The Real Story Of Cinco De Mayo

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  • Rev Conyers
    Rev Conyers Month ago

    The history of the Americas is that of fighting off the oppressors of the old world. Good job Mexico.

  • Kimberly Dominguez
    Kimberly Dominguez Month ago

    ViVA Mexico

  • Jusesisgod Plays
    Jusesisgod Plays Month ago

    There was another video posted on the EXACT same day idk time but i think one copied the concepts of the other but this video has lesser information

    • Jusesisgod Plays
      Jusesisgod Plays Month ago

      Sadly I am on android so I am unable to share the link.

    • Jusesisgod Plays
      Jusesisgod Plays Month ago

      Curious Jon If you look up "Story behind cinco de mayo" there is a video from ABC News that is posted on the same day. I take back my word on more or less information as I was too impulsive but both videos have pretty similar information.

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  Month ago

      Please share a link to the other one. Mine is solely my own and I provide links to my information sources in the description. Thanks for watching.

  • Alicia Core
    Alicia Core 3 months ago

    Offset Cinco de mayo

  • Puglous
    Puglous 3 months ago

    Since we shoe-horn "Native American genocide" into Thanksgiving, why don't we shoe-horn a discussion of Aztec human sacrifice into Cinco De Mayo?

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  3 months ago

      Here's a good place to start:

  • Barry Sorento
    Barry Sorento 4 months ago

    France was there in case they needed to intervine in the civil war. France wouldnt have been there if not for the civil war.

  • 蔡承瑋
    蔡承瑋 6 months ago +1


  • 1999Fanboy
    1999Fanboy 7 months ago

    my birthday was on cinco de mayo I was born in 2009

  • La Senora Research Institute

    It was NOT a Mexican National Holiday (or any kind of Mexican holiday). It was a Californio Holiday. The first celebration of Cinco de Mayo was in November of the same year as the battle was won. It was the Californio's battle cry (similar to Remember the Alamo in Texas). They used Cinco de Mayo to form juntas that raised troops (several regiments) and funds and armaments to ensure that the Union would win. All they had to do was to hold off France until the South was defeated. If either the South or France won, the benefits granted to Californios under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo would have been forfeited.

  • Deaven Fonseca
    Deaven Fonseca 8 months ago

    I'm glad The French, England, Spain decidedly to make Mexico pay them back.You do not borrow money and not pay it back.If you borrow money for a house and do not pay it back They foreclosure on your house.

  • 8 months ago

    Hay hay old dude guess what cinco does not run the state Alex hamillto

  • Fernando Alcantara
    Fernando Alcantara 8 months ago

    how they lost if was a powerfull army ? mexicans are so brave they fight with powerfull countrys like usa,france, spain and others invasors countrys .

    LIAM LIAMESQUE 8 months ago

    Cinco de drinko

  • Callum Toon
    Callum Toon 8 months ago

    Best Cinco de Mayo explanation. Yours facts are sorted 👍.

  • Oscar Cortes
    Oscar Cortes 8 months ago

    mexico beat the invincible army in the world at that time... respect

  • The Flat Truth
    The Flat Truth 8 months ago

    No cinco de Mayo on Flat Earth 😆 #Flatearth

  • ivanop kragord
    ivanop kragord 8 months ago

    you left out the fact that France started a war with the prusian empire of the kaiser

  • Joel Samaniego
    Joel Samaniego 8 months ago

    There's more than a little revisionist history here.

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  8 months ago

      Thanks for clarifying and adding that.

    • Joel Samaniego
      Joel Samaniego 8 months ago

      Payments were suspended by Mexico, however simply stating that it was a result of it's struggling economy without mention of the Guerra de Reforma is misleading.
      You're also oversimplifying the events that lead to the end of French occupation and the death of Emperor Maximilian.

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  8 months ago

      Please explain. I welcome and encourage different points of view.

  • Rice_with_a_side_of_curry

    You left out the part where they execute Maximilian and kept his bullet riddled shit on display to this day.

  • Kai Moreno
    Kai Moreno 8 months ago

    America waso dao besto armyo ino theo worldo thato timeo

  • Fercho
    Fercho 8 months ago

    México is not considered independent in 1810. 16SEP1810 is the date when the independence war begins and in 27SEP1821 the declaration of independence is signed. So, 5 de mayo 1862, was not 50 years after the independence.

  • Rich Taylor
    Rich Taylor 8 months ago

    this is wrong

  • lowsodium36
    lowsodium36 8 months ago

    U forgot to mention Maximilian's demise

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  8 months ago

      Thanks for adding that. Someone covered it below in the comments, but it is a piece of the story that's worth telling.

  • trussell davis
    trussell davis 8 months ago

    white folks always going over to other people land trying to take over somebody else's shit that's why they got their ass whooped on Cinco de Mayo at the Battle of Puebla I wish I had army because I would have help the Mexican army whoop their ass that day just for the hell of it

  • Kristian Bautista
    Kristian Bautista 8 months ago +1

    ohhh shhittt...I thought it was all about tequilla and corona!

  • DeVante
    DeVante 8 months ago

    His tie knot needs some serious help!

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  8 months ago

      I ditched the tie in the more recent videos....

  • Nguyen Nhu
    Nguyen Nhu 9 months ago

    Cinco de Mayo <3 🌸 !!!
    Cinco de Mayo has its roots in the French occupation of Mexico, which took place in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War of 1846-48 and the 1858-61 Reform War

  • Juan Mendoza
    Juan Mendoza 9 months ago

    Also the "Emperor of Mexico" was executed by the wrath and fury of 5 mexican soldiers in the name of Benito Juarez

    • Juan Mendoza
      Juan Mendoza 9 months ago +1

      Curious Jon That's what she gets for trying to get the Austrians to colonize Mexico😂😂😂

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  9 months ago

      +Juan Mendoza And the emperor's wife went insane on learning of his death.

    MC RAQUEL 9 months ago

    Great video! the only part that I didn't like was when it was mentioned that the US let their displeasure of the French in México known, I've read that somewhere else but that is inaccurate. That would have led to the french helping the confederacy 100%. I have no idea why that was added in.....history marketing. Reading about this holiday in Spanish NEVER mentions that add in. Not your fault, but where was your source that said this?

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  9 months ago

      Thanks for the comment. I don't recall exactly the source for that, but I include most of my sources in the description to the video. I appreciate your clarification.

  • Paneuropäischer Nationalismus

    The French hardly had the best army in the world just several years later they got their asses kicked by the Prussians in the Franco Prussian war.

    • Paneuropäischer Nationalismus
      Paneuropäischer Nationalismus 8 months ago

      Edgar Tapia only with the aid of the British and Spanish, 25,000 British troops where casualties in the war in Haiti and France was cut Of from Haiti by the Royal Navy making supply and reinforcing an arduous task, coupled with the fact France was fighting wars with every major European power at the time, Austria, Russia, Spain, Britain, Prussia and most of the Holy Roman Empire.

    • Ed'ancho Villa
      Ed'ancho Villa 8 months ago +1

      European Nationalist Didn't France lose to Haiti?

  • Juan Carrillo
    Juan Carrillo Year ago +23

    He forgot to mention that the reason Mexico owe money to spain UK and France was because there was a war already going on, it was called La Guerra de la Reforma which Liberals and Conservatives were fighting to take control of the country, Benito Juarez won the war, but left Mexico in debt, and also the Conservatives help France fight....

    • JollycoonGamez_ 2005
      JollycoonGamez_ 2005 Month ago

      Juan Carrillo woah man no need to add that on is we don't want to be in war with France, Spain, and British again man

    • AB3
      AB3 2 months ago

      So pretty much Mexico went round two without recovering.. badass

    • InfamousTV
      InfamousTV 8 months ago

      Mexico created that debt before the Mexican Civil War even happened

    • Xhunter107
      Xhunter107 8 months ago

      Im on your side dumbass

  • Eli Jandrew
    Eli Jandrew Year ago +3

    france never really lost a war.

    • demonkogure99
      demonkogure99 8 months ago

      well of course there is going to be flaws if humans are involved no matter how big or small the nation or empire is. But I see what you mean at the same time.

    • radeed Rad
      radeed Rad Year ago +2

      for country that had a vast empire that comes after Great Britain. great countries do have great flaws.

    • Obligatory Expiry
      Obligatory Expiry Year ago +6

      They were kicked out of vietnam by rebels, kicked out of Mexico for fear of war with the U.S. they lost the napoleonic wars, the Franco Prussian war, they lost ww2, the war of Spanish succession, some with the Italians, etc. etc. but that doesn't necessarily make them a weak country though, but I only replied to say that they have really lost some wars.

  • madmex19
    madmex19 Year ago +4

    When the French finally deserted Emperor Maximilian he was imprisoned and executed by the order of Benito Juarez in the city of Queretaro. His wife Empress Carlota went crazy and died elder in Europe. What a tragedy.

  • Sergio C.
    Sergio C. Year ago +1

    I got here after watching a disrespectful Black Hebrew Israelite video, that was calling 5 De Mayo an evil pagan holiday, and what not. Fuck it! I guess any & everything is pagan as far as they're concerned.

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  Year ago +1

      +Sergio Castillo Thanks for coming....

    IRONMAN Year ago +1


  • Cedar Poplar
    Cedar Poplar Year ago +1

    Well, fuck! I didn't know that. but then again, their is a whole Lotta shit I don't know;
    Perhaps the Alamo quarrel, or Geronimo stands - You be the judge of that!
    Until then, enjoy your guacamole amigos.

  • alberto martinez
    alberto martinez Year ago +1

    you not no

  • Boris Alexis Osorio Ramos

    5 de mayo is not a national
    Holiday. It is a holiday just in Puebla.

    • Guzzman 65
      Guzzman 65 8 months ago +1

      Boris Alexis Osorio Ramos No, no one in Mexico celebrates it, except Puebla. Believe me I lived in Mexico for 7 years.

    • Qverlord
      Qverlord 8 months ago +3

      it is a national holiday

  • Cristobal Moran
    Cristobal Moran Year ago +1

    lame ur a phonie

  • Iron Will
    Iron Will Year ago +1

    fuck Mexican history, Trump is about to erase all of you from the world. Then nobody will remember you. Les see you say VIVA LA RAZA now.

    • Anguel Carranza
      Anguel Carranza Month ago

      Iron Will viva la raza puto fuck u in us

    • Gustavo Tellez
      Gustavo Tellez 2 months ago

      Iron Will and so far nothing happened...

    • Rodolfo elreno
      Rodolfo elreno 8 months ago

      Iron Will Yo te doy la mía, es en Álamos en la ciudad de Puebla, :) te espero aquí pendejo idiota

    • Maze R!ot
      Maze R!ot 9 months ago +3

      Iron Will lol you're so pathetic you actually waited 3 months to see who wins to prove us wrong get a fucking life

    • Iron Will
      Iron Will 9 months ago +1

      Give me an address coward

  • IT el payaso Mexicano

    fuck united states pure people ignorant mexico se independizo el 17 de septiembre de 1810 not 5 de mayo de 1862 -___-

  • Joan Sebastian
    Joan Sebastian Year ago +1

    You forgot. emperator maximiliano was kill by presidente Benito juarez.

  • Alexa Zozaya
    Alexa Zozaya Year ago +8

    Of course you had to do it about the US lol i really though it was just a lie when people from all around the world would tell me that americans think the world revolves around them.

    • MrSirFluffy
      MrSirFluffy 8 months ago

      Well seeing how Cinco De Mayo is an AMERICAN holiday than the US should think they were somewhat involved. Contrary to popular belief Cinco De Mayo is not celebrated in Mexico. Well, now it is because of it's popularity, but it was the US that popularized it's celebration. By the way I'm Mexican.

    • Mathew Dos Santos
      Mathew Dos Santos 8 months ago +1

      it does you pleb.

      MC RAQUEL 9 months ago +1

      I agree with you 100%. Reading about this holiday in Spanish never mentions the US part, that would have led them to help the confederates 100%. That is the reason for the celebration because the supposed "underdog" had a victory not because the victory was because of US threat, they had their own problems.

    • LartenCreps
      LartenCreps 10 months ago +3

      The countries are side by side, of course they influence each other. Mexico influenced the U.S. civil war by giving the french an unexpected and surprisingly effective hard time which kept them from going onto phase two of their plan which was to help the confederates. If Santa Ana was there instead of zaragosa, the union might've lost.

    • Desert Sand
      Desert Sand Year ago +1

      If the French retreated because of fear of US involvement, shouldn't that be mentioned?

  • Ulysses North
    Ulysses North Year ago +27

    Adios you French bastards. Hehe.

    • Xolotl G
      Xolotl G 6 months ago +1

      French are cool wtf

    • Wellsomething Studio
      Wellsomething Studio 7 months ago

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    • Anthony Bantano
      Anthony Bantano 9 months ago +1

      Ulysses North mexico is the blackhole of empires french empires spanish empire british empire american empire

    • Doney Hon
      Doney Hon Year ago +1

      We are happy to not be there. It's a dump!


    This was very important for the U.S because they didn't want any European in the continent.

  • Mike Davino
    Mike Davino Year ago +1

    Check out the act of 1861 here in America.

  • Gregorio Vazquez, O. Carm.

    Good job! I enjoyed the explanation... thanks a lot!

  • Ja.Oliver
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  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever Year ago +1

    did you make the tractor ?

    ZNEOPEC Year ago +1

    Invictus Games muy Loco Jubilee!! Just ask Obomba & da Queen.

  • The Daily Weasel News

    That's my b-day

  • Maximvs Victa
    Maximvs Victa Year ago +4

    Humiliation? Look how Mexico is progressing now? So who really left in humiliation?

    • Ed'ancho Villa
      Ed'ancho Villa 7 months ago

      Joey Medina

    • Finland Scandinavia
      Finland Scandinavia 7 months ago

      Edgar Tapia my ass,then pay for the wall

    • Ed'ancho Villa
      Ed'ancho Villa 8 months ago +1

      Maximvs Victa 2050 it's going to be the 7th largest economy in the world... Bigger than all European nations. Keep talking.

    • TestSubject G7
      TestSubject G7 Year ago +1

      Raymond Rodriguez damn right it is

    • Ray From L.A
      Ray From L.A Year ago +11

      Pride is worth more than Gold.

  • Tomas Gonzalez
    Tomas Gonzalez 2 years ago +12

    don't feel proud Texano
    he chose the Mexican side instead of racist Americano Texano. Viva por siempre el Mexicano Ignacio Zaragoza

      JOEGONZALEZ 8 months ago +2

      Tomas Gonzalez Tejano and Proud 🇨🇱

  • KurAI - Chan Chan
    KurAI - Chan Chan 2 years ago +1

    How Jeff Celebrates Cinco De Mayo brought me here

  • Inquisitor Buccellati
    Inquisitor Buccellati 2 years ago +8

    You forgot the part where the Prussians invade France and started the Franco-Prussian war.

  • Texican Cowboy
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  • Texican Cowboy
    Texican Cowboy 2 years ago +1

    Something left out is the fact that the reason why is celebrated in the USA since the 1980's is because the General in charge of that battle was born in Texas, General Ignacio Zaragoza. he was born in March 24, 18269 in Goliad texas.

  • wakyAminations
    wakyAminations 2 years ago +4

    Awesome video

  • Gabbzzz13
    Gabbzzz13 2 years ago +2

    Interesting Video!
    However, you fail to point out that the only reason Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the US, beside the commercial gains, is to laugh at the french! Its a Holiday that commemorates the end of Napoleon's undefeated forces. Also, you didn't state that the US didn't help Mexico, with not only the danger in the French helping the south, but conquering the US through Mexico.

  • Sir Neko
    Sir Neko 2 years ago +4

    I was like " what channel is this?" Well, now I know.

    • Curious Jon
      Curious Jon  2 years ago +1

      +Jeff the Ghost Same show, different channel name. Thanks for continuing to watch.

  • Eliseo Noriega Colin
    Eliseo Noriega Colin 2 years ago +1

    Thats the true story for sure my man.
    Is it fair to say that Cinco de Mayo 1872 is for the U.S. the war of 1812?
    Plz reply why or why not... TY!

  • Robbie Hatley
    Robbie Hatley 2 years ago +1

    Interesting video, and thanks for posting; but your video does contain two flaws which you should avoid when making future videos.
    Firstly, why the agonized facial expression and pained voice throughout? If you have indigestion, I recommend 1/2 tsp of sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 cup of water before filming videos. If it's a headache, take 2 ibuprofen. As it is, you look like you're dying on-camera.
    Secondly, do NOT suddenly lean close to the camera lens while filming videos! It is extremely disconcerting and makes your viewers cringe backwards, startled. It is NOT cute; it is obnoxious. Stop doing that, please. Thanks.

    • Internet Napalm
      Internet Napalm 2 years ago +2

      +Robbie Hatley U is very pretentious

    • Robbie Hatley
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      +King Juice : Bullshit. My 7 short paragraphs were not in any way "too long". (Saying that they are does not make it so.) What you *really* meant to say is, "That's too truthful and hence too painful; I lack the integrity and guts to face up to the facts about myself; so I didn't read it.". That's *not* something you should be bragging about. It's a waste of the opportunity to use others as mirrors to better see your own motives. Wasting opportunities is stupid, so I strongly suggest you don't do it. Life is short, and the opportunities will run out very quickly. At your current age (about 14, right?) you probably think opportunities for everything will continue forever. But at my age (old enough to be your grandfather), I know goddamn well that they do not. Carpe diem. While you still can.

    • Dominion
      Dominion 2 years ago

      Too long, didn't read.

    • Robbie Hatley
      Robbie Hatley 2 years ago

      +King Juice : Ah, I see. You are a bored troll. I wouldn't brag about that if I were you, though. Could spell trouble if a future employer looks here. (Yes, they do.)
      However, that does not fully gibe with some of the statements in your latest comment. Trolls don't converse or debate; they just disrupt, as you've been doing; they lack the emotional maturity to converse or debate.
      Also, trolls tend to have little actual interest in economy, politics, etc. Again, they merely disrupt by being inflammatory; they have no interest in finding truth.
      As for me being a "bright young man", no, I'm old and stupid. I'm 56 and only have an IQ of about 135; I'm too stupid to even get into a "smart person's club" such as Mensa.
      (But on the other hand, at the 97th percentile I'm too smart to even be able to converse with the lower 90%; they're too tiring; like trying to teach calculus to kittens.)
      As for yourself, based on our conversation here, I estimate your age at 14 and your IQ at about 80. (But I admit those estimates are based on very little data.)
      Also, I detect signs that you may be suffering from antisocial personality disorder (seeing as how you admit you enjoy toying with people's minds and purposely wasting their time). You might want to discuss that with a counselor, else it could cause you problems later in life.

    • Dominion
      Dominion 2 years ago

      I really just don't care. I am not interested in having a conversation with you and I just wanted to drag this out as long as possible. I am sure you are a very bright young man. I enjoy conversing and debating, but mostly about political and social economic topics.

  • Phillip Bell
    Phillip Bell 2 years ago +1

    Dear John Deere, please stop getting your ugly face so close to the camera. We don't care to see your nose-hairs.

    • Ignacio Acosta
      Ignacio Acosta 8 months ago

      france underestimated mexico, but never used all its army to defeat mexico.

    • Robbie Hatley
      Robbie Hatley 2 years ago

      +Phillip Bell : Yes, it is very disconcerting. I posted a comment about that directly to the video, and also replied to the reply you received from "Scare Crow" (which sounds like a troll name to me).

    • Robbie Hatley
      Robbie Hatley 2 years ago

      +Scare Crow : No. Criticizing acting techniques (or, in this case, acting BLUNDERS) in performance art (such as acting on-camera while making videos) is hardly "trivial", nor does it show the criticizer to be "simple-minded". On the contrary, that type of constructive criticism is more on-topic than discussing the *content* of a video. A video maker generally doesn't need to hear about the content; hir already knows about that, which is why hir made the video. *Delivery*, however, is where constructive criticism can be of help to video makers in the making of future videos. That is what TVclip comments are *FOR*, believe it or not.
      However, TVclip comments are *NOT*, repeat *NOT*, intended as a forum for trolls and obnoxious churls to criticize others' critiques, much less call others "simple-minded". That's what kindergarten playgrounds (and time-out boxes) are for. You were supposed to have gotten that out of your system by age 5 or 6. What went wrong?

    • Phillip Bell
      Phillip Bell 2 years ago

      You don't understand how much it traumatized me. I'm still scared. Nightmares coming.

    • Scare Crow
      Scare Crow 2 years ago

      +Phillip Bell of course the simple minded have nothing else to comment on, except trivialities. sigh.