Is Starbucks Cherry Mocha the Perfect Valentines Gift?

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
  • How does it taste? Trying out the new Cherry Mocha from Starbucks, seasonal release for Valentines Day. Wearing a white dress shirt, red Arrow necktie and a grey 1980s Ralph Lauren suit.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  Year ago +647

    Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all enjoy this special Valentines Day review.

    • Lucky Arceus
      Lucky Arceus Year ago

      @TheReportOfTheWeek just simply call it drink review. We will all be satisfied with such a title regardless of how simple it may seem.

    • Alcatraz Escapi
      Alcatraz Escapi Year ago

      there are no words that i could say that would express how much i love you

    • Carson Carollo
      Carson Carollo Year ago

      How's your day?

    • Montes Foreman
      Montes Foreman Year ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek *I stopped by to congratulate you on 700K SUBS!!!!!*
      You are a tremendous inspiration to people.
      Incredible really, 700k already, you hit 500k like a month ago.

    • Lipbuzz
      Lipbuzz Year ago

      Drive to Tampa, go to Portillo's. 1748 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511

  • The Big Guy Blake
    The Big Guy Blake 8 months ago

    U the man

  • MBzk K
    MBzk K 9 months ago

    Boy was thirsty!

  • Linda Songer
    Linda Songer 10 months ago

    I make a cherry cordial every Christmas, it is a drink that I make, made from cherries, you can put spirits in it if you like but I never do.

  • ForverGone
    ForverGone 10 months ago

    6:26 to
    6:53 Vietnam flashbacks

  • CKT1138
    CKT1138 10 months ago

    I thought it tasted like a vague unpleasant chemical more than anything haha

  • Terence Caron
    Terence Caron 11 months ago

    I generally don't care for dumb food review channels, but this guy is on another level.

  • Justin X.
    Justin X. 11 months ago


  • Salad Dealer
    Salad Dealer 11 months ago

    Cherry and white mocha was better

  • help I peed
    help I peed Year ago

    you have the perfect forehead size to make your haircut work. It looks very good with your suits! I love your channel and thank you for your godlike reviews.

  • Peio Pascual Hernando

    *G l u p*

  • Jeffrey Langston
    Jeffrey Langston Year ago

    I had two of these and found them to be too bitter. I hope they try it again with more of a milk chocolate cherry flavor.

  • Emma can't come up with a creative username

    Red sprinkles of...whatever that is, on top of any sort of coffee drink just makes me think of tropical flakes. As in, fish food. Y’know?

  • Silvia Petrucci
    Silvia Petrucci Year ago

    You remind me of agent Cooper from Twin Peaks ❤

  • Cameron Watson
    Cameron Watson Year ago

    Call the drunk reviews “The Sip”

  • Evafamia Langstodir

    Voice of Jim Parsons
    Face of Tilda Swinton + Lorde
    Wow the prefect food critic who I never thought I needed

  • rusty astronaut
    rusty astronaut Year ago

    I got a question why do you always wear suit it’s not a prob and how many suits hahaha

    • help I peed
      help I peed Year ago

      he made a video about this!

  • Adrian Kramer
    Adrian Kramer Year ago

    "Set the scene for Valentine's Day"I can only imagine a couple watching this video together for Valentine's Day in their bedroom 😂😂

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee Year ago

    A truly amazing mocha. Best review so far.

  • Israek Garza
    Israek Garza Year ago

    Hi rewiewbrah

  • Beef Supreme
    Beef Supreme Year ago

    Fish do swim around

  • Attackofthehank
    Attackofthehank Year ago

    Will the drink series ever be named? Only time will tell.

    OGHST Year ago

    I was gonna sayy man yeah.. they just swim around man lmao

  • Dave Su
    Dave Su Year ago +1

    Why your name is reviewbrah

  • D//V//NE
    D//V//NE Year ago

    Lol I think he fucked up that intro

  • gamer review 64
    gamer review 64 Year ago

    Are you a christian

  • Aplimation
    Aplimation Year ago

    You should call this series 'ad fundum, drink reeeeview'. Look it up

  • ShinobiTreecko8
    ShinobiTreecko8 Year ago

    Actually a cherry cordial has a full cherry in it, surrounded by a cherry paste.

  • Wodotar Yoh
    Wodotar Yoh Year ago

    What car is he sitting in?

  • Xenomorph666
    Xenomorph666 Year ago

    I can't get enough of this kat!

  • Do u Kno da wae
    Do u Kno da wae Year ago

    U N A M E D D R I N K S E R I E S

  • Angelica Dejesus
    Angelica Dejesus Year ago

    I was thinking about F i s h

  • Violet Unicorn
    Violet Unicorn Year ago

    I also like your tie a lot

  • Violet Unicorn
    Violet Unicorn Year ago


  • hamster arse
    hamster arse Year ago


  • hamster arse
    hamster arse Year ago

    a gentleman

  • Tony Spicchiali
    Tony Spicchiali Year ago

    i found this channel and it makes me happy

  • Amanda Sweet
    Amanda Sweet Year ago

    Gimme a like if u like how this guy talks! I love it☺

  • Yeet Son
    Yeet Son Year ago

    this is


  • luz toribio
    luz toribio Year ago

    you really are my king

  • Team Xtreme
    Team Xtreme Year ago

    I buy all of my cologne at Victoria's Secret.

  • Metro Shift
    Metro Shift Year ago +1

    I don't know would originally came up with this name, but "Refreshment Assessment" would be the perfect name for this series.

  • Vladimatt
    Vladimatt Year ago

    5 seconds into the video I heard reviewbrah say "This is.................................Review" and instantly died laughing

  • Kerri D
    Kerri D Year ago

    I’d be your valentine 😊

  • Sizzlin Moe Szyslak

    cordial cherries are my favorite chocolate candies by far.

  • lee charles
    lee charles Year ago

    whats up with the 1930s image u try to portray. disturbing

  • James Lord
    James Lord Year ago

    No suit wadu hek?

  • Joe Evans
    Joe Evans Year ago

    Could you perhaps talk about the KFC chicken shortage in the UK?

  • Danielle blake
    Danielle blake Year ago

    I love . . . Review

  • Robbie Sarkioglu
    Robbie Sarkioglu Year ago

    Exactly why do people watch these type of videos...

  • Jon cool
    Jon cool Year ago

    Running dehydrated, drink review!

  • SeparatedFromSociety

    THIS IS ........................................................... REVIEW

  • peeterskeeter
    peeterskeeter Year ago +1

    ty for saying 'going in' whenever you forget my ocd makes me cut myself to ease the tension

  • cream bun
    cream bun Year ago

    I can't believe this guy's so called competition is a giant, disgusting set of disembodied arse cheeks. I would be most offended.

  • Kyree Alexander
    Kyree Alexander Year ago

    so here are my thoughts on your channel.... its a good youtube channel you have a decent amount of subs and your content is enjoyable but in my opinion do not get effected and change every thing it is getting a little bland maybe you could change tiny things like add a question of the day or something along those lines idk i'm just babbling it's your choice no pressure at all you can just completely ignore this comment and keep doing what u doing it's working really really well keep it up dude

  • PocketsJuicy
    PocketsJuicy Year ago

    You review fast food

  • Acacia Christine Way

    go baby...GO BABY

  • La Tree
    La Tree Year ago

    You're so cool wtf I love how formal you are

  • Jen Peace
    Jen Peace Year ago

    Your shirt and tie look very nice.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith Year ago

    In my stewie voice, “like a bazillion times”

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey Year ago

    Now i know why i get no girls......

    This guy took them all

  • Yeah
    Yeah Year ago

    His hands are huge!

  • Kaiti C
    Kaiti C Year ago

    Just getting around to this After Dark Review.
    A group of dolphins is a pod, and a whole bunch of crows is called a murder. But if you get just a tremendous amount of cherry cordials together, it's a battalion. You learn something new every day, I suppose.

  • Mark Samuelson
    Mark Samuelson Year ago

    Reviewbrah, you didn't mention anywhere in the review the espresso coffee component to this drink and what it imparted in terms of flavor profile. Was the espresso taste present, strong, or not noticeable at all? Did the espresso coffee taste merry well with the cherry taste?

  • Dimas Wirawan
    Dimas Wirawan Year ago

    8:35 reviewbrah got possessed

  • 5starcomment
    5starcomment Year ago

    I thought I left my cursor on the video the whole time...

  • uwu pusketti
    uwu pusketti Year ago

    ive heard so much about you from other content creators, but never have i seen a video up until now. youre so fucking wholesome, man. it makes me happy. i hope you enjoyed your valentines. 💕

  • AriZ
    AriZ Year ago

    “Hey guys, this is…


  • Alex 25
    Alex 25 Year ago +1

    Is he 15 or 40?

  • spacekitt3n
    spacekitt3n Year ago

    LOL random 'i was thinking about fish...' at 4:28 and then not mentioning it again

  • Dox
    Dox Year ago

    He Would Be Lurking In a Victoria Secret Store ..

  • S A D - E G G
    S A D - E G G Year ago

    why did he mention fish I'm confused. I guess I'm too dumb to understand his jokes

  • Christian Murphy
    Christian Murphy Year ago

    A battalion of cherry cordials. A battalion?
    Thank you, ReviewBrah, for giving me a new perspective on words I thought I understood completely.

  • SULLY130EighT
    SULLY130EighT Year ago

    What about the fish?

  • 100KingDezzy
    100KingDezzy Year ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder what kind of car this guy is sitting in when he does the food reviews.🤔🤔🤔

  • True
    True Year ago

    I love this channel so much. I don’t know why I’ve become so obsessed. And the comment section is the purest place on the internet. I’m never leaving.

  • Claudia S.
    Claudia S. Year ago

    I genuinely and fully love all the positive comments on reviewbrah’s channel. Love y’all, peace.

  • Claudia S.
    Claudia S. Year ago +1

    Take me on a date in your car

  • Angela Davis
    Angela Davis Year ago


  • The Parakeets
    The Parakeets Year ago

    Hey ReviewBrah can you review
    ultra-pure water?

  • MaroonMoonMan
    MaroonMoonMan Year ago

    You're class is too supreme, must be a dream! Pure magick, like a meme! I wish I never smoked pot because maybe I could remember enough to pull it off. You will forever remain the supreme fashy classy food ubermensch to me. May your fashy suits remain free of any stain. Whether it be grease or condiment based, and may pepe, kek, and all the ogdoad think positively of you. Heil kek.

  • Justin Sankar
    Justin Sankar Year ago

    You should add subtitles

  • Brendan Oreilly
    Brendan Oreilly Year ago +1

    This is.......... Review!

  • Tristamii
    Tristamii Year ago

    How old is he?

  • Harry Mills
    Harry Mills Year ago

    All hail out mighty leader

  • Mashoo Davies
    Mashoo Davies Year ago

    Roses are red
    I have one wish
    I was just thinking about fish

  • ricky koch
    ricky koch Year ago

    Fun fact, the cherryesque topping actually has beet juice astract as part of the ingredients. Fortunately (or unfortunately ya freak?) they do not taste like beets.

  • calamity countdown


  • Julian Reardon
    Julian Reardon Year ago

    Merry Christmas

  • MattyG mtg
    MattyG mtg Year ago

    i love you babe

  • lindsey hilderbrand

    why does he look like dez from austin and ally?

  • Thomas Tucker
    Thomas Tucker Year ago

    Does this drink appeal to vegans?

  • Carol Church
    Carol Church Year ago

    I think he's got a gal,what do y'all think ?

  • Carol Church
    Carol Church Year ago

    I would like that probably.

  • Carol Church
    Carol Church Year ago

    Just say choclate covered cherries.

  • chrisinthecar
    chrisinthecar Year ago

    I've watched 4:28-4:30 about 20 times

  • Jo King
    Jo King Year ago +1

    We love u Reviewbruh

  • Al H.
    Al H. Year ago +5

    Victoria Secret has just announced that they won't be selling ladies underwear anymore... Only cologne from now on. That’s how much influence ReviewBrah has.

  • mylesfinch
    mylesfinch Year ago

    Can you suck on me as fast as you do this said beverage

  • ManPants
    ManPants Year ago

    wil u swim with me? scared of fish lmao