How to Replace a BMW Hood Latch Cable or Bonnet as Some Know it

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • This is a video on how to replace a BMW hood latch cable. Sounds easy but there is a lot to it. It is not hard when you know how. Be sure to check out are website at
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  • glenn jones
    glenn jones 19 days ago

    Hey Glenn I was wondering can make a video about speed sensors and the locations

  • Jritchie Jritchie
    Jritchie Jritchie 4 months ago

    Doing a great job looking after the tan... Best end to it 👊😄👍

  • MilkTrafficker
    MilkTrafficker 7 months ago +1

    The difficult part of this job are the plastic panels near the pedals (not seen here). The left one, the one serving as a foot rest, needs to be losen and pushed forward (in the direction of the door) in order to come out. To do this, one also needs to take out the curved floor panel that runs along the door opening, for that panel pinches it. By the way, that bastard [the curved one on the floor] can be forced out, although it requires force, but it is not made to snap back. You'll have to modify it later to put it back (cutting part of its rain and slighting it might be the easiest way). Anyhow, to put back the panel serving as footrest I even cut a little horn it had on its lower back, it was useless and only making things difficult. Manufactures do this on purpose to discourage people from doing their own repairs, in the hopes that they take the car to the dealership. Years ago, everything was carpet, if that, and much easier and intuitive. Nonetheless, it could be easier but it is still an easy job that should take no more than an hour and some minutes.

  • Doctor Zzz
    Doctor Zzz 7 months ago

    How did you remove the ecu plastic box? I have the ecu out but cant find the bolts holding it...

  • daniel7173
    daniel7173 8 months ago +2

    Thank you so much, been trying to access my hood for a while and this helped so much

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 10 months ago

    What model? Year?

  • Efkan Yilmaz
    Efkan Yilmaz Year ago

    Much appreciated very helpful video

  • RedstoneWolf
    RedstoneWolf Year ago

    Much appreciated!

  • Eric Reed
    Eric Reed Year ago

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Very helpful.

  • Gem Bellver
    Gem Bellver Year ago

    Hi what year and model is you bimmer? Thank you

    • Eric Reed
      Eric Reed Year ago

      I just finished this job on my 2002 530i. Almost identical to this job. The only difference was I didn't have to take off the lower dash section. The rest was straight up like this video.

    • Gem Bellver
      Gem Bellver Year ago

      thank you, wish it was a 325IS :)

    • Glenn 3505
      Glenn 3505  Year ago +1

      99 540i 6 speed

  • Monte Wolf
    Monte Wolf Year ago

    I bought the cable, but it's too long.

    • Glenn 3505
      Glenn 3505  Year ago

      Mine was a little long but it fit on the ends so I just let the cable curve some.

  • Meme War
    Meme War Year ago