Kevin Gates - Out The Mud [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Nov 18, 2014
  • Kevin Gates - Out The Mud [Official Music Video]
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    Bread Winners' Association/Atlantic Records artist Kevin Gates is a hip-hop music heavyweight with hits like "2 Phones", "Really Really", "Satellites", "Out The Mud", “Posed To Be In Love”, and “I Don’t Get Tired”. Originally building his name on the back of classic mixtapes such as The Luca Brasi Story, Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means, Luca Brasi 2, and Murder For Hire II, Kevin's iconic catalog also includes benchmark albums like Islah and I'm Him, which combine his hard-hitting delivery and cinematic storytelling with an emotional honesty and veteran's wisdom. A multi-platinum rapper, singer and entrepreneur, Kevin continues to break new ground with each move, carving out his musical legacy and redefining what it means to be an entertainment mogul.
    #KevinGates #OutTheMud #LucaBrasi2
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  • Joe Stark
    Joe Stark 11 hours ago

    Listen to this in the hood hustling and I listen to this on my way to work I get to the money by any means hit that like button if u feel me

  • Marco Sanzi
    Marco Sanzi 19 hours ago

    this is fucking dirt biking music bitch

  • Erica Kelly
    Erica Kelly Day ago

    When your in the mud....
    Love this song. Much respect to Mr Gates for keepin it real!!!

  • James Varga
    James Varga 2 days ago

    i love your video

  • Katrina Drnec
    Katrina Drnec 3 days ago +1

    Who still bumpin dis in 2019

  • Darian Chaisson
    Darian Chaisson 3 days ago

    On my way to work that overtime like 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Robert E
    Robert E 4 days ago


  • kinkle buts
    kinkle buts 5 days ago

    Kevin gates!!

  • Isaac Martinez THE BROWN RECLUSE


  • Dee Whiye
    Dee Whiye 6 days ago

    Amazing where people come from. Can't forget it.

  • Caleb Ruehs
    Caleb Ruehs 7 days ago


    CHOZEN6x TV 7 days ago

    Who's still listening in 2020 🔥💙

  • Meaghan Jimenez
    Meaghan Jimenez 10 days ago +1


  • Clout Vader
    Clout Vader 10 days ago +1

    2020 & beyond!!! Hit that like 👍🤙🤘

  • Chris McNally
    Chris McNally 10 days ago

    Talkin about colors when the ink is henna fuck team machine..

  • Nam3less IzOrd3r
    Nam3less IzOrd3r 10 days ago

    Man was hungry, didn't understand his hunger would turn into an empty stomach that would fuel his every move, decision and thought making him what he is today. Hats off to ya Kevin, much respect.

  • Vince Page
    Vince Page 11 days ago

    Lug bim

  • Vince Page
    Vince Page 11 days ago

    U ng like bu y i do bu

  • Dilyana Petrova
    Dilyana Petrova 13 days ago +1

    De dallas forth wort

  • Dilyana Petrova
    Dilyana Petrova 13 days ago

    De dallas forth wort

  • Gali G
    Gali G 14 days ago +1

    American honey 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Vasile Ursu
    Vasile Ursu 14 days ago


  • Chris McNally
    Chris McNally 15 days ago

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  • Chris McNally
    Chris McNally 17 days ago

    Time for that look back at it..
    I was talking about the cook tax but don’t get high on your own supply..
    There is no river market for groceries it’s the cook tax..
    It’s not safe to keep over an eighth look back at it..

  • Khoz Axtivist
    Khoz Axtivist 17 days ago

    Still playing faithful#Streets

  • TheAndyarciniega
    TheAndyarciniega 18 days ago

    Sometimes you got to cut the plug on this 2019 music and tune out to some oldies. Miss those days

  • SqpS TeRRoR
    SqpS TeRRoR 19 days ago

    Legend has it he is still trying to make that water whip.....

  • Scotty Hubbard
    Scotty Hubbard 19 days ago

    he did this song in Orlando a few it

  • Ricardo Cotto jr
    Ricardo Cotto jr 19 days ago

    i don't love anything bruh

  • Turan Schäfer
    Turan Schäfer 20 days ago


  • Ash Thompson
    Ash Thompson 22 days ago

    I get it out the mud. 💥💥💥 Kevin Gates forever.

  • idk_ playz_
    idk_ playz_ 23 days ago

    I like this song💯

  • xplicit productions
    xplicit productions 23 days ago


  • Chris McNally
    Chris McNally 24 days ago

    The vending machine war is the same as lightbulbs getting lit I peaked at grocery shopping I don’t know why there is pocket change over boats..

  • spayce junkiie
    spayce junkiie 25 days ago +1

    shia labeouf in american honey brought me here.

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 26 days ago

    This 1 of my favorite kevin gates song🔥

  • N Raphoto
    N Raphoto 28 days ago

    Beautiful video

  • half_bake _420
    half_bake _420 28 days ago

    This still 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in 2019

  • K Thomas
    K Thomas Month ago

    Straight out the mud. Spotify playlist on profile!

  • Qualasia Tehuti
    Qualasia Tehuti Month ago

    I love you! I am a kid and I am a big fan! I will give you a thumbs up

  • Qualasia Tehuti
    Qualasia Tehuti Month ago

    I love you! I am a kid and I am a big fan! I will give you a thumbs up

  • RoseMary MelendezAlvarez

    Dedicated ,*" Good Love**

  • domingo villareal
    domingo villareal Month ago

    "somebody take something from me I'ma go kill em". tru shit

  • Jada Estes
    Jada Estes Month ago

    It was amazing to see him in ATL!!!!

  • Ricky Queen
    Ricky Queen Month ago

    Yo I don’t care who gets mad Kevin Gates is the shit... over any other rapper he’s always on top of them charts and makin that money

  • Charles Edward Blanchard

    Ever wanted to make an auntie Anne’s pretzel. Say no more

  • Alexander Gonsch
    Alexander Gonsch Month ago



    Out of the mud nigga I'm the epitome 💯 still ma fav track

  • Anona Miss
    Anona Miss Month ago

    Kevin Gates and Sada Baby is my very top 2

  • Anona Miss
    Anona Miss Month ago

    November 6, 2019

  • Chris McNally
    Chris McNally Month ago

    Paying for drugs people are buying is a ghost violation drug dealing indicates the load for the cut and that is not a violation..

  • Mr lewis Ware
    Mr lewis Ware Month ago

    This song is really good I love and you Kevin gates you are tremendous

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator Month ago
    Out the Mud for the People but what about me and my family...

  • Dianna Broussard
    Dianna Broussard Month ago


  • maruchan is life
    maruchan is life Month ago

    Fast @2.5 fireeee

  • Chevy trucks
    Chevy trucks Month ago


  • O brabo
    O brabo Month ago +1

    American Honey

  • Kyle Marsden
    Kyle Marsden Month ago +1

    Still getting it out the mud...

  • Amanda Cayuga
    Amanda Cayuga Month ago

    Intelligent person