the friendlies Mexico has beaten Brazil? Hosnestly Mexico would be better off facing Brazil in the round of 16

    • GangGreen_714
      GangGreen_714 11 months ago

      Na Brazil can turn it up to a All World level , they have the Talent all it takes one game for them to play together as a team .
      I say Let Germany and Brazil take each other out

  • Michael Ahn
    Michael Ahn 11 months ago

    Korea has the loudest team ever.... Mexico will go to semifinal..

  • Lars Saint Morning Glory
    Lars Saint Morning Glory 11 months ago

    Both of you would rather suck a EEUU producer butthole than give objective reporting a chance. I don't blame you, but I doubt that you would even have a chance to deny it. I mean, you need youtube likes and subs, but really, you suck off the talents of the men that you throw up in your mouth over. You two are two who look like something that EEUU dreamt up to apologize for Mexican greatness. You guys talk about how other people are good or not good; meaning that unless you have led a European or world cup team to victory, then stop talking. And you all need to stop talking.

    I don't know about Mexico's team because you introduced me to them, but because you can't keep your mouth shut while they play. Shut up.

  • prodigy2591
    prodigy2591 11 months ago

    Mexico should play Brazil knock them out too

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia 11 months ago

    Korea needs the pionts more than mexico so they have to be more offensive.. that's how I see it

  • Alicia les Bleus
    Alicia les Bleus 11 months ago

    Good luck from Austria

  • Francisco Garcia90
    Francisco Garcia90 11 months ago

    So many salty us soccer fans here.

  • Kate Natividad
    Kate Natividad 11 months ago +2

    I’m Mexican but I love Korea

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 11 months ago +1

    Tecatito and giovani need to play this game

    • Victor Gonzalez
      Victor Gonzalez 11 months ago

      pablo sanchez nah man not them not playing is the reason we didn’t win 3+ goals on them trust Gio is back on form and he wouldn’t miss those clear v one goals and tecatito would have opened it up more like way more trust me if they play them today and they don’t do shit then you can say I told you so but I believe in them

    • pablo sanchez
      pablo sanchez 11 months ago

      Victor Gonzalez them not playing the reason Mexico didn’t lose

  • Simon Sungpyo Hong
    Simon Sungpyo Hong 11 months ago

    Best scenario would be S.Korea win against Mexico, Germany beats Sweden and with all teams 1 /0/ 1 Germany beats Korea, and Mexico beats Sweden making Mexico the 1st seed and Germany facing Brazil in the second round in a rematch of that 7:1 finals.

  • Ph.40 Lowk
    Ph.40 Lowk 11 months ago

    Mexico’s league is getting big and competitive South Korea is known for being close to North Korea Mexico dos a cero

  • j M
    j M 11 months ago

    teams that went to the world cup 2018 are winners already.
    where is u.s.a lol

  • ßøi •
    ßøi • 11 months ago

    Just imagine if Korea beats Mexico. Everyone will be in the comments next week. Saying complete opposite things like them being trash and immediately dropping them as a team they support lol. People change and set their minds so easily

  • Armand Melch
    Armand Melch 11 months ago

    These guys are annoying af! A couple of fools with no real imput. Pls, just STFU

  • showtekk avicci
    showtekk avicci 11 months ago

    Mexico has beaten Brazil. Many times! Rather face Brazil right away .

  • Kenny Michael Alanya
    Kenny Michael Alanya 11 months ago

    South Korea is the worst team besides Arab Saudis in the tournament 🙄

  • Christian Astorga
    Christian Astorga 11 months ago

    Don't sleep on Switzerland if they meet El Tri in the round of 16. They are a very organized and tactical team and have made comebacks so far in this tournament. Brazil go 1-0, the Swizz make it 1-1 in the end. Serbia goes 1-0 up, Switzerland end up winning 2-1. They aren't a bad team actually, they don't get a lot of attention cause no one hypes them up a lot.

  • Ignacio Placencia
    Ignacio Placencia 11 months ago

    These 2 are lil bitches Hercules just salty usa didn't make it

  • KawaiiKiwi
    KawaiiKiwi 11 months ago

    I Love both countries I'll be happy if either wins, but I want Mexico to win more. I just hope that they are not overconfident.

  • E.D.25
    E.D.25 11 months ago

    Get these pricks outta here !

  • Ed Agaghy
    Ed Agaghy 11 months ago

    Mexico 2-0 South Korea Im calling it rn

    MAZINGER Z 11 months ago

    Kpop will emerge over burritos.

    • Johnny Irvine
      Johnny Irvine 11 months ago

      Reformed 2017 why are insecure white boys like you so obsessed with asian penises?

    • MetalFaceVic
      MetalFaceVic 11 months ago

      Bruh... I keep getting phone alerts about this thread arguing about dick sizes lul... We get it... Everyone has a huge dick.

    • Reformed 2017
      Reformed 2017 11 months ago

      The average is around 10 cm, just lol at you saying scientific evidence is "wrong".

    • Johnny Irvine
      Johnny Irvine 11 months ago

      reformed 2017 those statistics are actually wrong. the average is like 5"5 and we still have the hottest girls on the planet.

    • MetalFaceVic
      MetalFaceVic 11 months ago +2

      Burritos? Tacos are better... I think most of the world agrees TACOS > kpop

  • Marlon Rolon
    Marlon Rolon 11 months ago

    There will be a penalty tomorrow in favor of Mexico Korea plays to risky inside the box.

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 11 months ago

      yes koreans will go bruce lee styleeeeeeeeeee

  • Rahman BigR
    Rahman BigR 11 months ago

    That clenbuterol

    MEXTEKA 11 months ago

    Avoid Brazil if costa rica had an offense costa rica would've won by 90 these idiots always underestimating Mexico who gives a fuck if is Brazil or Panama if your not good enough then your not good enough no point if you cant win it all

  • Jose V
    Jose V 11 months ago

    Who knows Brasil will be first in it's group?

  • Matt Lord
    Matt Lord 11 months ago +12

    Is it just me, or are the Mexico team reporters a couple?

    • Tino Garcia
      Tino Garcia 11 months ago +3

      Matt ...only one is mexican decendant...the other one...i think is guatemalan....i can be fuck off , puto

    • Omar Gooch
      Omar Gooch 11 months ago +4

      Matt Lord I hate them both

  • Abel Catacho
    Abel Catacho 11 months ago +2

    Underestimating Korea is a mistake, i know we are all glad Mexico beat germany with good football, but koreans are very smart, and methodical. They all saw the game against Germany, they will adapt accordingly.

  • Eddie
    Eddie 11 months ago +6

    This should be the starting line up vs S. Korea
    M. Fabian
    Lozano Tecatito
    Guardado J. Dos Santos Herrera
    Gallardo Moreno Ayala Salcedo
    Depending on how the game goes
    Sub Marco for Gio
    Sub Vela for Peralta or Raul or Chicha
    Sub Tecatito for Layun
    Or decide to park the bus and bring in Edson Alvarez. Mexico has so many variables. Just my 2 cents

    • Black Heart
      Black Heart 11 months ago

      Save vela and use it for sub if we are losing, guardado in the middle sub with dos santos and Aquino in the left, that’s a better line up and 11 players. Chicharito is still lost and should be used only for sub that’s what he’s good for.

    • Jonathan Appleseed
      Jonathan Appleseed 11 months ago

      Edd No, keep layun in the line up. He had a really good game against Germany

    • OP Phenomenon
      OP Phenomenon 11 months ago +1

      I would love to see tecatito play

    • Moises Garcia
      Moises Garcia 11 months ago +3

      1. That's 12 players
      2. Jona doesn't suck he's one of the best midfielders( gio sucks)
      3. No way in hell Vela will ever play in that position having Raul Peralta and chicha lol
      Arsenal. Mexico isn't parking the bus against south Korea. Are you kidding??

    • Eddie
      Eddie 11 months ago +1

      Christian Casas lol just realized that. Take Jona dos santos out and we are good bring him on if you wanna play more defensively 😅

  • Savage Turtle
    Savage Turtle 11 months ago +7

    Just because we won against germany doesnt mean we the best , we just beat the best. Im happy for my team .

  • SpaceOctopusMEX
    SpaceOctopusMEX 11 months ago

    Mexico getting the 6 points tomorrow!

  • Brayan Nunez
    Brayan Nunez 11 months ago

    Oh pls South Korea sucks ass

  • Cowboysfan 1998
    Cowboysfan 1998 11 months ago +1


  • razorwings
    razorwings 11 months ago +2

    Mexican here who's rooting for the cute Korean girls to come out.

  • Victor Vasquez
    Victor Vasquez 11 months ago

    Vamos 🇲🇽💪⚽️

  • Rick Wu
    Rick Wu 11 months ago +1

    Mexico beat one of the toughest teams in the World Cup but will have to change up their style against a tier 3 team...

    • Reformed 2017
      Reformed 2017 11 months ago

      They can't play counter-atack type of football vs korea lol, mexico will have to play the bully role tomorrow, we'll see how that works out though.

    • kingdrosilva94
      kingdrosilva94 11 months ago +4

      Rick Wu I think they mean tactically, meaning Mexico wont be playing counter attack football with s.korea since as they said Korea will be playing more defensive than Germany did

  • Scythe_Ti
    Scythe_Ti 11 months ago +26

    For sure a Mexico player is going to get hurt tomorrow the Koreans play dirty as hell

    • sanchezfrank
      sanchezfrank 11 months ago

      p weed chicken really bro, really, go fuck yourself

    • ngc22072001
      ngc22072001 11 months ago

      p weed chicken lol loser Green Go

    • Scythe_Ti
      Scythe_Ti 11 months ago +1

      Jae Kim did you see the match the fouled the Mexicans like crazy

    • XxANHxX
      XxANHxX 11 months ago

      p weed chicken go fuck yourself you know Mexico is an amazing country I am proud to be half Mexican. I am ashamed to be half American.

    • p weed chicken
      p weed chicken 11 months ago +1

      thats because labor is cheap and so is land? Im happy to see that your dumb ass prides itself on being USED by other companies

  • Teufel Hunden
    Teufel Hunden 11 months ago +1


  • The First Ever Black Person
    The First Ever Black Person 11 months ago +3

    Today we found who better, Messi or Musa from nigeria... I think we know the answer

  • Lalo3g1
    Lalo3g1 11 months ago

    Y'all need to do something. I keep having to raise my volume for the guy on the right and lower it for the guy on the left

  • Eskomo
    Eskomo 11 months ago

    I think they just ask themselves stupid just so they can talk

  • Migue 28060
    Migue 28060 11 months ago +1

    Gomez = dislike

  • Kromexstylezzz Zz
    Kromexstylezzz Zz 11 months ago

    South Korea not good

  • Gallopingfish
    Gallopingfish 11 months ago +2

    I mean honestly they could play the same. Sit back and force the Koreans to come forward first which will feel unnatural for them

  • Nick Ronaldo
    Nick Ronaldo 11 months ago +17

    If Son performs like the way he plays in Tottenham Mexico will have a lot of problems

    • Eduardo Gutierrez
      Eduardo Gutierrez 11 months ago

      No problem bruh

    • Max Contreras
      Max Contreras 11 months ago

      He played that way against Sweden
      Nothing came from it
      You know nothing of football

    • Juan Montoya
      Juan Montoya 11 months ago

      one person can make a difference but not for so long.. and messi didn't play for shit , never asked for the ball, that man is heartless

    • Tyrant Jesus
      Tyrant Jesus 11 months ago +1

      Jr Morales That's because Ronaldo isn't human

    • Nikola Tesla
      Nikola Tesla 11 months ago +1

      uncleblunts5 Ronaldo?

  • heyheyhe0011
    heyheyhe0011 11 months ago +17

    I’m korean. We sucked so bad, Mexico doesn’t need to worry one bit.

    • Saul Garcia
      Saul Garcia 11 months ago

      Tino Garcia tu culo

    • Saul Garcia
      Saul Garcia 11 months ago

      Edgar Ordaz puto!

    • Saul Garcia
      Saul Garcia 11 months ago

      Tino Garcia eres un pinche puto de corazon y siempre as valido verga. En Otras palabras no sirves pa ti mismo bola de wey

    • Vicodinzz
      Vicodinzz 11 months ago

      heyheyhe0011 You're south Korean team is really good in defence it's gonna be hard to play counter attacks on you guys but Best of luck hope we have a good game👊

  • Lil Beaner X
    Lil Beaner X 11 months ago

    Fuck bro I need Mexico to not choke. I swear to god if chicharito's flopping ass plays there should be a riot. The only reason he's there is because he makes the team money. Jimenez and oribe 10x better. Also our dumbass coach did the same shit against I think New Zealand in the confederations cup where he took out like his 6 best players and we lost the first half. Then second half he put in our best player and then obviously we won but it shouldnt have to be like that. Its just so annoying. Play your best players!!!!! SIMPLE.

  • Chris V
    Chris V 11 months ago +18

    One Win and Mexicans are totally overconfident :D

    • Eduardo Gutierrez
      Eduardo Gutierrez 11 months ago


    • Eduardo Gutierrez
      Eduardo Gutierrez 11 months ago

      2 now fucken HATERS!!!

    • Med is important
      Med is important 11 months ago

      I'm from Sweden and am legit scared of Mexico they were really fuking good and vs Germany

    • Black Heart
      Black Heart 11 months ago

      Better than one lost like Germany and being all freaked out.

    • Francisco Garcia90
      Francisco Garcia90 11 months ago

      Chris V salty??? Hahahaah say hi to Bruce for me

  • Slick Ric
    Slick Ric 11 months ago +7

    Osorio going to whoop these Korean boys harder than North Korea want to. Juan Carlos Osorio masterclass incoming

    • Lil Beaner X
      Lil Beaner X 11 months ago

      Tyrant Jesus yea but he choked against neur the first half then second half on a 2v1 fast break he choked and gave vela a terrible pass then on a 1v1 with him and neur he flopped and tried to get a penalty even though he was wide open. Then for the last 30 minutes he was just standing around pointing while the rest of his teamates were running around like crazy. We were essentially playing with 10 men the last 30 minutes. The thing I hate the most is he doesnt even attempt to score. He just chokes and does something retarded. Its so annoying. Oribe or Jimenez would never do that.

    • Lil Beaner X
      Lil Beaner X 11 months ago

      Keita and Fabinho Apologist hopefully bro. But if chicharito plays imma be mad.

  • Platinum J
    Platinum J 11 months ago +2

    Mexico got off to a good start but they'll struggle against teams like Belgium, Brazil and Croatia...

    • Morten 85
      Morten 85 11 months ago

      Dont lose to sweden on purpose and germany will take out brazil for you in round of 16 :)

    • Saul Garcia
      Saul Garcia 11 months ago

      Platinum J no

    • Tyrant Jesus
      Tyrant Jesus 11 months ago

      Platinum J Honestly Croatia isn't all that spectacular. Before the tournament I knew Argentina was going to struggle, but I do admit not a 3-0 struggle lmao. But Belgium and Spain are strong teams that might make Mexico struggle, but not Croatia.

    • Nikola Tesla
      Nikola Tesla 11 months ago +2

      Erick Saldana Focusing on games from the past is a mistake mate, you should look to the current Brazil squad who has been rejuvenated, with more deadly players. I know they haven't been playing the best football possible, like they did on the friendly matches. Nevertheless, one shouldn't be fooled about that.

  • المخلص فقط JESUS
    المخلص فقط JESUS 11 months ago +2


  • Make The Lakers Great Again
    Make The Lakers Great Again 11 months ago +46

    Mexico will make it far 💯

    • Francisco Garcia90
      Francisco Garcia90 11 months ago +1

      J Thorsson go ahead build your useles wall. It will solve nothing gringos are too addicted to that shit, so forget about the drug flow ig you demand dont blame the supplier like I said your drugs will keep pouring in regardless. But go ahead build your big ass "wall" Its YOUR! tax money 😂😂😜😜😂. Oh and in case you didint know bcuz your a dumb ass. Ilegal immigration from Mexico has been at an all time low for a good while now. So ya BUILD THE WALL LMAO!!!

    • Jose G
      Jose G 11 months ago +1

      Make The Lakers Great Again que tal si pierde? 😅😂

    • Francisco Garcia90
      Francisco Garcia90 11 months ago

      Far beyond Driven Mexico is a baller ass tram and has won everything but the world cup.

    • Make The Lakers Great Again
      Make The Lakers Great Again 11 months ago

      Far beyond Driven Always have faith in Mexico 💯

    • Far beyond Driven
      Far beyond Driven 11 months ago

      You never thought that Mexico would make it this far ..... lol

    ILLUSTRIOUS ART 11 months ago

    Come to the Wolf pit the hottest rawest new group on Facebook tell em bobby sent u

  • Fanum FuckedYourDaughter #GOAT #BronxBornAndRaised

    Yeah SouthKorea will probably just pay the refs anyway

    • D K
      D K 11 months ago

      Lol saying that based on a anti Korea video made by some mad European. Fuk off

    • Far beyond Driven
      Far beyond Driven 11 months ago

      Fanum FuckedYourDaughter #GOAT #BronxBornAndRaised lol proably with some damn galaxies n shit