Boeing 787 Dreamliner review!! Is it ACTUALLY better than the A350?

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
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    In this video I will be telling you about my experience flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as a passenger. I will tell you some facts and history about the 787 and I will revise my verdict regarding the Boeing 787 vs Airbus A350.
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  • gianni300rpm
    gianni300rpm 5 hours ago

    your background song i must say is perfect,i wonder how long it took you to find this chicken theme

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey 13 hours ago

    The 787 is my favorite jet!
    But when going from Heathrow to NY I have to be able to stretch out so I always ask my dad if we can go on BAs 747 if possible. It costs a little more but it’s worth it on a long flight. Especially going to like Quitar.
    Emirates always take great care of me and my dad.

    I’d have been like you got 10 seconds to quiet your Dirt Demon or I’m duct taping it’s screaming oriface.

  • genxer711
    genxer711 17 hours ago +1

    Mentour, I’m about to purchase tickets for me and my family to fly across the Atlantic, many of the airline companies are using 787s. Would you fly in one again after the loose metal shavings and tools found inside and the alleged use of defective parts by Boeing employees?

  • Paul C
    Paul C 19 hours ago

    Sadly Boeing is a company in dire straits, and they only have themselves to blame. Not going to fly on any of their products ever again. Their management structure is to blame, together with American exeptialsm.

  • Ashwani Mishra
    Ashwani Mishra 2 days ago

    You gave your view as passenger. What about a pilot? I know it’s a smooth n sophisticated plane. What about allegations of putting profit over safety during 787 manufacturing n development ? See Al Jazeera program on this.

  • Thomas Kossatz
    Thomas Kossatz 3 days ago

    Customers like the 787, but here are the sober facts:

    It took Boeing nearly eight years to get its 787 Dreamliner off the drawing board and into service with the world’s airlines. The total cost for development and manufacturing has been estimated at $32 billion. The initial estimates called for a development period of around four years and a budget of about $6 billion. An $26 billion cost overrun.

    Boeing is able to account for these massive losses by using “program accounting,” which allows the company to book future profits now by spreading out the costs and revenue from unfilled orders for the 787s on Boeing’s books. In a January 2019 report, The Wall Street Journal reckoned that if Boeing used standard accounting it would have reported an operating loss of $69 million in its commercial jet division for the first three quarters of last year. In simpler words: Boeing is using earnings from deliveries in the future not to show todays losses.

    And that was before the 737 Desaster.

    The longer I do research on this company, the more sceptical I get.

  • mmicron
    mmicron 12 days ago

    I really appreciate your posts. Believe it or not it helps me sometimes as I am a very anxious flyer. I have a phobia but I still get on the plane but am constantly nervous. Your videos help me sometimes before I fly. Thanks again.

  • Blaubar Blaubar
    Blaubar Blaubar 13 days ago

    It’s a 787 commercial without talking about the Trent 1000 😂 unsubscribed.

  • Tracy Taylor
    Tracy Taylor 13 days ago

    I fly to China every month on the Boeing 787-8 and find your videos very interesting! You are answer many of the questions I’ve had; thanks!

  • john white
    john white 14 days ago

    I have always been told as a passenger not to have any electronic devices on during take-off or landing.

  • Paul Kalala
    Paul Kalala 16 days ago

    The 787 is indeed a great airplane to fly on. I flew on one EWR - ABJ - ADD; it was nothing else but a pure joy and amazement.

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 17 days ago

    They say that doctors make the worst patients. I wonder if pilots make the worst passengers?

  • Brian Bradfield
    Brian Bradfield 17 days ago

    I travelled recently on Norwegian Air 787 to London from Seattle, business class. Won’t ever fly another airline/aircraft if I can have a choice.

  • WincyjWincyj
    WincyjWincyj 18 days ago +1

    I disagree. 787 is very unreliable aircraft. Very i mean VERY. At this moment 1/3 of LOT Polish Airlines fleet (yes 1/3) is not flying due to Trent 1000 engines problems. Few months ago it was around 20% So it is getting worst, and will be no better! The cannot make pernament fix for engines at all, only reparing engines (blades) without any improvement in technology. LOT airline is leasing now (ACMI) 3x a340, and probably will get few additional 777-200 to cover the routes. Situation is dramatic!. Please compare it with 97.8 percent operational reliability of a350...
    LOT also should have 15x 737 MAX... You can imagine how deep they are due to cooperation with bOeing...

  • LA Sculpt
    LA Sculpt 18 days ago

    how do they / do they clean all that tire residue off the runway and is it a problem?

  • Steven Hutting
    Steven Hutting 18 days ago

    Been a passenger on KLM 787 and Cathay Pacific A350. It depends what you need. Extra leg room?: KLM. Better inflight entertainment and slightly better quality seats and air-conditioning?: A350. I guess it really depends on preference. But both good planes as a passenger:)

  • Rameish Siva
    Rameish Siva 18 days ago

    I have always wanted to know why airlines or plane manufacturers have got rid of the foot rest?

  • Conquest Media
    Conquest Media 19 days ago


  • Walter Taljaard
    Walter Taljaard 19 days ago

    Airline pilot used to be a glamorous, high status and very well payed profession.
    Nowadays however it is regarded more and more equally to long distance bus drivers.
    Which has always been a badly payed profession of a rather low status, allthough in many ways just as demanding and with the same responsabilities.

  • JohnMc
    JohnMc 20 days ago

    funniest dog I have ever seen!!

  • imicca
    imicca 21 day ago +1

    Clap clap
    Airplane REVIEW
    thank you for video, i was looking to buy one

  • Lee Zinke
    Lee Zinke 22 days ago

    2:21 wow that Sonic Cruiser looks beautiful when will Boeing starts build that beautiful plane?? 😊

  • everlongs
    everlongs 22 days ago

    Who came here to watch the puppy?

  • Row Deo
    Row Deo 22 days ago

    a scandal punishing the whistle blower and Boeing acting like the FDA

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L 22 days ago

    Can't ignore that crying baby

  • kevinmsft
    kevinmsft 22 days ago +1

    There is nothing dreamy about flying in 787 economy class where there are now 10 seats each row.

  • caljn 1
    caljn 1 23 days ago

    "actually" better? Are you surprised? I'm not. The 787 was/is groundbreaking. Airbus inevitably "me too'd" it.

  • Soi Buakhao
    Soi Buakhao 23 days ago

    Chairs are chosen by airlines. Chairs is not an integral part of aircraft. Different seat features can differ based on what airline you fly. You can discuss chairs if you talk about airline but not if you are discussing aircraft characteristics.

  • issy varsano
    issy varsano 23 days ago

    made by boeing .... it scare me....

  • gokmachine
    gokmachine 23 days ago

    I really don't think the average economy passenger gives a shit about flying a 787 777 or 350. Its just hell when your above 5'7"

  • tony montana
    tony montana 24 days ago +2

    İts an insult to airbus to compare it with boeing garbage

    • peterk814
      peterk814 22 days ago +1

      It’s an insult that you are allowed to breathe

  • Kim Hansen
    Kim Hansen 24 days ago +3

    Seriously, pls pet your lovely dog. It's just screaming for attention :D

  • MandoMonge
    MandoMonge 24 days ago

    Glad to have you onboard

  • john salkeld
    john salkeld 24 days ago

    dont think so a350is a much better aircraft flown in both

  • DL VOX
    DL VOX 24 days ago

    I flew the 787 in Business Class last summer from LAX to Warsaw. Their Business Class is actually 1st Class. All lay flat beds. Very comfortable. Very nice aircraft. I also didn’t feel as jet lagged. I believe their pressure system may be the reason.

  • Real Estate Unplugged
    Real Estate Unplugged 25 days ago +1

    Had some great ANA flights with 787 Dreamliners!

  • utar88utar
    utar88utar 25 days ago

    the loudest thing on 787? baby on board ;)

  • David Sheriff
    David Sheriff 26 days ago

    Tell your dog to fasten the seat belt as the sign is on...

  • Jeremiah Gazsi
    Jeremiah Gazsi 26 days ago

    YOUR CHANNEL IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! Don’t hold that stick too tight this channel may become your full time gig! You’re phenomenal!

  • Michael Strässle
    Michael Strässle 27 days ago

    can some to explain me the advantage of the electronic shades?
    It takes longer to open an close. It is never complete dark. (Have night fly to Asia and over India the sun rise)

    • Brice Daniel
      Brice Daniel 24 days ago

      It makes people talk... But yes it is a gimmick, maybe it what Boeing has become nowadays ? (Some Mclaren cars have it also as an option on the glass roof, but it seems to be a lot faster to operate than on the 787.

  • Richard Hsiung
    Richard Hsiung 28 days ago

    it's great to have your son.... your dogs are nice too.

    MICHAIL LIPAKIS 29 days ago

    Don't you hate dirty windows?

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee Month ago +2

    Built by Boeing and Certified by Boeing...
    Nuff said

  • compadrefoncho
    compadrefoncho Month ago

    Could a 737 pilot safely flight a 787 without receiving prior tranning on it?

  • Richard Mays
    Richard Mays Month ago +1

    You really have to do a video featuring your co-star. He’s the real reason we keep watching. 👍🏿🐩

  • Ian McAllister
    Ian McAllister Month ago +1

    All 737s have 3-3, most 777s have 3-4-3, and most 787s have 3-3-3 seating in economy, all with uncomfortable 17" wide seats (Max. 17" seat width due to cabin width).
    All A320/321s have 3-3, most A330s have 2-4-2, and most A350s have 3-3-3, all feature much better standard 18" wide seats. (Max. 18" seat width due to cabin width).
    Over a couple of hours? Airbus!

  • Alexandar Hull-Richter

    Alaska has USB and regular 110v outlets for charging stuff on the seatbacks in their 737NGs now.

  • Mortimer Duke
    Mortimer Duke Month ago

    The 787 suffered from being the bleeding edge, which then became the bogey Airbus could easily leapfrog with far greater certainty and much less risk. It’s a common phenomenon among most industrial segments.
    However, Boeing, which once was the global gold standard and often defined the gold standard, in effect, it became tragically short-sighted as evidenced by embracing the false economies of the 737MAX compromises and engaging a trade canard versus Bombardier, the resulting debacle now has rolled into 777X and shaken Boeing’s reputation perhaps irreparably - all by allowing itself to be distracted from designing and building excellence and letting the outcome yield the kind of results that enabled it to dominate commercial aviation and competitors for almost a century.

  • John Franklin
    John Franklin Month ago

    Why doesn’t the window shading work while in take off mode.

    • Harsh Singh
      Harsh Singh 28 days ago

      John Franklin because of an emergency like an aborted takeoff happens, you need to be able to see any threat to safety outside

    • John Franklin
      John Franklin Month ago

      Harsh Singh Why?

    • Harsh Singh
      Harsh Singh Month ago

      John Franklin so that no window during take off is dim

  • Samuel Sayeg
    Samuel Sayeg Month ago

    The A350 is comparable with the 777 not 787

  • Sally Hillal
    Sally Hillal Month ago

    My neighbor is a retired American Airline pilot. He was a naval Aviator ,,Aircraft carrier take offs along with a career of other commercial planes and retiring a MD 90 pilot. Spending lots of time sharing home chores and Lunches and air port trips it is wonderful having an industry professional to splain things!!! Join the app and do a patreon

  • William R Warren Jr

    I have a suggestion for a future video: Instead of pointing the camera at the engine intake on takeoff, keep watching those raked tips on the mostly-composite wings! They can easily flex much higher than the crown of the fuselage, more than any other commercial airliner. I'd like to see that, the next time you get to fly in a 787.

  • William R Warren Jr

    As an ex-Boeing guy, your takeoff footage brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

  • Umka
    Umka Month ago

    It does not matter how nice it looks in Qatar Airlines, because most of people fly cheap and with discounters, so all those beauty will not be there. :) Interior will be way cheaper.

  • Kurt Gøran Andersen

    Interesting that you mentioned Norwegian Airlines Shuttle. They had heaps of problems for several years with their Dreamliners. Cannot have been very good for their company and their reputation.

  • kingstonsean
    kingstonsean Month ago

    The seats and inflight entertainment are selected by the airline and usually provided by a third party supplier.

  • sc1338
    sc1338 Month ago

    Boeing is just cooler than airbus

  • l3v1ckUK
    l3v1ckUK Month ago

    I would argue the 787 is not as good as the A350 when they compete in their most common layouts. Ie both having 9 seats across. It's too cramped on a 787 with 9 seats across, especially if you make the mistake of paying extra for the front row where the seat is even narrower to accommodate the TV and tray table in the arm rests. The only time the 787 wins in with JAL which only uses 8 seats across.
    Now I actively avoid 9 across 787's and 10 across 777's for long haul flights

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M Month ago

    There are power plugs for charging PED’s. They are located in between the seats, low. 2 power plugs for every 3 seats.

  • Michael Zilkowsky
    Michael Zilkowsky Month ago

    I like the part where they invented a more efficient airplane that can't carry as many passengers or as much cargo ie, revenue generation, as a 747. "look at how much fuel we're saving!" "look how much money you're leaving on the table with every flight."

    the only reason airline CEOs like new planes is that they get to have ribbon cutting ceremonies. They can't improve upon superior 747 performance, so they have to do something.......