Kenan Thompson Recaps Kanye West's Unaired SNL Pro-Trump Speech

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
  • Kenan Thompson talks about Kanye West's unaired speech from the season premiere of SNL, the birth of his second daughter over the summer and his big Emmy win.
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    Kenan Thompson Recaps Kanye West's Unaired SNL Pro-Trump Speech- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 968

    FUNKY BUDDHA 21 day ago

    Pair of JACKASSES

    XXXANADU 22 Month ago

    His speech was great

  • Ur a wizard Harry
    Ur a wizard Harry Month ago

    "You all disagree with me? Come up here while i do this!!" 💀

  • Simon Vs The World
    Simon Vs The World 3 months ago

    I always thought me and Kenan were of similar age but he's actually quite older than me which is amazing because I grew up in that All That, Kenan and Kel era and he didn't look that old during those shows.

  • Kate Kelly
    Kate Kelly 3 months ago

    Almost my entire life could be defined by what Keenan was doing on TV.

  • itsmethec
    itsmethec 3 months ago +1

    Kenan is 40?? I watched this guy on Heavyweights growing up now I find out he's older than my dad? My man looks GOOOD!

  • falloutgirl902
    falloutgirl902 3 months ago

    Who said 40? 😳

  • Sara Fischer
    Sara Fischer 3 months ago +1

    I just realized I’ve never seen an interview with Kenan. He’s very different than from how he performs

  • The Average American
    The Average American 3 months ago

    02:05 welcome to being on the right jackass

  • The Average American
    The Average American 3 months ago

    Uhhhh that's the point jackasses. Speak in front of people that disagree....shows he's Liberal.

  • Kayla Freedman
    Kayla Freedman 3 months ago +1

    Kenan is handsome, hilarious, and woke.

  • Galicias Gone
    Galicias Gone 3 months ago

    west is pedantic, arrogant, classless and as vulgar as that woman with the garbage show with no morals, no values and no class at all

  • Ken MacDonald
    Ken MacDonald 3 months ago

    “We’re fair.” - Kenan lying his ass off. Typical joke of a person. SNL’s politics leans HARD left.

  • Joseph Kearney
    Joseph Kearney 4 months ago

    “Oooooo, yeah, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?”

  • Nonameforyoudangit
    Nonameforyoudangit 4 months ago +3

    "Sweet little Jewish gumdrop" made me giggle. Kenan is a darling who deserves all his success and more.

  • Ryan Goldberg
    Ryan Goldberg 4 months ago

    Did I hear that right? Kenan’s turning 40! He looks the same as he did in Kenan and Kel

  • rebel ram
    rebel ram 4 months ago +3

    People are so ignorant they think when someone is 40 they should be in a wheel chair

    • Ur a wizard Harry
      Ur a wizard Harry Month ago

      No one thinks that

    • Gavin Vincent
      Gavin Vincent 3 months ago +1

      rebel ram no their point is he looks the exact same as he did when he was 20

  • Wwe evolution 2019
    Wwe evolution 2019 4 months ago

    He doesnt look older then 28! 😂

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson 4 months ago +1

    I wish Seth Meyers would stop interrupting the guests. I want to hear what Kenan has to say!

  • theboss
    theboss 4 months ago

    No wonder the speech was un-aired, if Kanye slated Trump it would be shared across every social media platform in 4K. The left disgust me.

  • Francis Tyler Cald
    Francis Tyler Cald 4 months ago

    FO URTY???!!!!!!

  • Ohgrowup1
    Ohgrowup1 4 months ago +10

    Henry Winkler was the commencement speaker at the graduate school of Social Work at USC about 15 years ago. He was the most genuine, warm, sweet, humble person and such an intelligent, amazing speaker.

    • 84bigric
      84bigric 26 days ago

      Who is Henry Winkler

  • doombuggy123
    doombuggy123 4 months ago

    Take a shot every time Seth interrupts and talks over Keenan.

  • Kam
    Kam 4 months ago +2

    Real fans recognize that Keenan has become the Phil Hartman of post-millenium SNL.

  • Gillie S
    Gillie S 5 months ago

    Oh ya. SNL is COMPLETELY unbiased? Really? Did he just say that.

  • Daybelline Muñoz
    Daybelline Muñoz 5 months ago

    Kenan Thompson is the King.

  • Harrison McKinney
    Harrison McKinney 5 months ago

    Kenan is an SNL god! How are you incredible for 16 fucking seasons?!

  • Mephostopheles
    Mephostopheles 5 months ago

    Jesus Christ. Kenan literally looks like he could be 20, maybe even younger. That man is immortal; it's the only plausible explanation.

  • E M
    E M 5 months ago

    Kenan is *so* under appreciated...

  • themanzl
    themanzl 6 months ago

    It is pretty unfortunate that people in the entertainment industry have to pretend to be on the left in order to not have their careers get assassinated. whether Kenan Thompson TRULY agrees with at least some part of Kanye West's speech is a different story, but if he did publicly, he would immediately be taken off SNL.

  • lrz zrl
    lrz zrl 6 months ago

    You got to pick a good horse 🤣🤣🤣

  • Happy Mask Salesman
    Happy Mask Salesman 6 months ago

    LOL he still 21!

  • Paragon
    Paragon 6 months ago

    Title of video is misleading.

  • Anthony Teach
    Anthony Teach 6 months ago

    he fell for the cheese trap... again!

  • Ruoyu Li
    Ruoyu Li 6 months ago

    cheese in a mouse trap, good one

  • Assnapkin Ed
    Assnapkin Ed 7 months ago +1

    Seth Meyers setting Kenan up on a "joke" that basically just states that he didn't condone Kanyes rant. That got the biggest laugh... good joke...

    THANOS CAR 7 months ago

    One of the funniest lads I’ve seen in most sketches

  • Angela Banks
    Angela Banks 7 months ago

    His wife totally fell in love with him because of his sense of humor and charm.

  • Drew Arnold
    Drew Arnold 7 months ago

    kanye is cool

  • CoverCentral
    CoverCentral 7 months ago +1

    ....Keenan is almost 40 and still looks 25!

  • J Hamod
    J Hamod 7 months ago

    16 years record holder... ok quick question... is Keenan this "black man" OPRESSED? Yes or No?

  • L A
    L A 8 months ago

    Oh Kenan, my chubby crush, I been loving you since all that and kenan and kel and welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order

  • yodajudd
    yodajudd 8 months ago

    Fucking liar, they do too judge and hate on that show, never plan to watch it ever again unless its chris farley skits only, its not funny anymore and became fucking political, screw snl and all the comedians now days that are fucking political instead of funny anymore

  • Elizabeth Cummins
    Elizabeth Cummins 8 months ago

    😮😮Wow,he looks phenomenal. What the heck he looks the exact same from Nickelodeon days!!!!😶

  • Andi amo
    Andi amo 8 months ago

    just remember brainwashed losers, Hillary was mentored by a KKK member, and then her husband passed a mass incarceration bill that resulted in.....wait for it....MASS INCARCERATION.
    you fucking idiots literally voted for everything you thought you hated...dumb fucks.

  • Anna
    Anna 8 months ago

    kenan is 40!!!!!! what??? he looks so good for his age! i thought he was in his early 30s

  • use code tfue
    use code tfue 8 months ago

    Isn't he in goodburger

  • Lauren Wylie
    Lauren Wylie 9 months ago

    Here for Kenan since All That

  • Free Cable!
    Free Cable! 9 months ago

    Keenan is THAT guy who will NEVER move out of his parents basement....EVER! (16 years dude???...Grow some BALLS and MOVE ON!)

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer 8 months ago

      Free Cable! Why? It’s a steady income with set hours and you get to meet new people all the time. He’s been steadily employed for decades and made millions of dollars, he’s literally the opposite of a mommy’s basement dweller in every way.

  • JohnnieRhodes
    JohnnieRhodes 9 months ago

    You don’t judge ? Are you kidding me ? SNL has ONE AGENDA ! SNL is now a disgraceful show and I stopped watching it two years ago. I was their #1 fan since I can remember back during the Dan Akroyd/Chevy Chase days. But now I cannot watch or support anything about that show. Lorne Michaels is a disgusting human being with a political agenda who has tarnished a once cherished piece of history and turned it into something that will go down in history as an embarrassment to our country.

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer 8 months ago

      JohnnieRhodes if you’ve been watching since those days you know they’ve always had political jokes. I saw the first episode, they replayed it when George Carlin died, it had political jokes. The only thing that changed is now you’re a delicate snowflake who can’t admit that Trump is the one that’s an embarrassment for our country. Other countries laugh at him all the time. Even the political leaders of other countries can’t help but laugh at him. Didn’t you see that UN clip? They literally laughed in his face. Chump is an embarrassment as are the ones that keep defending him.

  • Inediblehulk
    Inediblehulk 9 months ago

    Kenan is so funny, he’s such a ‘big’ loud, hammy performer (controlled talented hammy I mean, like he knows what’s he’s doing) but then in real life he’s such an understated guy. I really like him.

  • KBowWow75
    KBowWow75 9 months ago

    16 years? Keenan peaked at SNL meanwhile others have moved on to other things better.

    • KBowWow75
      KBowWow75 8 months ago

      @Sterling Archer we'll agree to disagree on this kid. At the end of the day he'll be another forgotten actor.

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer 8 months ago

      KBowWow75 for all you know he is bringing people along with him there’s a lot more to the show than the actors on it. Do you keep track of all the writers and which ones owe Keenan for their big break?
      Sandler has become the Nickleback of comedians. He’s not funny anymore and each flop he makes chips away at his legacy a little more. That stand up thing he did on Netflix, after about 4 straight minutes of feeling second hand embarrassment for him I had to turn it off. If Keenan weren’t ‘advancing and bettering himself’ why has he had so many Emmy nominations and wins lately? Maybe he doesn’t want to host a show or have a production company. He’s been consistently acting since he was a kid, maybe he likes it where he is. He knows what’s right for his life.

    • KBowWow75
      KBowWow75 8 months ago

      @Sterling Archer when you get comfortable and complacent, that's when you are not advancing or bettering yourself. Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon are hosting their own shows. Adam Sandler has made himself his own production company and stars in his own movies and employees his actor friends in all of his movies. Sure he's doing alright for himself, but he could be bringing people along with him.

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer 8 months ago

      KBowWow75 and others have moved on and faded into obscurity. Why are people judging a man’s decision to stay with a good, well paying job that has great benefits?

  • Tammys720 Walton
    Tammys720 Walton 9 months ago

    Kenan never ages wow...

  • Sanji Kun
    Sanji Kun 10 months ago

    SNL has always been political? I dont get it.. are they unhappy because its not their politics? #walkaway

  • Evan Finch
    Evan Finch 10 months ago

    He's ALL THAT

  • Ryan Wayne
    Ryan Wayne 10 months ago

    Who loves orange soda?

  • Mary Love my Name
    Mary Love my Name 10 months ago


  • kittenpawsbb
    kittenpawsbb 10 months ago

    Kenan is the best! 👍🏽👏🏽🤗

  • Azis Shelab 25
    Azis Shelab 25 10 months ago +1

    Why is he wearing a black T-shirt and a velvet jacket

  • NESherv
    NESherv 10 months ago


  • Designers Eyes
    Designers Eyes 10 months ago

    He could easily pass for being in his late 20s 32 at the most!

    • ozonkwo
      ozonkwo 10 months ago

      I know jaw dropped when he said 40😲😨...he looks AMAZING...

    IDOT ROK 10 months ago

    I love this. It reminds me that my childhood didn't suck that bad. #ilovedthe90's

  • Ben Tapia
    Ben Tapia 10 months ago

    Kenan somehow looks exactly the same as he did in the All That days.

  • Damien Talrose
    Damien Talrose 10 months ago

    Kanye brought those people together, fully aware that he was in the lion's den, asking for a dialogue, asking for people to love each other even though they believe different things. And this is what you guys do, you ridicule him. You don't want a dialogue, and you don't want to love.

  • Nor Monroe
    Nor Monroe 10 months ago

    Super misleading title.

  • Nina Travis
    Nina Travis 10 months ago

    Click is one of my favorite movies by Adam Sandler. I forgot Winkler was in that film.

  • Michael Covel
    Michael Covel 10 months ago

    I can't expose the abstract reasons why people make certain decisions when booking guests.
    So I'll simplify it
    1) SNL has been successful for 40 years despite Lorne and the producers' oblivious and naive decisions when booking hosts and musical guests.
    2) SNL has been successful for 40 years because Lorne and the producers are well aware of their decisions and calculated risks for each person they have on the show.

  • MrMelgibstein
    MrMelgibstein 10 months ago

    Kenan Thompson knows the man is in charge and what he wants to hear.He likes to watch things on TV and not live,Yeah right.

  • Cool tha Underdog
    Cool tha Underdog 10 months ago

    Isn't that the same guy that betrayed Kel Mitchell 🤔

  • Payton ThaProphet
    Payton ThaProphet 10 months ago

    Dance puppets, dance!! Do as I say, think as I think, be as I am. Follow me as I lead you into the abyss. One thought, one brain. Do not lead astray mere sheep, for the slaughter is your destiny.

    MICHAELinJUSTICE 10 months ago +1

    Here's the thing.
    SNL mocks people every week, and when the people they mock cry about it - SNL makes fun of then for it. Why?
    SNL are provocateurs. You CAN'T be a provocateur AND a victim at the same time. It's hypocritical.
    The SNL cast cried that Ye made them feel uncomfortable, Keenan here got overly lugubrious talking about it - they can dish it but they can't take it!
    Stop playing the victim, of all people who should not play the victim, it's the SNL cast. Sometimes they rightfully mock people, sometimes they don't - sometimes they prioritize malice instead of comedy which makes for a bad show. They sometimes misrepresent, slander and gratuitously attack people just cause they disagree with them.
    But the people on the other end can't cry about it other SNL will make fun of them, so they laugh it off even if it's unfair.
    Yet as soon as the tables turn, they hypocritically cry victim. That's pathetic.

  • H M
    H M 10 months ago

    They could have walked off

  • H M
    H M 10 months ago

    Looking good Kenan.

  • spazzinNslashin
    spazzinNslashin 10 months ago

    Kenan being 40 is crazy but you know what they say black dont crack

  • Dayton Winfield
    Dayton Winfield 10 months ago

    I'm a true Nick kid....who remember's all the shows that came on with All That and Rre you afraid of the dark? Hey Arnold use to come on with ahhhh real monsters. ....Damn I miss those days.