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I'll Be Home For Christmas (1997)

  • Published on Oct 22, 2016
  • Nice Christmas Themed (Time) Story about returning to your home town for Christmas.

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  • Berilan Harris
    Berilan Harris 5 days ago

    Wonderful movie

  • george lumsden
    george lumsden 7 days ago

    Fantastic film really enjoyed it thanks for uploading 😊x

  • Bernadette Ramrattan

    Thank you Bill. Fantastic movie. Great upload.

  • pitchingtents toYHWH
    pitchingtents toYHWH 13 days ago

    One of my favorites, Thank you

  • Ellen Holland
    Ellen Holland Month ago

    Love this Movie

  • Elizabeth Shayo
    Elizabeth Shayo Month ago

    Waaaaaawoh...this move is very nice...its just 37 mins and i like it soooo much

  • Giles Kellogg Jr.
    Giles Kellogg Jr. 2 months ago

    Thank for great upload

  • Darrel L
    Darrel L 2 months ago +1

    Who else I'd watching this in July?

  • CHICKBOY weils
    CHICKBOY weils 3 months ago

    Stupid doctor! Who would walk away from Ann Jillian? Lol

  • lenzyBluz
    lenzyBluz 3 months ago

    Thank you for this upload.. So filled with the goodness of folks. ❤🙋🖒

  • William Baynes
    William Baynes 4 months ago

    Good to see Jack Palance playing a nice old grandpa! As I remember Jack he always played the real nasty bad guy! His chiselled out face he could look a real nasty guy. Didn't he die making "City Slickers" anyway thank you Jack even though you are up in heaven for being a cuddly old grandpa! Very unusual part for Jack!

  • Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie

    Where is this movie set ? Texas ? Indiana ?

  • 황광훈
    황광훈 7 months ago

    It's a really good movie. I am so happy now. Thank you so much.

  • Antonio Pagliuca
    Antonio Pagliuca 8 months ago

    a wonderful movie , but they have almost destroyed this movie with a bothering background music

  • Mark Linder
    Mark Linder 9 months ago

    I don't know what these wonderful town's folks saw in Mike. near as I can tell he was a wimp with a cold heart. Glad he isn't my doctor, friend, father, son.

  • Twincy Rigby
    Twincy Rigby 9 months ago +1

    Jack Palance is still the actor he once was,versatile,and gorgeous!Nice movie.😉

  • Con Artist
    Con Artist 10 months ago

    Very enjoyable and high quality movie....thank you :)

  • Ruby Daugherty
    Ruby Daugherty 10 months ago

    Ann is so beautiful and I think she sings.

  • wandile mbandezelo
    wandile mbandezelo 10 months ago

    miss those with cousin mondli

  • Paul Porter
    Paul Porter 10 months ago +11

    Jesus is the reason for the season

  • Sharon Anderson
    Sharon Anderson 10 months ago +2

    Love this movie!!!

  • Kiara Aslan
    Kiara Aslan 11 months ago

    Comment faire pour avoir des versions françaises

    KENDALL R. EMERSON 11 months ago

    Kept waiting for him to throw water in his face.

  • Arturo Cruz
    Arturo Cruz 11 months ago

    We love this movie,

  • Rian Robles
    Rian Robles 11 months ago

    What a nostalgic feeling of Christmas Holiday, the season of love and the time for giving. I miss my family...

  • Helen Dempster
    Helen Dempster Year ago


  • Zohra Cany
    Zohra Cany Year ago

    Quelqu'un l'aurait en français svp ou sous titré en français MERCI!!!

  • Debbie Farmer
    Debbie Farmer Year ago +6

    Fabulous movie. Please show more family , clean movies. Thank you

  • helena rodney
    helena rodney Year ago +3

    One of my new favorite Christmas movies

  • JenniferC Swindal
    JenniferC Swindal Year ago +1

    Every year no Christmas

  • Ik Dus
    Ik Dus Year ago

    yes very nice and totally not real, fuck us medical system

  • Mha-ann&Tomo Forever

    Sana ganito parin ang Christmas sa panahon na ito sana makauwi ako ng pilipinas mayakap ko ang nanay ko at maalagaan

  • msjanegrey
    msjanegrey Year ago +5

    how lucky to have a home and family to go to.

    • Darrel L
      Darrel L 10 days ago

      msjanegrey very true and just because you have family and friends today doesn't mean you will have them tomorrow, through a divorce and a few death's i find myself alone with very little support system, but i find i don't need many people in my life, it took a little while for me to realize it.

  • sportshistorybuff
    sportshistorybuff Year ago +3

    Great feel good movie. Must be careful though. Watching too many Lifetime or Hallmark movies at Christmas is a major factor contributing to diabetes.

  • sportshistorybuff

    I might have this movie confused with another Ann Jillian made for tv film. Does anyone remember a movie where Jillian was a doctor herself?

  • GTO
    GTO Year ago

    Great movie so thanks for posting Bill H.
    I think it was great that they gave the little girl Ann Jillian's last name in the movie.

  • Yolanda Mojica
    Yolanda Mojica Year ago +6

    I love the song I love the movies

  • music
    music Year ago +11

    Great story, acting, picture and sound, thanks for sharing!

  • Angela Varnado
    Angela Varnado Year ago

    My sisters keeper is a good movie is it on you tube

  • Debbie W
    Debbie W Year ago +1

    What an annoying total WIMP!!!
    and no place would let an admin and family member do the op

  • joseph stephenson
    joseph stephenson Year ago +3

    Great Move 👍👍👍👍👍🐱‍💻

  • William Lommell
    William Lommell Year ago +7

    Bill, thank you for sharing this wonderful and enchanting film. Ann, Robert and Jack together with a great supporting cast brought this lovely story to life. I've always enjoyed happy endings, and this one was one of the finest. This was to me a very magical film experience........thanks again.

  • Centy Villan
    Centy Villan Year ago +5

    want to live that kind of place.. peaceful and joyful

  • Centy Villan
    Centy Villan Year ago +7

    such a beautiful movie really nice... thanks uploader

  • Rafaelina Urena
    Rafaelina Urena Year ago +6

    I really like it, thanks.

  • Abdurrahman Imam Subki

    I only ask 1 question, who was MARGARET WRIGHT? was that an actress who dubbed Casey Jr

  • heathertorrie
    heathertorrie Year ago +5

    Cute and heartwarming. Thanks!

  • Don Hatch
    Don Hatch Year ago +5

    Love it

  • Nezilo Farias
    Nezilo Farias Year ago +6

    It's a beautiful movie thankes so much by sharing for people.

  • Jyotish Saikia
    Jyotish Saikia Year ago +7

    Wonderful movie.Thanks Bill H. Just gave a meaning to life.loved it.

  • prado gomez
    prado gomez Year ago +8

    Jack Palance is always as his best.

  • Mhen Ramos
    Mhen Ramos Year ago +3

    love it...thankz Mr bill h

  • Painindeass1million

    Not to be confused with the more recent Hallmark tear-jerker (starring James Brolin and Meena Suvari) of the same name.

  • Jennifer Lundgren

    never Heard of this

  • Robin McIntosh
    Robin McIntosh Year ago

    Love this movie... Do you have I'll Be Home For Christmas with Eve St Marie, Hal Holbrook, Courtney Cox.. I think it was made back in the 1980's sometime..

  • velma summerford
    velma summerford Year ago

    Love Ann Jillian movies! Thank you for sharing!! Do you have more of her?

  • Judith Sides
    Judith Sides Year ago +4

    God bless you for sharing this.

  • Dawn D.
    Dawn D. Year ago +9

    Thanks for sharing this movie. 😌

  • Loretta Nazar
    Loretta Nazar Year ago +4

    Talk about laying a guilt trip on the poor guy.

  • bella angel
    bella angel Year ago +10


  • cecile garcia
    cecile garcia Year ago +12

    I just love the town spirit, inspiring and heart warming. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • real situ
    real situ Year ago +1

    Lets hope their not having pigs in blankets for christmas. Nice christmas movie nice touch

  • Mystery Northwest
    Mystery Northwest Year ago +12

    Great sound and color thanks

  • colin Paterson
    colin Paterson Year ago

    Why do Christmas movies always have hospital connections?

  • Owens Boca
    Owens Boca Year ago +9

    I like Xmas movies. Innocent and beautiful.

  • Color Blue Day
    Color Blue Day Year ago

    Wow, we love your rendition! we recently covered this song, check it out!

  • Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster

    Lovely movie.

  • Erik
    Erik Year ago +11

    Thanks for the download i enjoyed it very much, never saw this film on tv. Merry christmas too you

  • PensiveOwl
    PensiveOwl Year ago +8

    Good ol' Christmas movie. Excellent quality download. TY

  • Patches
    Patches Year ago +10

    Very enjoyable.

  • Molly Casas
    Molly Casas Year ago

    I like the original with Bing Crosby better

  • SuperWoodyboy
    SuperWoodyboy Year ago +5

    Isn't Ann Jillian a KNOCKOUT!?

  • lmturmenne
    lmturmenne Year ago +3

    For me, it started out to be a very appealing movie, but a little more than half-way into it, I became disenchanted. . I did watch it through to the end. . I would have liked it more if they had tweeked the storyline a bit. . Jack Palance was fantastic as always, but the main character was somewhat unbelievable. . Maybe it was the actor's portrayal. . His denial and lying was way over-done and seemed very juvenile.

    • Autumn LV
      Autumn LV Year ago +2

      I've found that the only way I can tolerate an entire Hallmark movie is to be at least a little tipsy.

  • Donald Coleman Jr
    Donald Coleman Jr Year ago +13

    One of my new favorite Christmas movies a stellar cast!

  • velma summerford
    velma summerford Year ago +11

    I just never get tired of this movie!Thank you so much for sharing it..

  • Anne Bellette
    Anne Bellette Year ago

    this is a great movie thank u for sharing

  • Laurence Miles
    Laurence Miles Year ago +13

    Just a lovely film!!! Bless you for sharing!!
    Merry Christmas

  • Sue Bean
    Sue Bean Year ago +2

    So, this isn't the same one that James Brolin is in - same name of movie, just came out also. So confusing...

    • Autumn LV
      Autumn LV Year ago

      Ugh, I felt a little duped. I cannot tolerate Hallmark movies unless I have a little bit of wine in me haha.

    • Cathy Doran
      Cathy Doran Year ago +4

      Sue Bean I love this one so much more

  • Becky Pennies
    Becky Pennies Year ago +9

    Amazing movie. Thank you for uploading it.

  • Evelyn J. Amponsah
    Evelyn J. Amponsah Year ago +11

    Good Xmas movie.

  • Bernadette Boyle
    Bernadette Boyle Year ago +11

    I thought you weren't allowed to do surgery on loved ones. Maybe only in Christmas movies ; ) lol

    • Chris Hall
      Chris Hall 11 months ago

      From that moment on, the eye rolls took over. They could have solved that issue so many ways and you would have had your cheesy, feel good flick. It's like they said, meh they'll watch anything. At least Jack didn't disappoint.

  • William Benjamin
    William Benjamin Year ago +10

    great download

  • brenda taylor
    brenda taylor Year ago +42

    What a wonderful story and a beautiful movie , so thanks so very much for sharing this with others ! :):):)

  • Marshmallow
    Marshmallow Year ago +1

    Who is singing the song that they are dancing too? Where I belong? Sounds like Vince Gill.

    • jacan
      jacan Year ago

      Marshmallow Kenny Rogers

    • lmturmenne
      lmturmenne Year ago

      I thought it sounded like Vince Gill too. Nice song.

  • Alan Deans
    Alan Deans Year ago +19

    Wow - I really enjoyed this, what a great film !!

    • Les Wilkinson
      Les Wilkinson 9 months ago +1

      Alan Deans the building to the right has an excellent restaurant. Home cooked meals. I believe is still there as if 2018

  • allister watkins
    allister watkins Year ago +29

    loved it and the community values it exemplifies, thank you for uploading, am so grateful to you people who do this for the rest of us, bless you,

  • Jamie Scott
    Jamie Scott 2 years ago +18

    Do we still have small towns like this in America? Where? Everyone is interested in the growth of the community. Not many children in the town. Excellent movie.

    • Les Wilkinson
      Les Wilkinson 9 months ago

      I believe the gazebo that was apparently built for the movie stood for quite awhile after on the empty lot which is basically “downtown” Been to that town many times.

    • Les Wilkinson
      Les Wilkinson 9 months ago

      Jamie Scott I believe this movie was partly film in Beeton Ontario Canada. Small town with a restaurant that draws from all over the place.

    • Marcia Denobriga
      Marcia Denobriga 11 months ago

      Jamie Scott f

    • Jade Israel
      Jade Israel Year ago +1

      +Mariah Olmstead I hate big towns. I like small towns.

    • Mariah Olmstead
      Mariah Olmstead Year ago +1

      I did! I grew up in a small town in Vermont. My graduating class was 100 students. And we had a population of about 3,000. Maybe less

  • Ummul Teacher
    Ummul Teacher 2 years ago +19

    u r rite. a gud fmly movie without obscenities!!!!

  • John Hall
    John Hall 2 years ago +20

    good family movie