Why Uber And Amazon Are Going After Truckers

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • The trucking industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Uber is going after this market with Uber Freight, an online platform that matches truckers with shippers looking to move cargo from one place to another.
    In 2018, about 3.5 million people in the United States were employed as truck drivers. With the explosion of Amazon and other e-commerce companies, the demand for truck drivers has been outpacing supply. In 2018, the United States trucking industry was short over 60,000 drivers. If the trend holds, experts predict there could be a 160,000 driver shortage by 2028.
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    Why Uber And Amazon Are Going After Truckers

Comments • 1 561

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 12 minutes ago

    These news people have no idea about the trucking industry

  • Levi M. Johnson - The Path to Authenticity

    They talk a lot about revenue in trucking, but not much about profit. Trucking is so over-regulated that it's practically another arm of the federal and state governments.

  • Levi M. Johnson - The Path to Authenticity

    Uber is still not turning a profit.

  • stonecellars1
    stonecellars1 Hour ago

    Uber will end up destroying the trucking industry utilizing the same formula they employed when the decimated the taxi industry. Hopefully the trucking industry will prepare for Uber and keep it on the fringes of this important sector of the US economy.

  • j gee
    j gee 3 hours ago

    If 60% of truckers were to come together and go against the government who regulate the rules that apply to truckers then and only then will we see results.

  • j gee
    j gee 3 hours ago

    The problem with trucking is too many middle men.. brokers make on average 60 -100k per year but drivers in today's economy are scrapping to make 55k .. until driver's decide to go on strike nothing will get better..

  • jéanpaul
    jéanpaul 3 hours ago


  • Rob Dan
    Rob Dan 4 hours ago

    Trunkers will be making $10 $15 an hour. If Uber gets it's hand on them.

  • Gemini Love
    Gemini Love 7 hours ago

    Corporate greed...the good old American way. Workers need to come together and stop working for lower and lower wages. Workers need to realize that these businesses need us more than we need them. If people stop working these jobs these businesses would get it together. Unfortunately, there will always be that dummy or fearful one who will continue to work. Modern day slavery!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 18 hours ago

    The crazy part of this video is that she dont even drive for uber anymore this was all for a lil bit of fame....she drives for prime inc.

  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis 18 hours ago

    Uber using all these people as pawns most of these drivers dont even run for uber anymore

  • papa 13. Lv raiders
    papa 13. Lv raiders 21 hour ago

    What about hot shot driver's do have loads for them?

    ISSA JI 22 hours ago

    Uber freight is a joke

  • Splinter Cell
    Splinter Cell Day ago

    Now Uber screwing truck drivers after screwing Uber drivers for so long, greed and evil 👿

  • kurt robinson
    kurt robinson 3 days ago +1

    The computer boys have discovered DROP&HOOK? No flies on this generation. 🤣

  • Alexis Miller
    Alexis Miller 3 days ago

    Truck drivers will have their jobs replaced by autonomous vehicles within 10 years. Perhaps these people should start preparing now.

  • The virgin clan Lee
    The virgin clan Lee 3 days ago +3

    Indeed, this job is too hard to do, and wages are just not as high as before.

  • Ronnie Bermann
    Ronnie Bermann 4 days ago

    What she didn't tell you was many truckers is unhealthy they eat very poorly n don't exercise sitting down pretty much of 80percent of a 24hr day ..

  • James Lacy
    James Lacy 4 days ago

    Can’t make money with current business? Start a second one with same model! That’ll surely make money

  • S. Brown
    S. Brown 4 days ago

    Uber Freight is no different than the average broker! In business to steal from the truck and provide jobs for more pencil pushers! I haul freight for Uber from time to time and the rates are no different, but for some reason if a load that was posted earlier in the day isn't covered, the price only starts going up late at night and if still not covered by morning, the price/rate goes back down! These people, meaning brokers in general, think truck drivers are stupid/ignorant/illiterate, and that's why the suit and ties, pencil pushers will always make more money than the driver who is actually doing all the work! And Convoy is even worse! 90% -95% of Convoy and Uber's freight is 40,000 lbs or better, and these folks don't care nor have any concerns about the drivers fuel mileage or wear and tear from all the heavy freight, all they see is that it's under 80000 lbs! So cut the horse$hit Uber, your in this to steal from the driver like the rest of them!

  • Susan burrows
    Susan burrows 5 days ago

    Truckers will be replaced by IT/selfdriving trucks. No downtime, no showers, no mandated rest. Companies make more $$ plus fewer accidents with robots. Read Andrew Yan ‘s book WAR ON NORMAL PEOPLE. Same business model as they have with their cars, Uber and Lyft just want more $$ for them, not for the employees. “Growth at all costs” per the video. Checkout Yang’s Freedom Dividend to help people who will be replaced by robots. Yang2020.com

  • Tr3
    Tr3 5 days ago

    They are killing entrepreneurs!

  • Aristotle Novus
    Aristotle Novus 6 days ago +2

    "Matches truck drivers with strippers"

  • Twerking Duck
    Twerking Duck 7 days ago

    I did not know about Uber freight until now. Cool.

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 7 days ago

    I travel to South America often and there are many cities were it is more expensive to take an Uber or cab ride than in some US cities. Uber caused this. They now want to destroy wages for truck drivers and monopolize the industry. Same as they destroyed the taxi industry and now pay third world wages that in some cities do not amount to min. wage after expenses are taken into account. How this is legal is beyond me. America is becoming an oligarchs dream while around a third of the population are barely scraping by. Never before in this country were there so many working poor. so many full time employees living out of their cars.

  • Gary Mendez
    Gary Mendez 8 days ago

    I am trying to get my cdl. The Insurance companies have made the trucking industry highly regulated and very strict to the point of ridiculousness.

  • Tommy Reed
    Tommy Reed 8 days ago

    FYI stop with this driver shortage bs!!!!There is no shortage!!!!

  • Tommy Reed
    Tommy Reed 8 days ago

    Uber and Amazon are only looking for modern day slaves.They are terrible for trucking!

  • Steven Ratti
    Steven Ratti 8 days ago

    How does American industry respond to worker shortages, when the workers can't be replaced with imported people? Simple answer: Automation. Despite the fact that driverless vehicles are blatantly unsafe to every human around them, they are getting less and less unsafe, and thus more and more likely to be replacing human drivers. There are several companies- such as Amazon, Walmart, and, of course, Uber, who have made it plain that they intend to replace their human-driven trucks and/or cars with driverless vehicles as soon as they can. Before long, the companies that switch over will end up with notably lower costs for their delivery operations; consider, if you will, the driver rest periods that every company imposes on their drivers. Those will not affect trucks that don't have drivers. There are other costs associated with humans, like salaries, medical, dental, vision, and retirement benefits- none of which are required by machines.
    The very best thing to do for the teamster unions is to build mandates into interstate commerce laws that at least one driver be present in every truck, irregardless of whether the driver is actually the one doing the driving. If that doesn't happen, there will be a glut of drivers, and no jobs available.

  • Robel Hailemariam
    Robel Hailemariam 9 days ago

    Uber is very horrible campany to work

  • Picture and Film
    Picture and Film 10 days ago

    Tesla and UPS: Hold my drivers

  • Carlos T
    Carlos T 10 days ago

    I love Uber Freight. I’ve been using it for a long time now

  • JNelson Performance
    JNelson Performance 10 days ago

    Uber plans to take over the trucking market so they can drop the amount of money that you make same as their ride-sharing plan it was successful but they may not be so successful in trucking due to the fact that most truckers are already aware of their plan!

  • Eskinder Teshome
    Eskinder Teshome 10 days ago

    They will trap you

  • Rigoberto Medina
    Rigoberto Medina 10 days ago


  • Nuurdin
    Nuurdin 11 days ago

    As of today trucking is peace of sh!t specially for O/O let's just leave it to the mega Carrie and I'm surprised these mega Carriers and their lobbying partner ATA are complainingl about driver shortage when there isn't any freight to haul.

  • tdbooth
    tdbooth 11 days ago +1

    How much did Uber Freight pay for this propaganda piece?

  • tdbooth
    tdbooth 11 days ago +1

    "Other Bets" on SEC Financial Statement? Uber Freight is an "Other Bet"?!?!?!

  • BusyBeeRika
    BusyBeeRika 11 days ago


  • cortezforever
    cortezforever 11 days ago

    Uber Freight will work until there are more drivers than are needed, then Uber will cut the driver's pay for shareholders. Uber can only succeed if the company goes private. This is why Uber will try to replace the drivers with self-driving trucks.

  • Krasavchik871
    Krasavchik871 12 days ago

    Trucking job is already too underpaid for greedy uber to succeed in this business.

  • Tomoko in 4k
    Tomoko in 4k 13 days ago

    They are going to make everyone poor including themselves

  • TheOneFromFuture
    TheOneFromFuture 13 days ago

    Uber(if it succeds) will be the final nail on the coffin

  • sohail yousif
    sohail yousif 13 days ago

    Uber is evil ,they just try to manipulate everyone and then there’s nobody left in the market .they have domination then they will kick the drivers ass they did that to Taxi & Limousine industry. now there after the trucking. They target new owner operators.

  • Louis
    Louis 14 days ago

    Let's not forget the end game...drivers replaced by driverless tech

    • Krasavchik871
      Krasavchik871 12 days ago

      Did you ever drove a truck in the winter time?

  • Leonardo King
    Leonardo King 15 days ago

    That’s gone change the game $

  • Miss Direction
    Miss Direction 15 days ago

    I had to stop the video at 1:20 after I seen her checking Lugnuts with her hand

  • Mark Regeza
    Mark Regeza 15 days ago

    All drivers need if they don't have a set contract, is a spot market board (DAT). Most of these app loads end up on the spot market where rates double and triple after the morons with apps had their choice of slave rate loads.

  • Mark Regeza
    Mark Regeza 15 days ago

    Where do you get your facts CNBC? There are more owner operators than freight, not quite enough slave company drivers but that's because people don't like slavery. As in 30 plus days on the road for what ends up being minimum wage or less. Owner operators often demand human working conditions and as a result sit without freight because disgusting companies like uber freight and Amazon are trying to pay 1980's driver wages today.
    I'm a dispatcher fyi, I book freight for a living. No nice things to say about uber, Amazon or CNBC for acting like experts without investigating the so called driver shortage. The only shortage there is, is a slave shortage and for good reason. Why does the free market mentality apply every where else but trucking CNBC? Why are you ignoring the way of the free market concept only in this industry? Want drivers? Pay up!

  • Everything Life
    Everything Life 15 days ago

    Uber is just another liar.
    Who tried Uber freight, do complain, that it's cheap. It's ok once in a while, it's not ok on constant basis

  • John Powell
    John Powell 15 days ago

    Funny thing is freight is going to be easier to jack then they will lose serious money then. Best thing they can do is pay better. Being away from home and cost of living on the road is to high to get people to come into trucking and starting them out at 500 or less a week. I went from over the road to oilfield driving now I make about 2500 a week home every night seeing my kids more in a month than I did the entire year I was otr.

  • Tomy Hadera
    Tomy Hadera 15 days ago

    Once they put both leg on the industries they will take 2legs of owner operator and abuse the rate. Simple like what they did to taxi drivers and uber drivers

  • Harry Chu
    Harry Chu 15 days ago

    This infomercial should have a disclaimer. It is is a sales pitch for Uber who averages a $1 billion loss every quarter.
    Caveat Emptor.

  • The Vaccine Machine
    The Vaccine Machine 16 days ago

    CNBC = fake news

  • Michael Morse
    Michael Morse 16 days ago

    Their not going after truckers. They'll lose face when they gain the reputation of Swift. They are going after the brokers.

  • N Wilt
    N Wilt 16 days ago

    There is a lot of demand because getting your CDL is a long expensive process. If there was a faster process without the bs there wouldn't be a shortage.

  • N Wilt
    N Wilt 16 days ago

    Well Amazon is getting to the level where the US Government has to break it up (to stop monopolistic powerhouses that could threaten the US Gov./world) like how they did with Rockefeller and Standard Oil over 100 years ago.

  • Project Nerdvana
    Project Nerdvana 16 days ago

    First the taxi industry now the trucking industry and the jobs of many dispatchers are on the line. And we have ourselves to thank for supporting these big corporations.

  • Cynthia Lowery
    Cynthia Lowery 16 days ago

    Drivers may start out making good, trust me as a former limo driver, once Uber gets it heels duh into the industry the drivers will be paid so little it won’t be a laughing matter, if five years, truckers will have to find another profession, they will under charge companies to provider the service, they greatly under pay the driver, while taking the major portion of the profit...that’s how Uber and Amazon operate

  • Joe york
    Joe york 16 days ago

    So amazon cornering another market
    How will workers suffer
    Wages will go down
    Jobs replaced by automation and robotics