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  • Audit the Audit
    Audit the Audit  6 months ago +194

    Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy the video. Another one will be dropping in the next few days!

    • Prcdguy Australia
      Prcdguy Australia Day ago

      Lol as she says a BUTT HURT OFFICER.

    • calamagrostis88
      calamagrostis88 Month ago

      I don't mind a couple of ads at the beginning, but when they keep breaking into the middle I leave the video and don't come back to that channel.

    • Jim Steigerwalt
      Jim Steigerwalt Month ago

      Good on ya.

    • smilie bean
      smilie bean Month ago +3

      His TVclip account has been terminated

    • T Johnson
      T Johnson 2 months ago

      Keep up the good work. Your series sheds light on not only what's wrong with policing in America but also highlights the importance of accountabilities of both auditors and police departments. To long have police departments went unchecked by citizen review that is both professional and unbiased. Many departments have civilian oversight in the form of county or city officials who are not part of the police departments directly and that is insufficient as they are vested in the town's (town the entity, not town the people) best interest. I would love to see a day when becoming a police officer was for the good of the public and not just for power, authority, and status. Thankfully my local police department is normally a force for good and not just for power. Protect and serve means protecting everyone and serving the public's best interests along with upholding the laws of your town, state, and country including the rights afforded by our constitution and legislature.

    POOKISTAN 7 hours ago

    A fat balding fuck named Kelly - No wonder this cowardly bitch pursued a badge...

  • George Bevens
    George Bevens 13 hours ago

    Why did you lead them back to your car off you didn't want to be identified??

    • George Bevens
      George Bevens 13 hours ago

      Next time , if they follow you, lead them away from any personal vehicle until you lose them. Or take public transport. Or have someone drive you.

  • bryan Jaeck
    bryan Jaeck 23 hours ago

    The Gestapo did not have complaint , nor the KGB have complaint forms ....

  • Chicago Dan
    Chicago Dan 23 hours ago

    News now Patrick is the joke of the auditing community

  • Hunter Mangum
    Hunter Mangum Day ago

    Badges are for pussies

  • purepunisher1
    purepunisher1 Day ago

    What do u do when this happens? Call the police? So he can get back up?

  • Prcdguy Australia

    Well they shoot you based on there opinion. No wonder people shoot them.

  • ryan craig
    ryan craig Day ago

    Should of called the police to have him arrested and press charges. Called an ambulance to go to the hospital for your damaged fingure. Once healed, filled a lawuit against this immature, butt hurt asshole.

  • Brandon Gray
    Brandon Gray Day ago

    I normally enjoy your videos, but I have to disagree with your conclusions on this one. "Mr. Roth" was nothing but annoying from the very beginning and I think the police officers treated him with more respect than he deserved. Mr. Roth created an artificial situation that was intended to provoke the police. I have no respect for that. It''s exactly the same thing as a kid who points his finger 1/4 inch from his sister's face and keeps saying, "I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you!" There are enough genuine police/authority issues that should be addressed, but this type of baiting is childish and pointless.

  • Jeff Helton
    Jeff Helton Day ago

    Let’s be honest, technically dude was in the right however, dude was purposely antagonizing. I’m not against challenging authority however, you know what the end game is going to be. These people clearly have a bias against police and if they wanted to audit the police, they would be much more neutral. This is very clear that the intent of this was to provoke the police and hope they act on their emotions and egos (which they did). The Sgt. should not have smashed the dudes hand, let me be clear. In my option, morally speaking, both parties are wrong. This seems to be more of a case of “Righter vs Wronger”. Know your rights. But also know that when you walk the line for the sake of walking the line, the situation will rarely end well.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 2 days ago

    Prideful ,nothing to be proud of , it’s criminal activity, legalized.

  • Obamaistoast2012
    Obamaistoast2012 2 days ago

    Mr Roth needs to sue

  • Obamaistoast2012
    Obamaistoast2012 2 days ago

    This cop needs fired, bully lowlife

  • Chip Yatke
    Chip Yatke 3 days ago

    fire him....into the sun

  • John Brown
    John Brown 3 days ago

    Wtf? Are these pigs serious? ,this scumbag thinks that the pig he's complaining about has the RIGHT to face his accuser while he's filing the complaint? Trained liars acting like gangsters! This is why I celebrate whenever one of these nazi terrorists gets killed. This childish bully is a danger to everyone in that community! I think that pig went to prison for child porn.....I could be wrong. We are expected to submit to a scumbag like this chicken shit bully? Vigilante justice is the only justice we're ever gonna get against cowards like this shitstain. Pathetic

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James 3 days ago

    So what came of this

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 4 days ago +1

    Roth sounds like a BUTCH

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 4 days ago +1

    "Mr Roth" is not a real mister

  • Christopher Skipp
    Christopher Skipp 4 days ago

    where is this stupid backward cowpie of a town?

  • Nickbiz247
    Nickbiz247 4 days ago

    Patrick isn’t gonna do anything anyway. He’s only auditing for views and money. He never sues or even makes formal complaints.

  • Todd Secrest
    Todd Secrest 4 days ago

    I believe the law says it's illegal to block a car's VIN number and an LEO is allowed to take reasonable action to uncover the vehicle VIN number. So it might be legal for the LEO to remove Patrick's hand from covering the VIN number, but hitting his hand with the flashlight itself might be going overboard.

  • Jesse Scott
    Jesse Scott 4 days ago

    I would have call the ambulance an made a report like that they cant get ride of that one also just sue the department he lost his immunity from doing what he did it was over a complaint hes trying to get their information to harm them or have them stoped at any point

    RHETT BELL 4 days ago

    This guy is CANCER

  • J K
    J K 5 days ago

    Looks like they are resisting arrest shoot them both.

  • John E
    John E 6 days ago

    Any updates on the compliment.

  • Don Catherman
    Don Catherman 6 days ago

    Check my channel audit the audit...rate my videos....with poplarville Ms police,,,city hall.

  • Casey Coughlin
    Casey Coughlin 7 days ago

    What do you know another bad piggy. ..I doubt anything happened to that piggy

  • MrGST360
    MrGST360 8 days ago

    So did this cop get punched in the mouth or what ?

  • chris gast
    chris gast 8 days ago

    I personally would grade Mr. Roth as a C than a B. The Sergeant still gets the F, I agree.

  • Eyecytubes
    Eyecytubes 10 days ago

    These treacherous "auditors" unfairly employ sorcery to confuse and frighten helpless Cops leaving no other option but to burn the dastardly witches!

  • challenge VS pranks
    challenge VS pranks 10 days ago

    this fucking dick gets a Z jesus fuck

  • Jux Guy
    Jux Guy 11 days ago

    Excellent presentation. I think those who are critical of your review are missing the broader point of "forewarned is forearmed". If you are going to venture into the community of "auditing" you have to be smarter than your "enemy" if not at least be better informed. Roth is neither and does not in any way advance the goals except by serving as a bad example. As you noted you reached out to Roth but he did not respond.. he makes a lot of noise and threats but never takes any action that would help correct bad policing. Instead, he only appears to seek to garner sympathy and money. Your summary of him is right on point.

  • Jorge Garza
    Jorge Garza 12 days ago

    Sue the policeman. Texas

  • Edward West
    Edward West 12 days ago

    Heres the thing. You people think that these guys know the law. They don't. They are not lawyers, they are hired thugs with guns, they shoot you, your a perp, a scumb bag, they're a hero, you shoot them, your a murderer, a criminal, a scumbag, and they are still a hero. Change the people in power.

  • Edward West
    Edward West 12 days ago

    The officer needs to be arrested

  • Edward West
    Edward West 12 days ago

    Civilian review

  • Falcon 1
    Falcon 1 12 days ago

    The auditor is a ninny this started out well and rapidly decomposed. He could have be escalated by walking away I'm pursuing other avenues but chose to taunt the sergeant. People don't like to be taunted weather there Police Department or not, it makes everybody butthurt. And if he refuses to pursue legal action then he is an antagonist looking for clickbait videos. I have not pleased with this auditor because I believe he is doing it for his own self-interest and not the betterment of society.

  • Butcher Peete
    Butcher Peete 12 days ago

    WTF was the point in watching this, if you don't take LEGAL action all of this is pointless

  • Butcher Peete
    Butcher Peete 12 days ago

    FYI If you do an audit... do it in a rental car.

  • The Holy Mackerel
    The Holy Mackerel 12 days ago

    Everybody call that station and complain non-stop about that coward. It’s your right, and do NOT be polite.

  • H krnz
    H krnz 12 days ago

    The complaint forms should be at city hall anyway so fascist PIG wife beaters can't escalate the situation.

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 15 days ago +1

    “Ow” “ow” he’s such a wimp 😂😂😂😂

  • Jesus Yanez
    Jesus Yanez 15 days ago

    I just called the York P.D's office on 3/13/2020 at approximately 1500 hours CST & they informed me that Sgt. Christensen is still employed with the York P.D, how sad.

    SHA'UL YISRAEL 15 days ago

    I highly recommend that citizens take any and all complaints against the POPO and the SherPOPO to the Department of Justice and/or their respective Governor's.

  • John Riddler
    John Riddler 16 days ago

    And cops wonder why they get shot? Lol. Maybe they deserve it.

  • j borrego
    j borrego 17 days ago

    10:25 crap they guy is going be harass by cops till he’s dead

  • Bruce Day
    Bruce Day 17 days ago

    Sue that bastard into bankruptcy. That cop deserves whatever he gets. Just another day in the USSA.

  • Brandon DuBois
    Brandon DuBois 18 days ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    @7:00 This officer is using intimidation and baiting a false assault charge to start a confrontation. This is GOLD evidence and proof of police misconduct. Those police should've went back about their job and stayed their asses inside the police department rather incriminating and implicating themselves in a crime against a civilian.

  • George Hathcoat
    George Hathcoat 19 days ago

    Normal corruption period. Nice Nazis getting more hate ever day

  • Sayang Kamoo
    Sayang Kamoo 19 days ago

    Lazy to do peper work ,don't like to be complain about. Better still leave your country stay other country

  • Wolverest
    Wolverest 19 days ago

    Clicked on original video link. "The account associated with this video has been terminated." Hmmmmmmm.

  • Rolo Hernandez
    Rolo Hernandez 19 days ago

    He's a sergeant?what a clown!.retired that tyrant already before he keeps ruining peoples lives smh

  • Scott Hildebrand
    Scott Hildebrand 20 days ago

    Are those Starbursts in his shirt pockets?

  • Scott Hildebrand
    Scott Hildebrand 20 days ago

    I understand that Officers need their gun, cuffs, etc. These Batman Belts are simply silly.

  • Gary O
    Gary O 20 days ago

    The guys channel has been terminated?!

  • Hyperbolic Time Chamber Strand

    This was hilarious that cop was all bothered by this comedy.

  • RB LH
    RB LH 20 days ago


  • Brandon Ogden
    Brandon Ogden 21 day ago

    Why did you drive your POV to it? Take an Uber, lol

  • nikistaz
    nikistaz 22 days ago

    Blah blah blah at a certain point these kind of vids become boring and redundant

  • Folkperson
    Folkperson 22 days ago

    "smashed my fingers" hmmm no blood, no bone fragments protruding,, hmmmm are these morons so desperate for attention that they sit around and decide lets go down to city hall and try to provoke a response (and hopefully lawsuit) under whatever pretext,?, ,,, just because you have a camera and some legal rhetoric does NOT entitle you to anything,, if you know the law,, or are so patriotic and interested, then get your license to practice, and do some real good!

  • Drafa Killer
    Drafa Killer 22 days ago

    The channel of the original video was removed, for good. He was a bit discusting.

  • Brent Manges
    Brent Manges 23 days ago

    Yeah sue the fuck out of that pig

  • Brent Manges
    Brent Manges 23 days ago

    Beat him

  • Darron Gray
    Darron Gray 24 days ago

    These people are idiots, could've avoided all of that by simply not being a dumbass and starting it. They antagonized the entire thing by trying to prove a point and or make money. Its because of people like that the police can't do their jobs.

  • Paul Peery
    Paul Peery 24 days ago

    People need to realize that alot of cops are narcissists..

  • Beentga757
    Beentga757 24 days ago

    Is there nothing better to do in Yorke, Nebraska?

  • Libertatem
    Libertatem 24 days ago

    This pig needs to die

  • Linda Oeder
    Linda Oeder 24 days ago

    He should be fired. The officer should be arrested for the crime he committed.

  • Humanastory
    Humanastory 25 days ago

    he shouldn't have gone back to his own vehicle, he did not cover his own ass, and the officer has no constitutional obligation to tell the truth.

  • Markus Grub
    Markus Grub 25 days ago

    That person filming is an a-hole

  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd 26 days ago

    All this ball shlt started around the time the federal bank was created / about the same time the united kingdom started. So just after 1910 the elite started too egnore common law & enforce maritime acts which is illegal under common law ?

  • Kevin Palmore
    Kevin Palmore 26 days ago

    These are the cops that ruin the lives of the people they are supposed to protect and serve. Especially black people. I'm sorry that the auditor didn't sue the cop, his department, city and county. That.cops behavior was ridiculous.

  • John McKenna
    John McKenna 28 days ago

    Sergeant Christenson (or however you spell that dipsh*t's name) is a f*cking corrupt @sshole. I hope they sued him and his department. It's what he deserved.

  • Bill Freiberger
    Bill Freiberger 29 days ago

    I've watched many of News Now Patrick's audits and he's not a very good auditor, he rarely remains calm and he rarely follows through, often backing down to the police when the audit becomes inconvenient for him.

  • MrChrisw34
    MrChrisw34 29 days ago

    Sad to see that the (original) video and channel have been removed.

  • Matt Ross
    Matt Ross 29 days ago

    One more for the police shuffle

  • AmericanTravelers
    AmericanTravelers 29 days ago

    Call the cops and make a report what he did. This ur police... why keep saying that

  • AmericanTravelers
    AmericanTravelers 29 days ago

    Get back in the car and drive away

  • Journey of a Lifetime

    Not a fan of Patrick, but that doesn't excuse the police officers' behavior.