Amber Liu (刘逸云/엠버) - Get Over It English Lyrics

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • i know this is quite late, but i haven't seen someone do this song so, i did.
    Amber Liu (刘逸云/엠버) - Get Over It [Album: Rogue Rouge]
    Produced by: Gen Neo
    This song does not belong to me. We do not own the MUSIC.
    All rights reserved to the original owner.
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    JUSTIN ADDY 14 days ago +2


  • Gloria Dupak
    Gloria Dupak 16 days ago +2

    Love u llama

  • Tateum King
    Tateum King Month ago +3

    I'm so happy for her .....I can't wait to see what she will do now that she has left sm

  • coñtado
    coñtado Month ago +12

    now she left sm

  • Taerrible Wallet
    Taerrible Wallet Month ago +2


  • Sky Jax
    Sky Jax 2 months ago +4

    Why does she say can't sing one of my songs again mean?

    • Jade Roland
      Jade Roland Month ago +1

      I think its refrencing how if Idols write songs, they have to have it approved by the producers and CEO. So she could have had songs she wanted to sing, but they denied her over and over again.

  • Anita Gudrun
    Anita Gudrun 2 months ago +2

    So close to 1000 likes only 4 more

  • Desiree Grace
    Desiree Grace 2 months ago +5

    Amber’s a Queen we all should stan

  • ATaylor Productions
    ATaylor Productions 3 months ago +6

    She looks like Kim Jonghyun from Shinee

    • Jungkook Ismyhusband
      Jungkook Ismyhusband Month ago +1

      @Kpop Lover when joghyun died,and on news, At that time i dont know who is he..what i know is he is korean..(at that time idk kpop) and now i watch theyre videos yup its make me sad cuz i late to know who is he.And do you know jonghyun instagram were hacked?

    • Kpop Lover
      Kpop Lover Month ago +1

      @Jungkook Ismyhusband 🤗 I miss jonghyun too. He is my bias. 😭

    • Jungkook Ismyhusband
      Jungkook Ismyhusband Month ago +2

      @Kpop Lover ouh...thats why.okay im understand..but seriously they look alike amber and jonghyun..i miss joghyun :(
      Ps,you answer my comment very fast:) and no your eng not bad..i am more bad in eng than you, i think so

    • Kpop Lover
      Kpop Lover Month ago +1

      @Jungkook Ismyhusband Fans thinks they look like a dinosaur because of their cheek bones.
      Shinee Jonghyun Fx amber Suju Donghae and Exo Chen are from Dino family.
      They kinda look similar.
      Please excuse my bad english

    • Jungkook Ismyhusband
      Jungkook Ismyhusband Month ago

      @Kpop Lover what do you mean?

  • Anita Jeudy
    Anita Jeudy 4 months ago +13

    Y'all dunno how many time I replayed this song ;-;

  • lazy cat agi [tmy]
    lazy cat agi [tmy] 4 months ago +21

    Bish I'm still listening, I miss fx...

  • firelikechim
    firelikechim 5 months ago +6

    Why so much English

    • kisabelle04
      kisabelle04 4 months ago +1

      .... theyre asian American

    • chantel
      chantel  5 months ago +13

      cause the whole song's in english

  • jisoo for life black pink in your area

    Nobody is talking about this song like it is such a bop and it shows amber in lights sm didnt show

  • Soyoung Min
    Soyoung Min 7 months ago +25

    i was listening to this song.....While cooking

  • calum mallue
    calum mallue 8 months ago +61

    i swear i have given this video at least 3,000 views

  • Cendoria
    Cendoria 8 months ago +36

    Amber is a queen ❤️

  • The Kawaii Alien
    The Kawaii Alien 8 months ago +127

    *SM has left the chat*

  • HurbleGurble
    HurbleGurble 9 months ago +27


  • Pocari Sweat
    Pocari Sweat 9 months ago +3


  • Nicole Christopher
    Nicole Christopher 9 months ago +182

    The one who dislike is SM CEO 😂😂

  • thatarmylove
    thatarmylove 9 months ago +2

    in other words... *fuck off SM-*

  • Xx KPoptato XX
    Xx KPoptato XX 9 months ago +133

    Amber 1 - SM 0

  • 이름TOZ OT9
    이름TOZ OT9 9 months ago +180

    Amber vs SM shade
    Amber 🤟❤
    We want f(x) comeback

  • Anthony Rosso
    Anthony Rosso Year ago +70

    Hi Amber, Yes, ....I know its called surfing , but let me tell you how I found you and this closed doors & Get OVer It songs (both my favorites now I can't them out of my mind). All of this is thanks to YT. First I was listening to GG Run Devil Run , then FX Hot summer came up in my suggested feed. I thought song was ok and that pink tank kind of reminded me of the blinged out tank in BlackPink's DU DU DU DU song. Over the next few days I kept seeing Hot Summer song pop up in my feed, had to watch it again. It took my about 5 times watching the video to really start to love it. I thought all the members were very cute but I kept watching the girl in shorts, she can really dance. Was she a guy? Was I attracted to a guy? Nope its an all girl group. I was strangely drawn to her. Then I searched that FX was no longer doing current songs :) bummer. Watched the video some more. Found out her name was Amber. Learned that members were doing their own things now and one of them had a YT Channel, was that Amber I wondered? Saw her video, looking for my chest , thought was very funny, and found her YT Channel, started binge watch all the videos. Oh, she is still singing songs and creating music videos. Watched the making of her music videos, interesting, songs were ok, Her voice was very good. Oh, there is this song Closed doors, was good. Listened again and again, I was wrong, its amazing! Her voice, the words, the beat, has me mesmerized. You can really feel she poured her heart into the song (there is no faking that). I'm really surprised I like it so much , usually I like KPOP songs with a harder beat to them . I'm in San Diego, Ca and I hope that one day I can meet her to say what the song really meant for me and to thank her for it. Will she do a solo career?, get back with FX? What ever the case I wish her the best. Sincerely a huge fan - Anthony R.