• Published on Apr 11, 2018
  • Just after 2:30 pm Jazmine Jones was southbound on I-45 from Huntsville to her job at HEB in Conroe. She saw a northbound maroon KIA go to the inside shoulder then go airborne, cutting through the safety wires separating lanes and slammed into her vehicle just behind the driver’s door. The vehicle then began to flip and landed on a silver Malibu causing the Malibu to shift from one lane to the other in front of a Houston bound Mega bus. The bus slammed into the Malibu trapping the female driver of the Malibu. The bus driver, carrying at least 75-passengers started to veer into the ditch and roll over. However, riders on the bus said the female driver dis a fantastic job of maintaining control of the bus. Vincent Tran, who was a passenger on the double decker bus said it felt like the bus was going to roll on it’s side, but the driver was able to recover it. Two passengers on the bus were injured. One who fell and a second who did not have a seat belt on and went into the top deck windshield. New Waverly Fire Department requested Life Flight which transported the driver of the Malibu to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston where she later died. The driver of the Kia was also killed. DPS Troopers who were working at the weight station scrambled to get to the scene to assist. North Montgomery County Fire Department and MCHD also responded. Both north and southbound lanes were closed for several hours. US 75 was backed up through Willis. Montgomery County Precinct One Constable Phillip Cash pulled his deputies in and began working with traffic including stopping people from turning around on the freeway, going the wrong way to exit on entrance ramps. A Mega bus was dispatched from Houston to pick up the passengers and continue their trip to Houston. DPS Sgt. Buress stated the speed limit in the construction zone is 55 and 65 in a few places and drivers are not obeying the law by traveling through the area at excessive speed.

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  • ShihtzuMom
    ShihtzuMom 7 days ago

    I saw that accident. It was not pretty

  • Monica Lopez
    Monica Lopez 6 months ago

    i HATE when people say blessed...
    eather follow ALL OF THE RULES or not.
    you just happend to be at the right place...period..

  • John Balzy
    John Balzy Year ago

    Two killed. One seriously

  • Amber Stone
    Amber Stone Year ago

    Maybe NAMES will be more sufficient. I can look left and right to begin.

  • Andrew Zhang
    Andrew Zhang Year ago

    So sad....

  • sandra herrera
    sandra herrera Year ago

    The Chevy Malibu was my mother...it's hard to accept she's gone...people do need to slow down and drive carefully...she didn't need to leave like this..it hurts alot...it really does...

  • Billie Bob Norton III

    The cable dividers are known to fail to keep vehicles from crossing over into oncoming traffic. They are cheaper than the normal steel or concrete dividers. In theory when hit they are supposed to "guide" vehicles back on to the correct side of the road. However, they often get ridden over or low vehicles go under them.This can result in decapitation. ALSO notice the next time you see one damaged. Note that the cables are anchored into the ground at long distances meaning if you hit one in the vacinity of a damaged cable it will NOT prevent a vehicle from crossing over. Again, cost vs. lives. Sad.

  • UniquelyDezined - Artist Kathy Coulson Prough

    Jasmine Jones, You are a great woman. You are blessed and I am also happy you made it out of this okay. GOD does take care of us, but we never know when we are to go, better to be ready !! Bless you!

  • charles Rockit
    charles Rockit Year ago

    Life's to short to always be in such a dang rush people,always be in the lookout for the other guy.im a truck driver and was traveling north bound that day.the maroon Kia was driving eradicate and fast,tjis is the end result,see it all the time.ugh

  • Chris Spann
    Chris Spann Year ago

    Been driving 18 wheels here for nearly 25 years. The two most deadliest accidents I have seen the most of are excessive speed and following too close. The cure because people don't care whether they live or die out here or kill someone else is an electronic device on vehicle that when it's activated by a checkpoint which also detects when speed is over the limit it sends you a speeding ticket in the mail. Only way this will ever stop. Federal Law needs to mandate as well for cell carriers to equip phones to not work while in motion. Cure for texting as well. Should have been implemented years ago by the FTSB.

  • Carrie's Adventures

    This is sad but people will never stop driving at a high rate of speed. I live in Texas as well and am concerned every day on my commute.

    • Sheila Boring
      Sheila Boring Year ago

      You are right! It's not just Texas drivers....we have speeders everywhere. Stay safe & always, ALWAYS WATCH THE OTHER DRIVERS.

  • AB Bodyworx
    AB Bodyworx Year ago

    I’ve just returned from 3 weeks in the states and I have never seen so many drivers texting/ on the phone, watching the damn phone generally! At the wheel. Personally saw 2 rear end incident while I was there in the short time due to this I’m sure. You guys have a bad problem with phones over there. We have severe penalties here in the uk for even picking up the phone at the wheel, it’s become socially unacceptable.

  • William Cruz
    William Cruz Year ago +1

    Prayers and well wishes to all involved! We all need to slow down and pay attention in the construction zones folks.

  • god
    god Year ago

    dude u always at these crash site at the right time 😂

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      god Whats so funny about this?!

  • 64pori
    64pori Year ago

    Omg! Great footage Scott!

  • kris eagleton
    kris eagleton Year ago +1

    Scott you’re amazing and thanks for your coverage.

  • flashy5150
    flashy5150 Year ago

    11:10 I knew that Jimi Hendrix was still alive. Look at that, even with something so bad, there is always something good.

  • Nathan Cole
    Nathan Cole Year ago

    7:28 nice beautiful Kia for sale. Just push up the roof some and it's good as new! On a more serious note, so sorry people died here. :(

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago +1

      Nathan Cole Why would you even joke about this then try to be serious?!

  • Emanuel Bastian
    Emanuel Bastian Year ago

    That's insane. This must of been a very terrifying experience.

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      Emanuel Bastian No, seriously?! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • think
    think Year ago +1

    It's no wonder why Texas is rated worst drivers in the U.S.A.

    • greg ballard
      greg ballard Year ago

      Wierd how you bash on texas and Louisiana but you’re subscribed to Alan Jackson Blake Shelton and a truck channel

    • think
      think Year ago

      ABC123 look it up... you morons and Louisiana scumbags. Congratulations

    • ABC123
      ABC123 Year ago

      Blatant lie and pulled straight up from your butthole

  • Ss Buman
    Ss Buman Year ago +1

    Excellent reporting Scott! Prayers go out to those injured and lost!

  • jrftworth
    jrftworth Year ago +1

    Looks like the bus T-Boned the gray Malibu after it hit the Altima

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      jrftworth Apparently you didnt very clearly.

    • jrftworth
      jrftworth Year ago

      MsShaye H yes I did, did you??

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      jrftworth Did you even hear what happened?

  • Adam Lewandoski
    Adam Lewandoski Year ago +1

    How life can altered in the blink of an eye,cherish everyday,contact your loved ones often,love and spend as much time with your children as possible as we never know how and when but it is inevitable. Such a horrific sad tragedy,my condolences to the family and friends left to deal with this situation.

    • Adam Lewandoski
      Adam Lewandoski Year ago +1

      Erica Carter absolutely right,would be a blessing if others heeded these words.

    • Erica Carter
      Erica Carter Year ago +1

      Adam Lewandoski just don't tell them in text messages while you are driving.

  • 772 Ninja
    772 Ninja Year ago +1

    God is Good

  • JELH
    JELH Year ago

    How can Jazmine afford a nice car like that working at a supermarket? In my country only doctors and businessmen can afford a Nissan Altima. Lucky Americans!

    • JELH
      JELH Year ago

      JaeJae HitUNYoFace, Kevin Patrick and MsShaye H I'm from Brazil. The Altima, Accord and Camry are very expensive luxury cars over here. The best selling car here is a coffin on wheels called Chevrolet Onix. In my country, the Corolla is a midsize car and it starts at 90k brazilian reais, which is about 27k U.S dollars. Would you pay that much for a base Corolla?

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      JELH So because she has on that shirt, that means she cannot afford to buy what she wants?! How do you know what she makes an hr or what her bring home pay is? How do you know she doesn't own her own business or have another job? What if she's married and her husband/wife pays her bills?! Tf is wrong with you?!

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      Kevin Patrick Who told you that crap?!

    • Kevin Patrick
      Kevin Patrick Year ago

      JELH In the U.S. , doctors and businesses men/women would be embarrassed to drive a Nissan Altima.

    • Bostyn-Rych M.Porter
      Bostyn-Rych M.Porter Year ago

      JELH Oooooo... So, where are you from?

  • Reverend Dickie
    Reverend Dickie Year ago +2

    I live right here in Conroe. It's ridiculous how many of you fly right on by me when I go 65 on the Interstate. Everyone wants to speed, until they hit something.

    • Reverend Dickie
      Reverend Dickie Year ago +1

      The idea that you can receive a citation for going the speed limit is a myth. Texas Law states that you must go the Speed Limit. No faster, but under certain conditions you may go 5 MPH slower. However, this is where folks get pulled over... On a clear day, with normal traffic, going 5 under the limit is considered impeding traffic. To you folks who think it's a good idea to go the same speed as everyone else, keep this in mind... If there's an object in the road that you couldn't avoid in any way, and you hit it which causes you to lose control, resulting in you slamming into the back of a patrol car, killing the officer... Were you simply going the speed limit this would be considered a freak accident. But if you're going 66 MPH in a 65 MPH zone (yes, even one over according to Texas Law) then it's now considered Manslaughter and you're going to Prison for a very long time. So I say kiss my ass to every leadfoot, I'm not going to prison. I'm going the damn speed limit!

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      RJ Texas Ok where did you see me say I didnt know anything?!

    • RJ Texas
      RJ Texas Year ago +1

      MsShaye H Actually, defensive driving, flow of traffic...if you are slower, you become an impeding hazard and can be ticketed for impeding traffic, even if the flow it's going 10 or more over the limit, or even be hit by another driver trying to get around you quickly, or they lose control as they make a snap movement trying to maneuver around you...any number of things can happen...

    • Ella Lynn
      Ella Lynn Year ago

      You do end up having to speed up, or else, you become a Hazzard. Because then everyone is going around you (avoiding you). It becomes ridiculous when I speed up and even then, inevitably, some moron is on my bumper, so I have to faster. It's so bad that I'll take the side roads rather than the highway.

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      RJ Texas You dont have to do that speed. Get over! Thats why its always accidents

  • joseph clark
    joseph clark Year ago +15

    I love how she didn't forget that God saves her

    • Tat2Dragons
      Tat2Dragons Year ago

      MsShaye H Nope... I don’t need any help, I’m good. :) Also, where in any of my comments did I tell you what to do? Hmm... I must have missed that. lol

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      Tat2Dragons You need help. When you take care of me, then you can tell me wtf to do. So chill tf out

    • Tat2Dragons
      Tat2Dragons Year ago +2

      MsShaye H Well unless you’re dense, it is quite obvious. lol Sorry to disappoint you, I don’t actually take, or need to take any medications. :) Also, who in the hell are you to tell me, or anyone else what they should find funny? lol I think a person who thinks that a sky fairy stepped in and saved them in any situation is humorous. Oh, and me thinking that it’s funny doesn’t make me a sick individual, I just don’t believe in such ridiculousness.

    • Shanny H
      Shanny H Year ago

      Tat2Dragons Actually its not obvious! You are not in my mind to say wtf I knew. Are you off your medication or something?! And no, nothing is funny when it comes to god saving someone. You are sick in your mind for thinking that. Dumb for assuming you know wtf I know or knew!

  • Dr. Mark in Texas
    Dr. Mark in Texas Year ago +5

    Scott, how did the car make it past the wire rope safety barrier (WRSB)in the median? I've never seen an 18-wheeler make it thru that catch fence, before.

    • 64pori
      64pori Year ago

      joseph clark He responds to me lol. 😬 But he messages me .

    • Bostyn-Rych M.Porter
      Bostyn-Rych M.Porter Year ago +1

      To me, those cables were placed in the medians to keep people from crossing over into oncoming traffic an traveling in the opposite direction of traffic flow. 2 of my best friend were killed coming from school shopping. It was our sophomore year of high school. A guy had stole a car an ran from the police as they attempted to initiate a stop. Instead, he crosses over the median, hit the truck my best friends were in, which entrapped them as it set a blazed.

    • Bostyn-Rych M.Porter
      Bostyn-Rych M.Porter Year ago

      Dr. Mark in Texas It worries me too... I travel this highway everyday. This is just where the construction zone begins north bound an ends south bound. Speed limit the maroon truck SHOULD have been going was no more then 55 MPH. I was headed home when I noticed the chopper flying low. I knew something bad had happened just ahead. Prayers for the families. It's always an innocent victim. So so sad.

    • Dr. Mark in Texas
      Dr. Mark in Texas Year ago +2

      JaeJae HitUNYoFace Thanks JJ and Zach, that's scary. I didn't know that was possible. A local private school here spent $750,000.00 on one to protect the playground. That worries me, now.

    • Zach T
      Zach T Year ago +2

      I heard he was driving at a high rate of speed. The SUV he was driving is pretty light and that fence isn't very high. It's likely his car rolled right over it.

  • Linda Ferguson
    Linda Ferguson Year ago +11

    Wow...how sad, driving along on a beautiful day, minding your own beeswax and BAM POW!!! Dead.
    Tell your ppl you love them...every chance you get...even if you are pissed off at them...make sure the last words you may ever get to say to them, are words of love and gratitude.

  • David Blanton
    David Blanton Year ago +3

    You do great work, Scott. Professional at all times. Well done.

  • Rebekka Bebee
    Rebekka Bebee Year ago +2

    So so sad for the family members of the fatalities.😢

  • andrew james
    andrew james Year ago


  • True Life Average Jane Vlog

    Prayers to ALL.

  • Kevin Patrick
    Kevin Patrick Year ago +14

    It's amazing how the driver of the Malibu lived long enough to make it to the hospital! By the looks of that car, I would expect that to be instant death. Rest in peace.

  • Misha
    Misha Year ago +1


  • jamesbulldogmiller
    jamesbulldogmiller Year ago +8

    drifted into the median..
    likely looking at their phone.

    • jrftworth
      jrftworth Year ago

      jamesbulldogmiller speed was probably one factor, but they were probably weaving in and out of traffic at the same time when they may have made an unsafe lane change, lost control left the roadway and across the median. I've investigated accidents for 14 years

    • jamesbulldogmiller
      jamesbulldogmiller Year ago +1

      Thanks for your insight.
      Did speed cause her to drift to the median?
      (just for my information...)
      And isn't it speed differential?
      Not just speed alone?

    • jrftworth
      jrftworth Year ago +1

      FYI, speed contributes to accidents more than using cell phone.

  • Mike Vons
    Mike Vons Year ago +11

    Please everyone please stop driving so reckless. Life is to short. Its to crazy here in houston

  • First Responder1985
    First Responder1985 Year ago +4

    Amen young lady 🙏

  • GMC 06
    GMC 06 Year ago +8

    Heard the driver of the Chevy Malibu didn’t make it. RIP 🙏

  • Kathy White
    Kathy White Year ago +4

    How horrible!

  • H2O CO2
    H2O CO2 Year ago +4

    So sad

  • Armando Sturzenegger

    Speed kills

  • Jaci Rogers
    Jaci Rogers Year ago +21

    So glad. Jasmine is ok. Prayers.sent

  • AnnMarie Schlobohm
    AnnMarie Schlobohm Year ago +5