Terminator Dark Fate REVIEW

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Terminator Dark Fate Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & movie review 2019! Rev 9! Opening scene! Terminator 6!
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    Terminator Dark Fate Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the 2019 movie! Linda Hamilton returns to face the Rev-9! James Cameron and Tim Miller! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy Terminator 6 in 2019 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on TVclip today!
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    Bad News - 00:00
    Cameron & Miller - 00:27
    Great Cast - 1:18
    Opening Scene - 1:39
    Terminator LITE - 2:12
    Lack of Action - 3:10
    Poor VFX - 4:01
    Too Many (Female) Characters - 4:45
    Mexico Pros & Cons - 5:31
    Linda Hamilton - 6:24
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - 6:45
    Mackenzie Davis - 7:23
    Gabriel Luna - 7:51
    Pointless, No End Credits - 8:07
    Conclusion - 8:58
    Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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Comments • 2 140

  • Cecelia Herrera
    Cecelia Herrera 8 days ago

    Why does the Dark Fate movie looks so bad CGI wise?
    Salvation was made in 2009 and the Terminator's looked so amazing I never doubted for once that they were real.

  • Perennial Beachcomber.

    Enjoyed the review!

  • VivieHQ2000
    VivieHQ2000 16 days ago

    I agree with you and I give this movie a 6 and a half and loved the actress Mackenzie Davis in this also

  • Rhys Chen
    Rhys Chen 21 day ago +1

    Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys are both better than Terminator Dark Fate

  • Nostrathomas85
    Nostrathomas85 23 days ago +1

    i enjoyed terminator dark fate as much as the rest of the terminator films, im ready for the T2 (dark fate's sequel) of this film.

  • BytemeVV -
    BytemeVV - 23 days ago +2

    _...Come with me to the _*_80's_*_ if you want to live!_

  • Luv2grind
    Luv2grind 25 days ago +1

    Feminator: Broke Fate

  • MaZaKaRaL
    MaZaKaRaL 25 days ago +1

    2:57 there's a scene when edoskeleton holds Pops (T800), while the rev 9 rips off his arm. I'd probably classify that as teamwork.

  • Audio P
    Audio P 25 days ago

    Sarah looked too good at 60's with Lukimia shooting a Rocket Launcher.

  • Jabersson
    Jabersson 28 days ago

    What are you talking about?? The rev 9 teams up with its second version like 3 or 4 times

  • Dustin Wyatt
    Dustin Wyatt Month ago +1

    Let’s take the movie Pride & Prejudice and make it an all male cast. Would that work?

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown Month ago +1

    Do you have ADHD? Or just cocaine?

  • 33drewster
    33drewster Month ago

    I actually liked this movie, the trailers were weak but I felt like Dani and grace and Sarah did a great job, the down side is the male Terminator which is basically the same from T5, no imagination, I will get it on dvd, it wasn't great but good

  • Iggsy81
    Iggsy81 Month ago +1

    I really feel if they took that whole nonsense 30 minute scene with the planes crashing into each other and generally going way over the top out of the movie it would benefit greatly.

  • Razor Beard
    Razor Beard Month ago

    Couldn't disagree more on the action. There's plenty of action, the problem is with how it's framed. From the beginning you're told this particular robot can't be destroyed, only slowed down and run away from even though we see war robots being taken out with ease in a good shot or two. The two terminators basically re-enforces this idea of indestructability. When you think you have him beat, now he can beat you two ways. Traditional action sequences are satisfying because they provide a carthartic end to conflict, with this scripts framing of the action you never get that, even at the end. That's not to say there's no action.

  • Adam Mold
    Adam Mold Month ago

    Reyas was a Mary Sue - she picks up a guy and it's enough for her to get angry for her to be able to shoot with 100 percent precision

  • Adam Mold
    Adam Mold Month ago

    Lack of action? Did we watch the same movie. I agree with you on everything else.

  • Warren London
    Warren London Month ago

    They’ve all gotten WORSE after Terminator 2 💀

  • HW2800
    HW2800 Month ago

    Finally, a review I agree with Grace about! 😀

  • Reg Watson
    Reg Watson Month ago

    You could have shortened this to "This Movie is a Heap of Shit so Don't Buy a Fucking Ticket or They'll keep Making More".

  • Diego Vargas
    Diego Vargas Month ago +1

    What the heck is doing Justin Beiber in that movie?!!

  • Christian Ledford
    Christian Ledford Month ago

    Genisys is still hands-down the worst Terminator movie, but this is a close second.

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns Month ago

    maybe george lucas would like to do a terminator movie...lol

  • vince Rain
    vince Rain Month ago

    John Connor shouldn't have been in this movie. This could have been a movie about a quantum AI named Legion building a military robot called terminator, and they try to stop it. But failed leading to a mass production and war.

  • Berserker Rage
    Berserker Rage Month ago

    Carnt be as bad as last jedi

  • erika vetrova
    erika vetrova Month ago +1

    Terminator: Dark Fate is not a bad movie.... yes it can be better.but it is worth watching 7 and half out of ten!!!

  • Score Master
    Score Master Month ago +2

    Personally let's face it; we are all overreacting here!
    I've seen this movie now and I gotta say, it's great but not fantastic as it could've been. John's death was the whole point of this particular story because without his death, Dani will not be the new leader of the resistance.
    After T2, Sarah and John stopped Judgement day from happening in exactly 1996. Obviously what this movie is trying to say is that there is truly a consequence when you mess with the past, present and future.
    What we need now is for Dani and Sarah build their own little army to temporarily fight terminators until Judgement day happens. James Cameron should just end this franchise with 2 more films; the first one should bring judgement day to pass with Dani and Sarah alive and the 2nd and final film should bring in the big guns.
    I'm talking Terminator vsvthe resistance warfare with lots of visual goodness and action. Make Arnold the hero again by having him destroy Legion/Skynet once and for all. No more MACHINES!

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Month ago +9

    "I'm going to stand and fight!"
    Meanwhile she stands in the background while the others fight for her... Lmao

  • Sadder Than You
    Sadder Than You Month ago +1

    The cast was awful. None of the new characters are convincing in their roles.

  • PG Plays Video Games

    BTW I expect the "Avatar sequel" to be a steaming pile of garbage.

  • tobo86
    tobo86 Month ago

    The core terminator concept is finished. The good terminator stories are therefore finished too.

  • F Mills
    F Mills Month ago +1

    Losing money. LOL! good!

  • Wolf Girl Night
    Wolf Girl Night Month ago +1

    The best were Terminator (1984) and T2 Judgement Day. I actually liked Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation. The Terminator Genesis film was a mess. Dark Fate kind of ruins the whole myth.

  • High Heel Knight Reviews

    Not a lot of action? What movie did Ms Randolph watch!?

  • Tony Turner
    Tony Turner Month ago +1

    I actually like the movie. Sarah Connor character was my favorite

  • Pepe Priest
    Pepe Priest Month ago

    If the movie is trash spoilers are allowed

  • Heartless Angel
    Heartless Angel Month ago

    I hate that everyone shitting on this movie just because.

  • Je Moeder
    Je Moeder Month ago

    I liked the new terminator dark fate. I think there was a lot of action in my opinion. And hope arnold comes back again😂

  • frans olivier
    frans olivier Month ago

    I'm a superfan so tried to enjoy what I could. There were some good scenes at least. What I didn't like and what Grace didn't mention was that ummm Grace (in the film) was a bit too much like a Unisol.

  • Tyrone Ward
    Tyrone Ward Month ago

    Why does. She. Speak. Like this?

  • PhillyLucky7
    PhillyLucky7 Month ago +1

    Dark Fate is getting trashed by every critic. LOL

  • Tom Camp
    Tom Camp Month ago

    Thought I wanted to hear a woman's perspective on this movie. Heard this obnoxious tard for 4 minutes before clicking off.

  • Truly Magical
    Truly Magical Month ago +1

    Replacing John with a female illegal alien lmfao

  • Mooky Blaylock
    Mooky Blaylock Month ago +1

    People are so entitled thinking there always going to get a post credit scrne

  • VicMackeyful
    VicMackeyful Month ago

    I thought the action scenes were great, Linda Hamilton struggled in her part and Arnold was funny as hell. All in all I enjoyed it.

  • The One Who Knocks.

    Grace Iz $ooooo Hawt. I need to bang her silly.

  • randy palla
    randy palla Month ago +1

    Terminator 1&2, are the best, the rest , sucks

  • Kandice
    Kandice Month ago

    I stopped watching this review after 3:25. What are you talking about no action??? Get it together woman.

  • Dane of Halves
    Dane of Halves Month ago

    This movie sucked.

  • Alexander Villanueva

    Ok, if you dont like this piece of shit, then its done...

  • Feelings Over Facts

    Grace is way off on this. No movie is without sin I loved every minute of that movie

  • kbheath76
    kbheath76 Month ago


  • Jeff. S.
    Jeff. S. Month ago

    Batshit crazy.

  • Darren Gerbrandt
    Darren Gerbrandt Month ago

    Movie already ruined by the directors, won't be wasting my money on it... now on to Grace's Spoilers :)

  • AloneinFiction
    AloneinFiction Month ago +3

    “Mediocrity always attacks excellence”
    ― Michael Beckwith

  • AtariLeaf
    AtariLeaf Month ago

    Screw you Blondie. Force Awakens was great. Mexican chick can't hold reys jock

  • M.C.A.K
    M.C.A.K Month ago

    I just watched Terminator Dark Fate and I liked it. It could've been better if they chosen someone better to play Rev-9 and Dani Ramos.
    Of course nothing is going to be like T2, Terminator 2 still is the best. I still watch T2 and I never get tired of it.

  • F C
    F C Month ago

    Terminator franchise show that you can change virtually nothing in 99% of the movie and people will still give it a chance. Although like other franchise learned; if you change something that people love; you are fundamentally in for a storm of critiques.
    But these days all that matters is to get specific checkbox ticked; for the sake of being "progressive" and "inclusive". As long as they make money; they are going to continue on that road.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +1

    How was McKenzie Davis a standout in Blade Runner 2049??

    • William C.
      William C. Month ago

      Wondered about that, too. Her performance in Halt & Catch Fire is what convinced me of her talent and gave me a little more hope for Dark Fate.

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day Month ago

    James Cameron has fucked up his on reputation