Boeing 787 Dreamliner review!! Is it ACTUALLY better than the A350?

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
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    In this video I will be telling you about my experience flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as a passenger. I will tell you some facts and history about the 787 and I will revise my verdict regarding the Boeing 787 vs Airbus A350.
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  • April B Ahammer
    April B Ahammer 5 hours ago

    Love the 787 Dreamliner. Flew All Nappon Airlines! Fabulous flight and service!!!

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 21 hour ago

    I often wondered why they don’t use these wide body planes on short busy routes instead of Embreaer or similar smaller planes on some routes. Seems like every 15 minutes there’s a New York to Charlotte or New York to Atlanta etc.

  • Jason H
    Jason H 2 days ago

    As always, great video ! interesting and informative. Thank You for the effort you put into these posts. I'd like to think that every time my wife and I fly, there is a flight crew as intelligent, professional, well trained, skilled, and experienced as you.

  • AdonisGaming93
    AdonisGaming93 4 days ago

    I love the nose on the dreamliner

  • Travis k
    Travis k 7 days ago

    This video unintentionally proves flat earth.

  • TOM S
    TOM S 8 days ago

    Fantastic would love to go on a dreamliner have flown on 747 ,A380,A319 ,A320, Tristar ,Comet, ( BAC 1-11 Lovely aircraft for it's day) and twin prop and 4 prop vicount aeroplane of Cambrian,airways. I would love to go on a dreamliner though but Never got the opportunity to.

  • Nikolay Klimchuk
    Nikolay Klimchuk 9 days ago

    I remember picking Dreamliner as a name for 787 on their web site.

  • TheChiefEng
    TheChiefEng 10 days ago

    Have to admit that I still prefer the Airbus A350. It's a little bit quieter and the ones I have flown just have better seat space but that has nothing to do with the airplane but the airline seat configuration. Apart from that, I would say that the two airplanes are very similar experience wise.

  • NoTraceOfSense
    NoTraceOfSense 11 days ago

    I've flown on a 787-9 on KORD-RJAA (approx. 13hrs) / RJAA-KDAL (approx. 12hrs) and on a 787-8 on RJOO-RJAA. All on JAL, all in economy, specifically seat F in an 2-4-2 configuration (starboard side middle seat of the middle 4. Yeah, I got the middle seat three times in a row.)
    First one was KORD-RJAA. This was a flight of many first-evers for me, the biggest one being first ever flight to Japan, but the ones that are relevant to this comment are that it was my first ever flight in a widebody, first ever long-haul international flight, and first ever flight in a Boeing 787, a plane I first laid my eyes upon years and years ago in a movie shown at the Air and Space Museum, and one that I had longed to fly on from that day so many years ago. So yeah, a lot of happy memories associated with this flight.
    Overall, it was a pretty comfortable ride, and I didn't feel too tired when we landed (though that could've just been me being really fucking excited.)

  • David Vilchez
    David Vilchez 11 days ago

    He reminds me of Richard Z K from Rammstein

  • byron wheeler
    byron wheeler 12 days ago

    I'll take the improved atmospheric comfort over slightly wider cabin space...but that's just me.

  • Marcela Alvarez
    Marcela Alvarez 12 days ago

    @mentour what about the ones that have RR engines?

  • Engineer
    Engineer 12 days ago

    Prtggggdf to mentor hggffffjsdnathor hhgdeo podcast

  • Angie Kalas-Caldwell
    Angie Kalas-Caldwell 12 days ago

    Your son looks so much like you! He must be the coolest kid in school with a pilot as a father

  • ZimmMr
    ZimmMr 14 days ago

    Why do the window shades need to be open during takeoff and landing?

    • Steeltrap
      Steeltrap 13 days ago

      I believe it's mainly to allow emergency responders to see into it, and passengers and crew to see out, in the event of a crash/incident.

  • Wonderful Aircraft
    Wonderful Aircraft 16 days ago

    Did they just go straight to 787-9, 8, and 10? No 787-100, 200, 300, 400, etc?

  • ilovevegimite
    ilovevegimite 18 days ago

    They obviously forgot to use detergent when washing the plane as the windows are absolutely filthy LOL

  • Fermioncool Fermioncool

    350 XWB or Dreamliner... prefer 350, it flies much more comfortable.

  • Christine Daley
    Christine Daley 24 days ago

    I’m going to be flying from NYC to Denpasar, Bali soon and the return flight is nonstop 26 hours. How is that possible fuel-wise?

    • Tom Davis
      Tom Davis 21 hour ago

      Christine Daley
      That is a very interesting question!

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 25 days ago

    Did it take over the controls and send you flying into a populated neighborhood killing everyone on the plane and everyone in the neighborhood? 🤔

  • G. Donuts
    G. Donuts 26 days ago +1

    As quiet or quieter than say sitting towards the front in a 717 or MD88/90? The 717s seem especially quiet to me.

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan 26 days ago +1

    what about the safety issue of these things? if the people who build them wont fly in them you shouldn't ether

  • juergen bertram
    juergen bertram 27 days ago

    T'was upsolootly funtustic, sir !!

  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark 27 days ago

    Are you authorized to fly the 747

  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark 27 days ago

    In that short video it looks like who ever is flying it thinks there in a f-22 raptor or something definitely not a wide body liner like 787 or air bus

  • Matt Bartley
    Matt Bartley 28 days ago

    Funny you mentioned Norwegian Airlines long-haul flights. The one time I've been on a 787 was exactly that.
    I was in about the same part of the plane you were, but I didn't get a window seat so I didn't get to try the electronic shades much, just when the passenger next to me got up to the bathroom and I got to play with it briefly, and I didn't get it. Our seating configuration was 3-4-3. (I was in the middle of one of those 3s.)
    I noted there was a significant "whooshing" sound during climb-out after take-off. Aerodynamic noise from slats or flaps?
    I'd heard about the higher cabin pressure, but my watch's pressure sensor said were about 6000' equivalent most of the flight, as opposed to a more typical 7000-8000'. Not sure how significant that is. I had no way to check humidity.
    Unlike your flight, we landed hard, and also unlike your flight, no screaming kids! First time for everything. The ones nearby were content with movies and video games.

  • Steven Coffone
    Steven Coffone 28 days ago

    787-9, best plane ever.

  • tomfreed
    tomfreed Month ago

    Are you sure about that? Search and watch 787 broken dream on Utube. I will not fly on the 787 and the 737 Max. If the people that build the plane say they would not fly on one, would you?

  • Mansour Khatib
    Mansour Khatib Month ago

    currently my favorite plane .....

  • Moln0015
    Moln0015 Month ago

    I'm getting 3 of these jets. One for me, wife and 4 year old daughter

  • Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Beautiful airliner indeed !

  • Erik  Schlieker
    Erik Schlieker Month ago

    The dog 😍

  • The United Flight
    The United Flight Month ago

    The 787 is my 2nd favorite aircraft. I sat in premium economy for the first time on it

  • Bart BL3
    Bart BL3 Month ago

    The A350 is really the best, Americans don't want to admit 😛 I flew both several times for long haul flights and yeah, no doubt about the A350 being better.

    • Protoplasm78
      Protoplasm78 Month ago

      LOL you haven't flown a damn thing, so stop lying. You're just another fanboy with hurt feelings. Nobody really gives a rat's ass about an Aircrust A3Filthy.

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago

    Absolutely not! A350 is a masterpiece

  • Bondrewd The Lord of Dawn

    The pilot polished the runway with that landing!

  • Taurus Isav
    Taurus Isav Month ago

    WoW, are you paid by Boeing ?

  • Jeremy Boulat
    Jeremy Boulat Month ago

    I want TURBOJETS to come back... If only to cover the noise of screaming kids. Loud engines means drowned out kids.

  • Roy Corrales
    Roy Corrales Month ago

    Arrived to an old video lol.
    I've did too an A350 ride with Asiana RT from SFO-ICN yes it was a great super comfortable ship even going back in economy. (Oct 2018)
    Also at end of October 2019 I am going to have mi first Dreamliner ride PTY-CDG and AMS-SJO. My only concern is not new but was recently posted again by KLM, related to the poorly managed assembly and quality control issues of the South Carolina Boeing plant... they BTW must return asap to focus on safety and quality and less into calendar deliveries.

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming Month ago +3

    That electronic shade thing is the single worst invention in aviation history
    A vastly better way to do it would be to overlay an LCD matrix over the window (like a welding mask) and let you choose how dark the LCD becomes (without the ability for the crew to lock it or override it)
    An LCD can darken within nanoseconds when a voltage is applied to it, much faster than what Boeing are using in the 787 windows now, LCDs can also go completely dark, even with sunlight (a lot of modern welding helmets use LCD panels to darken the visor)

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming 24 days ago

      @T MASSON yet being the keyword

    • T MASSON
      T MASSON 25 days ago

      You made me laugh at that, but seriously, I wouldn't be surprised. Ryan Air doesn't have any 787s yet does it?

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming 25 days ago +1

      @T MASSON yeah the ability of the crew to lock lock the window dimming switch definitely the most infuriating thing about the 787, if I'm flying during the day, or through an area where there is something cool to see at night, I actively try to avoid the 787 purely because of how much the crews here in Australia love to play let's lock window to the darkest setting when there's something cool happening outside
      I wouldn't be surprised if budget carriers start making people pay to look out of the window

    • T MASSON
      T MASSON 26 days ago +1

      My only gripe with the electronic blind is that you can't open it at night to watch Aurora Borelalis. If you fly SFO or SEA to London during the winter take a window seat on the port side and there is a good chance to see Northern lights - but BAs 787 cabin crew are not obliging - or maybe I'm asking badly! But the 787 is a lovely plane to travel in!

  • Granite Dragon Art&Aviation

    Answer is:
    Never.Boeing is never better than Airbus

  • MusicVideosExtreme
    MusicVideosExtreme Month ago +1

    Is there a feature that allows you to safely dispose of a screaming baby, mid-flight?

  • A-Auto Insurance, LLC

    10:15 That “trademark” Boeing cabin rattle while hitting bumps on the runway.....

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming Month ago

      Incredible how Boeing can make a brand new plane sound like it's falling apart XD

  • Roderick Horton
    Roderick Horton Month ago

    around the world until the beer and food run out.

  • B T
    B T Month ago +2

    The composite makeup of the body also allows for higher humidity in the cabin and that makes for a more comfortable ride.

  • Gabriel salvatori
    Gabriel salvatori Month ago

    it's just me or sounds like a vacuum cleaner. :(

  • Valiant Vanadium
    Valiant Vanadium Month ago

    I used to be a big frequent flyer on Qatar. I changed company when they put 787 on my route. The lighting and windows make no difference, you are crammed in like sardines and most important of all the whole cabin reeks of toilets.
    I use my own headphones on flights. For some reason the volume is set very high on Qatar 787 so Its impossible to use my headphones. The Qatar headphones are useless which means no audio visual during the flighyt.

    I'm not anti Qatar by the way. The best economy seat in the sky is the rearmost section upstairs on the Qatar 380.

    • Fazal M
      Fazal M Month ago

      Was the loo door left open?

  • Sambaran Mondal
    Sambaran Mondal Month ago

    Absolutely... 787 is a wonder... and we at India ...have Dreamliners for Domestic flights .

  • Richard Avenido
    Richard Avenido Month ago +1

    the 787 looks like a dildo

  • Roughtek
    Roughtek Month ago

    I flew on the 787 with JAL last year from KSAN to RJAA aswell as my return flight. I loved the plane and also my first international flight and wanted to pick an airline other then like United or another US airline which I fly on alot. I did feel a big difference in the 787 then when I flew on Hawaiian's 767. My only complainant against the 787 is the windows, when flying to Japan it never got dark and the tinting helps but its not enough for me personally, other then that, great aircraft love it and can't wait to fly it again.

  • Plant Seed
    Plant Seed Month ago +1

    Boeing paid him for this video haha

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi

    Trent engines suck. They should have totally gone with GE

  • william seroyer
    william seroyer Month ago

    I love your doggo

  • luvstellauk
    luvstellauk Month ago

    Thanks to TUI flying their 787s on some shorthaul routes they've been our ride on our last 2 holidays, 787-800 G-TUIC from Gatwick to Paphos and back and 787-900 from Gatwick to Kos and back, next week we are flying from Birmingham to Cancun so it'll be our first longhaul experience.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman Month ago +1

    What about the problem of composite delamination? Old carbon fibre racing cars suffer from delamination rendering them unsafe.

  • jfloresdrums
    jfloresdrums 2 months ago

    Dog: so hoe Boeing cum up wit de nem?
    Pilot: on and on and on
    Dog: you taketh to long I nap

  • Poldus Eri
    Poldus Eri 2 months ago

    The A350 was the respond to the B787 and came to business about 10 years later. It’s like comparing the 747 with the A380.

  • MrSwimfinz123
    MrSwimfinz123 2 months ago

    great podcast...I know I am being over simplistic with my take here---but why not sell airlines the 787 DreamLiner vs the 737 MAX?

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking 2 months ago

    Ahh, the sound everyone wants to hear when embarking on a 7 hour flight, a screaming baby...

  • Buck Starchaser
    Buck Starchaser 2 months ago

    Crying baby is demonstrating why quiet engines are not necessarily better.