Andy Cohen Weighs In on Kim Cattrall’s Feud with Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
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    Andy Cohen weighs in on the latest drama between Sex & the City co-stars Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, saying, “There’s only one person fighting here.”
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Comments • 237

  • Bunny the only Onez
    Bunny the only Onez 15 days ago

    Andy Cohen is annoying! Whyyy

  • Jason StreetTV
    Jason StreetTV 21 day ago

    We as the public shouldn't hear SJP tweeting or commenting publicly. Text Kim.. Or email. Or send flowers. Less drama on all this. Be nicer... not public. Shame on SJP

  • Donna Rachiele
    Donna Rachiele 23 days ago

    Andy this is none of your business

  • Mrgaston016
    Mrgaston016 Month ago

    I cannot stand SJP!

  • A Girl
    A Girl 3 months ago

    The two have competed w each other for years, both insecure w the other. Silly fm’s ! 🙄 smh 🤦‍♀️

  • Shukri Habiba
    Shukri Habiba 3 months ago

    Keep your mouth shut. That's something you can do

  • cla ire
    cla ire 7 months ago

    You cant like everyone and that doesnt make you a bad person it is what it is. And if youre in a bad place or grieving then the last person you want to hear from is some one you dont get on with, no wonder she snapped out shes dealing with the loss of her brother. They obviously never got on, and i call bs on Sarah when she says she didnt know they werent friends, you cant be totally oblivious to the vibes. Can you imagine being around someone you dont like or who you find annoying day in day out, it must have been toxic, sat there counting the clock until you could leave for the day. I also call bs on Sarah claiming she didnt find out sooner about Kim not wanting to make the 3rd movie. You cant moan and blame someone if they dont want to continue down the same path as you.

  • Shantelle Mennis
    Shantelle Mennis 10 months ago

    Andy just like Sarah mean girl wanna be they couldn’t make the cut cuz they wasn’t pretty enough without money and they hate people like Kim a natural seet person who was pretty enough to make the cut to be a mean without money and they hate her for that Sarah could never be a star without sex and the city but Kim was before sex and the city she was a fucking star and sex and the city was as big as it was because of Kim so they hate her they try to be little her and they judge her but I fucking love her

  • Rachel Dalton
    Rachel Dalton 11 months ago

    I love how EVERYONE chooses to believe Kim over SJP without significant evidence. Why is Kim's side more believable than Sarah's? Sarah at least has been professional. #teamSJP

  • Phia Kate
    Phia Kate 11 months ago

    This guy does not know the back story between them so he sounds like an idiot going after a woman who is grieving. They both (Sarah/Kim) know Kim made her comments but neither one is going to air it out for public judgement.

  • Ty
    Ty Year ago

    This Andy Cohen is such a fucking idiot drama queen. Of course he’s going to drone on about his support to SJP since they’re both friends and they gossip together outside of the studio. The fact that SJP hangs out with Andy Cohen shows that she’s a little trouble maker gossip queen too. I still enjoy her films, but that is what she is personally. Kim is coming off more like the direct classy one calling it like it is not caring if it offends you or not.

  • Jason Chu
    Jason Chu Year ago

    Does anyone even care what this bozo thinks?

  • HairMusic Videos
    HairMusic Videos Year ago

    Put them both on NewYork housewives, Andy. Let them fight on there. Lol

  • Meg Wells
    Meg Wells Year ago

    Why would Andy Cohen insert himself? He’s not part of the narrative. He needs to stfu and let these ladies figure this out.

  • iam1ina1000000
    iam1ina1000000 Year ago +1

    Kim Cattrall is an exceptional, natural beauty, a gifted actress that is pure class, whereas that horse faced Parker is a no talent, obnoxious piece of ghetto trash and a waste of oxygen. Looking at Parker gives me cancer!

  • Benita Mussolini
    Benita Mussolini Year ago

    Team Kim

  • Elizabeth Martinez
    Elizabeth Martinez Year ago +2

    He lives off of drama between women. So, this keeps him relevant. I don't know what else he is famous for. This is very one sided, lol.

  • diva1675
    diva1675 Year ago

    Sounds like Kim kept it very real.

  • tpamel
    tpamel Year ago

    Andi you was instigating though ... own up to your actions. Why ask the question: "what do you think?" (That's how amber rose started a twitter catfight with khloe k.) SJP saw the bait & didn't allow you to set her up.
    *Also, if they were really friends, couldn't SJP just call her?* Send her a text or email? The way it's coming off from you Andi & KC, is that SJP sounds like the lady who make a public display of being nice to KC in front of others, and nasty to KC when there are no witnesses. For Andi to say "but SJP has said nothing but nice things" as an attempt to refute KC, he's PART of the problem that he apparently doesn't want to see.

  • Justin Durr
    Justin Durr Year ago +1

    Can’t stand Andy. Blugh!!

  • Zaine Ridling
    Zaine Ridling Year ago

    Andy is truly sickening with all his whining. Ugh.

  • Michelle Butler
    Michelle Butler Year ago

    Andy, really? I'm with Kim, if there is a total break down in relation. You just leave the person alone. Sweet words are poison from your enemy.

  • S S
    S S Year ago

    Andy’s voice is not made for radio. He sounds like Perez Hilton. The breathy-ness of it all. And Kim is distraught. Her brother had a tragic ending and she’s said previously that she isn’t friends with Sarah. Back off the lady. Let her live.
    It’s like if Andy reached out to Kathy “he doesn’t know her” Griffin on social media if she had a personal tragedy. It would make no sense. They aren’t friends.

  • Katrina JAy
    Katrina JAy Year ago +1

    God who can listen to these two gossipy catty twinkqueens for 10 seconds? Ugggh a disgrace to 'peoplekind'

  • eftixismeni2010
    eftixismeni2010 Year ago

    If they were genuinely friends, SJP would express her condolences privately to Kim, not JUST on social media or in a press conference.

  • Yabba Dabba
    Yabba Dabba Year ago

    Nobody with a brain gives a fuck.

  • gigi black
    gigi black Year ago

    The way kim acted was so immature, disrespectful and mean girl like and I’m shocked to see people defending her mentality during this situation. Just because you dislike someone over a dispute, doesn’t mean you should publicly degrade them. How are you any better for that? Especially when SJP was giving her condolences.

  • ISeeDeadPets
    ISeeDeadPets Year ago

    Team SJP. Fake or real condolence, Kim picked a bad time to lash out.

  • rpatten78
    rpatten78 Year ago

    She wasn't suppose to say shit, they are not friends so why post about it publicly at all. Andy just likes SJP, all the gays do

  • Michael-Paul Marasse

    Who? What? If you care about this crap... get a life!


    Well this is biased so... chill Andy 😉

  • A Diaz
    A Diaz Year ago

    Now i'm starting to dislike you Andy. Cat fight of one? More like Kim versus all of SJP friends, no? Who needs to be mean when you and "Stanford" and anyone else who wants to butt in can do all the shady work. How about you ALL leave her alone.

  • KatKost
    KatKost Year ago +3

    The thing is, SJP knew that KC does not think fondly of her (with the world now knowing it from KC's own mouth), so sending her condolences on social media where everyone sees it is just weird. It's as if she WANTS the world to see that and think 'oh JSP is such a good person, KC is being petty'. I think if she genuinely wanted to send condolences, call up KC. Send her flowers. A letter. Anything but something public. In addition to that, if she was truly mature and confused to as to why KC wants nothing to do with her, why the continuous interviews of answering questions about it? Why all the "I'm innocent and confused, why is Kim saying these things?" She should of declined to even speak of her if she truly knows KC had a huge problem with her, but instead takes on EVERY question about the topic.
    I do believe KC at this point. SJP us trying very hard to act innocent for the press. She obviously doesn't want the world to know why KC has a problem with her and no longer putting on a smile for the cameras.

  • Kev O
    Kev O Year ago +2

    Worthless nonsense from a nobody

  • eggfase
    eggfase Year ago

    Peep your dislikes bro. LULz

  • zhaquiri
    zhaquiri Year ago +2

    Sarah Jessica Parker is a two-faced pony! (Geddit?!) haha

  • yamaksy
    yamaksy Year ago +2

    U r trash media! Fake twists on anything! We all know Kim has been oppressed by Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP is a bully!!! She should stop harassing her and reminding her of the past.

  • MarkY MarK
    MarkY MarK Year ago +1

    You coke head drama queen

  • MarkY MarK
    MarkY MarK Year ago +2

    Andy please stop with your dramatic talk it's so f****** annoying. And you were thinking about this all weekend you have nothing else better to do.

  • Petet GRAVES
    Petet GRAVES Year ago

    Did you get with anderson cooper

  • L. George Jr.
    L. George Jr. Year ago +1

    Kim may be right, SJP may be wrong (may they both find inner peace) but one thing I am sure about is Andy being a bit of dick.

  • battlegate
    battlegate Year ago +2

    Good lord you’re gross.

  • msdogooder
    msdogooder Year ago +1

    If you were to die tonight, are you ready? Your sins have separated you from a righteous and Holy God and you are headed to hell. But there is HOPE! Through the grace and mercy of Father God's ONLY begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, He has made a way of escape for all those who seek it. The bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation, and the mere fact that you are right now reading this is proof that God is talking to YOU, and is drawing you closer to Him. Dear one, please take ahold of God's free gift to you, Jesus Christ, and receive an eternal forgiveness for your sins. Give your life to Jesus Christ this very moment! ❤️❤️❤️ (Romans 5:8; Romans 6:23; Romans 10:13; John 3:16)

  • Road Rover
    Road Rover Year ago +1

    Oh fuck off you wonky eyed old fruit. You're an idiot.

  • OptimistHunter Reel
    OptimistHunter Reel Year ago +1

    She's dealing with a death, you fucking idiot!!!! People react in different ways. If they never were getting along then that reaction was pure emotional from the whole situation.

  • Wafflesmom ForLife

    Not a fan of either of these chicks, but fuck Kim. That shit was childish and petty.

  • Ethan Moilanen
    Ethan Moilanen Year ago +2

    I just love it when TVclip features a video with only 10k views. They don’t even try to hide it at this point.

  • MustardSeedish
    MustardSeedish Year ago

    SJP could have expressed it privately. Considering their feud she should have sent a card rather than virtue signal.

  • MiamiPush2theLimit
    MiamiPush2theLimit Year ago +2

    Andy is a troublemaker. You don’t know what happened between these women privately. Mind your business.

  • The will of the Crow

    HOW is this on TRENDING?! It only got 21k views!!! WTF TVclip?!

  • Ardenwolfe
    Ardenwolfe Year ago +2

    I have to say, after all the rumors, I think Kim was in the right. Said it privately. Didn't work. Said it publically. It worked. Regardless, kind of tacky to use instagram. Call please if you're such a good friend. Meet. Don't send a tweet or whatever. Jesus. Besides, Kim is grieving the loss of her brother.
    Cut her some slack.

  • Bob Dingles
    Bob Dingles Year ago +2

    drama queen. fake fight. just making buzz trying to stay relavent for some upcoming project.

  • ishtar0077
    ishtar0077 Year ago +1

    Leave KC alone . Jp is looking bad im my eyes now .

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider Year ago +2

    Who gives a shit what this guy thinks about their personal relationship? There’s more important things in this country.

  • celebrity19812004
    celebrity19812004 Year ago +1

    stay out of it. we know who you're friends with.

  • Adamus Witcombe
    Adamus Witcombe Year ago


  • Luna • ASMR things •


  • Deb Mcmasters
    Deb Mcmasters Year ago +1

    Listen, Cohen this is so NOT your business. Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

  • Symon First
    Symon First Year ago +2

    She should have followed a page out your book and act like she didn't know who Kim was 😏.

  • Stephen Lovell
    Stephen Lovell Year ago

    Oh. My. God. Nobody cares.

  • Priyankar De
    Priyankar De Year ago

    Andy is a fucking loser.

  • smck 2016
    smck 2016 Year ago

    If he wasn't friends with Sarah he'd be loving this I remember him causing trouble between Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano on his show. This guys a 2 faced CUNT basically.

  • syx syx
    syx syx Year ago

    these eyes indicate he was dropped as a child....

  • Kenneth Hung
    Kenneth Hung Year ago +2

    Andy, even if I'm in HK, I can understand if kim felt sjp is exploiting the tradegy. Sjp sounds very fake.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Year ago +2

    Shut up Andy, your as impartial talking about Kim as you are talking about Kathy Griffin 🙄

  • hozobo
    hozobo Year ago +1

    Sarah Jessica Parker is smart, she is trying to milk sex n the city to its last drop, her other projects are not as good, but SATC is boring without the samantha character, this is why she keeps pushing her to get in the project but obviously kc is not interested, maybe because she was treated badly by sjp like she said

  • MrBobman1966
    MrBobman1966 Year ago

    Kim cunttrall seems like a real bitch

  • Pam Dangelo
    Pam Dangelo Year ago

    Who gives a fucking FUCK

  • Ashley 1988
    Ashley 1988 Year ago

    I'm so out of the loop, what the hell is going on?

  • Gerald Jamerson
    Gerald Jamerson Year ago

    We all know these girls are trying to stay relevant. Sarah's not in the spotlight and phoned her exfriend to get shine, Home girl lost it. True Story. This is my family you're not. Bye Felicia LOL.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Jesus, who the hell cares? Do you people actually give a shit? Get a life.

  • Messylin
    Messylin Year ago

    You're such a fucking vulture Andy.

    SEFYH Year ago +7

    Andy Cohen... Do us all a favor and have a tall glass of STFU!! Everyone knows that Sarah Jessica Parker is one of your "friends" in Hollywood. You are simply trying to pull a Kathy Griffin on Kim Cattrall, the same way in which you and Anderson Cooper did! This beef between SJP and Kim has NOTHING to do with your messy queen ass!! Why don't you channel that energy into making your New Year's show with Anderson Cooper less of a SNOOZE FEST this year! **BLOOP**

  • ringdigger
    ringdigger Year ago

    Catrall is allowed to grieve. We all know the selfish twats that turn up at weddings and funerals to look good. She could have sent Catrall a card in the post. All she had to do was leave this woman (they dont get on) to grieve. in additin. ONE comment was made by SJP and ONE comment was made by Catrall. THATS IT! There in no fighting!

  • Marlynne K
    Marlynne K Year ago

    The show has been off the air for 14 years and NOW Catrell is bitching about it? Bitter, table for one.

  • Daniel Correa
    Daniel Correa Year ago

    Kim needs to grow up .... we get it they weren’t friends but that doesn’t mean she’s a bad person I agree with Andy I don’t get it and SJP haven’t said much for her to say she’s exploring there tragedy y

  • Marlynne K
    Marlynne K Year ago +2

    Sarah Jessica Parker has a stellar reputation in show business. She has continually worked since she was a child and has a hit show on HBO currently. Kim Cattrall, on the other hand, really hasn't had much of a career outside of Sex in the City. She's 61, childless, and has multiple failed marriages. She's never spoken up about any of these problems she had on the set of Sex in the City until NOW?. The show has been off the air for years!. To me she just seems like a bitter old woman. No offense, but there it is.

  • Michelle Thorson
    Michelle Thorson Year ago

    Andy just do another line and shut the f*^&up bitch!

  • J C
    J C Year ago +1

    KC’s not in a cat fight, she told the woman she didn’t like her and didn’t want to have anything to do with her. SJP should just go away and accept that Kim’s just not that into her. 😉

  • J C
    J C Year ago +4

    Who gives a F*ck what this vapid old queen thinks?

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown Year ago +1

    This is so stupid. This is a fued between two very established adults. We are not talking about children here. SJP should have sent a private message. This should be private and they both need to act like adults and stop splashing this pettyness on social media. As far as I'm concerned there is no SITC without Kim Cattrall. Period.

  • Roman Seano
    Roman Seano Year ago +4

    It's charming how Andy Cohen still thinks his speaking up for someone is actually going to *help* them.

  • Free Manz
    Free Manz Year ago +2

    Another American (((Cohen))) shooting his mouth off about something not involving him. Go figure.

  • MrStyle23
    MrStyle23 Year ago +1

    Oh Andy. You might as well said nothing because you are friends with Sarah Jessica Parker...of course you would take her side. STOP IT!

  • krisisnkaos
    krisisnkaos Year ago +1

    Kissass. We all know you’re besties with SJP. You’re only getting one side of the story.

  • Josh Ocean
    Josh Ocean Year ago +3

    Andy cut the shit. I’m pretty sure SJP (or her team) had the interviewers ask her regarding Kim Catrall, and she wanted to make a public statement to keep up with the “nice girl act”. I’m a SJP fan but I do believe she is the one behind the bad press and leaks regarding Kim Catrall. And honestly this has been going on in the series. So Kims had enough

  • What
    What Year ago +4

    ok hun, when you decide to be real as a person, then you can judge others people's truth.
    You hypocrite

  • eduardo basuino
    eduardo basuino Year ago +12

    He doesn’t get it!
    He doesn’t get it
    He doesn’t get it!

  • John De los Santos

    Go kim!

  • lol365
    lol365 Year ago

    Andy is bff's with Sarah Jessica Parker. Biased as fuck. Team Kim.

  • Crissy Red
    Crissy Red Year ago +22

    Drunken Andy Cohen is onesided. I love that Kim Cattrall is not playing fake and calling out a mean girl. SJP is obsessed with her image of being sweet as pie.

  • Megan Kenworthy
    Megan Kenworthy Year ago +9

    Love how he is defensive of Sarah and not the women he is selling down the river.

  • O Simmons
    O Simmons Year ago

    Shows Kim's character, not pretty.

  • kitty 1905
    kitty 1905 Year ago

    We don't really know what's going on between those two

  • Doris Binder
    Doris Binder Year ago +5

    Andy she could've done it in private. Send condolences in the media so is out for everybody to see, to me is tacky. Kim overreacted as well, but is in the of a painful time and seems an intense lady.

    COBYKOEHL2 Year ago +11

    Andy is a mean girl himself

  • findme
    findme Year ago +7

    She's grieving, her brother just died. I think it's awful for Andy Cohen to express his negativity towards Kim Cattrell. You, Andy Cohen are exploiting Kim Cattrell with this rant.

  • gary robertson
    gary robertson Year ago +5

    andy loves to see women stir each other up. it's his livelihood.

  • Kelly
    Kelly Year ago +6

    Could you be more biased?! Seriously!