I Did Rihanna's Vogue Beauty Routine! But I'm Still Ugly LOL | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • I'm bout the LAST person to do this, but it was fun! Enjoy lol Recreating Rihanna's iconic Vogue makeup tutorial!

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    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
    Phil 4:13
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    Ilove this girl
    Ilove your vedio

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    Miguel Torres Day ago

    She ain’t lying

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  • William Reid
    William Reid 3 days ago

    You're so live it's awesome and amazing at the same time.

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    mrt rblmg 6 days ago


  • Adam Linder
    Adam Linder 6 days ago

    My neck Dammmmm I died laughing

  • Grace Peterson
    Grace Peterson 6 days ago

    "some of us..... are ugly, ma'am" HAHAHA

  • Ec123
    Ec123 6 days ago


  • Kandie
    Kandie 9 days ago

    “One swipe?” 😭😭

  • Malisa Kenney
    Malisa Kenney 10 days ago

    Omg love u

  • Emily A
    Emily A 12 days ago

    idk why but I couldn't stop laughing after ' some of us are ugly, maaam'

  • Bijan Love
    Bijan Love 12 days ago

    you look gorgeous and you are hilarious! :)))

  • Lindsey Taber
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    I had to pause mid video to say I was dying at the Opera style voices going on. 😂😂

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    Charlie B Styles 17 days ago

    I love your personality!!! 😍 “agente Fan-tah-stic” lol

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    Tega Okoro 19 days ago

    Getting Donna Summer Hair vibes from this Hair Love it 😍

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    lilly bolt 20 days ago

    your face is so symmetrical!

  • Liliana Draws
    Liliana Draws 20 days ago

    So... how are you so pretty? Like I am just a potato 🥔

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  • 00
    00 25 days ago

    What mascara is that cuz damnnnnn 😍😍

  • Anjell Rose
    Anjell Rose 26 days ago

    @jackieaina You are sooo Georgous with or without makeup and your personality is addicting! I am subscribed to the Jackie Aina family just so you know lol Thanks for doing it for us chocolate girls💜💜💜💜 I can really slay now because of you. 💜💜💖💙

  • ZaniahSlayed
    ZaniahSlayed 28 days ago

    Girl please do more riri creation please lol 😂 🙏🏽

  • Emily Merksick
    Emily Merksick 28 days ago

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    I'm not sure if Jackie is just joking or is like me to praise others and put herself down but I have to say this: Jackie you are gorgeously beautiful even without make up. Please stop thinking you are ugly

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  • Reborn _ World
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    you look gorgeous! Love the look and the tutorial!!

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    You're beautiful and so uplifting! Thanks for sharing Jackie (Jackie Jackie Jackie-Jackie-Jackie) with us, and many blessings back at ya! 🙏 💙

  • Ourania Dalkiriadis

    Riri: just one swipe
    Jackie: one swipe? some of us are UgLy ma’am!
    Me: ikr

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  • Catherine Rogers
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