Elvis And Me Vol. II Part 1


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  • Janet Hockey
    Janet Hockey 10 days ago

    That dress was pretty! If I was Priscilla I would have told him to shut up.

  • blessedarethebroken
    blessedarethebroken 19 days ago


  • Ms Ladybird Dream
    Ms Ladybird Dream 2 months ago +1

    Fiction at its best 😄😃😂Lol!

  • PeggySue Davis
    PeggySue Davis 2 months ago +1

    He could be really cruel to the people who truly cared about him. Things he has said to Kathy on stage in front of everyone. Did the same stuff to Charlie Hodge, his dad and countless others. Why do people do that crap?

  • zyxmyk
    zyxmyk 3 months ago +4

    listen, when she said Graceland was haunted by Elvis' mom she wasn't kidding. All the people that worked there thought it was haunted, too. I read a book by Elvis' maid/cook Nancy Rooks and she said when she went to work the other employees told her it was haunted and she didn't believe it till she'd worked there a while. Footsteps upstairs when nobody was there, things moving, disembodied muffled voices she heard in empty rooms. Elvis heard the disembodied voice, too, and thought it was his mother. He burned incense and lit candles in his room trying to contact her. Nancy Rooks lay down when she was tired once, closed her eyes, and somebody pulled her by the leg. she opened her eyes and nobody was there. after Elvis died it got much more intense. I read recently that Priscilla said she and Lisa will never sleep there again because, "the past is too present there." In other words, it's still haunted. It doesn't matter what anybody believes because these things really happen. Nancy Rooks' book is called, "Inside Graceland." chandeliers sway for no reason. Doors slam. Dodger told Priscilla she could hear Gladys in the attic at night going through her stored clothes, as if she was searching for something. Priscilla said she felt the presence like all of them but felt Gladys loved her--which I'm sure she did and does.

  • Sara Love
    Sara Love 6 months ago +1

    Best TV movie ever classic

  • Glenda Roberts
    Glenda Roberts 8 months ago +7

    I laugh at most of the comments. This movie was one person’s take on Priscilla’s book and in fact Elvis was a human and made as many mistakes as any other human being. What was truly between Priscilla and Elvis will remain between them. I was and still am a huge fan and don’t dwell on his shortcomings. He grew up dirt poor and went on to be very successful. He was no angel but it’s not for me or anybody else to judge a dead man. He was and still is an American music icon and will always be “The King”.

  • Shani Trahan
    Shani Trahan Year ago

    Tattletalestrangler1 you're right Elvis did cheat but you're wrong Priscilla didn't not cheat on Elvis she been faithful to him Elvis wasn't did Priscilla wanted him to be faithful? Yes Priscilla wants Elvis to be faithful to her and only her there's the answer to your question

    • Gabbana Momma
      Gabbana Momma Year ago +1

      Shani Trahan girl Priscilla ADMITTED she CHEATED on Elvis with Mike stone and her dance instructor

  • MONI
    MONI Year ago

    He was suck dick! No wonder she left his ass!!

  • bordon donatella
    bordon donatella 2 years ago


  • fairybits
    fairybits 2 years ago

    THIS IS NOT PART 1..................WHAT ARE YOU........................TRYING TO DO FOR....................THE.............................WAR? HARUMP!

    • Jennifer Beserra
      Jennifer Beserra 6 months ago

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  • Brigitte Harrington
    Brigitte Harrington 2 years ago +1

    I would like to find the book that Priscilla Presley wrote and I would like to find this movie on DVD.

    • Vibeke Selstad
      Vibeke Selstad 2 months ago

      Me too
      Great book.

    • NkotbJoeyJordanFan
      NkotbJoeyJordanFan Year ago +1

      Brigitte Harrington I own the book. I have read it three times. It's quite good

  • claris anne fungca
    claris anne fungca 3 years ago

    dorathy ka elvis

  • Chantelle Velazquez
    Chantelle Velazquez 3 years ago +5

    That was heart breaking to here what he said at his mothers burial after he threw himself on her coffin that lived his life for her and now everything was gone that is some profound stuff is some serious stuff wow love u Elvis

  • Sam Goodwin
    Sam Goodwin 5 years ago +5

    I have been to Graceland it doesn't look like the actual Graceland

    • JR. lang
      JR. lang 2 months ago

      +Ms Ladybird Dream we went to see Graceland before she changed it back and I agree the black and red was harsh but that's what he wanted

    • Ms Ladybird Dream
      Ms Ladybird Dream 2 months ago +2

      +JR. lang , Yes because he had everything that reminded him of Priscilla threw out of Graceland at the time of her affair.

    • JR. lang
      JR. lang Year ago +2

      Sam Goodwin Priscilla redid it the way it was when she was there because Elvis had Linda Thompson redo it in red and black .so after it opened she redid it

    • Lacey Shields
      Lacey Shields Year ago

      Sam Goodwin this movie is old. ......gotta roll with it

    • Mary Murphy
      Mary Murphy Year ago

      I know everything never stays the same !!! We are so lucky we get to see before and now !!!

  • Shannon Lee
    Shannon Lee 5 years ago +2

    I wonder is this is filmed at Graceland. It looks although it could be graceland but I'm not completely positive. Anyone know for sure?

    • Vibeke Selstad
      Vibeke Selstad 2 months ago

      Zachary Chall-Hutchinson
      When she walked into the hall it looked like Graceland to me

    • Zachary Chall-Hutchinson
      Zachary Chall-Hutchinson 3 months ago

      To answer your question only one scene is filmed at Graceland that is the scene where you see her going into the attic at Graceland that was actually filmed at Graceland

  • Becky crafts
    Becky crafts 6 years ago +9

    i knw but i think he kinda went down hill when his mother died with the drugs people do things he was kinda taking alot im not being nasty on the man i loved elvis fantastic singer actor that kernal parker didnt help much eather.

    • Jennifer Beserra
      Jennifer Beserra Month ago

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    • Ms Ladybird Dream
      Ms Ladybird Dream 2 months ago +1

      Yes and the fact that his father wanted to marry another woman not long after his mothers death.

  • Becky crafts
    Becky crafts 6 years ago

    im mean bless him not bledd hehe

  • Becky crafts
    Becky crafts 6 years ago +3

    man did i cry i do think people shouldnt dudge as priscilla new more about elvis then anyone. she wanted elvis to love her not in a rough way.but like i said no ones knws what really happond between them then themselfs. it was so sad at the end he new what he lost maybe if he dint die she would have went back but u could see how far gone that poor man was gone bledd him

    • teeg gar
      teeg gar Year ago

      Becky crafts yes maybe he could have wooed her back! He was so in love all the guys tell you that n interviews ! This movie a little harsh but really two sides to the story !

  • brwniez1
    brwniez1 6 years ago

    wait this isn't the begining.........

  • robgrillfan
    robgrillfan 6 years ago

    You people dont know shit about that man

  • megustamoose
    megustamoose 6 years ago +1

    You know, his entire "death" could have been staged... maybe he lived much longer, and just got sick of all the fame.

  • ohitsdaniella
    ohitsdaniella 6 years ago

    That part was later on...

  • tattletalestrangler1
    tattletalestrangler1 6 years ago

    i dont know. elvis did cheat, but so did priscilla, AND even though cheating isn't right, she was with ELVIS, did she really expect him to be faithful?

  • UrielEternal
    UrielEternal 6 years ago +2

    This doen't make sense...How Priscilla claim rape when all along she wanted to have sex with him? That's a very odd and strange concept.

  • Henri Pol
    Henri Pol 7 years ago +1


  • Lucy-marie Hubbard
    Lucy-marie Hubbard 7 years ago +2

    Well This Is A Good Film About Elvis And Priscilla But Its Only Showing Half Of His Bad Side I Say That Elvis Was A Loving Kind Man But Didn't Know What He Had Until He Lost It :L

  • nasrin ahady
    nasrin ahady 7 years ago +1

    YES I THINK Because of her Elvis got sad , thousand people loved him how could his wife ignore his social live and broke his heart and his trust in front of million people. I never forgave this women ,sorry to say that but this is what I think.

    • Pamela Oliver
      Pamela Oliver 9 months ago

      nasrin ahady he may have been depressed over her but he wasn't faithful either...

  • TheGreg131313
    TheGreg131313 7 years ago +2

    Elvis never waited for Priscila,ever .Elvis never waited for p*ssy!

  • TheGreg131313
    TheGreg131313 7 years ago +5

    epmelodygirl did you expect Priscla to stay with Elvis cheating ass after waisting her teens,twenties on him. Please! she left him because he wasn't a faithful husband!!

  • Rhiannon Rhodes
    Rhiannon Rhodes 7 years ago

    The girl that places Priscilla, plays Tyler Lockwoods mother in vampire diaries.

  • Zoe ob
    Zoe ob 7 years ago +1

    she is so beautiful in this, she looked like the real Priscilla

  • MMAFighter38
    MMAFighter38 8 years ago

    @yasudab1 i know this answer is long over due, but no. This is merely a recreation of graceland's interior. Graceland's exterior in this movie is used also in ELVIS AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN..Elvis' bedroom looks a little like this, but a little different. You can see his acutal bedroom in the expanded version of THIS IS ELVIS at the beginning of the film. Upstairs is off limits to everyone, I don't know how in the hell cameras were allowed upstairs back in 81.

  • alm260
    alm260 8 years ago +1

    Was Elvis really that cruel? I know he wasn't perfect but this movie makes him seems so unhappy and mean all the time. From videos and pictures of the real Elvis there were times he did seem happy. I just don't like the way this movie portrayed him.

  • jesslynne83
    jesslynne83 8 years ago +2

    loving this movie!!

  • 1wolfiesLady
    1wolfiesLady 8 years ago +2

    it's redicilous, he did NOT say that thing about the dress in front of everybody, this movie, makes him sound so mean! :(((((

  • Melody Goodman
    Melody Goodman 8 years ago +1

    The following dramatization is based on Priscilla Presley's lies about her life with Elvis Presley!!!

  • Baby Angel
    Baby Angel 8 years ago +1

    @epmelodygirl so they had sex when she was 18, or when she was still 14?

  • Angelgurl2203
    Angelgurl2203 8 years ago +1

    @carolinatxj NOT trying to pick a fight with you but the closeness of Elvis and his mother was over the fact that she had lost Elvis's twin brother Jesse Garon in childbirth. Elvis's brother was born stillborn.

  • Maryellen Richards
    Maryellen Richards 9 years ago

    At 14 I took my moms credit card and booked a flight from chicago to nashville, checked into the hotel with my best friend and we stayed there a week. Some 14's are different from other 14's in terms on knowledge and 'thinkin we're grown' i look back on that now at 33 and wonder what i was thinking & glad something horrible didn't happen to us.

  • Maryellen Richards
    Maryellen Richards 9 years ago

    oooh ok, thanks!

  • Maryellen Richards
    Maryellen Richards 9 years ago +1

    I love that blue shirt he's wearin

  • Maryellen Richards
    Maryellen Richards 9 years ago

    what did she say after "he through himself on her coffin" @ 6:38

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +1

    I love this movie and I think Dale did a great job with Elvis!

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +5

    well yes its obvious he cared and loved her but I just dont like guys that completely make their woman feel like you know really small I understand he wanted her to be as beautiful as she could but it seemed like she couldnt be herself she couldnt tell him her feelings or concerns she had to be this perfect wife all made up all the time and always there for him and you can really lose yourself

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +2

    we'll I mean no problem but I dont think I feel the same way as you. I'm an Elvis fan you know my mom got me into that because she was an Elvis fan like most girls back then and I've researched a lot about him and stuff. I love him though he was human he was a great guy he just got into some bad things everyone makes mistakes. All I was trying to say is that some people act like hes god because he was just larger then life but he did make mistakes I'm not gonna get into everything he did but yea

  • 1wolfiesLady
    1wolfiesLady 9 years ago

    It's funny to watch the movie, BUT I HATE THE WAY THAT WANNABE ELVIS TALK, the best in the movie, is the little clips with the real elvis :)

  • 1wolfiesLady
    1wolfiesLady 9 years ago

    agree, he was only trying to make her look pretty because he cared for her, and let's face it, she was quite small, and then with large prints she would dissaper ! :D

    I love you elvis!

  • 1wolfiesLady
    1wolfiesLady 9 years ago +1

    how can you say that!!!
    you clearly dont know nothing about elvis, and you guys are just to lazy to read a book that tells the true story. that priscilla was the actual slut.
    That she was had afairs, even though she said she loved him, i would NEVER have a afair, omg, hes elvis you asshole, I WOULD HAVE STAYED AS LONG AS HE WANTED ME, EVERYBODY THAT WASN'T LESBIANS WANTED HIM! I would be proud just to give him a glas of water, not even THINKING about how lucky i would feel to sleep with him

    • Vibeke Selstad
      Vibeke Selstad 2 months ago +1

      Elvis Presley was no God.
      Just a human being.
      Don't idolize a man.
      Only The Creator is supposed to be worshipped 🙄

    • CECI CEO
      CECI CEO 5 months ago +1

      How stupid you are then.

  • 1wolfiesLady
    1wolfiesLady 9 years ago +1

    It's true elvis and ann had an afair., when elvis and ann where making the movie viva las vegas, because elvis good friend charlie hodge is telling about how he came in elvis suite because he was going to take a phone call, when he heard the the bed hed of elvis bed banging and ann and elvis was having sex, and he hurried out!! :D It's such a funny interview, it's aviable on the elvis golden box.I have already watch the interview with ann, you can tell she cares for e more tha cill, love elvis!

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +1

    I wouldnt really make all these stories okay maybe you read all this somewhere but you cant believe everything you read do you know how many books were written about Elvis just so people could make money it doesnt mean their all true. Dont believe everything you hear and your going on and on about stuff that you know nothing about unless you were their living in the house with them and seen what was going on you dont know.

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +8

    and also it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know Elvis had problems yes Priscilla had this great life and blah blah she was with someone we all dream about and should have been very happy and she just had a life we cant begin to imagine but also no matter if someones famous or not and how much money they have at the end of the day that doesnt always mean ur happy he always criticized her and was way too harsh yes he did drugs and stuff which may have contributed but ppl treat him like some god

    • lollymelinda
      lollymelinda Month ago

      nice nice mmm ķmmm jjknow kink k know ñnnjhi hi no

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +1

    why do people constantly make rumors and start stuff I mean its been decades since they were together and Elvis has been gone for 30 + yrs. The bottom line is no one really knows what happened but I can assure you Elvis did not know Ann Margaret when he met Priscilla he only met Ann yrs later when they worked on that film together, it was their life yes everyone wants to know what went on and every little detail but that was yrs ago and I dont think hes coming back anytime soon.

  • 1wolfiesLady
    1wolfiesLady 9 years ago +1

    I dont like the way that they almost made elvis and "monster" in this movie, the book is completely different!!

    the lady makes a pretty good cilla, but that guy wannabe elvis, is terrible!

    • Vibeke Selstad
      Vibeke Selstad 2 months ago +1

      There are many different scenes that is in conflict with the book, Elvis and me. Written by Priscilla Presley.
      Dramatization 😊
      But Elvis did not go crazy because she came out of the dancing studio late at night.

  • Marie Jackson
    Marie Jackson 9 years ago +1

    Great movie. Wow, what an insight into the life of the real Elvis Presley. Seems like Elvis got whatever in the world he wanted, even a 14 year old girl whose emotions he played with big time! Poor kid was so manipulated by him. I love Elvis's music, but boy, he was a complex, odd character. Typical musician I guess!

  • Jaz Schmel
    Jaz Schmel 9 years ago

    I so agree with u

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +5

    plus he cheated a lot too and was always looking for this perfect woman but their was no such things and the stuff he was on didnt help either, dont get me wrong I love him but he did have a lot of problems but I guess so does everyone

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +4

    It must have been really hard at times to be with Elvis and always fulfill his every need and desire you lose yourself in all that, being with a star and having all these people wanting him and him constantly travelling and everything, its a great life dont get me wrong but could be difficult

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +1

    what would you call her that for, she wasnt a hooker and didnt look tragic thats how people had their hair back then and thats how Elvis liked her hair

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 years ago +1

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee this movie sooo much :)