Pasta with 15-Minute Garlic, Oil, and Anchovy Sauce | Epicurious


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  • A Green
    A Green 2 months ago

    Curious, why breadcrumbs? Aren't there enough carbs in the pasta? Looks great though.

    • Miguel De Los Reyes
      Miguel De Los Reyes 26 days ago

      Adds a textural difference. Toasted breadcrumbs on pasta is usually great on meat sauces

  • TeacherTeacher
    TeacherTeacher 5 months ago +2

    That is so much oil.

    • A Green
      A Green 2 months ago

      I think the panko absorbs a lot of it as does the pasta.

  • 2damnfunny
    2damnfunny Year ago +1


    • Jojo
      Jojo 9 months ago

      2damnfunny I second that yum..