Crash Course Film History Preview

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  • Y. Al Nayal
    Y. Al Nayal 6 days ago


    BRODY REINERT 8 days ago

    Sorry to say it, but i miss John Green.

  • Alec Harding
    Alec Harding 12 days ago


  • hullabaloo
    hullabaloo 26 days ago

    omfg thank you AHAHHA <33

  • Blessi Bariuan
    Blessi Bariuan Month ago

    Hi Crash Course! I love your channel very much. I wish you have series for Arts/Art History (Visual/Studio Arts) too! :)

  • Edward Liu
    Edward Liu Month ago

    Why did he punch the eagle?

  • Kaylee Salter
    Kaylee Salter Month ago

    I'm currently pursuing my bachelors in psychology and I have a passion for film. They are so closely related, I just wish there was such a job that encompassed the best of both worlds :(

  • deatheater3716
    deatheater3716 Month ago

    I really want a crash course zoology.

  • Joyce Kong
    Joyce Kong Month ago

    Ahhhh . Great series!! Please make one talking bout production designers or floorplan !!!

  • Techninja
    Techninja 2 months ago

    I have a question: Why is history important to people today?

  • Shak's Beauty Shak
    Shak's Beauty Shak 2 months ago

    Crash course accounts please

  • Ridly Lupin
    Ridly Lupin 3 months ago

    I miss government and politics

  • AbrionTV
    AbrionTV 3 months ago +2

    Thank you for this subject! I'm a film major nerd lol

  • Ariadna A
    Ariadna A 4 months ago

    Wooohooo, thanks for posting this!

  • The Robloxian
    The Robloxian 4 months ago +1

    how do you spell your name

  • Jonathan Furtado
    Jonathan Furtado 4 months ago

    I just found your channel! So valuable for my film class! Please keep creating content on filmmaking!

  • Veneta Tschavdarova
    Veneta Tschavdarova 4 months ago

    my heart sank when Crash Course Government&Politics ended, I cannot believe I did not see this one earlier

  • Arina Rasskazova
    Arina Rasskazova 5 months ago

    Excuse me, why did he punch this eagle...

  • Trevor Sinlao
    Trevor Sinlao 5 months ago

    i was like YES YES when he punched the eagle dx dx

  • Lam Chan
    Lam Chan 5 months ago

    Can we have an art history section?

  • the epic gamer
    the epic gamer 5 months ago


  • Alec McInnis
    Alec McInnis 6 months ago

    tl;dr It's hard

  • James Stec
    James Stec 6 months ago

    Love the homage to Sally Struthers at 0:09

  • Suzanne Yager
    Suzanne Yager 6 months ago

    It's Craig! ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โฃ

  • pau barragan
    pau barragan 6 months ago


  • Ricebeans Goober
    Ricebeans Goober 6 months ago


  • Messalina
    Messalina 6 months ago


  • QuantumTap
    QuantumTap 6 months ago

    if i knew Craig was hosting i would have watched this ages ago

  • John Chrys
    John Chrys 6 months ago

    hahaha I love this guy!

  • Natalia Costard
    Natalia Costard 7 months ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I WAITED FOR THIS FOR SO LONG (though only now have I noticed it)

  • MissPronounced
    MissPronounced 7 months ago


  • Aiden Ferry
    Aiden Ferry 7 months ago

    Do music history!

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  • Benjamin Friedman
    Benjamin Friedman 7 months ago

    I kind of love that you've chosen two Spielberg movies (Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark) to represent the entire history of cinema. Others will hate it...but for my tastes, that suits just fine.

  • Carlos Mendez
    Carlos Mendez 7 months ago

    This channel is this ish. Good looking out brodies

  • Noor Alameer
    Noor Alameer 7 months ago

    would you translated into Arabic please?

  • Tristania 'Ainiyah
    Tristania 'Ainiyah 7 months ago

    What is it with Craig being the host lol. Why some of the comments make a fuss of it. The videos from his channel are pretty good tho, IMO

  • TheFireflyGrave
    TheFireflyGrave 8 months ago

    Nice to have a few series that are just fun and easy to understand.

  • Dallin Webber
    Dallin Webber 8 months ago

    Yes!!!! Wheezy Waiter is back!!!!!! *does happy dance*

  • Elizabeth Garcรญa
    Elizabeth Garcรญa 8 months ago

    OMG I could die now ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  • starry sky
    starry sky 8 months ago

    watching in vain

  • Lilith Zehra
    Lilith Zehra 8 months ago +1

    Will this be a more practical or scientific approach? Like just basic information about how movies came to be, technological innovations etc. Or more a sociological approach (e.g. university art studies etc.)? Will this explore the art of filmmaking or the art of film as a medium?

  • TheAdventuresOfCoco
    TheAdventuresOfCoco 8 months ago

    Yes, Finally! I'm so excited about this and was hoping one day CrashCourse would do film! :')

  • Jimbone Sav
    Jimbone Sav 8 months ago

    Looking forward to this series. I would also like, Crash Course Art History. As anachronistic as it sounds, I'd like to understand the paintings first.

  • Christa Collins
    Christa Collins 8 months ago

    I don't know which one I geeked out more. CC Computer Science or CC Film History!

  • soufiane bakkal
    soufiane bakkal 8 months ago

    OMG......thanks for doing this

  • nnoelles
    nnoelles 8 months ago

    I can not tell you guys how excited.....

  • lordomlette
    lordomlette 9 months ago

    Welcome back dude

  • Jaz The Spaz
    Jaz The Spaz 9 months ago

    Hey Crash Course, could you create a crash course on religions. I feel like a lot of people who dont understand other religions make precarious assumptions and I would like to know some of the basics of other religions to understand them better.

  • Kenneth Lien
    Kenneth Lien 9 months ago

    I know realized I liked Greg which I wasn't sure of throughout US politics.

  • Francis Lai
    Francis Lai 9 months ago

    Crash Course Science? Crash Course Art? Crash Course Music? Crash Course Shakespeare? UoCC?

  • xX Super AVP Craft Xx
    xX Super AVP Craft Xx 9 months ago

    #Bring john and hank back!!

  • Cameron Sipka
    Cameron Sipka 9 months ago

    he's back! I missed weezy since crash course government and politics ended!!!

  • Matthew Oyan
    Matthew Oyan 9 months ago

    I can't wait for this! It WILL surely help me before film school.

  • scorpioninpink
    scorpioninpink 9 months ago

    OH YES!!!!

  • Tore Inimene
    Tore Inimene 9 months ago

    Not this guy, again! Anyone but this guy. CC, please don't let him ruin "CC Film History".
    He's the cringiest CC host... Even worse than John.

  • Gatz Bcn
    Gatz Bcn 9 months ago

    I think I am going to love this series!!!

  • Desiree Holloway
    Desiree Holloway 9 months ago


  • Milo Willow
    Milo Willow 9 months ago

    Can we have a crash course music history?

  • Davey Ritchey
    Davey Ritchey 9 months ago

    I didn't realize how much I needed this in my life until now

  • Finnian Harrison
    Finnian Harrison 9 months ago

    The 13th of April's almost over when is Crash Course Film History coming?

  • Zeekar
    Zeekar 9 months ago

    You know I was waiting for that eagle punch. Can't wait.

  • Sean Purcell
    Sean Purcell 9 months ago

    well I'm ready. where is it?

  • PaulDaPsycho1
    PaulDaPsycho1 9 months ago

    I would like to see Crash Course Pharmacology. You guys are doing lots of these this year thanks for that.

  • dog go
    dog go 9 months ago

    I found this the day before the first episode came out. The hype is real.

  • Aphinity-Z
    Aphinity-Z 9 months ago

    "Movies were an accident"

    So was I...

  • Aphinity-Z
    Aphinity-Z 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought it was the history of Film Theory

  • Judas Machina
    Judas Machina 9 months ago

    Looking forward to this.
    Movies have replaced the Colosseum for all our primitive needs, so it will be interesting how he rationalizes this.

  • Darth Mongoose
    Darth Mongoose 9 months ago

    Glad that Mr Benzine is back.

  • Carson Smith
    Carson Smith 9 months ago

    Tomorrow boys.

  • David Malafarina
    David Malafarina 9 months ago

    I can't thumbs this up hard enough.

  • Rimsiakas
    Rimsiakas 9 months ago

    Hahaha the eagle punch

  • Jornam
    Jornam 9 months ago

    Should've gotten Nerdwriter on the team for this one :O

  • Jornam
    Jornam 9 months ago

    Not Greg again...

  • sofkolo
    sofkolo 9 months ago

    yessss can't wait

  • Jing Chen
    Jing Chen 9 months ago

    Good one!!!

  • Victor Reyes
    Victor Reyes 9 months ago +1

    They should do crash course math, just a thought

  • Leah Griffin
    Leah Griffin 9 months ago

    Is this really happening?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—... so awesome!

  • ghostkhaos2
    ghostkhaos2 9 months ago

    I love that this and mythology are part of crash course. It's great to have had crash course help me through high school, and then have crashcourse still teach me new things every week that I want to learn about.

  • Lawrence Tider
    Lawrence Tider 9 months ago

    I didn't even know I wanted this.

  • Antonio Gera
    Antonio Gera 9 months ago

    Im so happy to see WheezyWaiter in crash course

  • Paige Smith
    Paige Smith 9 months ago +1

    I really hope this course doesn't take a purely American-European view to the history of film. As a film student, I am a bit sceptical that this is gonna oversimplify some complex ideas, haha but maybe the history majors thought that with crash course world history too.

  • Koriian
    Koriian 9 months ago

    What happened to Crash Course AP Geography!?

  • Michael Edward
    Michael Edward 9 months ago

    Christmas comes in April!

  • Meriwether
    Meriwether 9 months ago

    Woohoo! So excited about this!! I love crash course and I've been nuts about film history for as long as I can remember!

  • Louise Anderfaas [Student WHS]

    He punched the eagle :)

  • Chris Hackett
    Chris Hackett 9 months ago

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! love wheezy

  • Catherine Fortier
    Catherine Fortier 9 months ago


  • Swamp Brain
    Swamp Brain 9 months ago

    Lads, if you're looking to get a head-start in this Mark Cousins' The Story of Film: an odyssey is phenomenal and an absolute must for anyone interested in film history.

  • Azz's Timelapses
    Azz's Timelapses 9 months ago

    Where did CRASH COURSE Geography go ?

  • Joseph Attwell
    Joseph Attwell 9 months ago

    I can already how fun the comment section is going to be when the series talks about A Birth of a Nation.

  • Storm's End's Mandalore


  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood 9 months ago

    Will Animation come up at any time or will that be a sub genre kind thing for crash course

  • Ben Aaron
    Ben Aaron 9 months ago

    Yeah, Craig!

  • Supreme gamer76
    Supreme gamer76 9 months ago +1


  • Brenda Robles
    Brenda Robles 9 months ago

    YESSSSS so excited

  • Marcus
    Marcus 9 months ago

    I can't wait!

  • JamesFrancesco
    JamesFrancesco 9 months ago

    nice little easter egg with the eagle punch

  • actoutgames
    actoutgames 9 months ago

    Presley will be watching!!! Excited!

  • Seth Heasley
    Seth Heasley 9 months ago

    Dangit. I just can't bring myself to watch videos hosted by this guy. Even if I like the topic.