FC Barcelona 5-2 Mallorca - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - 12/7/19

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Lionel Messi completes his hat-trick in 83' to give Barcelona a 5-2 lead over RCD Mallorca in LaLiga.
    Messi y el Barcelona salieron inspirados y terminaron pasándole por encima al Mallorca que se fue goleado del Camp Nou.

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Comments • 663

  • xdicey_theephenom
    xdicey_theephenom 16 days ago

    We are all denied by the post any lover of football is denied by the post.🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Kevin Santiago Luna

    5:22 like for commentator 😂😂😂

  • lo go
    lo go Month ago

    I really don't like that horse face fucker Suarez, but gotdayum that backheel was saucy. #puskas

  • Leonel Sanchez
    Leonel Sanchez Month ago

    The fourth goal was amazing because of frenkie and Luis. The best in the whole season so far

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee Month ago

    Wow. That back heel chip goal was phenomenal.

  • Thắng Nguyễn
    Thắng Nguyễn Month ago

    All goals and assists from this one are incredible I’m speechless

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson Month ago

    Ante budimir celebrates at 3:21. What is that celebration?

  • Gabe Lobet
    Gabe Lobet Month ago

    This color commentator is amazing

  • Revizionn_YT
    Revizionn_YT Month ago

    5:23 When ur 9 years old and u and ur friends find the word “Sex” in the dictionary

  • Censay
    Censay Month ago

    Anyone know the name of the chant that was sung before messis first goal in the game

  • Kevyn Montenegro
    Kevyn Montenegro Month ago

    I was at this game and still watching the highlights cause I can't get over these goals.

  • Jesse Sotelo
    Jesse Sotelo Month ago


  • Nieto Entertainment Studios

    Damn what a game!

  • Steven Rust
    Steven Rust Month ago

    4th goal by Suarez is beautiful!!

  • Young Jojo305
    Young Jojo305 Month ago

    Is it me or they only get excited when Barcelona scores

  • Diego A. Diaz
    Diego A. Diaz Month ago

    Los goles Fe de Messi 😳

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen Month ago +1

    5:21 5:22

  • default dan
    default dan Month ago

    Why does the commentator scream like a goal

  • CheShin Chew
    CheShin Chew Month ago

    That commentator gotta chill.

  • Charles Dominic Montroux

    Si ya sabíamos que le habían dado el balón de oro, ¿para qué la publicidad adicional usando a los niños? El show convierte las cosas en un asco.

  • MeetBigChubbs /l /l

    Mallocra: *scores 1 goal*
    Messi: Are you challenging me?

  • Alfmedina
    Alfmedina Month ago

    ... And yet another hat trick by the best, most consistent best player in history.

  • Alfmedina
    Alfmedina Month ago +1

    All goals were very good, but at 5:00, the fourth one by Suárez was extraordinary, a superb sample of teamwork in the best Barcelona style. And what a finish with a back heel. Awesome!... One of the best goals I have ever seen.

  • NurseMendoza
    NurseMendoza Month ago

    Messi’s 🎩Hat Trick?
    Suarez 🦿Back-heel?
    Or Griezzmans 🦶🏽Chip?
    What’s your favorite of the night?

  • Josias J. Quintero
    Josias J. Quintero Month ago

    Ronaldo 7 who? Hahaha

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess Month ago

    Only one Messi. Everyone else is just watching.

    YNWA AIY Month ago

    One of the commentator sounds over-excited, either he won big lottery, or ass being poked by something sharp ...

  • Antonio Saidiani
    Antonio Saidiani Month ago

    great game!!!

  • FBOB
    FBOB Month ago

    Can we just agree what makes Messi’s Hat-trick more phenomenal is the amazing one-Touch left-foot strikes

  • karl villa
    karl villa Month ago

    ese pinche arquero de mayorca no coje nada

  • T0ki
    T0ki Month ago

    This is all well and great vs. MALLORCA. Mallorca's team is comprised of chefs, mailmen, and UPS drivers. Stop j*zzing your pantalones over this because it's seriously annoying. La Liga has worse teams than Bundesliga or the EPL. What is Mallorca? What level of tooball is Mallorca? It's an amateur team playing Barcelona.... how is La Liga seen as better than any other top 5 league? What a joke.

  • Shiwei Cai
    Shiwei Cai Month ago

    How could Argentina national team not do very well?

    • T0ki
      T0ki Month ago

      You want to know why? Because Messi is playing against Mallorca, and when he's on Argentina's team he has to play against serious teams. I have your answer for ya, hope you can cope with the truth because every other team is not Mallorca.... a team made up of chefs and UPS drivers.

  • hector69ize
    hector69ize Month ago

    Oh My Goal !!!! Messi as ever very clinical but that goal by Suares was quite simply the highlight of the game. Fantastic 😳😵😱😱😱

  • Teresa Sosa
    Teresa Sosa Month ago

    No jodas.. el golazo de Luis Suarez es Magic 😝✌️✌️🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🙈🙈🙈🙈😂😂❤️

  • Doge Sensation
    Doge Sensation Month ago

    Without Messi they would of lost

  • Be Yourself
    Be Yourself Month ago

    The mix MGS started working 👍

  • Sergio López Delgado

    Suárez gol para ganar el puskas

  • Matvey Galkin
    Matvey Galkin Month ago

    no one:

    messi's kids: bring ballon d'or on field

  • Relbl
    Relbl Month ago

    The stat that I like best about Messi so far this season in La Liga: he has 12 goles on only 30 shots (24 on target) - a 40% conversion. I don't even think there is a word for that!!!

  • A
    A Month ago

    "beautiful" - the man has half the world watching. He's literally a walking commercial and you act like he's one of you. LOL

  • Rickar aure
    Rickar aure Month ago


  • Bianchi Mo
    Bianchi Mo Month ago


  • Kratos Ghost
    Kratos Ghost Month ago


  • Michael Beaumont
    Michael Beaumont Month ago

    I feel like these highlights should have a higher quality than 720p.

  • Filander Barahona
    Filander Barahona Month ago

    Suarez goal of the year, dumb nasty! 🔥

  • Ryan Papetti
    Ryan Papetti Month ago

    De Jong is incredible in the center pitch... Dude can make plays

  • Adverse
    Adverse Month ago

    I say we start a petition to have ray hudson as a commentator on FIFA 21

  • khkartc
    khkartc Month ago


  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores Month ago

    This commentator cracks me tf up😂

  • Lonn Phillips
    Lonn Phillips Month ago

    Barca had 25 shots & 17 on target, Suarez hitting the post from another attempt while 9 different players were on target. Barca are undefeated when attempting 14+ shots
    The Return of The Barca We Know & Love? Roberto or Semedo at RB? Tell us

  • Supreme CommunistLeader


  • richmond dankwa
    richmond dankwa Month ago

    He's genius

  • Behrouz Jazizadeh
    Behrouz Jazizadeh Month ago

    Messi's finishing ability is truly frightening. His accuracy is beyond any player in his time.

  • Dwayne Collins
    Dwayne Collins Month ago

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  • ひJonathan ひ
    ひJonathan ひ Month ago

    Messi is just to good.And nice goal by Suarez

  • Javier Torres
    Javier Torres Month ago

    Messi is just amazing. Literally I think there aren’t many videos in the world like there are from Messi and still nobody can stop him.

  • denis silva
    denis silva Month ago

    Así tienen que jugar la champions .

  • Nzila Ng'andu
    Nzila Ng'andu Month ago

    How do you back heel, chip and curve a ball?.. During match play?! Incredible 🔥🔥🔥

  • AssyrianKing4ever
    AssyrianKing4ever Month ago

    Valverde's thinking: "what can I do to destroy Barcelona" after that performance

    ICE MAN Month ago

    Anyone remember when Messi was voted the 5th best player in the world?