• Published on Nov 25, 2012
  • So whats it look like in there well i can not cut the thing in half but i can film with slow motion camera down the barrel n see how fast these things work and it turns out that 5000 pulse's a second is the answer but the footage of the fame getting sucked down out the end is magic.
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  • PyroJasonExplodes
    PyroJasonExplodes 2 months ago

    "I like watching this."

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 11 months ago

    5000 fps? pfff, you should come to my time

  • Saartjie_69
    Saartjie_69 Year ago

    Buzz bomb

  • J Davis
    J Davis Year ago

    is this the same shitdick that built that POS hover bike with his mums savings ???


    air and gas ? is used

    3DBRINK 2 years ago

    Hi nice setup with the gas and air, what model pulse jet is this?

  • nathan is vloging
    nathan is vloging 2 years ago

    so it like 1 stroke

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    "I like watching this."
    -Colin Furze

  • dart izumi
    dart izumi 3 years ago


  • KennethKeyt
    KennethKeyt 3 years ago

    once in california on a bus i saw this baby and her brother, every time the brother would say matt damon she would cry

  • Sista Svennen
    Sista Svennen 3 years ago

    Even if this guy is crazy as hell, he aint stupid.

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH 3 years ago

    not the best quality, but yeah, its slowmo^^

  • Spike
    Spike 3 years ago +1


  • MegaPoxie
    MegaPoxie 3 years ago +3

    Will that camera be able to catch a woman with her mouth shut?

  • Caleb Combs
    Caleb Combs 3 years ago

    Did a little reading on hitler's pulse jets. Don't they need shutters of some kind?

    • Jonne Koivisto
      Jonne Koivisto 3 years ago

      +Caleb Combs These are valveless pulse jets. These don't need them.

    • Dane Cook
      Dane Cook 3 years ago

      +Caleb Combs yeah they use reed valves or in England they are called Flipper Flappers.

  • fo shizzle
    fo shizzle 3 years ago +38

    I lost my shit when he went "Maet daymund"

    • hghghghg
      hghghghg 3 years ago +1

      ikr team America refrences

  • nina krettek
    nina krettek 3 years ago

    I love it !!

  • General Nazrin
    General Nazrin 3 years ago

    i just realize...this video has 180k views....

  • Bendikbanan
    Bendikbanan 3 years ago

    for the next fish try to make a pulsejet skateboard

  • jmile69
    jmile69 3 years ago +51

    I like the part where you go from silence to deafening whatever the fuck that was and break my ear drums. That was a nice touch.

  • Telling Fat to Fork Itself

    I like how you can see the heat waves create small mirages with the pulses.

  • Owldude000
    Owldude000 4 years ago +3

    There's actually 200 pulses per second, you started with 5000 fps and slowed it down to probably 24 fps

  • Brad Kinsella
    Brad Kinsella 4 years ago +5

    Have you ever thought of creating a valved pulse jet rather than just the valveless ones?

  • Ethan Smite
    Ethan Smite 4 years ago +1

    how does a pulse jet work?

    • zombieregime
      zombieregime 3 years ago +1

      +ThePic Poptart its basically a tuned resonating chamber. as one explosion goes off(the pulse) the shock wave exits the long tube providing thrust. but this creates a sort of vacuum in the chamber which draws in more air from the smaller inlet tubes. once the air/fuel mixture hits the right ratio, it ignites and starts the whole cycle over again.
      there are videos that explain the process really well.

  • Horizon585
    Horizon585 4 years ago +3

    Matt Damon...

  • oscar7771
    oscar7771 4 years ago +1

    nice video guys

  • Random Adventures
    Random Adventures 4 years ago

    That's far from 5000 pulses per second? Miss speak? Somewhere between 2-300 per second.

    • DukeLazy
      DukeLazy 3 years ago

      +Douglas Holt Revisiting the video and found this...
      The high speed camera filmed 5000 frames per second. Each framed showed one explosion, so there's 5000 explosions a second, or 5000 pulses a second.
      The video you see here on youtube might be 30 fps, but the source is 5000.

    • Douglas Holt
      Douglas Holt 4 years ago +1

      +DukeLaze 5000 fps played back at 30 fps showing 1 pulse per second would be 166.6 pulses per second in real-time, or 10,000 pulses per minute, which sounds about like a motorcycle at 10,000 RPM. So, yeah, ~166.6 pulses per second, not 5000.

    • DukeLazy
      DukeLazy 4 years ago

      @reaj2010 If the video is 5000 FPS, and you see one pulse per second, then it is 5000 pulses per second. Considering the extreme high pitch sound it makes, I think 5000 sounds reasonable.

    • 111alien111
      111alien111 4 years ago

      Agreed, I'm sure he means a minit

  • Jason Queen
    Jason Queen 5 years ago +8

    That last line... "I like watchin this." Lol.

  • Pieh0
    Pieh0 5 years ago +7


  • PYakMan1
    PYakMan1 5 years ago +2

    Thx for the vid, brilliant! I love it too when u exting. the fuel/flame, the movement inside is hypnotic. There is a lot more going on than we know. Now I sorta see why CERN do those Millionth of a Sec experiments, viewing at the atomic level and smaller maybe.

    • PYakMan1
      PYakMan1 5 years ago +6

      BTW, the world would be a MUCH duller place without bright ppl such as yourself.

  • TTKMKaizen
    TTKMKaizen 5 years ago +14

    1:20 All glory to the hypno flame.

  • Pilot na Valqk
    Pilot na Valqk 5 years ago

    Hahahah Matt Damon

  • chris lomas
    chris lomas 5 years ago

    I tried Nitrous Oxide on a reed valved er90 Pulse Jet today & it worked perfect went from 13 to 16 lbs instant.

  • Reinier van der Heijden

    can you do a tutorial for this thing????

  • Gasrullen
    Gasrullen 5 years ago +42

    give this man a tvshow

    • titaniumlibra
      titaniumlibra 4 years ago +1

      Outrageous Acts of Science. He's been on that show, like, 4 times.

    • Gasrullen
      Gasrullen 4 years ago

      True :) what does ahem OAoS mean?

    • titaniumlibra
      titaniumlibra 4 years ago

      @Gasrullen I think he practically has one *ahem OAoS ahem*

  • TheRattleSnake3145
    TheRattleSnake3145 6 years ago

    Matt Damon!

  • ManWithBeard1990
    ManWithBeard1990 6 years ago

    One pulse per second is one pulse every 24 frames, because the video is recorded at 5000 frames per second, and then played back at 24. That's why it's in slow motion. So the correct figure would be 5000/24 pulses per second, or about 200.

  • Sabrodterjunge
    Sabrodterjunge 6 years ago

    do you have a blueprint or a tutorial how to build this thing? i didn' t find any

  • SAI Peregrinus
    SAI Peregrinus 6 years ago

    You can pretty easily calculate it. Run the audio through a FFT and find the fundamental frequency, that's your pulse frequency. I get about 125 Hz, but that's very rough.

  • sodemoot
    sodemoot 6 years ago

    Looks like you went to the sun to shoot this clip !
    Amazing footage as always sir :)

  • MRARDEN111
    MRARDEN111 6 years ago

    i want one to piss off my neighbors!

  • Dustin Bresin
    Dustin Bresin 6 years ago

    You ROCK dude!!!

  • noobb1212
    noobb1212 6 years ago


  • ardrie
    ardrie 6 years ago

    don't you get tired of people asking you ..whats it good for , my god
    there so dumb huh
    good job

  • Michael Ellestad
    Michael Ellestad 6 years ago

    Good job buddy have you done a jam jar (Reynst pop) pulsejet?

  • Jon Sands
    Jon Sands 6 years ago

    you were given the right figure, but a second of footage is 25 frames. You'd have 5000 pulses per second if you had a pulse every single frame, but if you're having a pulse every 2 seconds or so at 5000fps when it's played back at 25fps, that's closer to 100 pulses/second, assuming this footage was played back at 25fps. Ps, Love your channel!

  • Havana Woody
    Havana Woody 6 years ago

    This is what happens when a boy doesn't discover Masturbation.

  • SerBallister
    SerBallister 6 years ago

    5000fps camera would give 1 pulse per frame if your engine is 5000hz and would look like a continuous pulse, what we see is one pulse every several frames, so yeah, wrong calculation :)

  • Znethru
    Znethru 6 years ago

    I might try this experiment while boiling sprouts this year!

  • matthew wood
    matthew wood 6 years ago

    doing well pall good vid keep em comeing matey :@)

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  6 years ago

    yes number one as well so very pleased

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  6 years ago

    i think ive been given the wrong frames per second figure. I'm checking up on it

  • jacob humphrey
    jacob humphrey 6 years ago

    Your on the discovery channel

  • SnowDogRedSectorEh
    SnowDogRedSectorEh 6 years ago

    6 (or enter actual current # of dislikes) jealous nazis watched this!

  • 1metiz
    1metiz 6 years ago

    There's no way this engine runs at 5000 pulses a second, that's just ridiculous.Maybe devide the 5000 bij 60 for a somewhat more realistic number. Fastest engine I've ever seen ran at 1200 hz, on acetyleen, and would easily fit in the palm of your hand

  • Francis Barnett
    Francis Barnett 6 years ago


  • iamnat666
    iamnat666 6 years ago

    Very cool footage

  • Rory Burgess
    Rory Burgess 6 years ago

    colin plus slowmoguys collab plz :D

  • J Paino
    J Paino 6 years ago


  • Ryu LANZA
    Ryu LANZA 6 years ago