25 Intriguing Facts About The Aircraft Industry

  • Published on Mar 17, 2016
  • When the Wright brothers invented the first airplane back in 1903, they probably couldn’t imagine what an extremely profitable business the aircraft industry would become over a hundred years later. Their aircraft, the Wright Flyer, flew only about 120 feet, whereas today a typical Boeing 787 can fly more than ten thousand miles on a single tank of gas. And this is only one little step the world of aviation has taken since then. Nowadays, there are many companies with thousands of employees worldwide involved in the various aspects of designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft, aircraft parts, and spacecraft (and this isn't even the best part of the most intriguing facts about the aircraft industry).
    To get an idea how important aircraft manufacturing is for the industrial sector, Russia alone employs around 355,300 people in the field, and the United Kingdom-home to one of the largest national aerospace industries in the world-employs more than 113,000 people directly and around 276,000 indirectly and has an annual turnover of more than £35 billion. Additionally, flying is considered the fastest and safest-despite so many people being afraid to fly-way to travel but this is common knowledge. However, the 25 Intriguing Facts About The Aircraft Industry that follow are far from common knowledge. So, fasten your seat belt and let’s fly into the exciting world of aviation.
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    If a cabin is pressurized and an airplane door opens in midflight at a high altitude, the sudden opening could cause items and people to get sucked out. However, pressurization in the cabin and a plug-type door (a door that is bigger than the opening) make it nearly impossible for even multiple people to open a door during a flight.
    A Boeing 747 can carry about 60,000 gallons of jet fuel, which weighs about 400,000 pounds.
    The contrails planes leave behind are made of water vapor. A thin, shorter-lasting tail indicates low-humidity air and fair weather. A thick, longer-lasting tail could signify the early indicators of a storm.
    A study by Popular Mechanics determined that passengers who sit near the tail of the plane are forty percent more likely to survive a crash than those in the first few rows.
    The Airbus A380, Boeing 787, ATR-600, and Bombardier C Series aircraft use less than three liters of jet fuel per one hundred passenger kilometers. This matches the efficiency of most modern compact cars.
    The air on airplanes is filtered by the same technology that filters air in hospitals, so while the tray table may harbor germs, the air is clean.
    If a plane needs to make an emergency landing, a pilot may decide to dump fuel from its wings. While it’s not very common, it is a safety procedure to keep the plane from experiencing an overweight landing. The fuel usually evaporates before it reaches the ground.
    Aircraft radar cannot detect turbulence. Turbulence can occur in clear, cloudless weather as well as in bad weather.
    The FAA requires that all airplanes be capable of being evacuated in ninety seconds. It takes only a minute and a half for a fire to spread and engulf a plane.
    Autopilot is usually turned on during the majority portion of a flight. The computer can make more precise adjustments, which leads to better fuel efficiency, except during turbulence. Autopilot is not typically used during takeoff or landing, although it is available to use.
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  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 3 months ago

    The number one fact was funny. "According to Nasa..." Come on, now. We don't need Nasa to tell us what the four forces in flight are. We've known that for a long time before Nasa ever came around.

  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 3 months ago

    2:18 It's funny how huge that radar is. Dead give-away for enemies. You'd think that the US had techmology to put a tiny radar hidden in the plane. Apparently not. Herp derp.

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    These are NOT interesting

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    To know more super interesting facts refer :aviatorflight.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=18248&action=edit

  • rufuszero08
    rufuszero08 Year ago

    No all seats are the safest seats on a plane there is no safest place to sit

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    At 4:04 the plane in the back is missing it's landing gear

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    Take a shot every time he gets a fact wrong

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    The 300 people that dislike this were av geeks

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    No. 1. You don't say

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    How did this video even get 3,000 likes?... I had to watch the whole thing to see what everyone was commenting about ... This is horrible.....

  • XplanePilotMaste r
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    I am a real world pilot and I'm not just saying that to get respect I actually am a pilot and have a Cessna 172 license. The fact about a 747 Windows coasting as much as a bmw is false. To give everyone a accurate price range as I can see a lot of you are asking is between $5000 to $12000 but all of these other facts are wright so good job! And I know I'm a kid but i actual have training sessions in Madison Dane co rgnl airport if you look me up I will be listed as a student pilot at Wisconsin aviation.

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    augh you said BOMBARDIER WRONG

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    1:50 "tay trable"

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    Are Bird Strikes still a problem?

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      Ken Euglow Yea, it’s gonna be hard to solve with todays engines, but maybe in the future it can be prevented?

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    Alot of jets we fly on can be up too 40 years old.

    L&J GAMES 2 years ago

    The airbus a380 first flight was on my birthday

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    um no pilots make like 100K anually

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    "intriguing" .....??? I didn't see anything intriguing.

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    "The largest plane" is the largest passenger plane. Not the largest plane..

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    15: the plane on that picture looks like the one i have gone on

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    Jett Rink 2 years ago

    26. If you pay for your flight and insist on getting to your destination, you may get beaten and dragged down the isle.

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    Bombadeer? Really?

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    Pretty sure the ATC people in China can't speak English

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    1:50 he said "tay trable" lmfao

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    Autopilot can't be used during takeoff :)

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    you said tay trables, unstead of tray tables

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    Be Uncomfortable 2 years ago

    The four forces of flight, this is something you learn from k-3!

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    Be Uncomfortable 2 years ago

    15. Caption Jetstar crew, with Jetstar Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce. Qantas owns Jetstar BTW.

  • Be Uncomfortable
    Be Uncomfortable 2 years ago

    "When the Wright brothers invented the first airplane back in 1903" wow wow wow, hold it right there! Just to not be confused: THE WRIGHT BROTHERS WERE NOT THE FIRST TO MAKE A GLIDER, THEY WERE THE FIRST TO MAKE A FULLY CONTROLLED, MANNED POWERED FLIGHT (WILBERT) WAS THE FIRST PILOT.

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    Blown out, not sucked out, so says lt cmdr data

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    1:32 Bombardier is not pronounced (BOMB-ba-deer). It's bom-BAR-dee-yay. This is a French-Canadian company named after Joseph-Armand Bombardier, not a WW2 bomb aimer. Get your pronunciations right.

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    ummm... Doesnt everyone already know 8? thought that was common knowledge. Oh and I just saw #1 as well... Same comment

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    #4 is probably never implemented worldwide... lol

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    If ur 75% likely to survive a plane crash, then if u sit at the back of the plane it's 40% more likely to survive then that would be 105% 😂😂

  • JetBoyGamerTV
    JetBoyGamerTV 3 years ago

    The actual fastest plane is the X-43A, flying at 7,307 mph. Anyway, good video.

  • Enoch
    Enoch 3 years ago

    the fastest airplane is the X-15 not the lockheed.
    this guy is a liar

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    please use the metric system

  • Arnold Rimmer
    Arnold Rimmer 3 years ago +1

    Hi, fact number 15 is actually inaccurate. Most pilots are paid in block time which is the time that the blocks on the under the plane are released and the plane pushes back until the time the plane parks at the gate and the blocks are installed.

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    23 is actually chem trails

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  • Wurst Wurst
    Wurst Wurst 3 years ago

    Autopilot is often used on landing when ILS is available. I've never heard of anyone using AP on takeoff but OK. I fly FSX I'm not a real pilot so I'm probably wrong.

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    Actually the longest aircraft ever is the 747-8

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    Ooooohh, according to NASA there's lift, thrust, drag and weight. I heard they discovered that last year, after intensive studies.

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    fact 8 is garbage aswell the fastest is some russian jet which reached about 2900 km/h

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      Julian Watraks the fact is wrong but it's the X-15

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    Did he say... Bombadeer?